Report: Packers are looking at signing Vick

Last week, Chris Myers of FOX Sports Radio reported that the Vikings were doing their homework regarding the possibility of signing quarterback Mike Vick.

Owner Zygi Wilf promptly slammed the door on the possibility.  (Just like he did in February regarding Brett Favre.)

This week, the Packers reportedly are looking seriously at Vick.

According to Jason Wilde of the Wisconsin State Journal, the Packers are “doing thorough due diligence” regarding Vick, and they have “had legitimate discussions” about the possibility of acquiring him.

This doesn’t mean that a signing is imminent.  But it represents a rare indication of a team attempting to engage in the delicate cost-benefit analysis that, as a practical matter, has been difficult for most teams to accomplish while focused on training camp.

And we’ve been intrigued by possible link between Vick and the Packers, even though most brushed off G.M. Ted Thompson’s recent comment that he hasn’t ruled out pursuing Vick as Thompson characteristically keeping his cards close to his vest. 

Since there’s no identifiable owner of the publicly-held team, Thompson arguably has more sway in Green Bay than he’d have in other cities.  Throw in the fact that Packers CEO Mark Murphy is a former NFL player, and there’s no virtually no chance that someone with no football experience will get nervous regarding the potential consequences of flirting with Vick.  

Besides, Thompson and the Packers have shown that they’re willing to ignore potential P.R. predicaments in the interests of fielding a successful football team.

Case in point — Thompson didn’t flinch last year during the Brett Favre fiasco, which likely created far more local consternation than the arrival of Vick ever could.

Also, the Packers had no concerns about bringing in receiver Koren Robinson (wow, two PFT mentions for Koren in one day) despite his history of off-field misconduct, which prompted one writer to ask Thompson whether there’s a concern that Robinson might kill a local resident while driving drunk.

Ironically, it was Vick and the Falcons who did what at the time was unthinkable, winning a postseason game at the previously impenetrable Lambeau Field.

So maybe, just maybe, the Packers will decide to attempt to restore their playoff mojo with a little (you guessed it) hair of the dog that bit them.

120 responses to “Report: Packers are looking at signing Vick

  1. can’t imagine why they would want Vick when the packers already have one of the best young QB’s in the league

  2. Oh man, I can’t wait for PETA blood in Lambeau come Sunday morning.. and I LOATHE PETA. But not as much as I loathe those hillbilly’s. I suppose they have to be cautious of the ‘glass house built on a sand fault line’ in Aaron Rodgers.

  3. Signing Vick will not make them a successful football team.
    Keeping Rogers healthy and fielding a decent defense should be their priorities right now.

  4. I dont think they would use him as just a QB, the Wildcat changed the NFL forever and we only got a taste of it last year, Vick in any Wildcat would be amazing and put even more fans in the crowd

  5. Packers have one of the best young QB’s in the league?
    6-10. Yep, they sure do… Rolls eyes…

  6. Ya, right!! When asked the Vick question, Ted Thompson gave his standard “non answer” that he uses for all personnel questions. He never says yes or no to any and all. The day they sign Vick they’ll also resign Mossy Cade.
    I used to respect Jason Wilde. He has been absent from the Packer scene for over a month. Despite the tons of material to write about now that training camp has started, Jason apparently has to manufacture stories from his mother’s basement. He needs to drive up to Green Bay from the People’s Republic of Madison.
    He’s been taking pointers from you, Florio.

  7. It will be interesting to see if a convicted felon and apparent psychopath gets greeted with open arms after Favre has been vilified for…wanting to keep playing….

  8. Big Stretch says: August 6, 2009 10:48 AM
    can’t imagine why they would want Vick when the packers already have one of the best young QB’s in the league
    LOL @ the word “best”. Lets see him play more first.

  9. And since you have just reported that the Packers are interested, they will now submit an official statement saying they are not interested.

  10. If Vick winds up at Lambeau, I would be scared. That would be the very last place I would have expected him to be.
    I mean, scary… like “Moon-turning-into-blood” scared.
    Remember, the whole Vick legend started at Lambeau. It was there when he beat Brett Farve (whom embodied a curse- Falcons released him only for him to become the Future Hall-of-Famer.)
    And it was there were people saw Vick not only as some fast novelty, but a winner.

  11. “and there’s no virtually no chance that someone with no football experience will get nervous regarding the potential consequences of flirting with Vick.”
    triple negative?? (*brain-short*)

  12. I’d think thats the bad part for Thompson- there’s no singular owner of the team to answer to like in Dallas or Denver, but at the same time that means he’s more vulnerable to the public pressure too. The fans in Dallas who were opposed to bringing in someone like Pacman were easily ignored by Jerry Jones a while back. But if Pack fans get mad about Vick (and a lot of them will, particularly if he doesn’t play well), Thompson could find himself tossed out in the trash.

  13. You stole my thunder, MoFlo:
    I was going to point out Vick’s winning tradition at Lambeau.
    But I think even a DISCUSSION of the possibility of Vick returning to a team by management/coaches is an insult to its fanbase–whatever team that may be (except maybe the Vikes).
    It’s also a slap in the face of every decent, normal person in America who doesn’t think it’s okay to plan, organize, finance, set up, oversee, participate in, and take amusement from an extensive underground criminal enterprise that involves gambling, drugs, guns, and the repeated sadistic torture and mutilation of Man’s Best Friend for profit, for sport, and out of sheer sadistic pleasure.
    People who make legitimate “mistakes” (driving drunk, shooting yourself in the leg, snorting coke, nailing a hooker, etc.) *might* deserve a(n earned) second chance, but lifetime criminals who have systematically, premeditatively engaged in prolonged reprehensible and morally repugnant behavior DO NOT.
    I hate the Pack, but I also at least respect them enough to hope they don’t do this to themselves.

