Crabtree's plan has a fairly large flaw

So let’s assume that 49ers receiver Michael Crabtree decides to sit out the entire 2009 season and re-enter the draft, due to his discontent with the team’s contract offer.

As multiple sources have advised us in the wake of our report that agent Eugene Parker has told the Niners that Crabtree is willing to take his chances in 2010, there’s a problem with that plan.

The 49ers will continue to hold his rights up until draft day.

And so, without the permission of the 49ers, Crabtree can’t go to the Scouting Combine.  He can’t work out for any teams.  He can’t meet with any teams.  He can’t talk to any teams.

It’s not a CBA term, but a league rule.  Thus, the union might try to challenge the ability to keep Crabtree from properly re-positioning himself in the next draft.

Moreover, nothing will prevent Crabtree from working out for the media, or from issuing press releases (or tweets) regarding his speed in the 40-yard dash, which wasn’t measured this year due to his foot injury. 

But most scouts will want to cut through the possible B.S. and see for themselves how fast Crabtree can run, and whether he can do all the other things that the scouts like to see before using a first-round pick on a player.

Even if Crabtree were able to work out, some teams would shy away from him due simply to the fact that he created so much havoc for the 49ers. 

So even though Crabtree seems sufficiently brash to give it a try, he and his agent need to think it all through a lot more carefully before using the draft-pick equivalent of the nuclear option.

49 responses to “Crabtree's plan has a fairly large flaw

  1. Him and Mike Vick would be an awesome duo in the UFL!!
    The ‘L.A. Riots’ should sign them

  2. Ask Mike Williams how sitting out a year works out for you. I bet after that fiasco he drops a lot further then #10

  3. “So even though Crabtree seems sufficiently brash to give it a try”
    Don’t you mean “So even though Crabtree seems sufficiently STUPID to give it a try”
    Beyond me hos he thinks he’d come out ahead – even if he makes a better money deal next year – unlikely – he would most likely NEVER make up the money he would make this year. If I’mthe49’ers I’m dropping my offer lower because this kid has given me evidence that he may be too stupid to play in the NFL (and that’s pretty stupid).

  4. I think the 49ers need to teach this idiot a lesson. Let him re-enter the draft next year. And pick him again in the first round.

  5. Parker needs to bitch slapped. This is exactly why the guy WASN’T drafted until 10th. Attitude.

  6. Crabtree’s twitter in 2010:
    “just ran a 4.95 fourty, no worries though, I normally run a 4.3, and I ain’t never been caught from behind.”
    I remember hearing an interview with him saying that doesn’t remember ever being caught from behind, which is hilarious.
    Even his youtube highlights show him being run down by linebackers.

  7. He, and mostly his agent, need to wake the hell up and realize you can’t hijack the NFL just because you wish something would happen. Its a business, not a charity…

  8. I know it would be very difficult to was a high 1st round pick like that, but the 9ers need to hold firm and call Crabtree’s bluff.
    As a wise man once said:
    “Bear down and show that turd who is boss!”

  9. Nobody takes guys a year removed from football in the top 10 of a draft.
    Bo Jackson was taken #1, sat out a year, and then was taken #183. And he had a lot better excuse for sitting out the year. AND he still was employed as a professional athlete in that time, not sitting at home on a couch.

  10. “And so, without the permission of the 49ers, Crabtree can’t go to the Scouting Combine. He can’t work out for any teams. He can’t meet with any teams. He can’t talk to any teams.”
    That would be pretty stupid, since no team would trade for his rights without getting a look-see first. I could see the 49ers doing this, but only because they’re a rudderless franchise that really shows no signs that they know what they’re doing and hasn’t in a decade.

  11. Did you break this story?
    ESPN has reported its “own” story on this, quoting Crabtree’s cousin/adviser/moocher as their source.

  12. Eugene Parker is a douchebag. Caused Jason Peters, whom the Bills took a flier on and signed as an UNDRAFTED TE and took the time to convert and make him realize his potential as an elite LT to whine and b*tch his way out of Buffalo. Now this with Cradouche. But my question is Florio, if this tool bag decides to sit out, how does that affect the players who were picked at 9 or 11 or 12? Most of these players are holding out for Cradouches’ contract to be signed to set the market, will this make negotiations more difficult?

