Turmoil continues in top five, too

Though much of the focus regarding the ongoing rookie first-round holdouts falls on the cluster of unsigned picks from No. 8 overall to No. 12 overall, there are still two top-five picks who have yet to come to terms.

Coincidentally (or not), one of them is represented by the same guy who is trying to blow out the curve with Michael Crabtree at No. 10.

Specifically, Eugene Parker represents defensive end Tyson Jackson, the third overall selection by the Chiefs in April.

Presumably, the agents for Seahawks linebacker Aaron Curry, the fourth overall pick, are waiting to see what Jackson gets at No. 3 before striking a deal.

As to Curry, we’re told that the two sides are in daily communication — but that the two positions have yet come sufficiently close to get a deal done.

And so it continues.  All told, only five of the first 14 picks have been signed. 

19 responses to “Turmoil continues in top five, too

  1. Goodell has taken such a hard line approach to players getting in trouble outside of the game, one can only hope that the same approach is taken for players who have yet to play a game.

  2. Big Stretch says: August 6, 2009 11:13 AM
    Absolutely agree.

  3. The agents are to blame for this. If I was a player I’d be pissed at my agent if I wasn’t in camp right now. I’d say “get an effing deal done now so I can go play football!!!!”

  4. The agents are too concerned with their own earnings and reputation to do the right thing by their clients. No agent wants to be seen as a pushover by teams trying to get guys into camp, so they hold them out. A rookie pay scale on a slot basis takes care of all that. The big money comes after you show you can do the job.

  5. No doubt they need to set up a new system.
    1 million guaranteed, 1 million salery for first year. If they play lights out sign to long term deal and pay them the big bucks!! If they do alright and show promise, 3 year deal marginal money.
    If they are V. Gholston cut at end of year, and look else where!
    Hasn’t it become pretty clear that some of these guys just don’t care after they get paid?

  6. Eugene Parker is a douchebag.
    Try putting your clients’ best interests first for once, a-hole

  7. I’ll add that (especially in crabtree’s case) if the two picks before & after you have been signed, it should be EASY to get the deal done.
    what is this “hoping for even MORE money” bullcrap? He’s not a QB, he’s not even that special. this is just insance. Parker should have his agent license revoked, seriously.
    hopefully incoming & future players see what he’s doing (hurting player’s chances to get in camp & learn the system) by these inane holdouts.

  8. Rookie pay scale should come out of the next CBA. The Players Union, already players in the league, would gain more money for for themselves. The owners would be protected from spend a huge amount of money on a potential bust they may have to cut down the line. The scale would just provide more money to go to the veterans, and the owners would wind up with making sure their money is going to a proven commodity.

  9. Believe it or not, the rate rookies are being paid is slowing on it’s own.
    Peyton Manning was around 13% of the salary cap whereas Matthew Stafford is only about 9.5%.

  10. there should be a rule that if you holdout past say,aug 15, roughly 2 weeks of camp, that you forfit your rookie season. See how many of these shit for braind rookies and agents do it when they know they will be watching the games at home, or rather mommies home since they will be broke.

  11. “If I was a player I’d be pissed at my agent if I wasn’t in camp right now. I’d say “get an effing deal done now so I can go play football!!!!””
    Nope. Players really don’t understand or care about the negotiating process, and they’re not talking to the team. Their agents are giving them updates here and there with their side of things to keep them pacified so they can continue to look for their own payday cut from the player’s contract. That’s why Crabtree’s agent is being a scumbag. He’s looking to get as much money as he can, not looking out for his client’s best interests. If it means waiting around for a year, then he will. Don’t think that’s Crabtree speaking there. He wants to play. His agent wants money and probably leaked that tidbit out to put the pressure on the niners to do what he wants. For as much flack as Rosenhaus gets, that’s even below him. These agents today are ruthless scumbags.

  12. I blame Jeremy Macklin’s agent for the awful contract he let the eagles force down their throats.

  13. mustbechris,
    What I’m saying is these players need to start thinking for themselves. I don’t doubt the agent is feeding him shit but the agent is an employee of the player.
    The player needs to tell the agent what to do and it the agent doesn’t do it, then find a new agent.

  14. Agents know there very easily could be a slotting system for rookie contracts coming up so they want to max out what they can get this year.

  15. A novel Rookie Pay Scale idea:
    Have salaries slotted according to their draft status. Put escalators within the scale that should a player reach specific goals, they are eligible to forfeit the following years but under a Franchise Tag type of deal for the team. That way, a team can choose to pay a guy or let him walk.

  16. they need to follow the NBA rules and have rookie pay roles because this is crazy and dumb, the nba draft happens and all their picks are signed pretty fast, the nfl guys all take forever to sign their rookie contracts.

  17. I’d love to see Crabtree sit out the whole season and re-enter the draft again next year……Then San Fran can draft him AGAIN and offer him league minimum or else let him sit out another year without drawing a check.
    Eugene Parker is douche bag.

  18. The business of the 7th pick being paid more then the 8th or 10th and everythng slotting in order is really BS.
    This is true under this sytema nd true under the rookie pay scale.
    Let’s play out a situation where the Colts or Pats have the #1 pick in the draft.
    You mean to tell me Stafford would then be paid less because he went second only because the team with the #1 pick did not need a QB?
    Conversely the Colts or Pats would have to pay a consensus “lesser player” then Stafford simply because they did not need the “best player” in the draft.
    Just because Crabtree was drafted 10th, it does not mean he is less skilled then the guy at #9 and more skilled then the guy at #11 and thus deserving of money between them.
    “skilled” might be better said as “value” or “need”
    But really a team with no decent WR would be expected to pay more to sign Crabtree then the Cardinals would be expected to pay him if for some reason they drafted him.

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