Jenkins, Saints continue impasse

Saints cornerback Malcolm Jenkins already is setting records in the NFL.

But not the kind he had envisioned.

His nine-day holdout already is the longest of the Mickey Loomis era in New Orleans. 

Coach Sean Payton says he has a “sense of urgency” to get the 14th overall pick in the fold, but Payton is treading lightly in his comments so as not to make a bad situation worse.

“I know that both parties are doing a great job of
trying to get this thing done and both parties are extremely
talented at doing this
,” Payton said Thursday, accoridng to the New Orleans Times-Picayune.  “They’ve done it for a long time, Mickey and [Director of Football Administration Khai Harley] and Ben
Dogra and Tom Condon from CAA.  The good news is that we have
experienced guys in the positions of importance as it comes
to negotiations.  I think both sides will do a good

But the reality is that someone isn’t doing a very good job.  The floor and the ceiling for Jenkins have been set, via contracts also negotiated by CAA.  So either the agents are trying to ignore the slot that their other contracts created (doubtful, in our view), or the teams isn’t respecting the ritual of the slotting process.

Regardless, if everyone were doing a “good job,” Jenkins would be in a position by now to do a “good job” on the field.

14 responses to “Jenkins, Saints continue impasse

  1. I love the saints I can’t believe they beat the eagles a few years ago in the playoffs. I will never forget the move Duce Mcallister put on phat ash Jerima Trotter. Loved that game.

  2. crookedsteve…are you referring the same game that Sheldon Brown destroyed Reggie Bush? Reggie hasn’t been the same since…he’s got a ton of talent and no heart! It’s a shame!

  3. I also remember how strong garcia’s arm was hitting all those open recievers way down field. Oh I forgot he couldn’t reach’m LOL

  4. What is the problem with getting this guy signed? Are the Aints just not sure if he deserves safety or corner money, or can they just not do math? Seriously, the Panthers got their two 1st round picks (Jonathan Stewart & Jeff Otah) signed before training camp last year. Maybe Marty Hurney should come down to New Orleans and show their people how to get the job done! This is yet another example of how much the Aints franchise sucks from the front office to the players lol.
    The Carolina Panthers own the NFC South!

  5. loomis is a tool
    panthers have no QB and one 1 DT
    my money is on the falcons in the nfc south

  6. I seem to remember Reggie getting up after that hit and putting one in the endzone later in the game. Yeah, he wasn’t the same. Don’t forget about Deuce trucking Considine that same game.

  7. Sheldon Brown’s hit was overrated. Yeah it left Reggie crawling on the ground for a few seconds trying to catch his breath, but oh yeah, that’s right, he got back up and scored a TD after that. The saints won, and then the next week Reggie had an 88 yard TD catch and run against the bears. He has plenty of heart and talent, he just has injury problems. If he is healthy this year, expect at least 15 total TDs from him. At least.

  8. Panther Pride…Do you really believe the crap that you spew??? Panthers own NFC South…put down the pipe. Panthers will be under .500 this season. I cant wait to come back here and rub your panther nose in your own panther shit!!!

  9. scomibord, what makes you think the Panthers will be under .500 this season? We have basically the same team coming back that went 12-4 last season with the exception of Maake Kemoeatu and Ken Lucas. I know you hate me and the Panthers but that’s no reason to say we are a horrible team. Remember the Panthers won the NFC South last season, not the Falcons even though some people like Soloman Wilcotts thinks they did. The NFC South champions will be either the Panthers or the Falcons because the Buc’s and Aints just can’t compete in this division, the Buc’s are rebuilding and the Aints are just soft. Don’t hate on greatness!

  10. Instead of continual speculative blame on the
    organization –
    I would have thought peacock man knows
    this is about guaranteed money?
    As silly as it is, it’s a two way street.

  11. itwasn’tme says: crookedsteve…are you referring the same game that Sheldon Brown destroyed Reggie Bush? Reggie hasn’t been the same since…he’s got a ton of talent and no heart! It’s a shame!
    Selective memory. That hit occurred in the beginning of the game when the score was 0-0. Bush bounced right back and scored a touchdown in the same game to help the Saints win by 3. In fact, the recap states:
    “He (Bush) scored on an eye-popping 4-yard run in the first half and had an equally scintillating 25-yarder to set up one of John Carney’s two field goals.”
    Hardly sounds like someone that was destroyed. It was a good hit, so I though Bush was done and was actually quite impressed at how he bounced back to contribute to the win. Deuce was definitely the star in that game though.

  12. testing one, two, three:
    Florio’s gone, time for some ¡divertirse!
    Pat White New Orleans Saints
    Robert Ferguson + Marty Booker = CHAMPIONSHIP!
    Andrea McNulty = brave heroine
    Michael Crabtree

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