Andre Smith holdout could last into the regular season

As evidence begins to emerge regarding the specific numbers relating to the negotiation between the Bengals and tackle Andre Smith, the sixth overall pick in the draft, a source with knowledge of the situation tells us that the holdout could last into the regular season.

Joe Reedy of the Cincinnati Enquirer reports that the Bengals have offered Smith a contract worth $33 million, $5.25 million less than the base value of the contract given to Raiders receiver Darrius Heyward-Bey, the seventh pick in the 2009 draft.

Per Reedy, Smith’s camp is looking for something slightly greater than Heyward-Bey’s deal.

In this instance, waiting to work out a deal with Smith has hurt the Bengals.  If they’d moved before Heyward-Bey had signed, the Bengals likely could have gotten Smith for a reasonable increase over the base value of the contract given to last year’s sixth overall pick, which a league source tells us was $32.5 million, not $40 million.

Instead, the Bengals are now faced with the floor created by the Heyward-Bey contract, and Smith most likely won’t be accepting a penny less.

Really, why should he?  For the same reason that receiver Michael Crabtree should respect the slotting system, so should the Bengals.

25 responses to “Andre Smith holdout could last into the regular season

  1. Thanks Raiders for screwing up the first round for everybody. Al Davis sucks.
    The ONLY thing the NBA does better than the NFL: The way rookies are paid.

  2. Wow! I mean seriously… what is going on up there in Cinci?
    Get drafted by the Bungles and expect to be lowballed AND to have a constant yearly struggle throughout your career. NICE!

  3. Oh no, that mean we can’t watch his tits jiggle on Sundays like they did at the combine….HARF…just lost my lunch.

  4. I swear I hate you Mike Brown!
    Pay the kid already, you know you’re not gonna get away with paying him less money than the guy drafted behind him. If you want any kind of cohesion with your offensive line so they can, you know, keep Carson from getting his nose busted open in a PRESEASON GAME… you’ll stop being so damn cheat and pay the guy already.

  5. Ladies and Gentlemen, meet my Bungles…..A jackass owner who cant get out of his own way. I wish Mike Brown would f’in croak already.

  6. @ briano29
    Don’t be mad at us cause we can get out draft picks signed in time for camp!

  7. OptimusRaider:
    I don’t think anyone is mad at the Raiders for drafting a retarded looking speedster with my grandma’s hands at number 7. You have fun with that.

  8. “Hey Mom! I just got drafted into the NFL! Can you believe it?!”
    “Great job son, I’m really proud of you! Who drafted you?”
    “Well… umm, the Bengals.”
    “Oooooo weeee! You sure do have some bad luck don’t you junior?!!” ::cackles::
    (The preceding has been a quote from Mr. Andre Smith’s cellphone SMS log)

  9. OptimusRaider :
    Not mad. Not a Bengals fan. You just overpaid for DHB. Maybe this will finally bring about a change the way rookies are paid in the new CBA.

  10. Mikey will never pay Andre…
    1. He got embarrassed by the agent switcharoo
    2. He drafted a right tackle with a top 15 pick, a big no-no
    3. He drafted the most immature kid in the draft
    4. He is so tight with the dollars, he would rather the kid set out the year and re-enter the draft next year than pay him.
    Andre will be worth half of what he is asking next year.
    It will come down to the week of the first game before one of them flinches and I am guessing it will be Andre.

  11. Al Davis got his guy into camp. I don’t agree with a lot of what does, but he did the right thing. The Raiders needed Bey to get to work as fast as possible. Al wasn’t going to depend on someone else to sign first.
    briano29 says: August 7, 2009 5:44 PM
    Thanks Raiders for screwing up the first round for everybody. Al Davis sucks.
    The ONLY thing the NBA does better than the NFL: The way rookies are paid.

  12. Gotta love it. Crazy Al gets his guy in camp on time and screws the bean counters on several other teams while he’s at it.

  13. Andre Smith has determined that the only way he can bungle up the pre-draft process is by holding out the entire year and re-entering the 2010 draft. Since he can’t work out for teams before the 2010 draft, he will have to figure out creative ways to get his workouts noticed. Expect Andre Smith to be running shirtless past any news camera pointed anywhere near him in the next year.

