Cutler on fans: "Denver's on like a 6 and Chicago's like a 9."

It hasn’t taken long for Jay Cutler to win over the fans of Chicago, and the appreciation appears to be mutual.

In some comments to ESPN Radio in Chicago that are likely to gather too much attention in Denver, Cutler said Chicago was a more intense football town.

“In Denver, we didn’t have this many fans
at all,” Cutler said.  “We weren’t even able to accommodate that many fans [at practice].  That’s Chicago Bears fans for you.  They’re proud of
their Bears.”

“It’s a lot [different]. Denver’s like a 6
and Chicago’s like a 9.  It’s a quite bit different.  Just the fans and
how passionate they are, that’s probably the biggest difference.” 

We routinely criticize athletes for robotic interview answers, so it’s hard to get worked up about Cutler, who is one of the most open players in the league, whether you like what he says or not.   Cutler knows where his bread is buttered now, and doesn’t seem concerned with his “legacy” in Denver.

He’s not particularly looking forward to visiting Denver during the preseason, either.

“Denver, am I looking forward to it?  No.  Just the whole hoopla that’s
going to come along with it,” Cutler said. 

“I’m excited to go back and see
some of the guys there.  I’ve got some really good friends back there,
and get back to Denver and see if my house is still standing.  Other
than that, that’s about all I’m excited about Denver.”

The Denver Post finds it hard to get offended by the comments, but we doubt all Broncos fans will agree.

Look for them to be more like a “10” when Cutler hits town.  They may even borrow some phrasing from Cutler’s new teammate Brian Urlacher.

84 responses to “Cutler on fans: "Denver's on like a 6 and Chicago's like a 9."

  1. And won’t it be interesting to see how Cutty feels about those “9” fans when he screws something up on the field …

  2. Looks like Philip Rivers is in for a battle to see who’s the biggest NFL punk. Nice to finally see some competition at that position.

  3. I actually heard the interview, and the comment was tongue-in-cheek and was met with much laughter. This isn’t out of context, but it should definitely be given some background.

  4. As a Bronco fan who supported Cutler throughout his whole ordeal, I’m extremely disappointed that he would start talking crap about his former fanbase.
    If he wants to run about Chicago pretending to be Jim McMahon, that’s his own business, but I’m done supporting his overinflated ego.
    Congratulations Cutler! You finally gave me a reason to cheer for Josh McDaniels!

  5. I’ve been to Denver for a road trip. I gotta agree with Cutler, their fans sucked. Great town though.

  6. Lame. So what. Media trying to create news.
    Chicago is a cool city.
    Denver is a cool city.
    The people of Chicago are great.
    The people of Denver are great.

  7. Who would’ve thought that McDaniels showing up in Denver would’ve created another “Monster on the Midway” – can’t wait for that game, even if it is preseason.

  8. Krow says:
    August 7, 2009 1:23 PM
    Looks like Philip Rivers is in for a battle to see who’s the biggest NFL punk. Nice to finally see some competition at that position.
    rivers punked out Cutler.

  9. I understand that the Bears are going to have Hester and Cutler using their version of the Wildcat. They are going to call it the “PUSSYCAT.”

  10. crookedsteve – come on down to the Linc and say that about philly fans…oh wait you are too busy keeping it crooked.

  11. If the Broncos fans are a 6 and the Bears fans are a 9, that means the Packers fans are a solid FAT.
    Ha ha Packer fatties… Packers will be 6-10 this season, Rodgers will fail.

  12. Cutler did McD a favor with this one.
    I like the kid as a player, but man does he flap his jaws.

  13. Crookedsteve is a waste of space! All u do is bash the eagles and we are clearly the most passionate fans in all of sports!!! Stop writing ridiculious comments and stick to what u know, which is nothing obviously!!

