Bears rookie under investigation for felony battery

In round seven of the 2009 draft, the Chicago Bears took a flier on guard Lance Louis with a compensatory pick.

Now, Louis is facing possible felony battery charges as authorities investigate a November 5, 2008 fight during a San Diego State team meeting.  Starting safety Nick Sandford emerged from the exchange with a concussion, a broken eardrum, and a fractured cheekbone. 

Sandford missed the rest of the season due to the injuries.

Per the San Diego Union-Tribune, the incident wasn’t reported to police until November 20, fifteen days after it happened and two days before coach Chuck Long was fired.

Sandford’s father claimed that Long didn’t discipline Louis because Long didn’t want to jeopardize the health of the team’s starting quarterback, if Louis weren’t in the game.  Paul Sandford also claims that Long didn’t want to screw up Louis’ chances of being drafted.

It’s unknown whether the Bears or any other NFL teams knew about the situation before the April 2009 draft.

But they know about it now.  Given that late-round picks usually are long shots to make the 53-man roster, this incident likely doesn’t help the player’s chances.

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  1. And given the Bears respectable record of generally seeking/signing high character players (in stark contrast to a certain division rival), and/or jettisoning the players who reveal themselves to be Capital-T Turds, then, yeah, I expect L-squared to hit the streets any minute now.

  2. Dewey Axehole will come in here as a Bear apologist with the innocent until proven guilty routine. Likely he will use this as a chance to once more deride the Vikes as bigger criminals!
    Anyway, Dewey while you pontificate on this one, let us have you thoughts on some of the previous Bears who had their picture taken downtown.
    Cedric Benson, Tim Worley ( an oldie but still a goodie) John Gilmore, Ricky Manning JR. Daven Holly, my fave, Tank Johnson, Brian Robinson. I don’t know how these cases all worked out, but the point is ALL NFL teams suffer from the Turd Watch thing at one time or another.

  3. “# Dewey Axewound says: August 7, 2009 11:55 AM
    And given the Bears respectable record of generally seeking/signing high character players (in stark contrast to a certain division rival), and/or jettisoning the players who reveal themselves to be Capital-T Turds, then, yeah, I expect L-squared to hit the streets any minute now.”
    Oh Dewey, I don’t think you have anyway out on this one. Allow me to bask in this moment.
    Wow. What thugs. Than again, it shouldn’t come as such a surprise from an all-hype organization like the Bears. Remember in 06 when Rex “F it, I’m going deep” Grossman blew it in the Super Bowl for them? And the fact that their new QB is already declared a pussy by Brian Urlacher is also enough to show that they are in shambles. Who is Cutler throwing to again?
    The Chicago Bears: All bark, no bite. Enjoy another 8-8 season, if you’re lucky.
    All in good fun Bears fans and Dewey, I just wanted to see what it was like to spew text diarrhea like so many of you do on Vikings articles.

  4. Lance Louis ran a 4.75 40 at 6’3″ and 300 lbs.. Speedy bigguns like that are desirable projects for the practice squad.

  5. Oh no, the bears never have any acrimony or have ant shit heels for players!
    Lance Briggs anyone? Yeah they sure got rid of THAT turd, didn’t they.
    They are just like any other team, it’s easy to jettison this guy, he’s a scrub. But a high profile guy, no way.

  6. well there was the case of plaxico… and the case of ookie… and the case of she-ho…
    so, high profile players will get bounced. but not very often. shoot yourself and be chronically late and disuptive… kill dogs, lie and gamble… or just be an all around team-dynamiting jackass.
    dui and/or vehicular manslaughter or getting in knife fights wont apparently do it. methinks this is because they arent automatically disruptive to locker room harmony.

  7. YES! I couldn’t WAIT for this…
    Nowhere in any of my happy fun-time Queen bashing did I say the Bears players were flawless specimens of morally-upright and law abiding choir boys.
    But, nevertheless, the Chicago franchise remains in STARK contrast to that of the inferior Mini one.
    Here’s the difference–on the Bears, scandals/arrests/drama/low character is the EXCEPTION, not the rule.
    Sure, we can name a few guys (show me an NFL team without ’em)–but most of them are now EX-Bears, which says a lot.
    Now, would you like for me to run down the list of horn-blowers who have been involved in something scandalous, illegal, or dramatic?
    (Sorry, there are only so many years in a life-time).
    Hell, the number of players involved with the Love Boat scandal ALONE probably exceeds the number of Bears in trouble over the past DECADE.
    Just to refresh everyone’s memory:
    Comparing these two organizations is like comparing (a whole orchard full of rotten) apples to a single orange seed.
    Not even in the same universe.
    But I get it–I dish it out, and then some
    (you’re welcome).
    So I can take it. (I actually saw this story and started cracking up).
    Anyway, have fun bashing our 7th round scrub for beating up a team-mate in college.
    (By the way, didn’t your FIRST rounder show up to the combine HIGH?)
    Ok, now go blow horns, hype, Stuart Smalley, blah blah.

  8. @Fagnerd,
    Please explain:
    Cedric Benson–4th overall draft pick with millions invested, slated to start 08 season at RB.
    Tank Johnson–high impact STARTING fixture on a dominant defensive line that helped carry Bears to the S.B. in ’06.
    Please just shut the hell up. You are stupid.

  9. RC,
    I know, you were just funnin’ around…
    My aim was more for those other clowns.
    P.S. I knew my earlier Gary Anderson thing would sting…I even thought of you when I wrote it…but they just had “Missing Rings” on NFLN last night and–of course–had your 98 team, which was the inspiration.
    I guess–even among my low blows–that one’s pretty low.
    I’ll only use it on special occasions, okay?