  14. Man, if the Packers sign Vick, half of the dog loving hunter fans, which are the bulk of their fan base, will flee the organization like rats from a sinking ship.
    The only few places in the country where this guy isn’t going to be pure posion to the fans are areas where his major supporters reside, and those places are almost exclusively urban ghettos and low class slums. The entire state of Wisconsin, and the midwest for that matter, has very few people who fit that criteria.
    Seriously, what are the people in their front office thinking???

  15. It will be interesting to see how Bob Nelson and JimmySmith blame this on the Vikings as well…

  16. except he hasnt won jack late in the season since then.
    btw… last year the pack scored 419 points, which is damn good. they also allowed 380 points, which is not good.
    the pack lost a lot of close games. most due to their sieve of a defense.

  17. The truth about Vics win at Lambeau is that team was on its last legs, decimated by injuries.
    Secondly the Lambeau deal while accurate was not so much of a stat because we had barely been to the post season in 30 YEARS!

  18. How to take a gleaming (for the most part) franchise image , and cover it with mud, in the amount of time if takes to sign an 11-letter name.
    This is NOT going to happen. Green Bay is for the most part, a rationally run franchise who values its public image. Murphy also issued a follow-up denial to TT’s ambiguous one, on behalf of the franchise. He didn’t have to do that. He was clamping down on it just like Zygi .
    BigStretch – you must not be an ardent fan – AR has no clear quality backup. The dropoff if he gets hurts in somewhere below sea level.
    Matt Flynn is a good leader but inconsistent. As far as Brian Brohm is concerned, the last pass he threw landed here in my backyard, and I live in Minnesota. (I’d have caught the ball, but I tripped over Tarvaris.)
    I would LOVE to see them sign a good backup, but (1) Vick was occasionally Good&Exciting, but was NEVER consistent, not in leadership, not in performance, (2) GB doesn’t need another major PR problem that will be ongoing for years; (3) TT is far too conservative to make such a move – Koren Robinson was a whole different case – there were people on the Pack who supported his coming, strongly, and he was already on the “upswing” when talks opened. Vick, to me, is just giving out whatever comments he thinks will help him get reinstated; none of it sounds genuine to me, and; (4) Mike Florio is better informed than to even suggest this as a serious possibility. I’m sure he knows that Murphy has put out a statement, but does not say so, just leaves the provocative report open, to generate responses.

    Get you facts in line….
    Wilde just returned from a leave of abasence that included a hospital stay. The guy is easily the best source of real info on the Packers and has been for years. He just got back from “IR” and as always, is just reporting what he sees and hears. This is the guy who flat out asked Packer brass “do you guys know what you are doing?”

  20. It will NEVER happen. Even if TT has a moment of weakness and signs a scum bag such as MV, he’ll nickel-n-dime him so badly that Vick would be turned away.
    Isn’t it frightening – when a guy really things about things – how unscrupulous the vast majority of decision-makers in the USA have become???

  21. # se18a29 says: August 6, 2009 10:55 AM
    Packers have one of the best young QB’s in the league?
    6-10. Yep, they sure do… Rolls eyes…
    we lost 7 games by an average of 3 points. Not exactly the QBs fault. New defense and new def coor in GB. We stop one TD per game and turn it into an FG and we win 5 and send 2 more to overtime.

  22. Reply to nem42: While your comment may be just the least little bit distorted, I really enjoyed it – interesting thought – lol.

  23. # se18a29 says: August 6, 2009 10:55 AM
    Packers have one of the best young QB’s in the league?
    6-10. Yep, they sure do… Rolls eyes…
    yeah ok, and do you think AROD is the whole team? did you notice maybe the blizzard of injuries they had last yeaR? and did you also care to take notice that AROD had statistically, the best first year as a starting QB in league history. do your homework dude.
    and GOOBER, how is AROD a dirt bag?
    PS, signing vick wouldnt have anything to do with the starting QB competition, it would have everything to do with solidifying thin depth at QB and adding some experience/ versatility ala a wildcat option.
    I love you ignorant, non objective F%&K$ that post here.
    wheres that one guy who rips on Andy Reid for his sons’ trash on every blog?
    you guys amaze me.

  24. se18a29 says:
    August 6, 2009 10:55 AM
    Packers have one of the best young QB’s in the league?
    6-10. Yep, they sure do… Rolls eyes…
    Yeah, the ineffective defense had nothing to do with that. Keep drinking that Kool-Aid, fella. Nevermind that his passing numbers from last year compare favorably to several 2009 Pro Bowlers. He shouldn’t have allowed so many TDs on defense!

  25. Big Stretch says: August 6, 2009 10:48 AM
    can’t imagine why they would want Vick when the packers already have one of the best young QB’s in the league
    Wow Wow ow ow ow. You are Crazy. A.
    Rogers is only a stepping stone until we in GB find our next real QB. Maybe it is Vick. I know we better not let him go to MINN.

  26. @ gnop05
    4000 yards and 28 tds and a 93.8 QB rating in first year starting, with the pressure of replacing a legend on his back. I didn’t say he was one of the best (brady,manning,brees) i said one of the best YOUNG QBs in the game, and if he isn’t then you tell me who is

  27. I just don’t know. I keep hearing that Vick is definitely going to end up on an NFL team. I’m sure not as a starter, but an option for a different look. Players all seem to be pretty united in saying he deserves a second chance. And the guy spent two years in prison for something that’s been pretty much ignored. But when I look at my dog, and picture what he did, it just seems wrong. Lambeau doesn’t need another circus right now.

  28. ShowMeYourTDS says:
    August 6, 2009 10:54 AM
    I dont think they would use him as just a QB, the Wildcat changed the NFL forever and we only got a taste of it last year, Vick in any Wildcat would be amazing and put even more fans in the crowd

  29. Some people are complete idiots. You can bash that Packers all you want….going 6-10 they have it coming. But it makes me laugh when I see people blaming their ’08 record on Rodgers.
    If you know anything about the Pack’s stats last year you would know that Rodgers had some of the best on the team. Yes, I know he needs to improve at closing games, but it was his FIRST YEAR as a starter. Jesus. I guarantee that if he would have started his rookie season and put up those numbers, people would have considered him a great pick.
    But no, instead all the sour pusses out there want to hate him because he replaced Favre the diva. Hate Ted or hate the Pack all you want. But cut Rodgers a little slack because at the end of this season, I’ll bet his stats will be top ten in the league.

