AFC East training camp one-liners

Bills linebackers Kawika Mitchell and Paul Posluszny were given a rest during team work on Wednesday afternoon.

Bills coach Dick Jauron said that starters will see time during Sunday’s Hall of Fame game, but didn’t specify how much they’d play.

Said Bills T Langston Walker when asked if he’d lost weight, “Asking about an offensive lineman’s weight is like asking a woman’s age.”

A relatively inexperienced tight end corps isn’t much of a concern to the Bills.

Dolphins coach Tony Sparano thinks that “boring is good” when it comes to training camp.

LB Matt Roth downplayed any misunderstanding between him and the Dolphins about his injury.

Dolphins CB Vontae Davis isn’t letting being a rookie stand in the way of running his mouth.

The Dolphins allowed G Donald Thomas to take part in contact drills for the first time.

Patriots rookies are doing everything they can to digest everything in the playbook.

WR Terrence Nunn is using WR Randy Moss as a guide after being out of football for a year before the Patriots signed him in May.

Patriots QB Kevin O’Connell is losing reps to rookie QB Brian Hoyer.

QB Andrew Walter said there isn’t much about the Patriots offense that’s similar to what he’s done in the past.

Jets coach Rex Ryan indicated that he’d choose his starting quarterback before the team’s third preseason game.

Ryan lost 20 pounds during a five-day liquid diet at Jets camp.

The Jets will hold an intrasquad scrimmage on Thursday night.

Said Jets T Damien Woody, “I feel like we’ve got the best line in the league.”

11 responses to “AFC East training camp one-liners

  1. Re: Patriots quarterback backup battles: O’Connell is not losing reps to Hoyer. #1 and #2 are locked up. The battle is over who gets #3, with Hoyer and Walker fighting for that spot. Both are getting sizable reps.
    Please take care when you interpret another interpretation, especially when that interpretation comes from BSPN.

  2. Thousands of shirts wrongly proclaiming the Patriots to be Super Bowl champs were delivered to children in Nicaragua. The kids hadn’t seen shirts like that since they made them.

  3. gameday,
    Not only were the rags erroneously proclaiming the Cheats as Champs, but also with an even funnier proclaimation of a 19-0 perfect season…Bwhahahahahahahahahahahahahaha!
    So, Kraft being the greedy money grubbing whore that he is, put plan-B into motion & printed thousands emblazooned with “16-0 THE PERFECT SEASON”……and the best part is, the Massholes bought ’em out!!!

  4. sixBurgh;
    I believe greedy Boby Kraft also had “19-0” trademarked.
    Now that was putting the cart before the horse!

  5. WLIE in Chowderville, Ma. is reporting that Tom Brady has been admitted to a mental institution after an embarassing incident . Bill Belicheat was filming Tom Brady involved in an act of passion with a Heidi Klum blowup doll. Upon hearing Brady proclaim his love for Heidi during his moment of “excitement” Belicheat, outraged with jealousy, stormed in an popped “Heidi Klum”, and began taunting over her lifeless body.
    Belicheat was heard leaving the room shouting ,”Tom, you will never love anybody more than me!!!”

  6. Florio’s-a-TOOL! says:
    Boston Globe:
    Boston police today reported finding a body in the Charles River. The victim apparently drowned due to excessive alcohol consumption. He was described as wearing black fishnet stockings, a red garter belt, a pink wig, a strap-on dildo, a Patriot’s #12 jersey, and had a cucumber stuffed up his a$$. The police graciously removed the Patriot’s jersey to spare the family unnecessary embarrassment.

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