Moreno agrees to terms

Broncos running back Knowshon Moreno, after 24 hours of being reportedly close to a deal, finally has agreed to terms.

The news comes from the Denver Post.

Moreno was the twelfth overall pick in the draft, and he was one of eight first-rounder picks who had not yet agreed to terms.

His deal, likely a five-year contract, sets the floor for Bills defensive end Aaron Maybin, the No. 11 selection. 

Maybin has held out longer than any rookie this year; the Bills opened camp 13 days ago.

16 responses to “Moreno agrees to terms

  1. It’s not like the Broncos have signed 3 RB’s this offseason plus spent a 1st round pick on one…..what morons…the team will go to crap without Shanahan

  2. Hopefully Maybin will sign his deal soon so Raji can sign his. Would be nice to get this done and get him to work.

  3. I know..I know..I Know…everybody knows you should never have too many good running backs. Its like you can’t blow dry your hair; it being wet and all and what with the electricity and stuff.

  4. Yeah, Giorgio, 8-8 was awesome, especially choking the final three games away! Why would you can a guy who was able to replicate that consistently for the last three years? And with stallions like Tatum Bell, Selvin Young, and Andre Hall at running back, why would they draft a complete loser like Moreno?

  5. running backs don’t “really” need training camp anyway. Running is running. know the play.. and learn how to pass block. thats it.

  6. people who criticize the Broncos for aquiring a stable of RB’s didn’t see the games last year. Even when they were healthy most of the RB’s sucked. Competition is always good, and I don’t think the Broncos are carrying more RB’s than other teams.

  7. GiorgioMustica:
    You’re a d-bag. The Broncos lost seven (7), that would be more than six (6) running backs last year. If any team understands you need running backs, its them.
    Shanahan’s arrogance caught up with him. It was said anyone could be a Broncos running back and get 1000 yds. Last year proved it wasn’t true.

  8. Knowshon Moreno will be a star in the league, for sure.
    He’s quick. He has strong athletic ability, football intelligence, and genuinely have fun playing the game. And he plays the game the right way: He always pops up after each play, and he hands the ball to the referree after touchdowns.
    The bottom line is this: Like Terrell Davis? Moreno was better in college than TD.

  9. Yes, the RB’s from last year did not produce….I get that….but why sign Buckhalter, Lamont Jordan and Darius Walker, and still have a capable RB of Peyton Hillis (a 7th rd from last yr) and Ryan Torain (a 5th rd from last yr)…I could see getting a RB in a later round this year, I guess, but why a #1 pick? Do they not realize they have no QB/Defense???

  10. Bears will trade you 2 Moreno’s, a 5foot7 CB, and a Robert Ayers for Jay Cutler…but you have to also throw in a first and a third round draft pick.
    Steep price I know but 26 year old pro bowl QBs with a CANNON for an arm don’t grow on trees you know!
    I am still mad you made the Bears better.

  11. True, QBs with CANNONS don’t grow on trees. But the trick is to dump the toxic ones quickly while you can get some desperate GM to pay too much for the second coming of Jeff George…

  12. Giorgio,
    Sorry, a little heated.
    If the Broncos didn’t draft a great skill guy, then Knowshon would be a Charger right now.
    The Broncos were at their best when they featured Terrell Davis. McDaniels says “Everyone has a role in the offense.” With Knowshon, he can play any role, which makes them much more dangerous.
    I think once they get their act together, you will see alot of Hillis/Moreno in the backfield, and that should work VERY well.

  13. knowshon is from my part of jersey. his family & my family are friends, he is a good kid, I knew he would be in the nfl long ago when he played high school ball, he is the real deal, I hope he shreds the nfc east this year (all but 1 team that is), I will see you broncos on nov 15, besides that day I will always root for the kid raised in monmouth county

  14. For the record, McDaniels said the team didn’t like the defensive players that were available with the #12 pick. So he drafted a very talented rb. That’s why he gets paid to coach a football team. And Hillis is now our fb, although he’ll no doubt get in the rotation at rb on some downs. As for Torain, the early reviews on the guy are great, and he had a great first half of the Cleveland game, before he too got injured. I think Buckhalter was brought in for his ability to catch and his veteran experience. But he’s had a history of injuries too. Jordan, I don’t know why. But I was upset when we got Moreno first, until I looked at his stuff on youtube (I’m not a college fb guy, sorry). Bottom line is we are headed in the right direction. Shanahan couldn’t say the same.

  15. Magsdad
    Wouldn’t you rather have a QB or a good defensive player and let Buckhalter, who played solid last year in the place of Westbrook, step in and start? If he falters, oh well, you have Jordan, Hillis, Torain, and Walker step in….unless you’re planning on running the ball every play, I see no need in acquiring a 1st rd RB when there are much deeper holes to fill…

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