  14. crookedsteve says:
    August 7, 2009 1:20 PM
    I would say Philly is a zero

  15. Cutler couldn’t hold Rivers’ smarminess let alone his jock.
    Rivers is a stud
    Cutler is a Haircut away from being mediocre.
    Jared Allen

  16. If he was cool he would have said that Chicago is an 11 because most amps only go up to 10, but this one goes to 11.

  17. What exactly is Cutler supposed to say? Something like “I sure wish I was still in Denver and things were different?” or “Gee even though Chicago fills my bankroll I wish I was still in Denver Orange and Blue”. I hope he delivers like he is supposed to or it will be a long season in Chicago for Cutler and Bear fans alike. I will be excited about our prospects before the season regardless… GO BEARS!!

  18. Some of these you posters are seriously dumb.
    Cutler was asked a question and he answered it as truthfully as he could. Just because it’s true doesn’t make him a ‘punk’ or a ‘pussy’.
    Child please.

  19. As a San Diego fan we hear this a lot. Other teams hear it as well, you can say it about any team and the fans will get pissed. It’s childish, I’ve been to Denver games and they have one of the best stadium experiences around. The fans there supported Cutler, why would he turn around and diss them? His logic reminds me of my girlfriends.

  20. Damn straight, Jay.
    And bonus points for use of the word “hoopla” !
    A quick test for those who would post hatefully on this topic:
    Before you struggle to formulate and spew out ignorant vitriolic bitterness about Cutler, please ask yourself if your opinions are elicited by neccessity because you fall into one of these predictable categories:
    Are you a:
    1. Denver fan? (jilted, bitter, doomed)
    2. Chargers fan? (You got Rivers’ back, man!)
    2. Raiders fan? (you hate everyone)
    3. Chiefs fan? (I’d be mad with Cassel, too)
    4. Packer fan? (worried–Rodge has company)
    5. Lions fan? (My heart goes out to you)
    6. Vikings fan? (green-eyed with envy and scared to death…if Orton lit up your secondary, what will Cutler do?)
    7. Gullible dupe who believes the “petulant child” image sold to you by the media?
    If so, be careful–your agenda is showing.

  21. It’s going to be fun watching some (not all) of the Denver fans get all worked up over this. For those that do, you need to take a deep breath and consider the fact that Cutler is right.
    He’s talking about the intensity, amount of fans, and media coverage that go with Chicago compared to Denver. It is not an insult to the city of Denver or its fans. Look at the camp attendance and television and print coverage of both teams. Chicago is a bigger market. It is a simple and measurable fact. Feel free to debate which market is better, but you cannot argue which is bigger.

  22. What was he supposed to say? That Denver was a better football town? Yeah, that woulda gone over real well. I predict he says more nice things about Chicago while not totally bashing Denver. Call it a hunch. Or call me a psychic.

  23. As a lifelong Broncos fan I had fully supported Cutler during his riff with McDaniel. That was until Jay refeused to respond back to Pat Bowlen. Refusing to talk to your coach is one thing, but refusing to talk to the man that signs you million dollar paychecks, there simply is no excuse for that. I am eager to see what the season brings and if McD really is the master he thinks he is and can turn Kyle Orton into a Pro Bowler.
    As far as the Jay’s comments they do not suprise me. Whatever…Go Broncos!!!

  24. Dewey, I don’t care what you say at this point.
    Just don’t wish for us to be moved to LA. That’s like wishing death on someone. I for one, will never abandon the Vikings, no matter how much stupid shit they do. But if they ever moved to LA, I think I’d be done with football.
    Patronize the team all you want, but stop patronizing the ENTIRE fanbase!!

  25. Talk about getting things blown out of proportion, Cutler simply was basing his comment on the turnouts at training camp. Who is the sensitive ones getting their feelings hurt by a comment such as this? And then call Cutler the baby? Did I miss something here?

  26. “Wasn’t there just a Bronco practice with 13,000 at it?” Yep, and they were soundly booing Orton. Meanwhile, at Bears camp, Cutler is king. It’s so much better when your QB is the face of your team rather then the head coach… as Denver is quickly learning.

