Tyson Jackson to get $31 million guaranteed

Chiefs defensive end Tyson Jackson is on his way to training camp, and he’ll be a very rich man when he arrives.

Nick Wright of KCSP radio in Kansas City has alerted PFT that Jackson’s deal is for five years and $57 million, with $31 million guaranteed.  Jackson was the third overall pick in April’s draft. 

Agents of other rookie holdouts, especially Seahawks linebacker Aaron Curry, will be examining all the particulars of Jackson’s deal closely.

If the figures hold up, Jackson will receive only $2 million less in guarantees than number two pick, Rams T Jason Smith.  

Last year’s third pick, Matt Ryan, received $34.75 million guaranteed on a $66 million contract, receiving the usual quarterback premium.

It’s not a huge surprise Jackson missed so much of training camp.  The third overall pick has been a difficult spot in rookie negotiations dating back to Larry Fitzgerald, Braylon Edwards, and Vince Young.

It’s unclear when Jackson will begin practicing, but Wright reports that Jackson began his journey to training camp early Friday morning.

17 responses to “Tyson Jackson to get $31 million guaranteed

  1. This is wrong! Soren Petro of 810/WHB in Kansas City is reporting live from River Falls, WI nad is reporting no deal has been reached as of 10:30AM today.
    Nick Right is WRONG!

  2. Did you mean 57 over 6 years? Because if its over 5 years, then he’s making more money yearly than Matt Ryan (assuming Ryan got a 6 year contract)

  3. Please NFL set a rookie pay scale, this is ridiculous! Better hope he’s not too fat to practice.

  4. Following that logic, the Diva Crabtree should be offered and willing to accept around 17 Million guaranteed. What an idiot if he sits out when he is at least going to get double digit guarantees. Maybe these kids should finish college in order to get smart on the match before they enter the draft. My first job out of college on paid $40k with no guarantees. What a joke, come on rookies salary cap is all I can say.

  5. crookedsteve: Most players playing for the Eagles are simply excited that they dont have to play for the Cowboys, so they sign anything.

  6. The Eagles … like the Patriots… have always been very fiscally responsible. They call players bluffs, and are not afraid to let them walk. They’re also one of the best ‘across the board’ coached teams, so they consistently get solid mileage out of borderline talent. Samuel aside of course… I can’t quite figure that one out.

  7. Kudos to the Chiefs for having the COJONES to make this pick at #3.
    Jackson will fit that defense to a ‘T’
    At this point, we can’t doubt Pioli’s pick. If Jackson turns out to be another Richard Seymour…the Chiefs made out like bandits.
    Then again hopefully he’s not another Jon Harris (1997 First rounder). I even know Eagles fans who don’t remember that guy.

  8. simonb says:
    August 7, 2009 1:36 PM
    lol. In madden reggie bush is good

  9. Yeah Crabtree is a moron. Every other word out of his mouth is man. He gets whats coming to him. A lenghty holdout, low playing time, time in Singletary’s dog house. I mean is this guy crazy? He made Vernon Davis cry!!!!

  10. PFT is my go to source, but kcstar.com is not reporting this yet.
    Soooo that’s about 60 mill guaranteed for the last two DL draft picks. i know all teams have this problem [well, all teams that pick in the top ten two years or more in a row] but that’s kind of depressing/maddening.

  11. Agents of other rookie holdouts, especially Seahawks linebacker Aaron Curry, will be examining all the particulars of Jackson’s deal closely.
    Curry…. SIGN YOUR DEAL!!

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