Multiple sources say Parker threatened year-long holdout

I’ll admit that I got a little pissy earlier today regarding the proliferation of reports that accepted at face value the denials from the 49ers that agent Eugene Parker threatened the team that receiver Michael Crabtree will sit out the entire 2009 season if the Niners don’t cave in to Parker’s demands.

But I’m not sorry for how I responded.  I’m sorry for putting myself
in position that I had to respond the way I had to respond.  (Hey, Antonio Pierce should sell that one to Hallmark.  Unless and until he does, it’s fair game.)

And given the lingering confusion on this issue, let me be clear.  Three sources have now said that Parker made the threat.

One source says that Parker specifically tied a season-long holdout to a contract that exceeds the package that the Raiders gave to Darrius Heyward-Bey with the seventh overall pick in round one.

It previously was believed that Parker was looking for a top-five deal.  Apparently, he is aiming two spots lower. 

If he’ll move only three more spots lower, maybe Crabtree can get to work and prove that he’s worth his contract, and more.

Regardless, the threat was made.  It would be beyond stupid for Parker to follow through on it, but the threat was made.

Now, if any of you keep sending me links to reports to the contrary, I’m gonna turn this car around and drive home.

54 responses to “Multiple sources say Parker threatened year-long holdout

  1. simmer down florio, dont get all pissy. agents are dickheads. i believe your sources, and i think michael crabtree might be peter warrick all over again.

  2. Nothing to see here folks…. Break it up..
    Enjoy your Diva… Whiners.
    From the ONLY Nation.

  3. Mike Florio is starting to crack. Now his mouth can’t cash what he says. This website is over in 6 months. SHUT THIS BUNK WEBSITE DOWN ALREADY.

  4. Trade him for a first round pick, have two next year! Crabtree’s not putting anybody over the top this year anyway. Least of all the 49ers.

  5. Michael Crabtree can eat shit. I don’t feel sorry for him at all. He was a hell of a college player and I wanted him on the Browns at pick 5 before his visit where he was deemed a diva. Then my brother wanted him as a Raider and they took DHB and we were shocked. Know I am glad he is not gonna get paid and hope he re-enters the draft so he can lose out on 25 million dollars or more by getting picked somewhere in the late 1st or 2nd round. I’m sorry for the 49’ers fans. But let it be known that Michael Singletary can not play with him. Can not coach with him. Can not win with him. Can’t do it!

  6. problem is, only a good team will take him. because only a good team will be able to control him.
    so the niners will have to try to get a lower pick too to make up the diff.
    and the possible traders will balk cause he is a freakin crabbypatty.

  7. Florio, the people who send you links trying to tell you that it never happened are desperate tools who can’t think for themselves. I trust you, and keep up the good work, PFT is the ONLY trustworthy site these days.
    Vox–The Niners already have two first round picks for next year.
    Invaiduh– Raider Nation…the only nation…are we talking about the illiterate bunch of drunks who go home after yet another loss and beat their stepdaughters?

  8. Maybe since Crabs on a Tree is looks at Prime Time as a father figure, Prime can tell him what a jack hee haww he’s being and get to camp so Iron Mike can smack his bare ass with a towel!

  9. Mike I had to laugh (forgive me) at the phrasing of your comment –
    ” … I’m not sorry for how I responded. I’m sorry for putting myself in position that I had to respond the way I had to respond.”
    It brings to mind the kind of thing any one of a dozzen different players might say, in some awkward situation, that YOU would then make fun of –

  10. Al Davis is looking pretty smart about now passing on CryTree.
    In other news…you turds are on Florios nuts more than that cheap hooker he covertly hones on his way home everyday.
    ( “Now, if any of you keep sending me links to reports to the contrary, I’m gonna turn this car around and violently fornicate with that hooker again.”)

  11. He needs the huge contract. He’s gotta pay for those jumbo diamond studded earrings he bought on credit and was wearing draft day.
    Come to think of it, I think the entire family was wearing a set.

  12. This agent of question……If you look at his list of clients, doesn’t exactly have a list of scrubs, or wannabe’s, it’s littered with pro bowlers and hall of famers, it just doesn’t make sense that an agent with this clientel would resort to such a thing…..Unless that ridiculous contract the bears gave Hester, has somehow clouded his thinking…

  13. NinerteabagNation
    “I trust you, and keep up the good work, PFT is the ONLY trustworthy site these days”
    Stick your tongue right down the crack of Florio’s ass why don’t you!
    “illiterate bunch of drunks who go home after yet another loss and beat their stepdaughters?”
    No its a bunch of degenerates that go home after a loss and in a drunken stupor, beat their dog then molest their step daughters.

