Titans will honor McNair with helmet decal

Quarterback Steve McNair, the first real face of the franchise that became the Tennessee Titans, will be honored by his former team during the 2009 season with a helmet decal bearing his number, according to Jim Wyatt of the Tennessean.

The Titans will launch the tribute during Sunday night’s Hall of Fame game, with a “9” decal applied to the backs of the throwback Houston Oilers helmets that the Titans will wear.

The Titans weren’t able to wear a patch to honor McNair because the team already is committed to wearing a patch commemorating the 50th season of the AFL.  Per league rules, only one jersey patch is allowed.

McNair was shot and killed on July 4 by his girlfriend.

34 responses to “Titans will honor McNair with helmet decal

  1. You mean:
    “McNair, who was married at the time, was shot and killed by his girlfriend. The Titans nonetheless will honor the passing of this lothario, who reneged on his wedding vows and ruined his children’s life by hooking up with a 20-year-old, whacked-out floozie.”

  2. Shoot, and I was hoping they’d make a decal showing McNair screwing three women (none of whom are his wife) at the same time, while one of them waves a gun around.

  3. Real classy! Regardless of how McNair led his life, show some respect you scumbags! Next thing you know you two goofs will be making classless comments about Jim Johnson and his lost battle with cancer. I don`t get how any of this is remotely funny.

  4. You guys are heartless cowards. The man is dead and you still choose to be so tasteless. I’m not a Titans fan or a former Oilers fan, and talk like you guys makes me sick.
    Believe me, I think cheating on your partner is sick, but if he deserved to die for it, so do the millions of other Americans that choose that path; and the fact is obviously, they don’t deserve that.

  5. Are the Titans also going to put Steve McNair’s girlfriends and his other children from other women on the decal too! What hippocrisy!!!!!!!!!

  6. Well there always has to be one(or in this case 2) a-hole who’s self-rightousness goes above all other things.Yes cheating on your wife is WRONG but suggesting that he’s death is somehow just or at least he’s no longer worth celebrating because of it…well if thats the case we can pretty much stop celebrating the lives of most of our political leaders,celebrities and top business people…..coz and i hate to be the one to bring this up but…people with power and money tend to buy in to their own ego and power trip.And most of that power tripping leads to cheating on your spouce.

  7. Heartless? Cowards?
    I’m not the one who led the double life. I didn’t carelessly wreck my children’s lives. I’m not the one putting a mediocre QB/adulterer/drunk driver on a pedestal and saying what a great man he was.
    No one ever insinuated that he deserved to die for his actions. Maybe he did, maybe he didn’t, who am I to make that decision either way?

  8. Next year have a safe 4th of July and don’t go shooting guns in celebration especially after consuming alcohol.
    The decal will help people remember that and the results of marital infidelity with a crazy Iranian broad.
    I’m sure his children will be honored by the decal.

  9. I agree w/ realityonetwo.
    The Titans are glorifying a man who wasn’t exactly a hero. What kind of example is this guy to kids? Why not put a Mike Vick logo on Titans uniforms while you’re at it?
    His death was completely avoidable – all he had to do was NOT CHEAT ON HIS WIFE!

  10. hope dies hard. and i quote florio: McNair was shot and killed on July 4 by his girlfriend.
    no more chasing ghosts, eh?
    i think the decal should be of a dawg. chasing another dog.

  11. Perfect example of why kids should NOT look at professional athletes as role models. What kind of message is this sending to kids?

  12. Lothario?…. That’s how you remember a legend huh… I hope (Reality & Horatio) never make mistakes in their “perfect” white lives. It’s only jealous, ugly, white guys like you who continue to bash this man for his extra martial affair(s). THE MAN WAS KILLED FOR GOD’S SAKE!! Have a little respect. I do understand he made some horrible decisions, but to continue to bash him after he’s deceased is just flat out ignorant.
    I wonder how much disrespectful sh%& you have to say about Mickey Mantle (alcoholic, lothario, and whipped his wife’s a$$ on a daily basic), Ty Cobb ( known racist & a$$hole), and all of the other redneck scumbags who you did horrible things during their time.
    We are recognizing him as a football player. They are not putting his wife on the helmets. It’s just the number that helped them win games and make lots of money!!!! IF YOU DON’T HAVE ANYTHING NICE TO SAY, DONT TALK!!!!