  13. As it stands now the 49ers seem to be in great shape at the wide receiver position with out Crabtree. They did just get Brandon Jones from the Titans , Bruce came back for another season, Battle says he’s in the best shape he has ever been in. Morgan and Hill ( Jason Hill) seem to be coming along great. So let this fool screw his own life up the 49ers should try and trade this failing athlete…….

  14. How about a little mention of the fact that everyone from Mike Leach of Texas Tech to ESPNites were criticizing Eric Mangini and the Browns organization for their assessment of Crabtree behaving in a “diva” like matter. Threatening to hold out an entire year over a contract? Sounds to me, I am no expert mind you (not of the likes of Mr. Florio anyway), that this might be looked at as “diva” like? Hey, I am just sayin.

  15. If he doesn’t have a contract, is Crabtree part of the players’ union? If not, why would they try to get involved on his behalf. Just curious.

  16. A lot of people want to bash Crabtree or the holdout but I actually blame his agent more than the player. If anyone is familiar with Eugene Parker, then you know he tries to be more and more of a hardass as the years go by. He was the reason Steven Jackson held out for 27 days last year.
    Granted Crabtree has some say in the matter but when you’ve got one of the biggest sports agents in the business telling you how much money he can make you, it’s tough not to listen.
    What surprises me is that Parker is willing to burn bridges with the Niners. It is not uncommon for teams to say flat out that they won’t do business with certain agents. I can gaurantee that Parker will not be representing any Niner draft picks the coming years.

  17. Does this guy realize if the NFL locks its Players out for 2010 he prob be out of football for 2 yrs
    An idiot agent trying to twist the system
    agents ruin rookies careers

  18. Overheard in the Raiders war room just now “Whew”. Who is going to draft this turd next year if he sits out? He’ll be in camp in 10 days.

  19. They can’t trade him because he’s not under contract.
    And Vox, the point of him sitting out is to reenter the drafty, not to have his rights traded. Kinda out of the Niners hands, if Crabtree won’t sign. It is kind of funny to hear a fan of the single most under achieving team in the league rip another franchise’s management.

  20. Sure he can be traded. Players are traded during the draft all the time, none of them are under contract.

  21. @Majik Man
    They can trade his draft rights to any other team in the league, right up until the next draft if he doesn’t sign with the Niners

  22. If Crabtree does hold out all year, teams will avoid any players that Eugene Parker represents.

  23. They can trade his rights. How do you think the #1 Turd of all time, Elway, made it to Denver? He wasn’t signed by Baltimore I believe.

  24. I can’t wait to hear what Coach “Mad Mike”/”Psycho” Singletary will have to say about this assmunch. I see Coach Singletary being fairly blunt with his words…..

  25. Give him an incentive laden contract and see how much of it he nabs after missing so much of camp. Hasn’t Singletary already made this creme-puff cry in OTAs? They better stock his locker with tissues.
    No one is going to take an unproven rookie who hasn’t played in a year any higher than 10. I know Texas Tech isn’t exactly an intellectual powerhouse, but can’t someone advise this guy to get another agent who will get a deal done for him and save him some face.

  26. He’s prime example why the NFL needs a 3-year rookie contract cap. It would eliminate this nonsense.

  27. With past history (eluded) of “Diva” behavior; public workouts will not answer the questions that the other 31 teams will have. They will want one on one and shrink visits. He will be maybe 15-20 pick next year.

  28. Kelly Stouffer was picked 6th in the 1987 draft by the Cardinals and sat out the year over a contract dispute before being traded to the Seahawks just before the 1988 draft. He never amounted to much and neither will Crabtree. I just don’t understand the mindset of a player who thinks he’s better than he is and wants to be paid according to his ego. The fact that the Raiders chose another wideout instead of him weakens his argument that he should be paid as though he was drafted higher. I know it would be difficult for the 49ers to do this but they should call his bluff. I really doubt he would go in the top 10 next year.
    Also, the notion of a rookie cap is gaining momentum and if one was implemented he could find himself earning even less.
    In summary: screw him!!!

  29. He was a diva at Tech and he certainly hasn’t changed.
    He was a hotshot a Tech but he is in for a rude awakening if he ever DOES get on an NFL field. He’s good but he’s not THAT good.

