Source: Hadnot has torn ACL

The official word is that they’re “going to keep doing tests” on the knee of guard Rex Hadnot.

The truth is that they don’t need to.

Per a league source, Hadnot has a torn ACL.

He most likely will be placed in injured reserve and miss the entire season.

Then again, one of the men who’ll don a mustard suit coat on Saturday once tore up his knee in Week One, and he played in the Super Bowl.

Since the Browns won’t have to worry about playing in the Super Bowl this year, they should just put him on IR and be done with it.

14 responses to “Source: Hadnot has torn ACL

  1. Why add the “source:” in the title. you use a league source in every post you make. Not saying the source is not legit….. Just pointing out the inconsistency.

  2. Sorry Florio, come out or your mom’s basement and recall the days that we used to throw your steelers qbs qround like lawn darts. Not the Browns that Modell hijacked to Baltimore!

  3. Not suprised your musturd wearing player came back from injury. Aren’t most of the steelers dead from the 70’s. The Steroidcurtain, meet the HGHcurtain. Or, your team doctor did not get busted at the airport with $10,000 worth of HGH….

  4. 42
    Right on, brother! SteroidCurtain. Henry Shepard kicked Lambet’s ass anyway! Damn sissy that toothless hillbilly was.

  5. Brown’s fans have to be delusional to be offended by Florio’s comment that they won’t be going to the Super Bowl this year. Heck, they should be dancing in the streets in Cleveland if they can go 8 and 8. The Ohio teams, Bengals included, have to be considered the weak sisters of the AFC North until they prove otherwise.

  6. “Since the Browns won’t have to worry about playing in the Super Bowl this year, they should just put him on IR and be done with it.”
    Regardless if the browns make the superbowl or not thats a real low blow. Every year who knows and there is always a suprise team just like the dolphins last year. New management with decent but not superstars. So whats to say it couldnt happen with the browns? Im sure ill see people on here keep trash talking my comment and the browns but i personally havent read anything like this about any other team that had one injured player.

  7. If he gets over his personal issues and the Buccaneers decide that he doesn’t fit their line system, I would love to see the Browns go after Arron Sears.

  8. I heard torn MCL from “Another source”… dunno which to believe.
    But yeah, if the Browns go 8-8, I will in fact be dancing in the streets. So far I have enjoyed what I have seen in camp.

  9. Hey Florio – nice source you got there.
    And your last line – shockingly original.
    You know, I loved this website so much more when your love for the Steelers and abject hatred of Mangini was clever and witty…

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