Chargers say local blackouts are "likely"

The San Diego Chargers, in an unusual move, have disclosed on the team’s official web site that local blackouts are a distinct possibility for the 2009 season.

“Yes, local television blackouts are a definite possibility,” COO Jim
Steeg said.  “Our goal right now is to make everyone aware that tickets are
still available and that, at this point at least, blackouts are

Cue the “those last several hundred seats are the worst several hundred seats in football” crowd.

But Steeg apparently has factored into his comments the reality that some of the seats at Qualcomm Stadium aren’t ideal.

“We have a lot of tickets to sell for all of our games,” Steeg said, “and these are better seats than we’ve had available in recent years.”

Steeg says that both preseason games, against the Seahawks and the 49ers, likely will be blacked out.  That apparently will be only the start.

Imagine how bad it would be if the Chargers weren’t any good.

It makes us wonder how bad it will be for the teams that aren’t any good.

46 responses to “Chargers say local blackouts are "likely"

  1. That Philip (with only 1 Lin his name, but many more on his record) Rivers is a godsend!

  2. The simple thinker in me says that this is just a way to advertise and hopefully sell tickets.
    The conspirist in me says that this is the Chargers’ brass trying to put it out there that San Diego isn’t supporting them anymore to align themselves for a move to southern California.

  3. greeeeeeeeeeeaaaaaaaaaaatttt.. Florio at it again after knowing that there is a severe problem at the Q yet takes as many jabs at West Coast teams he can. Yes Florio, it does not snow here often and our mortages are upsidedown. Hate us all you want but it doesn’t take away the fact that we need a new stadium, whether in SD or Anaheim.

  4. i am not convinced that socal is the place to keep a team or move a team.
    the most popular sport thataways is now futbol.

  5. @ Deeeegizzle,
    uh…..San Diego is in Southern California. It’s about as Southern as Southern California can get.

  6. Cecil says:
    August 6, 2009 8:16 PM
    What an amazing football town.
    yeah it is; John Madden coached here, Al Davis too, and Don Coryell-who should be in the HOF coached to name a small few.
    be that as it may, that’s just a nice marketing ploy by Mr Steeg, who used to work in the NFL’s HQ in new york and knows what he’s doing and
    it isnt the first season the Bolts have stated there may be potential blackouts. it isnt that worrisome.

  7. empty13,
    orly? I don’t think I’ve ever heard that before. you sir should go on David Letterman and tell the world that joke because I think you are a STAR! A STAR my friend. You are the next Jerry Weinstein or Max O’Connor maybe! Hell, if you work hard enough Richard Chrisy might be in your sights. Only the sky is the limit for such a comedian as you!

  8. rivers is like 32-16 regular season and 3-3 in the playoffs.
    last time pitt won a sb… 8-8 the next year.
    wow the steelers went 8-8 one year. just like the chargers.

  9. Police have been strict in San Diego lately. If you get caught speeding the police hand you a ticket… to a Chargers game. If you get caught again they give you another ticket, and this time they make you go.
    What do you call 50+ millionaires watching the super bowl? The San Diego Chargers.
    Thank you, thank you very much. I remember when Elvis was alive.
    Now I must get back to judging players soley on their forty times.

  10. Deegizzle says: The conspirist in me says that this is the Chargers’ brass trying to put it out there that San Diego isn’t supporting them anymore to align themselves for a move to southern California.
    Um, last time I checked, San Diego is IN Southern California.

  11. The Chargers should just go throw back and play back in LA when they had the horse as one their logos.

  12. San Diego is aligning themselves for a move to Southern California? How much further south can they go before they have to change their name to the Baja Burros?

  13. no thanks, those people arent even funny. and i write my own material, thank you very much.
    have been on the road out to the left coast, and that futbol stuff isnt most popular only in socal
    try seattle too

  14. Move the team to Tornoto…or Portland…or Oklahoma City…or San Antonio.
    Oh, Cleveland could use a real team…so could Detroit.