  27. Cecil says:
    August 7, 2009 2:08 PM
    “be careful–your agenda is showing.”
    Hah. Might wanna tuck yours in there, too, buddy.
    Nope, I expose mine PROUDLY.
    In fact, you could even say “it’s in your face”.

  28. Dewey Axewound, you forgot one category:
    – A fan who has always loved the game of football. A fan who has eyes and a brain, and is able to develop an opinion for himself, regardless of what the media is “feeding.” A fan who has watched a young QB not win ANYTHING, put up pretty good numbers, and then develop an overblown ego and a disgusting sense of entitlement.
    No one needs to look to the media to see Cutler displaying the same behavior as a spoiled, petulant child. He does that all by himself while he is grabbing his crotch and screaming at an opposing sideline while he is LOSING another game after having thrown yet another sideline pick. Wonderful for him that he speaks his mind, but maybe he should earn something before he gets too loud. How often do you hear P Manning, Brady, Brees, Matt Ryan, etc constantly spewing out nonsense? Not often, because they are busy working at their craft and winning games.
    The thing that burns me the most, though: If similar words came from the mouths of TO, Ochocinco, Randy Moss, Jared Allen…then would the thoughts of “No big deal” would be replaced by screaming heads foaming at the mouth about what louts the guys are…

  29. The part that was edited out:
    Jay: Oh, you meant fans? I thought we were rating gay bars.

  30. Abe Froeman says:
    August 7, 2009 2:13 PM
    tufar, that was good.
    tufar, I don’t think I even like you, but that was good.

  31. Sing it, Jimi:
    If six, turn out to be nine
    I don’t mind.
    I don’t mind.
    # eeerockski says: August 7, 2009 2:08 PM
    What was he supposed to say? That Denver was a better football town? Yeah, that woulda gone over real well. I predict he says more nice things about Chicago while not totally bashing Denver. Call it a hunch. Or call me a psychic.
    I live in Chicago from 1978-1988, and I can truthfully say that good or bad, Chicogoans love their Bears. I got to go to several Bears games when I lived there, and the atmosphere was always incredibly intense. Chicago really is a great football city, especially given the long history of the Bears. The Broncos can’t touch that kind of history.

  32. I would say that Dustin Chandler and CrookedSteve both starring in some man on man video action.

  33. Listen,
    Rivers and Cutler are both punk bzatches. I think everyone knows that by now.
    I guess every team can’t have a QB as cool as my man JaMarcus.

  34. What a douche. I hate the Broncos as much as anyone, but Cutler is an idiot.
    Bash the organization, bash the owner, bash the coach, but bashing the fans is just stupid. I hope this punk gets laid out his first snap in the regular season.

  35. “Wasn’t there just a Bronco practice with 13,000 at it?”
    That was at their stadium. The Bears will practice at Soldier Field this Saturday night and probably have about 35,000 people there.

  36. EAGLES fans blow!
    Cutler is great. Brings some rivalry, action, and intensity to the game. Oh yeah, he can back up all his claims because his arm is a machine. DA BEARS

  37. Dewey… dude… Im a fan of football… yes, Vikes are my team cuz thats where Im from, but I also love the sport and pay attention to other teams and yes, I think the bears have a good team… I think its a good rival between the two. I go to Chicago every year to watch the games and the past couple of years they have been great battles… a lot of fun to go to… I have friends that live there and I love the city of Chicago… good times!! …but dude, whats your problem… chill out a lil bit… It’s only football… so be a fan… not a fan basher…

  38. headline should read, “Cutler had interview, said stuff, none of it mattered, the world moved on”
    Chicago always has been and always will be a HUGE sports fanbase. They love their teams, not to mention there are what, 5-6 million people in the chicago area. how many are in Denver, 2? 3?
    I think if someone posted an interview with a football player, and that player said, “hey, grass is green” all you yahoo’s would have some sort of rediculous comment to say about that.
    what if it’s bluegrass? OMG, that guy is dumb, blah blah blah… get over it and start paying attention to something that matters.

