Saints not concerned about Bush

As Gregg Rosenfels Rosenhaus Rosenthal (cut me some slack — it’s late) pointed out on Tuesday, Saints tailback Reggie Bush returned to practice Tuesday after missing Monday with swelling in his surgically repaired knee.

A league source tells us that the Saints aren’t concerned that the knee will be a problem this year.

Unless, of course, Bush injures it again.

As he enters the fourth season of his NFL career, Bush is facing his last chance to fulfill the potential that made him the second overall pick in the draft.  To date, the former USC star has been eclipsed by the guy whom Bush overshadowed in L.A. during their college years — UCLA’s Maurice Jones-Drew. 

If Bush is ever going to become the guy he was supposed to be when he arrived on the scene in 2006, now is the time to do it.

16 responses to “Saints not concerned about Bush

  1. Bust. He is talented kick returner, and tweener WR and RB. Should’ve been a third round pick

  2. Ah yes, I just love saying I told you so. All the hype over Bush was so overdone that it made me physically ill. The Saints paid for filet mignon and ended up with SPAM in a can.

  3. What was Jones-Drew called before the draft again, “Poor man’s Reggie Bush”.
    What’s that make Bush? A hobo’s Maurice Drew?

  4. He is in the last year of his Ginormous earned every penny of it contract. Hope he saved most of it.

  5. “Saints not concerned about Bush”
    Of course not because he doesn’t make much of a difference anyways. He has turned out to be an adverage back at best and likely will be out shined by Pierre Thomas which will most likely put the nail in the coffin to Bush being a “BUST”.

  6. The one great thing James Harris did during his time here in Jacksonville was draft Maurice Jones Drew. All this guy does is produce, PERIOD. He does not hang out with amateur porn stars AKA Kim Kardashian , He blocks like a linebacker, He is exciting to watch ON the field, He scores touchdowns and he is tough and durable. Now that he is the man in J-ville he is going to have a huge year while ESPN’s over hyped Reggie Bush will still be warming the bench. ESPN has lost all creditability anyway after the way they handled the big Ben situation.

  7. This is on USC guy who is actually a stud. He was leading the NFL in TDs when he had a knee injury last year.
    I have no clue how someone can lead the league in TDs, and was in the top 5 in a number of other categories before an injury and be labeled a bust.
    That is just plain stupid!

  8. So the guy’s knee that was surgically repaired after ending his season is swelling after 1 day of practice and you’re “not concerned.” What would it take for you to get concerned, amputation?

  9. Hey TV are smoking some of that SOCAL herb, how can you say Reggie is not a BUST. After all the hype he has done jack shit. I guess the gold shoe’s didnt help after all, arrogant little prick!!! Those dumb LB’s are can run too eh!

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