  30. losing an entire years worth of salary then almost certainly getting drafted lower and given less money in no way will ever result in crabtree winning this stalemate

  31. Vox Veritas is lost again…
    “I could see the 49ers doing this, but only because they’re a rudderless franchise that really shows no signs that they know what they’re doing and hasn’t in a decade.”
    … He must think he’s commenting on a story about the Cowboys. Poor troll.

  32. There are many flaws to this ‘strategy’.
    1. Will go lower next year in draft.
    2. Falls behind in learning curve.
    3. Teams won’t be willing to sign Parker’s players.
    4. He’s only 21…please pick some new advisers!
    5. The NFL is a privilege, not a right.
    6. Wake up and do the right thing. You’re going to be rich!
    7. Oh yeah…You’re coming off an injury!
    I know it’s hard making smart life decisions when you are a spoiled young athlete, but I pray much wiser folk are able to get in your ear. Look around, grow up and make sound long term decisions!

  33. There are two hugely ironic aspects to this story.
    1) He fell for a reason. He was hurt for combines and his character was in question. And now he is basically validating every character question ever posed about him.
    2) If it really is about getting top 5 money or whatever then the last thing he wants to do is wait a year, miss out on that paycheck, and then re-enter the draft where he’ll likely fall to middle first round at the absolute best.
    Seriously what a joke. He deserves to be paid money representative of the slot he was picked in, just like any other player. Pretty soon you are going to have guys picked middle first that want top 10 money because even though they don’t have the talent they make up for it with high character or something.
    This is the type of thing that will drive the NFL to permanently fire all of its players and start over with new college players and guys who never made it. It is hard to believe that a business can survive by paying 10% of its employees 70% of the gross revenue or whatever it ends up being.

  34. “And Vox, the point of him sitting out is to reenter the drafty, not to have his rights traded.”
    It could just be a negotiating tactic, you know. I don’t think he wants to sit out the 2009 season. I’m not sure he wants to play for the 49ers.
    “It is kind of funny to hear a fan of the single most under achieving team in the league rip another franchise’s management.”
    Um, how about the 49ers put together a winning season for a change? They’re getting no shortage of high draft picks to do so, yet they have not had a winning season since the 2002 season. Talk about underachieving, the 49ers have had public funding secured for a new stadium for 12 years now and have not managed to turn over a single shovel of dirt. Nations are built and crumble to the ground in less time. Who could fault a guy for not wanting to live and play in a liberal football wasteland like northern California?

  35. “… He must think he’s commenting on a story about the Cowboys. Poor troll.”
    Do you dream about me?

  36. The boy is dummer than a box of hair. If he had any smarts he would, never mind, he was drafter 10th and did not take the bag of money. Stupid, just stupid.
    Hey Jackel138, great comment. Your 49ers have been a real bright spot over the last decade (NOT). You may be a bit of a troll yourself.

  37. while crabbypatty may want to play in dallas or nyc, thre are likely loads of fans in frisco on his side in this contract squabble.
    i dont think frisco will make a big jump this year. maybe in 2010. singletary still has a few omelettes to make.

  38. Maybe Crabtree is trying to emulate this guy:
    Matt Harrington (born February 1, 1982) is a pitcher in baseball and a former first round pick in Major League Baseball’s First-Year Player Draft. He was considered good enough to be a possible first overall selection in the 2000 Major League draft, but excessive contract demands by his then-agent Tommy Tanzer caused him to slip to the seventh overall, at which point he was drafted by the Colorado Rockies. Harrington, acting on his agent’s advice, rejected the Rockies’ offer of $4.9 million, refused to sign a contract, and waited for the next draft. Meanwhile the inactivity caused him to lose speed and effectiveness in his once-prized fastball. The San Diego Padres, the next team to draft him, were aware of this and offered him barely $1 million, which was also rejected. Harrington was drafted three more times, each year slipping further down the draft board and offered substantially less money than the previous year. He played on various independent league baseball teams the whole time, and had a tryout with the Chicago Cubs in 2007 after he finally fell off the draft board, but was quickly released. He retired later that year and now installs tires in a Costco in Texas for $11.50 per hour.
    Maybe people in Texas who talk about “liberal wastelands” really are dumb as a sack of hammers. They sure seem to be.

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