More leverage for Michael Crabtree

With first-round wideout Michael Crabtree sitting on a couch somewhere not in San Francisco, he has acquired a little more leverage for his contractual position.

Receiver Brandon Jones has a broken shoulder.  And he’ll be out for a while.

“It’s going to be longer than a couple of weeks,” coach Mike Singletary said Friday, in comments circulated by the team.  “It’s more like eight weeks. . . .  We had the X-Ray this morning.  [There’s] a little bit of a fracture there, so it’s going to be longer than we anticipated.  But, we’ll work through it. The receivers that we’ve got here, we’re very confident in our guys here.  They’ll continue to work, and thankfully we’ll get him back after that eight-week period.”

Singletary balked at the notion that Jones’ absence changes the team’s position as to Crabtree, the tenth overall pick in the draft.

“It doesn’t do anything, to be honest,” Singletary said.  “As I said before, this is not a political speech.  It’s the truth.  We’ve got wide receivers that Jerry Sullivan is working his tail off with them.  They’re growing, progressing.  We’re fine for right now.”

But that doesn’t mean the Niners won’t be signing any other receivers to replace Jones, who won’t need surgery.

“At this point, we may or may not bring another receiver in and work him out and see what we have,” Singletary said.  “But, there’s no sense of urgency in terms of doing anything right now, but continuing to work.  As I’ve said before, we feel very good about what we have.  It’s unfortunate that it happened to him, but we’re just going to keep working.”

Jones was signed as a free agent from the Titans.  He was expected to serve as the No. 3 receiver.

He still might, but it won’t happen until October.

[UPDATE:  Oops.  I didn’t realize Rosenthal covered this one while the VW bus was rolling to Canton.  Since there’s some stuff in there that wasn’t previously mentioned, we’ll leave it up.]

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  1. Jerry Porter is still on the market..I’m sure he’d return to the Bay. So is that white-guy who used to play for the Jags but has some criminal problems..apparently he’s legit tho when not suspended.

  2. Even though the 9ers lost a receiver I sincerely hope they do not bend for Crabtree. If they do then they will open up the flood gates for future draftees who feel they should receive top 5 money even though they were picked in the 2nd round. Can you imagine that? A late first rounder arguing that he is a better player than a number 4 pick and should receive number 4 money. Better yet, can you imagine the whole first round not liking each other and sitting out?

  3. If Crapee was a proven veteran holding out for a better deal he might have a little leverage, but he hasn’t even caught his first training camp pass. Some other receiver’s cracked bones won’t help him at this point.

  4. “While this would appear to make signing Crabtree more pressing, the 49ers have better depth at receiver than they have in a long time. Arnaz Battle and Jason Hill have both produced on Sundays and can fill in.
    The shoulder fracture was a bad break for Jones, but it doesn’t look especially meaningful for Crabtree. ”
    greg posted this earlier… maybe you guys should huddle up before calling the plays?

  5. It doesn’t do anything, to be honest,” Singletary said. “As I said before, this is not a political speech. It’s the truth. We’ve got wide receivers that Jerry Sullivan is working his tail off with them. They’re growing, progressing. We’re fine for right now.”
    So…… Hopefully Crabfoot will go back to the NFL draft next year.

  6. Crabtree just making it harder on himself. Think another team will waste a first round pick on someone who sat out a season due to immaturity?
    2nd rounders on dont make much until they prove themselves. Get a frickin rookie salary cap that works already.

  7. Jones’ injury does not help Crabs. Jones will be out 8 weeks, and it will probably take that long for Crabs just to get up to speed. So when Crabs is ready, so will Jones.

  8. Wow… goes to show just how much more Rosenthal understands the situation as well, when he claimed that it will likely not affect the contract negotiations due to the 49ers depth at the position. We were going to cut a good WR before the injury. This absolutely does not make the 49ers need for Crabtree any greater than it was.

  9. In no way does this give him any more leverage than he had. The 49ers are in the better position. With every day that goes by, Crabtree loses more and more ability to make what he wants happen. If the 49ers give in now, they will be a laughingstock. Lets hope they hold strong. There are many proven option still out there. Screw this guy.

  10. 1 week later, Crabtree is still unsigned
    “The Eagles have traded Reggie Brown to the San Francisco 49ers for an undisclosed late round draft pick…”
    if its true, it should happen. if they dont, they should have.

  11. I am not sure if this has been mentioned. Florio, can you look into whether Crabtree would be willing to play in the UFL? If they are willing to give Vick what turns out to be 4 mil over the course of a normal NFL contract, what would they give the 1oth pick in the NFL draft? If he really wants to throw a wrench into the system, he can go play in the UFL and crush it, get paid, and then re-enter the draft after he has shown his skills again quasai-professional caliber talent. If he gets paid as a professional, can he re-enter the draft?

  12. @ duece
    That’s an interesting angle, but I am not too sure he has that option. I have no idea how it works, but it seems to me that when he entered the NFL draft, that he made some sort of commitment to the league.
    Can he even do that at this point?

  13. Yes he can play for the UFL but he is not going to..Eugene Parker has him tied up in a game of chicken and eventually both sides will blink and he will be a part of my beloved 49ers..what isn’t sure is which part..this kid seems to be making all the wrong choices and the “diva” label gaining relevancy with each passing day..personally I think Oher would have been a better fit for our philosophy on offense but the GM made the bed so now it’s time for him to get Crabs

  14. he cant play any football anywhere unless it is with the 49ers… they own his rights until next years draft

  15. That doesn’t sound right, TB
    They own his rights vs any other NFL team but they don’t own him, he hasn’t signed a contract.

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