Titans quarterback battle starts Sunday night

PFT’s fearless leader is in Canton, Ohio this weekend to take in the Hall of Fame festivities, and press some NBC flesh.

There will even be a game Sunday night between the Bills and Titans, and the Tennessee quarterback situation will be the most compelling storyline to monitor.

Jeff Fisher announced his rough plan for game: Kerry Collins will play a few series, and Vince Young will take over after that into the third quarter.

Tulane graduate Patrick Ramsey will go next, and Chris Mortensen’s son Alex could get a few snaps a short distance away from his proud papa’s bus.

It’s a key preseason for Young to stabilize his status with the team and within the league.  If he falters, there are many in Tennessee that believe Ramsey could pass Young on the depth chart.   (NFL Network’s Jason LaCanfora said something similar Friday.)

It’s not exactly the Super Bowl, but it’s not bad for the second Sunday in August.  It’s a football game again, finally.

Perhaps most importantly, the contest means the start of games every weekend, until we know the matchup for Super Bowl XLIV.

12 responses to “Titans quarterback battle starts Sunday night

  1. Young looks much, much better than Ramsey in training camp thus far. No way will Ramsey pass him on the depth chart.

  2. How fitting that Vince Young is playing in the Hall of Fame game after his announcement earlier this week! Must be foreshadowing from the football gods.

  3. …and since the Pro Bowl is the week before the Super Bowl this year, it’s football every week until the Super Bowl this year!

  4. yeh i agree with you crazylegs..i actually have been to all but 3 or 4 days and i actually think vy has practiced better than kc for most of camp. not to take away from kc bc you sound like youve been to some camps this yr so you were prolly there thursday. and remeber that 12 or so post kc threw to washington between defenders that washington took for the td was a bute

  5. Personally I think they made a mistake telling Vince to gain the weight when he came to the NFL. His natural weight is 220, not 235, or 240, they really screwed with him there. Man, they should just give him the rock, I hate his style, but it effing works for him and whoever team he plays for. It took Mack Brown two years to realize it, but just let Vince be Vince, and you’re gonna look smart.
    Just let the man be himself. That’s why you drafted him.

  6. I like you subordination Rosenthal. You know your place. I’ve got an offer you can’t refuse. Come work for me. $8.50/hour, 25 cent raise after three months. 25 cents every six months thereafter. I know, that’s a HUGE upgrade from your current situation, and I never pay that much, but I think that’s what it takes to get you away from this place. 70 hours per week, no OT.
    You have 24 hours to respond. Then the offer is rescinded and going to my second choice, some guy name Curran who was on the Jim Rome Show today. Good kid, may be going places.

  7. I wonder if Vince Young has another shirtless man party lined up for after the game

  8. I tend to lend little strength to whatever Jason La Canfora says since he doesn’t seem to have deep sources inside organizations but merely relies on the fact he works for the actual league which feeds him stuff from the front office to make him look connected.
    Then he also reports whatever the teams feed him without any real filter. So I’m sure someone in the Titans organization wanted this opinion out there and just gave to La Canfora as a “scoop”. He’s not so much an NFL Insider as an inside tool for the company.
    A lot have people have been led to tears in the NFL by betting on Patrick Ramsey. I doubt he will honestly end up ahead of Vince Young unless it’s due to office politics. And I’m not really a Vince Young supporter at all. I consider him to be selfish, spoiled and kind of weak as a person; but I still think he gives a team a better chance to win than Patrick Ramsey.

  9. StartTavaris is “pullin for VY.”
    …and in related news, blogger VinnyPasta announces his intention to support the Italian Stallion- in the event that they make another Rocky movie.

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