Vince Young looks forward to wearing Oilers uniform

Titans quarterback Vince Young grew up in Houston.  He rooted for the NFL that was there before the Texans.

And he now plays for that same franchise in Nashville.

So Young is happy to be wearing for several games this season the uniform of the Houston Oilers.

“That’s like a dream come true. I can’t wait to dress it up with the
little style I’m going to have with it.  I have a lot of memories, and
just to put that No. 10 on, because you’ve never had a No. 10 Oilers
[jersey],” Young said Tuesday, according to Terry McCormick of the Nashville City Paper.  “I’m going to have my own little style with it,
but just to have [the helmet] on my head will bring back a lot of

The Titans will make their first appearance as the Oilers on Sunday night at the Hall of Fame game, which will be televised by NBC.  On Tuesday, they wore the Oilers helmets for the first time at practice, in order to “break them in.”

And if Young uses the 2009 connection between the Titans and the Oilers as motivation, maybe he’ll get to actually play in a regular-season game while wearing the throwback duds.

15 responses to “Vince Young looks forward to wearing Oilers uniform

  1. This has to suck to read if you are from Houston. I could only imagine how upsetting it would be if the Ravens were able to wear the Browns uni’s for a game.

  2. Yeah…I am from Houston. And yes, to see the Titans wear the Oilers uniforms will be infuriating. I get pissed just thinking about it. I swear to everything that is holy, if they show up to the MNF game here in Houston in those uniforms I will go off “Milton from Office Space”-style.

  3. It’s going to be a dream come true for Young to watch an Oilers game from the bench instead of the stands.
    Sometimes dreams really do come true.

  4. The good news for Young is that he can probably take his uni home and frame it, cause it won’t get dirty while he sits on the sidelines. “have my own little style with it”, sheesh. You mean style like – benchwarmer look? This dude’s an idiot.
    @deathbysexy: HAHA Great reference, should have included a link. This is the best one I could find, but it references your intended point right at the end.

    Best. Movie. Ever.

  5. Maybe the dude should worry less about his “style” and more about football. If he did, he just might get on the field.

  6. my skins have the best logo by far in the nfl, although I do like the old oilers uniforms, now maybe i’ll even watch a afc south game that don’t have the colts in it. hail

  7. Deathbysexy, I too am a longtime fan dating back to games in the 60’s with my dad, some of the best memories of being a kid. If Houston had only done for the Oilers what it has done for the Astros, Rockets and Texans, the Oilers would still be wearing those uni’s in Houston. Everyone loves to take it out on Bud, but in my book Houston has no one to blame but itself for the team moving. If the Dome was such a wonderful venue, it wouldn’t be sitting collecting dust next to Reliant. I will never be a Texans fan, and the Titans will always be my team, even if it’s a bitch to go to home games.

  8. He’ll be wearing an Oiler’s uni next season. oh wait, the team doesn’t technnically exist anymore…bust!

  9. 69ers….
    Maybe the Edmonton Oilers??? No wait that’s hockey. Uhmmm. The Edmonton Eskimos then. But that doesn’t really work as a joke if it’s not the same team name then, does it? Damn.

  10. he also looks forward to starting, winning a superbowl, and being inducted.
    although he doesnt quite know when…

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