  39. Have people even listened to the interview?
    Interviewer: “How different is Chicago with Denver as a football town?
    Cutler: “It’s a lot. Denver is on like a 6 and Chicago is like a 9.”
    Anyone getting worked up over this is looking for something that isn’t there. He said Chicago is a more intense football town. Big whoop.
    This is about as scandalous as Kyle Orton saying Denver has better skiing than Chicago.

  40. And Pittsburgh fans are an 11. Every single Steelers away game every single year the home team’s media writes about how many fans were in their stadium wearing black & gold. When the Steelers play in the Super Bowl it’s basically another home game for them. No other team can claim any of that. Not even close. Even former players like Ross Tucker who’ve never played for Pittsburgh routinely recognize Steelers fans as the league’s best. It’s a Steelers world, and yinz are all just living in it.

  41. @ncm42
    So…what? You’re a “1” on my list, then?
    What “nonsense”, exactly, has he “spewed”?
    The kind that gets him voted as team captain in Denver?
    Or is it the kind you spew when a reporter asks you to RATE the fans of the two teams you’ve played for?
    You know if he said it was “a tie” or used some faggy cop-out like that, you’d be on here crying about him, too.
    And all that crap with River, which people like to use as justification for the “brat” label?
    What was it? A gesture? A facial expression? Some trash-talk? Body language?
    None of that is anything your darling posterboys of “professionalism” haven’t done…
    Like Peyton’s never called out his o-line in the media, or yelled at a teammate, or pouted, right?
    And defensive players don’t do this stuff on every snap, right?
    I call it fire, intensity, passion for the game.
    And the trade demand thing, I call that simply “having dignity”.
    You Denver fans–you’re like scorned, jilted ex-girlfriends, stalking the guy who dumped you.

  42. “Nope, I expose mine PROUDLY.
    In fact, you could even say “it’s in your face”. ”
    I could say that, true, but it’s a witless cliche. So why bother?

  43. Cutlers record against the Oakland Raiders is 2-2 with 8 INT
    I was at two of those games.
    Think about it people he doesn’t have a wining record against the Raiders.
    The guy sucks donkey balls even though he is a Bear

  44. I am a Dolphin fan who went to college in Denver. The reason that I could not support the Donks at all while I lived there, even though all of my friends did, was because the fans were the most passionate, and crazy passionate, fans I had ever, and likely will ever, see. Never, in the years that I have lived in other NFL cities including LA, which had no support for the Rams nor Raiders and doesn’t deserve a team, and Jacksonville, whose fans can’t afford tickets, have I seen any fan base as obsessed as the Denver Bronco fans.
    Cutler, you are a complete idiot.
    And this is one of the rare times that as much as I dislike the Broncos, I actually feel sorry for them that YOU have been acting like a four-year old through this whole ordeal.

  45. Like, enjoy, your new Valley QB Chicago. Like, you know what I’m saying…like, goll already.
    What the friggin’ idiot forgets is that he wilted under the shadow of expectations in Denver. Like, you know, he would never be, like, the Prom Queen, because, like, everybody still liked, you know, that old dude. Like, El–, oh my god!!! He’s, like, so yesterday!!!

  46. It’s funny. I’ve been to a football game and a baseball game in Baltimore and I had to bring along a spotter to keep my pulse rate up enough to stay conscious.
    There ain’t a venue in Denver that isn’t packed to the rafters with rapid fans.
    Baltimore? Somebody from Baltimore actually ripped Broncos fans?

  47. cutler is such a d-bag he has no class to say that about his former fans. unless he produces wins in chi town those fans will go from a 9 to a negative 9 reeeeeallll quick. i just cant wait to see which QB in the north cutler will try and get into some cowardly, sideline to sideline screaming match. T-jack will F you up cutler haha.
    rcunningham: i’m with you man if the vikings ever move from the TC i will stop watching football and mite even go as far as to leave the city i love myself. It just wouldnt be the same without my loveable losers

  48. CaptainFantastik-OK, so there are a lot of Steelers fans, again, who cares? Who cares who has more fans or who can really rate who has BETTER Fans – like someone said, Chicago market is bigger. Big Whoop. Cutler is a jerk, but any jerk is smart enough to talk nicely about their new city. I love Chicago fans cuz they love and support their teams, good or bad and they are jerks – like Steelers fans. GO BROWNS!