  30. You think the Packers players were sick of the media blitz during the whole Favre debacle… wait until a Vick signing and then the fun will really begin!
    If/ when this happens, good luck Green Bay, your nice quaint little town will turn into a PETA/ paparazzi free-for-all!

  31. I guess the NFL loves those thugs – wow! a DOG FIGHTER hired by the NFL! America’s new role model! If you think dog fighting is bad now, it’s going to surge like never before when Vick struts his dog fighting stuff on the NFL field!

  32. 4 Wisconsin women tie a dude up, then glue said dude’s dick to his stomach. Sounds a lot like torture to me.
    And you think that the people of Wisconsin are against signing a player that tortures dogs?
    I think that Vick is a doooooosh, and probably doesnt deserve the privilege of the NFL, but he served his time, regardless of whether anyone may think it was too harsh, or too easy, he has served his time. I am just amused that the people of Wisconsin will torture a dude, but not welcome an animal torturer.
    Didnt Ed Gein live in Wisconsin? Just sayin…….

  33. If we sign that murdering coward I for one will boyott the Packers until Ted Thompson is run out of town

  34. Why would any NFL team sign a sick individual like Vick? Are touchdowns that important? This is a (I’d call him an animal, but I don’t want to insult those he tortured), man who abused, hung, beat, tortured and killed animals all for his own sick, sadistic pleasure. For any team to sign this person and have kids look up to him as some sort of “hero” is sad! He should have never been reinstated.

  35. Makes sense…..Ted Thompson ALWAYS has to outsmart everyone else. If everybody thinks it’s a bad idea he might do it! It’s worked so far…..oh wait….that a-hole took over a 10-6 team and 4 years later they are 6-10 and one of the laughing stocks of the league….but hey to many of the hingehead Packer fans…that’s progress!

  36. It seems losing 7 games by an average of 3 points is never the QB’s fault…unless that QB is a member of the Bears.

  37. “and GOOBER, how is AROD a dirt bag?”
    I thought people here didn’t have to be accountable for the crap they posted… I was just talking out my a$$, no offence! What I should have said was “I don’t like him very much”

  38. If a report came out for every time a team discussed internally about signing a free agent, the internet would blow up! This wouldn’t make sense unless Vick concedes that he will not be the starting QB or it’s a one year deal and he will play only on certain package plays . It was a joke when TT said Favre could come back and compete for the starting QB job. Signing Vick to compete with Rodgers would blow everybody’s mind. Then again, Vick has to be getting desperate at this point…………he is in debt you know, from GAMBLING and what not!

  39. And Thompson gets the ultimate pimp slap on Favre by issuing #4 to Vick
    It would make for a great SportsCentury episode.

  40. I guess It will work from a public relations standpoint, & from meat packing standpoint as well. Mike could fit in fine with the slaughterhouse segment of their fanbase, and hey! he probably could give’em some pointers on their technique.

  41. Yes, Rodgers is at fault (not totally, but a big share) for the 6-10 record. Rodgers had a chance to win or tie in the last 5 minutes of 8 different games. His record in those games… 0-8, with 4 game icing INT’s. He may have put up some nice numbers, but stats don’t win games. He has potential to be a good player, but he’s not there yet. Good players don’t find excuses, they find ways to win, even if the defense isn’t playing well.

  42. By the way, the Wildcat is nothing more than just another dumb passing fad in a copycat league.
    Part of its initial impact/allure/effectiveness was that it had an element of “surprise” to it. Not only that, Miami had appropriate personnel to pull it off.
    But NOW, it’s more media bluster than it is substantial/effective play-calling.
    Savvy coaches aren’t implementing this thing as a fixed package–but they do know every other dumb team in the league is going to try their hand at it, so they put a few Wildcat looks in on offensive camp snaps in order to help the DEFENSE be prepared for it.
    Then people in the media see it and go gaga, ooohing and ahhhing.
    I wish they’d would stop talking about it as if it were some juggernaut of offensive development, like the forward pass, the T formation, or the West Coast Offense.
    It’s a passing fad–easily defended–and little more.

  43. PackAttack says: “We stop one TD per game and turn it into an FG and we win 5 and send 2 more to overtime.”
    Wow, what a genius assessment. Give up less points and you have a better chance of winning. Gee, you wouldn’t want to factor in that without those four extra points the other team may actually try for another score to win the game instead of just milking the clock with the lead. That would mess up your formula.
    Green Bay would be the perfect place for Michael Vick. He could restart up his dog fighting ring because everyone knows Wisconsin police look the other way when players for the Pack do illegal things (just show your football card if you’re a low profile player), which is why guys on that team only get arrested when they do the same stuff in another state.

  44. gnopo? pretty sure thats why he said ONE OF the best YOUNG quarterbacks .. which he is.
    a-rodge is a man and you haters who only see our deceitful 6-10 record and blame the quarterback (aikman and manning sucked too didn’t they) will be proven wrong when the Packers go 11-5 this year. last year was growing pains, this year is f you were gonna beat your @$$.

  45. Well, this proves it; the NFL is all about money. It is no longer a professional, family oriented organization. They just lost another family of fans. Good bye

  46. /sigh. I’d really like this story to die. I’m really looking forward to football season, I’d hate to have it over before it even started by signing this dick head.

  47. Right on Majik! He’s only done it 1 year, let’s see if he’s a flash in the pan before anointing him the nex tBrady.
    That 0-8 would scsre me, but then, you know, a car was coming. so it didn’t count. Wait, those INT’s didn’t count because Rodgers was on gool when he threw them.
    Gb couldn’t close out a game last year, END of story!!

