Mangini's not talking much about Hadnot

Eagles coach Andy Reid was miffed earlier this week because reporters broke their supposed “pact” with the suddenly svelte (relatively speaking) head coach regarding the pursuit of injury info from team officials not named “Reid, Andy.”

Though his anger was, in our view, misplaced, the bottom line is that Reid wasn’t able to keep under wraps the fact that linebacker Stewart Bradley’s ACL had popped like a Thanksgiving wishbone.

In contrast, Browns coach Eric Mangini has been able to keep things quiet regarding the injury suffered Thursday by guard Red Hadnot.

Said Mangini in Friday comments to the media:  “We’re going to keep doing tests on Rex.  There is really no update
at this point.”

As observed by the Orange & Brown Report, it appeared that Hadnot had blown out his knee.  And there’s a good chance that he did, and that Mangini is merely opting for secrecy.

In the preseason, secrecy is permitted.  Once the regular season comes, if Hadnot isn’t otherwise placed on injured reserve, Mangini is required only to point out on the Wednesday before the Week One game at home against Minnesota that Hadnot did not practice, due to a “leg” injury.

7 responses to “Mangini's not talking much about Hadnot

  1. My guess? Philly’s media did their job and got the story. Cleveland’s hacky “journalists” suck at their job and couldn’t write a story unless it was handed to them.

  2. And on a related note…
    “We are going to continue to do tests on Eric Mangina’s man-boobs for the upcoming release of the “Manssiere” from Cosmo Kramer.

  3. Why the hell does it matter?
    Injuries are internal business. And internal business is something that we’re not really gonna discuss.
    I have no problem with that.
    Again, it’s internal business.

  4. Mangini is a Stool Pigeon, a nark, a tattle tale, a snot nose punk.
    In the old days they cut off your tongue for that crap.
    I am the first to hate the Cheatriots but you don’t nark out your former boss.
    Weather you hate him or not.

  5. Loose Lips Sink Ships. It was true then, it is true now.
    Why would anyone give out more information than what is required?
    If you don’t give out what is required but you are not penalized, then why do it?
    Seems to me the less you give out is the smart play. I really don’t get all the hubba hubba on this issue at all.
    The Last Word!

  6. Jesus, SilverandBlack666, why don’t you run your comments through spellcheck before posting them?

  7. Hey SilverandBlack:
    If Tom Cable had information on Atlanta cheating that he got while working for them, do you hope he keeps it quiet while the Raiders play the Falcons? Should he just let them go ahead and break the rules against them now? Get off your high horse. The NFL isn’t the Mafia or the Crips. There’s no sacred code of Omerta in the league. It’s a group of 30-odd teams that are supposed to be playing by the same rules. If my coach knew about something fishy going on with another team, I would damn-well hope he would report it.

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