Hadnot hurt at Browns camp

One of the first and most surprising moves Eric Mangini has made in Cleveland was to put highly paid left guard Eric Steinbach’s starting position up for grabs.

It appeared Steinbach was going to hold on to his job, but Mangini may have no choice now.

Steinbach’s potential replacement, Rex Hadnot, reportedly suffered a potentially serious knee injury at practice Thursday, according to the Orange and Brown Report.

They write that he “blew out” the knee, but it’s unclear what exactly happened at this stage.  Hadnot was surrounded by teammates after writhing in pain, then was carted off the field.

Hadnot also had a good chance to start at right guard, so losing him would still be a major blow. 

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  1. good thing the AFL is done. the Browns will have plenty of players to choose from once their whole roster is put on IR.
    seriously, though… what is going on over there?

  2. UPDATE: He’s now at the Cleveland Clinic Hospital with a couple of books at his bedside:
    1) Staph Infections for Dummies
    2) What To Expect When You’re Expecting….a Staph Infection

  3. Awww no!! Looks like another losing season for all pro ohio football teams

  4. Hadnot needs to go back on Jim Rome, as it appears any karma he got from his appearance in “The Rex Streak” may be gone.

  5. Rosenthal, you’re a fool. Steinbach’s position was never up for grabs. Do some research and don’t just believe everything you read that is spewed by Cleveland’s hack media.
    If there’s any position where the Browns have a lot of depth, it’s O-Line. They can still have Mack at Center and Fraley at RG. Ryan Tucker can also play RG.
    The Browns have been experimenting with many different O-Line combinations just to get a feel for what works best.
    And Nittany, shut your mouth and worry about PSUcks’ tough non-conference schedule featuring a School for the Deaf and Our Sisters of the Poor.

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