  48. “People who make legitimate “mistakes” (driving drunk, shooting yourself in the leg, snorting coke, nailing a hooker, etc.) *might* deserve a(n earned) second chance, but lifetime criminals who have systematically, premeditatively engaged in prolonged reprehensible and morally repugnant behavior DO NOT. ”
    PLEASE TELL ME THAT WAS A JOKE!! Driving drunk is a mistake!?!?! You know darn well from the day you get your license that it is 100% illegal to drink and drive yet it is done as a mistake??? Snorting Coke is a mistake!?!
    Second, BE A PARENT AND DO YOUR JOB! Explain to your children why this man is not a role model. You are the best role model for your children. Stop with this role model B.S!
    Third, dog fighting will not increase ten fold if Mike Vick signs with a team. Did drunk driving increase when after Stallworth, oh wait that isn’t as bad as dog fighting. Did Strip Club shootings increase because of Pacman, oh wait that isn’t as bad as dogfighting.
    People get a clue. I love dogs, I own two of them. For anyone to compare what Mike Vick did to killing another human being is crazy. Don’t get me wrong what he did was wrong but, the man did his time and you know what the NFL may have a bigger issue if no team signs him. It’s called collusion.

  49. How can the talent of old google-eyes even be a questioned?
    No one who genuinely understands football would say he’s a “bad” player or lousy QB.
    Granted, he’s only played a year, and he has/had the benefit of great YAC receivers, but he also played well considering the inexperience, the pressure, etc.
    Now, if he can just improve his 4th quarter play a bit (and gets some help from defense), he could take the next step.
    Now having said all that, I hate him.
    I hate him & the Pack for their QB transition, for going straight from having a HOF iron man (albeit an annoying, attention-seeking, indecisive, womanly, media-slobber-soaked, interception machine one) for a decade +, right to another *apparent, presumably* good, stable QB, all without really missing a beat.
    Meanwhile the rest of the North toils in a vortex of sh!t-QB uncertainty, ineptitude, and failure.
    Well, I should say, “toilED in a vortex”, because now the division is really the “haves” (GB & Chicago) and the “have nots” (Queens & Kitties).

  50. Could it be that signing Vick would accomplish two things for TT?
    First – Get a backup QB for Rodgers.
    Second – Eliminate the incredible pressure to bring Favre back into the fold should Rodgers go down with an injury.

  51. I hope they do sign him, maybe then we can all have the joy of watching Jared Allen lay him out.
    And no, I am not a vikes fan.

  52. Big ben Rapistburger says:
    August 6, 2009 11:23 AM
    4 Wisconsin women tie a dude up, then glue said dude’s dick to his stomach. Sounds a lot like torture to me.
    It was three women. The fourth was his wife and she wasn’t there.
    And honestly, he had it coming. One wife and three girlfriends? What did he expect they’d do if they found out about it? A 5-way?

  53. I think Vick needs to do some animal charity work before he gets picked up by a team ………. he needs to prove himself!!!

  54. we lost 7 games by an average of 3 points. Not exactly the QBs fault. New defense and new def coor in GB. We stop one TD per game and turn it into an FG and we win 5 and send 2 more to overtime.
    Are you saying it’s possible for the Packers to lower their points per game allowed average by 4-5 points in one season. LMAO

  55. Just when I thought I couldn’t possibly hate Ted Thompson anymore I read he’s actually looking into signing this POS dog murderer ? Vince would turn over in his Grave if he knew.
    I wouldn’t pi$$ on either of these guys if they were on fire.

  56. rp dont stoop to the level of illiterates and use the bogus pee cee word hater.
    in a slew of those gb games, the d collapsed late. last time i looked, rodgers didnt play d too.
    vick’s falcons collapsed in 05 and 06, ruining good starts by finishing 2-6 each year. if vick is so good, how did they spoil 6-2 and 5-3 starts?
    btw, one of those years, the lowly packers went and beat the pack in atlanta, jumpstarting their descent.
    another item is that any team that brings vick in is courting clubhouse controversy if the established starter or star-in-training has a bad game. because someone will start a locker room controversy.

  57. The rest of the North Division would crap their pants if the Packers signed Vick. PR issues? You mean what he did was worse than being an accessory to a murder like that idiot from the Panthers? Or how about using snowmobiles to run over and maim and kill a bunch of deer, like those morons in northern Wisconsin. I’ll bet they were football fans. Do you think they give a s**t about what Vick did? The culture in which Vick grew up tolerated and promoted the dog fighting. It came natural to him…like ice fishing. Cruel? Yep. Inhumane? Yep. As bad as a wifebeater or another criminal, of which there are plenty of both in the NFL? You tell me.
    The point is the guy would provide any number of great options at the appropriate time on the field, and not as Aaron Rodgers’ replacement. What if he were on the field at the same time as Rodgers? How would you defend that? You think the overrated “Williams Wall” would chase that around all afternoon? I’d love to see that picture. You gotta think differently.
    Fans are very forgiving people and the front office only wants to win. The Packer faithful would be patting themselves on the back for “giving this poor soul another chance”, and loving it if it works out…and saying “we tried when no one else would” if it doesn’t.
    Next stop……Super Bowl. GO PACK!

  58. Hmmm, change of pack back, and a kick returner. Throw in 10 wild cat plays per year like Antwaan Randel El. On paper it’s pretty good. He is a prototypical running back size and speed. In fact he’s identical to AP in stature.

  59. Majik Man says: August 6, 2009 11:43 AM
    Yes, Rodgers is at fault (not totally, but a big share) for the 6-10 record. Rodgers had a chance to win or tie in the last 5 minutes of 8 different games. His record in those games… 0-8, with 4 game icing INT’s.
    Well, he did learn from Favre, the master of the game icing INT.