  13. Ok so let me get this straight.. Just because he did something wrong in cheating means you throw any recognition away. Cheating has nothing to do with the game he played, and everything he did for the Titans. If the Titans don’t recognize all the things he’s done for them, it really shows no loyalty. No one said McNair wasn’t wrong. He was for cheating, and it hurt and affected the people that loved him. But people don’t deserve to die.. basically ever.. Don’t ever say it’s a decision whether they deserved to die for it, unless they killed someone. He didn’t take anyones life.
    Actions you take usually lead to your responsibility for them. He cheated, he’s now left for the concequences. In no way the concequence is for his life to end. If you wish or think he deserved to die, maybe think whether you even deserve to live yourself. Don’t ever, I mean ever feel someone should lose their life because you have no god dam soul. Cheating is a very wrong thing to do, but taking someone’s life is no match. If his wife would of left him, and having the story get out, his concequences would of been heavy still. The once “love of his life” and very likely still was, is no longer there with him, and his legacy would of been slightly tarnished.
    I agree it affects his legacy, but to mock it along with his death is pitiful. Grow up, and understand what the words out of your mouth really mean.
    A couple months ago where I lived experienced a very very tragic and discustful news. A man on a greyhound bus (travelling bus driving for about 12 hours) was brutally killed. He was sitting next to a man the whole trip who suddenly out of nowhere repeatedely stabbed him. Everyone panicked because this guy viciously stabbed him over and over. People ran for their lives off the bus, and they trapped the killer on the bus because so no other victims would be in danger.
    Next part is very very gruesome, so be advised if you plan to read it……………..
    With the killer trapped on the bus, he mutilated the man’s body. Cut out parts of his body and was eating flesh. He hid parts of his body throughout the bus. This man’s body was mutilated, ripped apart, and viciously attacked by this killer. And that’s a very short version of the story, and not even in full detail.
    Clearly, CLEARLY this guy was wrong for what he did.. RIGHT? In no way is what this man did was right. He took the life of an innocent guy who was young, and in his early twenties. He was loved by many and he was said to of been a remarkable, fun loving guy. The killer killed this innocent guy in no way imaginable.. And what did he get? Guess… How many years in jail? Take a guess right now…
    Well it’s nothing like you would of thought. He did NOT get any jail time. He was put into a mental instution, and yes of course he had problems, but in a year he gets tested, and if his mental problems are “fixed” he is back on the streets. Zero punishment for what he did. It may take years before he is clinically clear, but it is possible to be released in a very short time.
    McNair lost his life because he made a few bad choices, none which are even close to equivalent to this story.
    I hope that opens your eye. Whether you cheered for him when he played or respected the guy he was. Regardless the words coming out of your mouth are absolutely not acceptable and if this doesn’t change the way you feel about it, you have no heart.

  14. Hey, EdReed4prez, I like to read your comments and accept your jab… Way to stick up for the ex-Raven.

  15. Hey I liked McNair, but a club should look hard at the way a guy checked out before doing something like this. Undeserved I say.

  16. Sheriff04 well stated I remember that. Obviously these clowns have had their hearts broken recently so who cares what they say.
    I’ve said it a 1000 times, if we let these people be role models for our children its our fault not theirs when our children are screwed up.

  17. fleetwood23 says:
    August 6, 2009 8:44 AM
    He is being honored for what he did on the football field not his personal life, DANG!!!
    No he is not. Do you really think the Titans would be “honoring” Steve McNair this season if he were still alive? uhhh, NO!
    they are only honoring AFTER he has passed.
    And BTW, remember just a few years ago this was the same team that banned him from training camp, and getting rid of him. How hypocritical.

  18. …well if thats the case we can pretty much stop celebrating the lives of most of our political leaders,celebrities and top business people…..
    I would LOVE to “pretty much stop celebrating the lives of most of our political leaders, celebrities and top business people…”

  19. we dont owe the dead fake pious words.
    just the truth.
    and in this case, the truth is not flattering.
    why arent the ravens doing a decal, btw?

  20. Gameday:
    Your right, the Titans would not of been remembering McNair this season if he didn’t pass away. But McNair’s life was tragically taken, so with RESPECT to that, they celebrate and remember everything he did for the organization.
    It’s not the first the an organization has opted to put a decal of a players number on the teams helmets. Green Bay put Reggie White’s number the whole season after he passed away. Reggie may of died from a heart condition but he stirred plenty of controversey himself. He made racial comments and referred to homosexuality as a sin. Regardless of what he did off the field, you need to support what he did for the organization, and in no means does that mean he is supported for the comments he made.
    Take Mike Vick as an example. Whenever he passes away, its very likely he will be rememberd for the Atlanta Falcons (and possibly for future football acomplishments). All the organization will simply say is we are truly sorry to hear the news about Mike Vick and our thoughts are …bla bla bla.. And go on to recognize everything he did for this organization despite some of the decisions he made in his life.
    And above all, when someone dies, you don’t shrug it off. Think of it as someone’s dad, grandpa, uncle, brother, son, husband, etc etc.. If you were in that situation and you didn’t cry, or be emotionally spared, it’s time to take a moment and give some things some thought, and stop holding yourself back from what you truly should feel.
    Hopefully that makes a little sense.

  21. McNair mocked his marriage, wife, kids, friends and God with his adultery. The wages of SIN is DEATH. I wonder is Satan can run a post?

  22. scotty_poacher says:
    August 6, 2009 1:33 AM
    Real classy! Regardless of how McNair led his life, show some respect you scumbags! Next thing you know you two goofs will be making classless comments about Jim Johnson and his lost battle with cancer. I don`t get how any of this is remotely funny.
    Yeah, because being eaten alive by tumors and doing cocaine, weed and alcohol; while screwing a bimbo are SOOOO similar. Why would anyone confuse that???
    McNair was abolished by the organization.. and now, for mere marketing purposes, they are putting a “9” on their helmet. Not that’s sick.

  23. WHAT ABOUT TILLMAN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  24. Regardless of what McNair did, he did not deserve to be shot and killed. Hell Slick Willy still served as our President with very high approvel ratings after all the shit he did.

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