  10. Dickhead:
    Conveintly leave out Lance Briggs(in trouble at least 2 times) who is still on the team.
    ANd your 7th round scrub.
    Put the love boat bs to death already.
    With the exception of Mckinnie( who is a HUGE piece of garbage) All of the guys who DID SOMETHING WRONG are no longer with the team.
    I’m not going to do your homework for you, but all of the guys on the boat were not arressted.
    SO, Mckinnie and Harvin = your 2 turds.
    Yep you are really outshining us there.
    I’m not including Allen, because, he has really seemed to clean up his life. good for him.
    The point is, you want to live in the past. Minnesota has worked hard to clean up thier image. Compared to where it was a few years back is a 180 degree turn.
    The thing is, you think your a comic, traipsing out shit that is years old, if that gets you to sleep at night, more power too ya.
    Try living in the present for once it’s 09, not 05.
    Nice try tho ,Jerkoff.

  11. Thanks for the thought Dewey, I saw the same episode a while ago and relived the pain all over again.
    That was OUR year, regardless of what anyone says. The Falcons lucked out because a guy on the right side of the line missed his block and Gary was forced to shank it left to try and squeeze it in.
    The Bears had 1985, the Packers had 1996, even the Lions had 1953. The Vikings were supposed to have 1998 as their special year in the NFC North/Central.

  12. Oh, YOU give Allen a “pass”, huh?–how convenient for YOU and your argument.
    And the Queens are cleaning up their act, right?
    RIGHT AFTER they use their first pick on a potheat with character issues, right?
    And throw themselves into the Favre drama?
    And have a very public QB controversy with players talking in the media?
    “Turning 180” my ass.
    So (I didn’t think I needed to do this), but you want to be a stubborn moron who ignores a widely-known FACT, and wants to argue, so let’s just list a few them:
    Harvin–pothead busted at the combine, “dehydration”, hold out
    Allen–drunk hick, DUIs
    Onterrio–used a fake wang to cover up drug use
    Pat Williams–fat cheating roider
    Kevin Williams –fat cheating Roider
    Bryant McKinnie –where do I start?
    Steve Farmer–fighting
    EJ Henderson–fighting
    Darrion Scott–pothead
    Mike Nattiel–fight
    Cedric Griffin–fighting
    Koren Robinson
    Carl Eller–DUI
    Hassan Jones–DUI
    Ray Edwards–steroids
    Fred Evans–felony assault, resisting arrest, pothead
    Fred Smoot
    Lance Johnstone
    Mewelde Moore
    Darren Sharper
    Ralph Brown,
    Travis Taylor,
    Moe Williams
    Jermaine Wiggins
    Need I REALLY go on?
    Just face it Fagnerd, this is a losing argument for you, and it’s a testament to the fact of your idiocy that you would even TRY.
    So STFU for once.

  13. In our defense, Koren Robinson and Jared Allen screwed up with OTHER teams.
    And you really have no proof that the Williams Boys were juicing. Starcaps are a WEIGHT LOSS pill. It’s awful these guys got caught up in this though, anytime someone gets caught with something related to steroids, everyone automatically thinks they’re a huge cheater, no matter if they’re innocent or not. Newsflash: steroids don’t make you automatically good. Just ask Rondell White.
    And honestly, all our guys can be worse thugs than the Raiders. As long as they keep producing and don’t do anything stupid enough to get them suspended, than it really doesn’t matter. No matter how many times you yell steroids or drunk at Jared Allen and the Williams Wall, they’ll still be all over your quarterback’s ass.
    Besides, the Vikings had patron saint Randall Cunningham at one point, and that alone makes them a better team.
    Another thing, almost every guy you listed is GONE from our team now. The Love Boat was an embarrassing scandal and all, but all the players involved are all gone. It’s a completely different team.
    Honestly, would you pass up on one of the best defensive ends in football just because he got a DUI? Come on man, I KNOW you’d much rather have Jared Allen on your right side instead of Joe Nobody. If any of our d-linemen were on your team, I think you’d be singing a different tune. Just like if we had got Cutler instead of you guys, I think you’d be calling him a whiner just a wee bit more often.
    Another thing, Dewey, if you had ANY social life in high school, you probably smoked pot. Do I condone Harvin smoking? No. Do I think it’s the worst thing in the world? No. You know who else lit up? Randy Moss. Does that mean that Harvin is going to be Randy Moss? Of course not, but it’s just another testament to the fact that weed isn’t really terrible. Michael Phelps even digs it. Like I said, ANYONE who had a social life in high school tried it.
    But whatever. Like I said, rag on our team if you want, every team has something to get ragged on about, but just stop patronizing the fans. We are NOT these big homers/delusional ‘tards you make us out to be. The majority of us are used to disappointment.

  14. But at least you’re better than JimmySmith and Bob Nelson who run away at every argument.

  15. Rc, it doesn’t matter with guy. I was going to post the looooong list of bears that got in trouble with the law, but, to what point?
    You and I know he’d just disregard it and say something else stupid.
    1 thing that is good to know, is he “makes freinds”(sarcasm) with other teams fans on other threads.
    I guess it’s a mommy/ daddy issue.
    I actually feel sorry for the guy, he has som serious issues.

  16. Missing a golden opportunity here:
    Michael Vick
    “Turrets” Owens
    We have the beginnings of a new Dream Team. Who else should be nominated?

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