  60. Dewey, would you not agree that a portion of all game planning will involve the element of surprise, whether it’s on O or D? Therefore the “wildcat” does serve a purpose because it will at times accomplish surprise. I’ve never seen it mentioned anywhere that this formation will be similar to all the football innovations that you suggested. But I think you will see that some teams who have the right personnel will use it at times. I’m sure you are aware that the “wildcat” is a variation of the wing T or single and double wing which you can see every Saturday during the college season, and it’s not a fad at that level. Vick could give any team the option of variation in the game planning.

  61. After all the years of bashing the Love Boat, the Whizzinator, the Super Bowls not to be, the incompetence of the head coach and the front office, the Williams Wall (soon to be proven innocent, might I add) and the QB situation…
    (Did I forget anything?)
    The high and mighty, perfect little squad of angels, known to mankind as the Green Bay Packers, are looking to sign Michael Vick.
    Truly, a gift from God. I think I’ll have a Leinie’s in celebration.

  62. You know, after thinking about it, it could really be more of a ploy to try and get Minny to take him than anything.
    The logic is two fold- One, they would have 4 QB’s, making it even harder for them to sign Brett should that scenario come up again. Brett to the Vikes would quite possibly seal Thompson’s fate in Green Bay, especially if they were to succeed with him, so forcing their hand with Vick is a smart hedge.
    Two- The easiest way to crush a competitor is to pass your liabilities on to them. Vick may still have some modicum of talent, but the media circus surrounding the guy isn’t going to be beneficial to any team.
    I suppose a third reason would be to simply be doing their due diligence. Then, when the question comes up as to why they didn’t sign him, they can give an intelligent answer.
    At least I hope that’s what’s going on. I really don’t want that guy on my team. Given his gambling issues and his history, I don’t trust him. Plus the torture of animals just makes me sick.

  63. Packer Faithful cheering for this POS ?
    Time to put your crack pipe down. Ted Thompson has divided the fan base after he crapped all over Favre. Bringing in Vick would be the very last straw for Thompson. The Packers revenues plummeted last year so I doubt they can afford more bad blood within the fan base.

  64. I can’t believe people are actually falling for this nonsense. There is an old saying in football that you give your opponents as much to think about as possible. Why-because there is that much more for an opponent to prepare for, to spend time on. Anything to get an opponent to spend as much time as possible on something the Packers could care less about. Quote me, as far as the Packers signing Vick is concerned-“You got a better chance of seeing GOD”!

  65. I think most all of you are talking like a bunch of idiots!! We don’t need or want Vick. We already have the 4th rated QB in the NFL. We need more Defense for sure. And by the way, where would we put more fans in the stadium?? We are competely sold out for the rest of my life and beyond. How many teams can say that? Pack Fans are the best in the country. Teams love to play us because they know we will fill our stadium and we will travel to theirs to see the Pack play.

  66. A quick lesson in the issue of the dumbass “mistakes” of wannabe thugs vs. genuine lifelong utterly immoral unsalvageable thuggish scumbaggery
    (For the Vick apologists out there, who think the “it’s human life vs. dogs’ lives” argument is valid).
    Stallworth = dumbass, REAL bad mistake
    Matt Jones = dumbass mistake(s)
    Plax = wannabe thug dumbass, bad mistake
    Vick = lifelong scumbag, pre-meditated, planned, lying sadistic torturing criminal thug
    Pacman = lifelong criminal thug, given repeated chances, repeats his behavior
    OJ = do I really need to say anything here?
    (Note: a good case could be made for Plax/Pacman to be on either side, but I like how I have it).
    See the difference?
    Try this test:
    Are the first 3 mistakes the sort of things you could imagine somebody otherwise decent doing–maybe even one of your friends, a family member, co-worker, etc.?
    Statistically, the chances are, you do have a family member or friend that’s had a DUI (even Ditka Almighty himself had one!), or you are or know someone who’s “blazed up” once or twice, or otherwise battled substance abuse.
    But the latter group–is there a chance in hell anyone you know would ever enagage in crap like that?
    For your sake, I hope not…

  67. I love ya, Florio, but you and you staff either need to get a really good copy editor, or you need to start proofing your posts better. Even without the typo, this sentence makes zero sense:
    “Throw in the fact that Packers CEO Mark Murphy is a former NFL player, and there’s no virtually no chance that someone with no football experience will get nervous regarding the potential consequences of flirting with Vick.”

  68. Hardest season ticket to get in sports Green Bay Packers and Chicago Cubs.
    If the fan base hates it too freaking bad. The guy would be a good back up QB, and you know there is not one season ticket holder that would cancel their tickets.
    He did the same thing with Favre, he told the fan base to take a hike. That guy has a pair of brass ones, but if they finish with less than 10 wins and sign Vick Thompson will be gone and so will his coach.

  69. alewatcher,
    Yes Favre threw a lot (understatement of the year) of picks, but he also won more games than he lost. And when given 8 chances to lead a game winning drive in the prime of his career, he probably does it 5 or 6 times out of the 8. Definitely not a goose egg.

  70. Dewey, for him it was a lifestyle he grew up with. It was his “trophy hunting”. He knew no different. Just like trophy hunters know no different.
    Is it right, NO! Is it forgiveable, without a doubt.
    I’ve had two close friends of mine loose their life to drunk drivers. So, I may be bias but I see no comparison in what Vick did and what happens when you drive drunk and take a life.

  71. If the Vikings signed Vick the Packers would be all over them for signing a felon and average qb, all the while saying he’s been away too long what could he bring. If the Packers sign him they will all say how they got a steal, he will add so much to their team and how the dogfighting was blown out of porportion. Either way the Packers fans have an argument, although they are completely contradicting. We’ve come to expect that from them though 🙂

  72. I am a die hard Packers fan and I would more than welcome Mike Vick to the team. I don’t know about everyone else but I want to win and without question, the acquisition of Vick makes our team better. Backup QB or wildcat offence…I don’t care how we use him. Just use him.
    Some of you people are making this out to be waaaaayyyyy more than it is. The man is a football player. He’s not running for Congress. Let the past go. Please.