  14. So what will captain dipshit (Crab) do if he decides to sit out the season? GO back to college? Work at McDonald’s, Council Mike Williams and Maurice Clarrett? Plus what tit is he gonna suck on for $$$$?

  15. “Vox–The Niners already have two first round picks for next year.”
    That’s a helluva lot of trade ammo. Make one or two picks, trade down with the leftovers unless you can get a player with it. They’d own the first round with three picks. If the guy just doesn’t want to be there it will *never* work out.

  16. JaggedMark
    Maybe he been getting he Travis Henry on, and he have a few kids running round he crib?

  17. His demands don’t make sense therefore I don’t believe that money is the primary motivation. I think he wants to go somewhere else and would rather come across as money hungry than douchebaggy a la Manning, Elway etc.

  18. It appears that Eric Mangini was right about Crabtree being a diva… I believe Mike Leech owes the Browns (and for that matter the 49ers) an apology.

  19. JaggedMark
    Maybe he been gettin he Travis Henry on hand he have some kids runnin round he crib yo?

  20. Honestly, I could care less if he signs or not, his agent is no Alvin Keels, or a uncle with a law degree from ITT Tech, and i don’t get why raiders fans act as if Al Davis knew this was gonna happen, hell Al Davis doesn’t know when he has to take a shitmuch less anything else, so stop the BS…..We all know his history, he was damn good…..WHEN he functioned……Get over yourselves…..That being said, remember when a diva actually took a few snaps in the NFL before being labeled a diva……AHHHH…….the good old days

  21. Invaiduh– Raider Nation…the only nation…are we talking about the illiterate bunch of drunks who go home after yet another loss and beat their stepdaughters?
    Yes, that’s exactly what he was talking about.
    P.S. they also blame the refs for EVERY loss.

  22. Crabtree’s agent Eugene Parker will do anything to get more money for his client, regardless of how unethical. Parker is as dishonest as they come and he never met a contract that he could honor. The Buffalo Bills invested much time and money into developing an undrafted tight end (Jason Peters) into a Pro Bowl LT. Along the way, they renegotiated his contract, but then with three years remaining on the new contract and after only one full season at LT, Parker convinced him to hold out in hopes of forcing the Bills to pay him as the top LT in the game. Peters missed all of training camp and as a result played like garbage last year. Then due to the threat of another disruptive holdout, the Bills were forced to trade Peters to the Eagles. As San Fran is learning, Parker is pure garbage and he will turn any player against his team.

  23. Crabtree, show us how brilliant you are. Holdout and reenter the draft in 2010 when they slap you with a rookie salary cap. Brilliant!!!! Then next year you can holdout while you search for a new agent.
    I hope the 49ers stand tall and dont give you what you want. PROVE YOURSELF THEN WE WILL PAY YOU!!!!

  24. @gonzo…
    EXACTLY…Thank you.
    Wait…Were you trying to hurt my feelings?
    Oops.. I don’t have any.
    Gonna sleep great.. Just like your team ALL year.

  25. Crabtree is a pompous, unproven, rookie douche bag! Kick both him and Parker to the curb.

  26. i think the NATION thing is way overplayed….How about……Wasted draft picks Nation?……..Michael Huff would of course be president…..Jamarcus Russell could bring the potato salad, (if any left), Fabian Washington could be secretary of defense,Robert Gallery would wear the only top ten draft pick that year not to make it to a pro bowl medal, Darren McFadden could be the hard luck story, every team needs one….Phillip Buchanon can detail a SUV like no ones business,……Derrick Gibson is good for 7 tackles a year, (with 2 career sacks, Canton should get the bust ready)…..And last but not least, Janikowski….The baddest Mofo since Y2K…….oh wait……he’s a kicker…….Yeah…….Quite a nation and quite a decade…….DHB is the next BUST……idiots

  27. EskinSux – I think you are forgetting one crucial part of the “Nation” and that would be the “Sign-The-Dregs-of-Other-Teams-and-Pay-Them-10-Times-Their-Worth Nation” ALA Kwame “The Revolving Door” Harris, Randy Moss (sort of, if you put him on a GOOD team he’s great), etc. etc.

  28. @DcNiner and Eskin…..
    Right…. Cause your teams have really been setting a standard…..AAAAAAAHAHAHAHAH.
    You’re both jokes…..