  15. Dear “Everyone with SIX in their screen name because we all have forgotten about your six world titles”:
    I love you all and your two cents.. or about 1 1/2 cents more than the entire city of Pittsburgh is worth.
    Be glad you have a great football city and such devoted fans, because that’s all you have.
    And to all the PR haters, enjoy what is left of Big Ben’s legacy. When he eventually gets carried off the field, there always a job with rating what hotels have the easiest chicks to impress with the “I’m a former NFL superstar” line.
    Pittsburgh. The armpit of America. Enjoy the stank. We all know Ben does.
    Oh. He thought I said skank. His bad. Then again, it usually is.

  16. Jonesy,
    You forgot about our Stanley Cup Champion Penguins, who gave us our 2nd Title in 4 months, which is exactly 2 more than your city has won in nearly 50 yrs. of big time competition!
    At least I can say that my hometown professional teams have won 12 World Championships in my lifetime……which is EXACTLY a dozen more than you can claim!!!

  17. Once again,
    L.A. does not want the Chargers or any team.
    Why in the heck would the Chargers move to L.A.?
    At least they get some support and have a decent home field advantage.
    In L.A. they would have none.
    You think 20,000 Raider fans showing up at the Q is bad,
    You would have about 60,000 if the team moved to L.A.
    Chargers, Vikings, Jaguars stay home. We dont want you.

  18. Stuart Scotts left eye says: @ Deeeegizzle,
    uh…..San Diego is in Southern California. It’s about as Southern as Southern California can get.
    Deeeegizzle clearly knows what you don’t… that for years the Chargers have quietly been threatening a move to South San Diego given the lack of support….
    Oh, you don’t think they’ll do it Central San Diego? Don’t push them… they will.
    Of course this is really going to be hardest on the fans who live in North San Diego as they’ll have a much longer walk to get to the game. And the Northerners are really cool cats – what with being on the emancipation side in the Civil War and all.
    But then again… no one said the NFL was ever fair.

  19. dracula58,
    Trust me they don’t sting at all…those Bolt fans are too giddy over Philip’s 300 yds. passing in the last game, no matter that the bulk of those came when the game was no longer in doubt…hey, if you can’t deliver when the game is on the line, just check it down to the safety valve & let him take it to the house to pad your numbers after the game has already been lost!
    Apparently they covet fantasy stats in SD, most likely because they know nothing about winning!!!

  20. …….so what about the Riverside County guys? Or to make things worst, the San Bernardino County guys? *lowers head in shame

  21. “I can only imagine how great your life is. Where do you live Pittsburgh?. Enjoy.”
    That’s not true. You likely can’t imagine it at all.

  22. The Commonwealth of Pennsylvania has been on a nice run. Don’t forget that the Phillies are World Series Champs!!!

  23. BurghDude,
    I love how you say “stat fans”… because as I always say and will say yet again… NUMBERS are the only way to evaluate players without bias.
    And oh yes… I know… two SB rings. Sad this is, Rivers owns basically everything else.
    I will make a friendly “wager”: if Ben beats Rivers in the QB race this season, I will publically admit that you were right.
    Care to return the favor?

  24. Aww.. priced yourself out of the market, did you?
    Joe surfboard can’t pay the man for the tix & can’t watch it on the tube either. Good job NFL

  25. Keep making fun of Jay Cutler Charger fans (or fan)
    Laugh until your team is playing in L.A. in 2011.

  26. What?? Don’t the people know Shawne Merriman is back??
    How could anyone pass a chance to see such epic greatness in person if they had a chance to see such epic greatness in person?

  27. I’m curious why there are so many Steeler & Penguin fans….but those very same “proud” Pittsburgh fans shun their Pirates!?! Oh, that’s right, that teams stinks. As a matter of fact they are the ‘proud’ owners of MLB’s longest streak for consecutive losing seasons. Funny how you don’t see the same ‘pride’ in the Pirates.
    Enjoy living the dream in your dirty city!!

    only if the team is winning will they fill up he stadium i’m at every raider game and we always SELL OUT the stadium WIN-LOSE-TIE… RAIDER TILL I DIE BABY!!!