  73. Florio told me the latest rumor is that Goodell is going to hire Vick to slaughter all the cows they need to use for footballs.

  74. I as a Packers fan actually hope they sign Vick.
    I think what he did was absolutely terrible… but we are paper-thin at QB behind AR.
    I think mixing him into some shotgun formation plays would be a wonderful way to keep opponents guessing. Just throw him on the field anywhere and he automatically draws attention.
    All Vick would have to do is A LOT of charity work and have GB make the playoffs and all sins would be forgiven.
    My $0.02

  75. @Ambrose-
    Did you just compare dog-fighting to ice fishing?
    BTW – regardless if he “grew up” with dogfighting, it is still illegal.
    And – I’m sick of all the BS that “they were only dogs.” Sorry – epic fail – he sadistically tortured and killed those dogs.
    I’m not defending the Leonard Little’s and Donte Stallworth’s of the world, but I can bet you all the money in the world that when they got up the morning before they got drunk, they didn’t say “I think I’m going to get drunk and kill someone tonight.”
    @Jmillo12 – Really? That was a sane statement by Ambrose? So sane you had to post it twice? Is the “12” part of your login name your age?

  76. KB says:
    August 6, 2009 11:50 AM
    Packers couldn’t keep Favre, but will pick up Vick?
    Thompson should be hung! Take Murphy with you!
    favre got hurt, who knows what would’ve happened in GB with him starting, but he was 39, almost 40 now..he did retire and try to come back after the team was moving on with rodgers, the guy can’t come after training camp every year and just say ‘gimme the reins’
    and really to the hanging? lol. are we going midevil on their asses now or what? hahaha, it was a strictly business decision, if favre wanted to come back he should’ve been decisive from the start..he was wavering on the whole reitrement decision for what…like 5 years now? thompson had to make a tough decision and now, vick has the talent for a $$$ value that would be really hard to pass up in the NFL’s smallest market.

  77. @ SpartaChris: Isn’t it precious that you think that what the Vikings do revolves around what the Packers are doing? That is do ridiculous it is painful.
    @dewey: What Jones, Plax, & Stallworth did wasn’t a mistake, it was poor choices.
    What Vick did was a series of poor choices.
    You can’t presume to know what this guy’s life was like growing up. This type of behavior is common in the south, he should have known better being in the position he was in. I’m not condoning what he did. I am just saying that, what me may think is inhumane, a certain sector of society may not see anything wrong with.
    Hence, hillbillies and Bears/Packers fans marrying the sisters or cousins.
    It isn’t right, but it’s what you grew up with.

  78. 1) Mike Vick made poor choices and killed (6) animals/ not (6)HUMANS! I don’t condone it at all and he should have been punished. He lost 100 million dollars! He went to jail for nearly 2 years! Brought shame to his mother! He paid a terrible price! His debt is paid and he’s working to correct is sins………you cant just keep beating someone down the rest of his life. Everyone deserves a 2nd chance!
    I hope you all you Anti-Vick people be this persistent when like:
    1) A child is molested.
    2) A women is raped.
    3) Someone kills another “Human Being”.
    Won’t you so called “Dog Lovers” get off Mike’s D*#k and go home and play catch with your dog!!

  79. zygi milf, I wish I was 12 again.
    Anyway, I never said, “they were only dogs”. So, before you go putting words in my mouth do yourself a favor and read what I wrote.
    I believe I said, more than once, it was wrong what he did BUT not unforgivable.
    Since you live in you little bubble, most likely in some liberal state, let me fill you in; NO ONE IS PERFECT! In some parts of this country dog fighting is an acceptable social behavior. AGAIN IS IT RIGHT, NO!
    Should the man be damned for life, NO!

  80. i grew up around all kinds of shit i dont do, thats a cop-out that is far too often used in america. everyone has the ability to rise above their surroundings

  81. Rodgers is a good QB, but if he gets hurt, the Pack will be screwed. Vick may not be the answer, particularly since it doesn’t seem like his style fits the Pack offense (or any passing offense for that matter), but the Pack should do something.
    Hell, if Vick sucks, send those 3 jealous and drunk “other women” from WI to glue his weenie to a football.
    I’m sorry, but after looking at TT’s press conference, you gotta wonder if he’s related to Jeffrey Dahlmer. Either that or Tom Arnold.

  82. @”CrazyPeeple”
    2nd chance DOES NOT MEAN
    Being immediately re-instated as a famous, celebrated, revered, popular, oft-discussed millionaire athlete, beamed into our living rooms every Sunday afternoon, and instantly restored to his former position at the top of the social/financial/cultural foodchain, all without missing a beat.
    2nd chance = talk to kids, youth groups, etc. in inner cities, volunteer in animal shelters, etc.
    Instead of just “doing your time”, having your agent say “oops! We’re sorry–can we come out of time-out now?”, try actually working PROACTIVELY to earn back a little trust and show a little decency as a human being.
    Try to right some of the many, many wrongs you committed.
    Do this for a while to EARN the right to *maybe* get back to playing a game for a sh!tload of money.
    I’d say the UFL/CFL or something like that.
    He doesn’t DESERVE the NFL.
    And, except for rotting in a jail cell for a while and issuing a statement through his agent, WHAT HAS HE DONE?
    It’s not just about “paying a price”, it’s about making it right.
    If a kid breaks something on purpose, you don’t JUST put them in time-out, and when they’re done go right back to whatever it is they were doing before.
    You give them a time-out, then have them clean up the mess, then go say they’re sorry to the people they affected, then you have them work hard enough to earn money to buy a replacement for whatever it was that they broke.
    This is how people learn right from wrong. Through meaningful consequences and accountability.
    (But a lot people don’t get this, b/c of sh!tty upbringing–which is why the country’s going to sh1t).
    And this is why Vick won’t get it, either.