  49. Cecil says:
    August 7, 2009 3:02 PM
    “Nope, I expose mine PROUDLY.
    In fact, you could even say “it’s in your face”. ”
    I could say that, true, but it’s a witless cliche. So why bother?
    Clearly, you missed that it was a PUN, and a jab at your manhood.
    (and a damn witty one, I thought).
    I also thought the quotes tipped it off, but I guess not.
    So let me help:
    Try reading it again, but use a different inflection on the phrase “IN YOUR FACE”.
    Get it now? My “agenda”…?

  50. Cutler may have had his panties a lttle too tight and acted like the pussy we all know Urlacher has called him when he whined his way out of Denver, but his quote was more praising Bear fans than trashing Dever fans. I support an opposing NFC North team and I can’t even get too worked up about that quote.

  51. Dewey –
    Wow, defensive much? I’m just saying not everyone fits into your neat little categories, as much as you deem yourself the final voice on the matter.
    Some of the nonsense he spewed…like I already said, go back and look at the tape of the SD incident. Barking at the other sideline and grabbing his crotch on national TV after he threw several picks in a LOSS. I don’t care if guys talk shit, but I’m from the generation that said you had to earn that right by doing something. If you’re getting owned (again) by another team, then maybe STFU and work on winning. And yes, he was “voted” the captain by the other players. I’m sure Shanahan had nothing to do with that. I’m sure it was not by design, to massage the little brat’s fragile ego. Other than that, watch him after every play. He’s like Marino, whining at the ref after EVERY incompletion and EVERY red zone INT. He makes several stupid mistakes every game, but they always seem to be someone else’s fault, if you actually watch him during the games.
    Other than that, the “my arm is stronger than Elway’s” stuff. Maybe it is, but is that really what you want to be worried about while preparing for a season. Having to bring the Rivers bs back up a full year later, trying to call Rivers out in the media. And I know, I know “They asked him a question, he had to answer!” What did Rivers do? “I’m not talking about that anymore, it won’t help us win games.” Then Rivers OWNED Cutler and the Broncos. I would agree with you, that I like seeing guys who have that fire and passion for the game. If you watched him when the chips were down, his body language betrayed the fact that his “fire” only came out when it was time to complain at or about someone else. He has yet to display that fire on the field.
    And the trade demand is “having dignity?” Having his feelings hurt because they considered bringing in Cassel? And refusing to return the boss’s phone calls? I would respect the hell out of Cutler if he had been man enough to at least call the boss and say “Hey Pat, GFY. I dont’ want to play for your organization anymore.”
    I hope he matures, because I think he could be an important face for the fight against diabetes. Until he proves otherwise, the “petulant child” label is one he has earned all on his own.
    I am a Broncos fan, but I really don’t care one way or the other about Cutler. I think it’s short-sighted of him to say much that could be construed as negative toward the fans that supported him so rabidly, but that is completely his right. My only real argument with you was that “the media” created Cutler’s image as a spoiled brat. I think most people in and around Denver will tell you he has been working on that one all on his own….

  52. # CaptainFantastik says: August 7, 2009 3:00 PM
    And Pittsburgh fans are an 11. Every single Steelers away game every single year the home team’s media writes about how many fans were in their stadium wearing black & gold. When the Steelers play in the Super Bowl it’s basically another home game for them. No other team can claim any of that. Not even close. Even former players like Ross Tucker who’ve never played for Pittsburgh routinely recognize Steelers fans as the league’s best. It’s a Steelers world, and yinz are all just living in it.
    Actually the steelers just have a bunch of douchebag bandwagon fans all over the country. Those are the ones that waste their money and flock to the Super Bowl. Now that they have 6 SBs there will be even more morons running out to get a rapist jersey. It is always easy to love a winner even if the last two have been questionable at best.