  29. Why is it funny Sourdough? They are not worthy of fan interest. If anything, is shows a degree of discimination. This is a football message board. Stay on topic bro. Not everyone in this country thinks San Diego is utopia. A dirty city……you’re not a seasoned traveler are you? If you were you’d know every major city in the USA suffers from a filth problem. See the big picture dude. Lay your head on the pillow at night, secure in knowing San Diego is paradise but wake up Sunday morning and it’s the same old San Diego Super Chargers. A team that talks a lot but produces very few results.

  30. This Steeler fan is the biggest troll on PFT. Maybe some day he will get a job and won’t have so much time on his hands to troll.

  31. Don’t worry San Diego, I can guarantee the November 15th game will be a sellout.
    Empty, the only reason soccer might be on top there, is that the Padres suck this year.
    Sourdough, assuming you’re from San Fran, I wouldn’t talk too much – the one trip I made out to SF did not impress me. SF looks a lot better when you fly over it than when you walk through it.

  32. This is just the start on the blackout front. The NFL will be okay with TV money, but just wait and see what happens in the NBA and NHL. Teams are going to be hurting big time.

  33. Sourdough,
    The reason you don’t hear the same pride from ‘burghers is because the Pirates are a small market team (owned by a FOOL, who’s only interest is turning a profit even if it’s only a 7 figure profit), competing (I use that term rather loosely) in a league where the playing field is not level, as there is no discernable salary cap, thus rendering them no more than a minor league “feeder’ team for all the big boys…Similarly the Penguins have gone thru several down periods where they were also the dregs of their league, the difference in fan support is because in the salary capped NHL there is always hope that even rebuilding teams have a chance to be competitiive in the future.
    Newsflash: MLB is a joke & it’s not because the Pirates suck, it’s because teams like the Yanks & Sox can not only afford to pay 1 player what the entire Pirates payroll equals, but not even be satisfied with that monumental advantage, those overpaid jerks have to juice-up to further distort their advantage!

  34. Dracula: A degree of ‘discrimination!?! I know funny and that is funny. Being a fan of a losing team isn’t always fun…but it makes for a loyal fan because you stick w. the team thru thick and thin, not being a runner who follows only when their team is winning. Thus, your attempt to explain why the people of Pittsburgh don’t back the Pirates comes off as laughable. You can fool yourself Drac but you don’t fool me.
    I care not what you think of San Diego but when you live in a city that’s biggest claim is a sports team, one in which you personally have done nothing to contribute to on the field, and where one can purchase a house on a credit card because nobody wants to live there, it is easy to understand why people from the ‘burgh have an inferiority complex. I mean, come on, your fellow citizens have a complex about Cleveland for goodness sake. Cleveland!?!
    As for being a seasoned traveler I travel to Pittsburgh frequently because my corporate office is located downtown and I guess it depends how you define being ‘seasoned’ considering I type this from New Orleans after having spent two weeks in the Cook Islands and having traveled to most every major US city numerous times for biz and internationally for pleasure. So ‘dude,’ I do see the big picture and it involves more than traveling from Pittsburgh to Beaver Falls in search of the next, overrated, Primanti’s sandwich.
    Kevin: Do you see the irony in your comments r: SF being a dirty city? I hate to bring up the obvious, but you are from Philly. Wow, now that’s a city I love…to leave.
    Enjoy your day gentlemen.

  35. SBD: You are preaching to the choir. The Padres are in the same boat as the Pirates. Now that Jake Peavy was traded to the White Sox their payroll is $20 million. I am friends w. a few peeps from Pittsburgh and they know nothing about the finances of the Pirates as you do, yet they never claim to be proud they are a part of your city. People love the bandwagon my friend Again, you guys can fool yourselves but you aren’t fooling me.

  36. That’s a nice comeback Sourdough but I simply don’t believe you and unfortunately you’ll never prove it. I have however, over the years come to understand when people resort to taking shots at cities it usually means their team is a band of chronic underachievers. That would pretty much sum up the history of the San Diego Super Chargers. Go ahead, take shots at the city of Pittsburgh. If it makes you feel better trash the city and the fans some more. The subject here, on this website is the NFL, not best places to live in the US. With that in mind, you and your San Diego Super Chargers never have, do not now, and never will occupy a seat at the NFL’s head table but I love your beaches and resturants. You do live in a great city I must admit.

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