  29. What is it INVAIDUH…….you want?……Nice dinner or going shopping for shoes?…….Little bitch……..Yes… are the sexiest girl i ever met….Damn…..dude……..bring it……That all ya got? child please…..

  30. if crabtree thinks hes the next big thing at wr, he should push for a similar deal to revis- 4 years with team option for another year or 2 that pays him a huge bonus.
    the salary will be less for those 4 years than it would in a 5 year standard deal, but if he is as great as advertised, hell get the 80 million contract in 4 years.

  31. When I need a good laugh I like to read the Florio and PFT hater comments. Hey for all you haters out there this is the RUMOR MILL, hence they are merely rumors!!! You guys are about as smart as Crabtree and his Cousin oops sorry his adviser. And Vox i think you are dead wrong on Crabtree, this is all about the payday not about the place. He is your typical unproven college diva.

  32. “dinner”…”shoes”…”bitch”…..Whew…
    You really got it all….How will I sleep?
    Sounds nice though…
    So when You, “Birdman” and the Tinman find your teams heart and you’re not barfing on the
    Take me out….B!tch….

  33. And lost in all the shuffle is the 49ers refusal to, and/or oblivious of, the charter issues surrounding this guy leading up to the draft.
    Either way, there was a reason why multiple teams passed on him and why even more did not move up to draft him.
    Several sources cited that the Browns, along with other teams had removed him from there boards altogether.
    Gee, I wonder why?

  34. My advice to Crabtree is fire his agent. News Flash kid, your agent just lost you money. The 49ers are aware that he wouldnt get drafted before the 3rd round after sitting a year out, thats alot less money and he wouldnt go to the UFL, that would be even less money. Reports of character issues and an ankle that doesnt seem healthy wouldnt help much either. And if they trade the rights to him his new team certainly wouldnt match D H-B’s deal after having to deal a pick, so whats this mean? Your S.O.L and the 49ers know it amature agent hour.

  35. The NFLN is saying that you are the only one reporting it and that you are wrong.
    They claim that neither Crabtree or his agent said he is wiling to hold out all year and re enter the draft next year.
    They claim it was a rumor started by Florio.
    What say ye?

  36. Crabtree is 90% talk and 10% potential.
    It’s an empty threat from a desperate agent.

  37. So no one in the 49ers organization saw this coming?
    So does this idiot think he’s going to get number 80 and pick up where the greatest receiver of all time did? Please!

  38. Silver&Black666,
    You are a typical moron, I mean Raider fan. NFLN is 100% correct that neither Crabtree or is agent said it. However, Florio, ESPN, and others have reported that Crabtree’s cousin, who is also his advisor, is the one saying that his holding out.

  39. actually it probly is about the $. and his ego. and to a degree, his entourage’s assessment of the situation.
    crabbypatty thought he should have been drafted higher, like dhb 7 or higher. he believes he is the best. problem is, he is a nut.
    but he wont make any $ to buy more bling if he doesnt sign anything shortly.

  40. I guess the other morans that are waiting for Crabtree to sign a contract larger than the 10 slot get a pass from Florio. They too are hurting themselves and their teams. Yes, Crabtree is clueless, but how smart are they.

  41. There needs to be a rookie pay scale so that stuff like this doesn’t happen. How many hotshots, like Crap-tree, have held out for big rookie deals and then fizzled out in the NFL?
    As a Redskins fan, I can think of a couple right off the top of my head: Desmond Howard and Heath Shuler. (Okay, so you can say Howard went on to do some good things later with Green Bay, but he was not drafted to be a kick returner!)
    Make them EARN their money, first by making the team, and then by making a contribution to winning some games!

  42. I’m by no means a raiders apologist, but al davis is looking better every day for passing on this joker. I think we need a forum for Mel Kiper to apologize to every team he has killed for making a “stupid pick” that turns out to be the right one. Off the top of my head:
    Killed the Texans for taking Williams (pro bowler) over Bush (perennial disappointment).
    Killed the Falcons for taking Matt Ryan (2009 ROY) over Glenn Dorsey (who is now too fat to play football).
    Killed the Raiders for DHB….we’ll see how it turns out.

  43. Raiders fans bad mouthing the 9ers, now I have seen everything. Has beens are the worst beens that’s for sure.
    This is poker, plain and simple. Crabtree will sign with the 9ers now, or fire his agent and sign (best move from a PR standpoint).

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