Koren's career leads to the UFL

It’s still not known whether the first overall pick in the 2001 draft will decide to play for the Orlando Tuskers of the upstart UFL.  But the ninth overall pick from that same draft will be suiting up for Florida’s entry in the new pro football league.

Acting on a tip from Nation Hahn of UFLAccess.com, we’ve learned that receiver Koren Robinson will indeed be playing for Tuskers coach Jim Haslett this year.

Robinson arguably is the most accomplished player to accept employment with the UFL.  After flaming out in his first stint with the Seahawks due in large part to his inability to catch passes (and his inability to drop “the bottle”), Robinson became a Pro Bowl kick returner in Minnesota in 2005.

He was poised to become the team’s No. 1 wideout in 2006.  However, a high-speed training-camp police chase after a preseason game during which ESPN’s Joe Theismann raved about the fact that Robinson had overcome his demons caused the Vikings to cut him.

Robinson thereafter signed with the Packers, served a one-year suspension as a result of the aforementioned high-speed training-camp police chase, returned to Green Bay for much of the 2007 season, and then got a second chance in Seattle in 2008, thanks to a rash of receiver injuries there.

Robinson started 12 games for the Seahawks last season, catching 31 passes for 400 yards and two touchdowns.

By playing in the UFL, Robinson possibly will catch the interest of an NFL team.  He’ll be able to return to the NFL after November 28.

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  1. Career bum. With some talent. The UFL is the perfect (and final) resting spot for him. Until he screws up again and gets drummed out of that league.

  2. I don’t get why any NFL WR is so bad at keeping their hands on the football. Like, catching the football should be second nature and yet so many can’t do it. Why?

  3. Good for Koren…
    He has had a troubled past but its not like he intentionally killed and tortured defenseless animals like the POS Vick. Koren seems to be on the right track in his life away from Football so I sincerely hope he succeeds in the UFL.

  4. Tusker can mean:
    • Tusker (beer), Kenyan beer bottled by the East African Breweries
    • Tusker FC, Kenyan football club owned by the East African Breweries
    • Tusker (Vanuatuan beer)
    • an elephant bearing tusks
    • Tusker (computer game), for the C64, Amiga and ZX Spectrum computer systems
    • A monkey-like creature in Asheron’s Call
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    • Tusker (film), a forthcoming computer animated film from Hollywood Pictures and Imagi Animation Studios

  5. UFL need to break Clarrett out of prison.
    the league of second chances
    or third
    maybe fourth
    five chances max

  6. Or, kav77, you can google search it and find an article in the Orlando Sentinel that tells you that a Tusker is a wild boar found in the Florida Everglades.
    Although it’s far more fun to believe the team is named after
    “A monkey-like creature in Asheron’s Call”

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