Savage: "I'm willing to do most anything"

Deposed former Browns G.M. Phil Savage is taking the Mike Shanahan route for staying involved NFL: he’s taking a training camp tour.

Like Shanahan, Savage plans to visit about five teams to learn how things are done across the league.

Unlike Shanahan, Savage’s return to the league doesn’t seem inevitable.

After his trip is over, Savage will settle in his home town of Fairhope, Alabama and take over duties as Alabama’s color analyst for radio broadcasts. 

Savage wants back into the NFL, and is looking at his new gig as a tool.

“Alabama’s going to have a lot of players coming up in the next few
years, so it’ll be an opportunity to see them and the rest of the SEC.”

With that said, he’s realistic about his prospects for getting a job.

“I have an interest, but in this league there are probably about 50 of
us vying for about 27 spots,” Savage said.  “So the competition is certainly

Savage indicated, though, he may accept a lower position than G.M. for a chance to return to the league.

“I was an Indian a lot longer than I was a chief, so I’m willing to do most anything,” he said during his recent visit to Saints training camp.

While we can hear the snide comments from Browns fans coming, Savage was one of the most highly regarded personnel men in football before landing in Cleveland.

His Browns tenure didn’t end well, but executives with lesser resumes have received second chances.

14 responses to “Savage: "I'm willing to do most anything"

  1. who freaking cares??? jeez, what happened to this site…its like a sad ESPN. Where are all the rumors and breaking stories…. now it is all about the same stupid shiznit i read on espn except that florio writes in a way to make it seem like it is something big… HUGE NEWS RANDY SAVAGE WANTS A JOB IN NFL… do I dipshit!

  2. I think there are several teams that need their cleats cleaned and helmets polished after practice. Hell, maybe you could even collect jockstraps and be responsible for laundry.
    Any team that gives this guy a shot at GM again is out of it’s mind. Some people should not be in the NFL…period.

  3. Let me give a couple tips on “how things are done”
    1. Drafts – Yes, Brady Quinn could be a great player, but a 2nd and a 1st the next season for him? Okay, if he’s the franchise player, then yes! But when he rarely started, you don’t do that.
    2. Know your players – It’s very obvious that you didn’t. Otherwise you would’ve either traded DA or never draft BQ.
    3. Don’t let personal business enter the media. For example, if you are arguing with the team president, keep it in house. You worked for Bill Belichick, who is the master at keeping things in house. Learn from that.
    4. Make sure the facilities are clean.
    5. Last and certainly not least, Never, Ever, Bash the fans. Your e-mail controversy was childish and pathetic. If I was the owner and you were my GM and I found out that you argued with the fans, I would’ve fired you on the spot. GMs are supposed to be able to take the heat and responsibility, obviously you cannot.
    There you go Phil. That should be a good starting point.

  4. Why would an NFL franchise host Mike Shanahan and show him how you run things?
    This guy is the competition! Makes no sense.

  5. An ape throwing feces against the wall could have down a better job of being a GM than Savage.

  6. Until Savage learns how to build depth on a roster and draft for a system, he’ll be a mediocre GM at best.
    He knew talent, but he didn’t know how to draft for a system or to draft/sign for depth. I saw it first hand being a Browns fan.

  7. Phil Savage and Shack Harris are perfect examples of the Peter Principle – you rise to the level of your abilities, but once you go the next step higher you fall flat on your face…
    Savage and Harris did well in their roles when reporting to Ozzie Newsome in Baltimore, but once they became GMs on their own they both sucked at it.

  8. As I recall, he turned down a chance to be the Director of College Scouting for the Lions back in March.
    In retrospect, not a terribly wise idea.

  9. no gm could have done worse than him at cleveland. not trading anderson when he had the chance – not being able to evaluate his own personel. the man deserves never to be a gm in this league again.

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