  83. Zygity-do-dah….
    No, I did not compare dog fighting to ice fishing. I was demonstrating the similarities between what seem to be non-sensical behaviors, and the fact that if you are brought up in those conditions, it all seems normal whether it is illegal or not. I actually know people that enjoy ice fishing! Go figure. I don’t condone dog fighting, but I get it. Ice fishing? If you ever see me out there…call SunnyVale and ask if they have any rooms.
    Oh…one last thing….GO PACK!

  84. Dewey- What you don’t get is football is a sport and you have a right to not watch. You have a right to not celebrate, revere, or popularize him.
    All without missing a beat? $100 MILLION and 2 years of his life. Not to mention the financial troubles he still faces.
    My upbringing was clearly better than yours because I was taught to FORGIVE. Not to hold grudges or kick another person when they are down.

  85. @CrazyPeeple_vs_MIKEVICK
    Well said. Let’s keep this in perspective.
    Any Packer season ticket owners who want to give up their tickets if the Pack signs Vick get a hold of me, I’ll be happy to take those “shameful” tickets off your hands.

  86. As a Packer fan I think Vick would be a good pick-up. No doubt we already have one of the best young QBs right now with Aaron Rodgers and I love the guy. However, Vick gives us another backup QB and another option with the wildcat formation. Last season, Grant and Jackson(mostly Grant) didn’t do a terrific job of running the ball. The Packers would have the option of handing the ball off to Vick to run with it.

  87. the packers could utilize michael vick’s talent just as much as any other team. i don’t they fit each others’ game plan, imho.
    packers fan, it’s time to stop relying on the legacies that Coach Lombardi and Brett Farve built. this isn’t the 60s or the 90s anymore. the nfl is, now more than ever, a business. wanna know why the lions can’t win? because they suck and no one wants to play there. you wanna know what happens when the packers don’t win? they will suck and no one will want to play there.

  88. @ Dewey – well said (even for a Bear’s fan.)
    To put it in simpler terms for the people who keep defending him and have thick heads and bleeding hearts, he GOT his second chance. He is out of prison. It’s up to him to earn whatever comes to him. Playing in the NFL (or any other major sport) and earning millions of dollars to play a game is a privilege, not a right.
    Ref: Denny McLain, Art Schlichter, among others.

  89. jmill012 says:
    August 6, 2009 2:39 PM
    zygi milf, I wish I was 12 again.
    Anyway, I never said, “they were only dogs”. So, before you go putting words in my mouth do yourself a favor and read what I wrote.
    I never said you said “they were only dogs”. I was questioning your statement that Ambrose’s comment was sane. Do YOURself a favor and re-read my comment.
    Anyway. Sure he can be forgiven for killing the dogs and the actual felony – illegal gambling (that he was convicted of, anyway), but why should he be allowed back to his former lifestyle before he was caught?
    Most convicted felons bag groceries of wash dishes when they get out of jail. They don’t get to return to a million dollar home, posh job, etc. They have to earn their way back. Prove remorse. Stay out of trouble.

  90. I think you’re all missing the obvious. Mike Vick isn’t going to get a starting gig in the NFL this year ANYWHERE! All he could possibly hope for is a one-year deal to get his foot back in the door. So what happens next? Some team with an established #1 and shaky /young 2’s and 3’s takes a flyer on him to help the team THIS year. Even if it’s only for 2 or 3 plays a game the team is WAY ahead because the weekly opponent has to set aside valuable practice time to defend a very real wild-cat. What’s more the signing team could pretty much name the price (#3 money) and cut the young yahoo. Political fallout would be the least in GB due to it’s long sell-out history, and I’m sorry, but Wisconsinites are a pretty forgiving crowd to their own (see Aaron Rodgers, Koren Robinson, and a few nameless CB’s from the 80’s). Short of axe-murdering your parents, they’ll let bygones be bygones.
    I wish Chicago would take a run at him!

  91. # mixman34 says: August 6, 2009 10:48 AM
    Oh man, I can’t wait for PETA blood in Lambeau come Sunday morning.. and I LOATHE PETA. But not as much as I loathe those hillbilly’s. I suppose they have to be cautious of the ‘glass house built on a sand fault line’ in Aaron Rodgers.
    Huh?? That glass house built on a fault line is at training camp in Mankato right now. Has he ever gone longer than 4 weeks without being injured? No need to worry about that in GB…..

  92. I fo one am glad that TT is doing due dilligence on Vick. All it means is that the have a proper look at a talented player that could be gained for a bargain price and to see if what he offers outweighs the negatives and then making an informed decision. That is much better than just blindly reacting to public opinion. My guess is that the pack will say no thanks.

  93. interesting… the teams that played the falcons in the 2nd halves of 05/06 went 12-4, meaning the falcons went 4-12 in that timeframe. the falcons did 4-12 without vick in 2007.
    methinks the so-called star qb convict is somewhat transparent in his preparation and playing habits. or he throws games.
    maybe he just isnt all that he is cracked up to be. also older and slower now.
    and craypeeple, vick’s critics arent the ones gobbling his knob. u are doing that between posts on pft.
    just because 12% of the population idolizes him and doesnt have common sense or know right from wrong doesnt mean everyone else is also that stupid.

  94. Vick to the Packers.?? I say great!! I was at the Packers/Falcons playoff game in the cold a few years ago. Vick has an excellent work ethic. I arrived at the game in my skybox a few hours before the game and Michael Vick was the first player out practicing in the snow flurries. He performed well and won the game. Most folks in Green Bay are hunters and will forgive him.

  95. People keep blaming Rodgers for the 6-10 finish in 08. remember the defense was horrible. A-Rodge is a keeper. Those who lambaste him are the Favre Butt Kissers who can’t accept the fact the old hillbilly is done. Get over with it, Go Pack…If Vick can help, so be it…I belong to PETA (People Eating Tasty Animals) myself and I wouldn’t care if Vick came to GB if he helps the team.