  14. Andre Smith should be thanking his lucky stars that he was drafted as high as he did!
    What a punk kid! Screws up at the combine, looks like crap during his workout, and is now asking to be paid more than the draft pick ahead of him?
    Mike Brown is not cheap, he just won’t allow some half retarded Right Tackle and his greasy agent to put the squeeze on him. And to tell you the truth, I don’t blame the guy!

  15. DillyBean, you’re a bit of a moron. He didn’t pick where he was drafted, but he was, and he has every reason to expect to be paid per the value of his pick. That’s the way shit works dog. Get with it.

  16. Of course Al Davis gets his guys into camp…they reach so far on each pick that the first contract offered is jumped cuz the kids they pick can’t believe they were picked that high. You raiduh fans sure are cocky for not having done anything since Chucky left…commitment to 40 times and suede jumpsuits..DA RAIDUHS!!!!!

  17. and for you Bungal least your guy doesn’t want #2 pick money like where he should have been drafted (pre-titty gate video) a la crabbust. Damn why do I stay loyal to Niners???

  18. Ultimately, the only person getting hurt by an Andre Smith holdout will be Andre Smith, because Anthony Collins will do a fine job starting at right tackle this season; he held up well in several games at left tackle last year, so there’s no reason to think he can’t do it on the other side, especially since he’s been taking the first team snaps while Andre’s on his couch with the first team snacks.

  19. Abe Froeman-
    Are you kidding me? Of course he had something to do with where he was picked. Screwing up at the combine lowered his stock and therefore lost him money!
    And you are saying I am a bit of a moron? Did you even read the article? He wants more than the guys picked ahead of him! Yeah sure he should get paid but not more than he is worth.
    At least read the article before commenting idiot, because NO that is NOT how things work.

  20. Guys, it does not say he’s wanting more money than the people drafted ahead of him… it’s saying Mike Brown is trying to pay him LESS than that the #7 pick got, the pick after Smith.
    And to you DillyBean, how dare you say Mike Brown is not tight with his money, you obviously have no kind of concept on how poorly our team is ran.

  21. To Budafuco311
    “Damn why do I stay loyal to Niners???”
    Because you don’t know shit about football and therefore, don’t know any better.
    Act like you wouldn’t trade Crabtree for DHB right now! This guy is torpedoing the slim chance SF had at getting off the canvas this year.
    We took a big kid with speed. SF took a slow, overrated Streisand who compiled BS numbers in a video game offense. Heyward-Bey will command safety help. Crabtree will be covered by linebackers.

  22. Ever since Mike brown became the team owner, that team has just gone down hill. This dude either needs to learn how spend money on the players they need or hire a GENRAL MANAGER! He is nothing like his dad. Paul wouldn’t have been afraid to sign any players who they obiously need (offensive linemen) very badly and i’m not going to point fingers at the positions they need players at (offensive linemen)But the key to a good season is to keep Carson Palmer upright and not out for the season due to an injury. And I think those who support Who Dey Revolution are good football fans who WANT CHANGE! As am I. I am a big Bengals fan but this is just getting out of hand, as it has for the last five or six years. I don’t even know what to think about Marvin Lewis anymore. If he’s really got to go now! Or if I should feel sorry for him and it’s old Mikey Brown and the player’s fault. But lets get this straight, it upsets me to say this but, the Bengal’s offensive line is just dreadfully awful. And it has for a while now examples, Icky Woods, Kajana Carter, Kenny Irons, Chris perry, and For alot of the time Rudi Johnson. What do they all have in common? They’ve all been hurt due to bad blocking up front. Oh I’ve heard this all too much,”Who Dey gonna arrest next?” Really? I mean, why do they all have to get the kids who have been arrested two or three times and also kicked out of two or three schools? and I have no problem with Chris Henry at all. He has straightened out and is a good dude with a daughter and a girlfriend who are all again good people. But then there’s Frosty Rucker and all the dudes who came out, got in trouble and never amounted to anything. In my opinion those are the bad people. And anyone who doesn’t know who Rey Malaluga is i’ll tell you. He is an amazing young ball player out of USC an samoan beast on the field but is a cool guy off the field. I went to Bengals training camp and he was signing autographs like 20 minutes after they were supposed to leave. But um yeah they should sign Andre Smith before the season starts.

  23. DillyBean-
    I agree with you that Smith is an idiot but you need to rewrite your facts. Smith was picked before Heyward-Bey, not after. Smith was 6th pick and Bey was 7th.

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