  53. News Flash!!! NFL player says current (blank) is better than (blank) of former team.
    Insert in blank – Fans, Coach, Team, City, etc.

  54. Bwahahahahaha!!
    Oh man! What do all you Bronco’s fans thing of Jay now??
    Come on.. let it fly! I especially want to see all of you who pointed the finger, squarely, at your new coach and defended Cutler. Well, I guess Jay just put the dirty-sanchez on you.

  55. ncm42,
    “Wow, defensive much?”
    asks the guy who writes the f*cking Encyclopedia Brittanica about his own confused *curious* love-hate for Jay.
    “I don’t care one way or another about Cutler”
    says the guy at the end of his 10 page “War & Peace-like dissertation on all things Jay.
    Not taking the forgetful boss’s phone calls IS saying, “Pat, GFY. I don’t want to play for your organization anymore”, isn’t it?
    Finally (and this one is the BEST):
    “I’m just saying not everyone fits into your neat little categories…” says the bitter, angry, jilted-lover-like Jay-obsessed Broncos fan.
    Sweet, sweet irony…
    Hey, whatever you guys need to tell yourselves to get through the McDanny-Boy era.

  56. BeardedAxe says:
    “It is always easy to love a winner even if the last two have been questionable at best.”
    What the F*CK would you know about winning?
    Don’t look down, your Man-gina is showing!

  57. Is there ANYONE trying to claim that Broncos fans are more intense than Bears fans? I thought it was pretty much common knowledge that the football fans in Chicago are some of the most die-hard in pro sports. Non-story.

  58. Cutler may give Bears fans a 9, but what will Bears fans rate Cutler? He was a doucher to the fans in Denver. We’d give him a 1 and that’s just for showing up.

  59. lol — Eagles have the best fans.. to think an opposing teams fan needs to say how much they hate us on an article nothing about the Eagles just shows how much dedication we have to TORMENTING EVERY FAN OF EVERY CITY.. people wished their whole city had as much passion and could root for a philly team

  60. Good call, Akshun.
    It’s funny because the haters all love to talk about how the Eagles don’t have SB rings – but the hate that gets spewed on the Birds is pretty much just the same as the Pats/Steelers, and other super-successful teams.
    So the haters just coming out to hate reinforces that the Eagles, despite the lack of championships, are still amongst the best of the NFL. They don’t have to like us, they just have to fear us!

  61. OK, so Chicago, in a bigger market, drew 8,000 for a night game and Denver got 13,402 for their night scrimmage. I’m going to Minnesota’s scrimmage tonight and I believe the draw for this and the Chicago Family Day will be bigger than that.
    The fact is, every place has good and bad fans. People I know from Denver who generally aren’t football fans, college or NFL, talk about the Broncos and root for them.

  62. first off, Cutler, Denver fans are very passionate about their team, they follow those broncos no matter what, as for Crooked Steve’s bashing of Eagles fans, well that is Steve for you.

  63. Denver fans have NOTHING to apologise for
    We’ve seen Cutler and his attitude, McDaniel picked up on it right away.
    We’ll be fine without him….

  64. Dewey my man, I disagreed with you, and I still do. No need to stoop to name calling and cursing at each other. What are we, Ochocinco and Rock Hoover? Like I said, you can label people all you want, but it just shows your ignorance trying to fit everyone into your neat little categories.
    And YES, I said I don’t care one way or another about Cutler. I disliked him from day one. I think he’s been overrated from the beginning, mainly because he’s compared to Leinart and Young, so he looks great by comparison. I thought it was a mistake to replace Plummer, and I thought from Day one that Cutler was a self-centered whiner. But if he could win football games, then he could have whatever attitude he wanted. All I cared (and care) about was that the team I root for wins, or at least has a shot.
    And the fact that you want to take shots at everyone else’s team, while not explaining why you feel so passionate one way or another, raises serious questions about YOUR love-hate like relationship with…well, with everyone….

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