  96. Well said jmill012 and GreenAndGold!!!
    For all of you who think I live in a liberal state, had a challenged up bringing, or whatever else you are assumming, and you know what they say about people who assume, FYI…
    1) I’m from VA (aka Commonwealth state)
    2) I had a storybook childhood
    3) Most importantly, I was taught to forgive…..
    Now you tell me Man in the Mirror????
    Dewey Axewound, And who made you the Great Authority on coming up with defining webster definitions on what a “2nd chance = ” is???? hmmmm
    This whole Mike Vick issue or aka “modern day lynching” is reminding me of exactly how the people treated Jesus Christ!!
    By no means am I putting Mike Vick on Jesus Christ’s level, the magic word here is “LIKE”!!
    You guys put more value in a DOG than a Human life!!
    Ok…..Here’s a simple kindergarden analogy for Anti-Vick people:
    1)A Dog cant go to college
    2)A Dog cant vote
    3)A Dog cant shoot a gun
    4)A Dog cant write a book
    5)A Dog cant surf the internet
    6)A Dog cant drive a school bus
    1)A Human can go to college
    2)A Human can vote
    3)A Human can shoot a gun
    4)A Human can write a book
    5)A Human can surf the internet
    6)A Human can drive a school bus
    If this is too much for you, Give me your email and I’ll send a email with pictures, paper pop-ups, and coloring activities for you…..!!!

  97. 1)A Dog cant go to college
    2)A Dog cant vote
    3)A Dog cant shoot a gun
    4)A Dog cant write a book
    5)A Dog cant surf the internet
    6)A Dog cant drive a school bus
    Animals deserve to be treated kindly.
    They are given to humans to take care of. They cannot defend themselves, they are at our mercy.
    They are not here to be tortured and abused.
    Anybody the does that is a coward. Animals are not above humans, they still deserve humane treatment.
    I am sure you have kids or have family memebers who have domestic pets?
    What if somebody tortured there pets. Would you send them an email with your posts above this message?
    Animals may not do the things you have posted, but they do feel pain and suffer.
    The reason America is falling apart is because of citizens like you. You have no compassion or empathy for anybody or anything. You are selfish ……..
    One day it will happen to you … And you will get what you deserve.

  98. In terms of football, the Packers are screwed if A-Rod gets hurt. Flynn isn’t ready to start, and Brohm is a bust. But Vick wasn’t that good before he was in trouble, and he’s two years removed from playing. He also won’t be in “football shape”.
    In terms of what Vick did, to all the animal lovers out there, look at your own anger. Does he deserve to never work again because of this? Is that fair? Two years in a federal prison is hardly a cake walk. The idea of our justice system is you are given a way to rehabilitate yourself from your misdeeds. He appears to want to do that. Or is your hate eternal? Is that healthy? Your anger reflects, to me, a person who values animals more than people. Vick’s actions were horrible, but protesting his return to society is also off the wall. Unless you live a total vegan lifestyle you are also a hypocrite.
    I’ve had pets all my life, and understand fully well the idea of treating them with kindness. But I also shun people who think animals deserve some type of ‘special place’ above humans. That is off the wall.
    Vick deserves to work again. Vick haters should reflect on their anger.

  99. “Vick haters should reflect on their anger.”
    Seriously. Do you actually read the details on anything?
    Actual court documents.
    Vick had another opportunity to give a dog a second chance when that dog “would not die from hanging.” Did he? No. According to the Investigator, “Vick took down one of the dogs that would not die from hanging and tossed the dog to the side. He later hung the same dog until it died.”
    Vick had yet another opportunity to give dogs a second chance when they were “rolled” or “tested” to see if they would fight. Did he? No. Even when some of his co-conspirators wanted to give away dogs who would not fight rather than kill them, the Special Investigator says “Vick stated ‘they got to go,’ meaning they needed to be killed.”
    In one case, a dog Vick tried to hang “by placing a nylon cord over a 2 x 4 that was nailed to two trees located next to the big shed” refused to die. Wearing a pair of overalls he donned so he would not get blood from the dogs on his expensive tailored suits, did Vick give that dog a second chance? No. According to the Special Investigator, the dog “was taken down and drowned in a 5 gallon bucket of water.”

  100. I hope we do take him. one, if and i believe its a pretty good if, vick is as good as he was two years ago then we can trade either him or Rodgers for a top notch defensive player. two, everyone deserves a second chance no matter what the crime, im sayin we let convicted murders go back to they’re life. im a dog lover but im starting to think that we value everything but human life. and we wonder why the world is the way it is. Hey mike ill let you play for my team any day (as long as you never repeat your actions). Give the man a chance to make his wrongs right.

  101. This is why YOU VICK-HATERS are labeled…..
    “CRAZY PEOPLE”……..
    We should only be concerned with Animal Welfare………….IM ALL FOR IT!!!
    Not Animal Rights??? DUH!! If you guys had your way, I swear, you’d give a dog or cat the right to Vote!! You’re such ASS WIPES!!!!!OMG!!
    UFL , I know that you have “MENTAL” issues just like a half dozen of others up on this post because, now you are making statements towards me!!! Dam!!
    I guess you have such hate and unforgiveness in your heart that I am voicing my support of NOT what he did, but for Mike Vick’s second chance at correcting his mistakes???
    Get Over it!!
    1) Vick will be playing again for some team in the NFL this week!!!!
    2) Vick will get paid millions, maybe not as much but he will.
    3) Vick will get endorsements in the future….
    3) Vick will have people who protest & boycott at the games. It will just fans like me and others better seats to view the game!! Hey, its the American way!!! LOLOL So with that being said……where will you be?
    1)Probaly still working that 9 to 5 that you don’t like.
    2)Making dumb statements on this blog.
    3)Going through your boring daily routines!!!

  102. The only teams that would even consider signing him must have a question at the qb situation. McNabb, Rogers, T Jack and Sage, etc.
    NO WAY IN HELL the Packers would have even considered signing Vick if they had Favre still. And you all know it.

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