Warner says his hip should cause "no worries"

Cardinals quarterback Kurt Warner underwent hip surgery during the offseason, and he has been complaining recently about the pain he is experiencing.

Appearing today on Xtra Sports 910’s Bickley and MJ, Warner downplayed the situation.

“No worries,” he said.  “The one thing they have to remember is that probably more than half the season last year I played with the injury.  And so to know that it has gotten better from that point you know and everything surgically has been repaired so there’s no structural damage in there, there really shouldn’t be any worries.”

So, basically, Warner is fine.  And that’s pretty good news for the Cardinals.

Especially since Matt Leinart might be a better cage fighter than quarterback.

10 responses to “Warner says his hip should cause "no worries"

  1. Leinart has a better winning% @ Arizona than Hurt Warner does @ Arizona.
    Like Peyton Manning said at the Pro Bowl.
    Hell, Olivia could throw to Fitzgerald.

  2. “Kip Dynamite would whip Leinart in a cage match”
    But Kip Dynamite was personally trained by Rex Quando, so it’s not fair

  3. “But Kip Dynamite was personally trained by Rex Quando, so it’s not fair”
    Point is dude Leinart is a softie and wont win in the NFL cause he is a BUST most USC guys are except Palmer and Sanchez

  4. people calling leinart a bust are crazy..he is playing behind a superbowl winning, mvp , probowl player.
    Does anyone still think Aaron Rodgers is a bust.

  5. as a starter in az, warner is 20-26. as a starter in az, leinart is 7-9. (7-9) * 3 = 21-27.
    so they look fairly similar to me. but then, a bunch of leinart’s “wins” only occurred because warner came in in relief and got the ship righted. leinart was also allowed to finish some of those, either due to coaching wanting him to, or warner going out hurt.
    warner is 38. if some of yall live that long, yall will experience hurts you never imagined. and so goes the aging process.
    leinart has talent, but he didnt have much competition in college and didnt have to work hard. he doesnt seem prepared to put in the time and effort required to win 10+ games a year as a starting qb at the pro level. he may still emerge as a solid pro qb.

  6. Hey Leinart, just remember what happened to the “pretty boy” fighter in Raging Bull.

  7. Leinart will be known as a bust untill he gets the starting job and proves that he isnt a bust
    Once Warner is done, Matty L will have his chance
    that is unless Brian St. Pierre doesnt take it away from him then once again Leinart is a bust

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