Westbrook takes step in return from ankle injury

Brian Westbrook’s June ankle surgery was a big concern for Eagles fans and fantasy owners alike.

After all, he’s turning 30 this year and he also had knee surgery for a problem that slowed him down greatly at the end of the 2008 season.

If Wednesday’s workout is any indication, Westbrook should be ready for the season, as original reports estimated.

Westbrook reportedly participated in football activities for the first time, not letting one intended pass drop to the ground.

Sheil Kapadia reports that Westbrook made sharp cuts and looked good.

Westbrook’s fast recovery should help him start rising back up fantasy ranks, so this seems like as good a time as any to drop in our periodic mention of the Rotoworld fantasy football draft guide.

Rotoworld ranks Westbrook 12th at running back and 17th overall.  His value soars if you get a point for receptions; he’s a top-ten pick on our Top 200 list in that format.

Deciding how to value backs with lots of mileage like Westbrook, LaDainian Tomlinson, and Clinton Portis will be one of the big trends to watch this fantasy season.

Overall, we think the players above will be overrated on name value.  A few may continue the trend set by Shaun Alexander, Rudi Johnson, Priest Holmes, and other aging backs that fantasy owners loved for one year too long.

Younger options like Steve Slaton, Chris Johnson, and even Frank Gore are better values.

You can check out where we rank all of the above, with our award-winning tier analysis to help you create a flexible draft strategy at the Rotoworld draft guide

OK, this should keep the corporate overlords at bay for another week. 

10 responses to “Westbrook takes step in return from ankle injury

  1. PFT is now being used as a cross-platform to promote fantasy news at RotoWorld? If I wanted to buy a “draft guide” I’d go over there myself and do it. We don’t need Rosenthal pimping it in two separate links in a “story” that has nothing to do with this site.
    Lame, Florio. Real lame.

  2. Nothing wrong w/ marketing, somone’s gotta pay for this site that we all enjoy at no cost. And its relevant to what this site is about, profootbal.
    Anyways I’d add the Saints RB (not Bush obviously) to the list of guys that would be a good pick, in additon to Slate, Gore, and Every Coachs Dream.

  3. @AmhaTek: Nothing is free. The cost of viewing this site are those Rotoworld ads along with Florio pimping Sprint like his life depended on it.

  4. “…he’s a top-ten pick on our Top 200 list in that format.”
    Hmm… Ok, now read this:
    “..Younger options like Steve Slaton, Chris Johnson, and even Frank Gore are better values…”
    So, which is it? You have Westbrook ranked top 10 out of 200, so, I’m assuming SS, CJ and FG are ranked higher? Nope.
    Does PFT even proof-read articles?

  5. shh, don’t tell Vox Veritas. it might spoil his delusion that the Eagles are gonna go 0-16 culminating in Andy Reid’s firing while the Cowboys are gonna win the Superbowl every year for the next 200 years.

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