Vernon Davis: Crabtree should "take what he can get"

Mike Singletary said Thursday that he “loved Vernon Davis.” 

Michael Crabtree might not feel the same after hearing Davis’ comments to ESPN’s Colleen Dominguez Friday.

“[Crabtree] needs to get his butt here and help this team out,” Davis said.  “He has a chance to be a big-time player.  He should take what he can get, and get here.”

In one sense, Davis’ comments aren’t shocking.  He’s hardly a wallflower.

On the other hand, Davis is breaking one of the usual commandments of the NFL player’s code: Thou shalt not stick thy nose into thy neighbor’s contract situation.

Davis was also selected in the top ten by the 49ers, so he can identify with Crabtree.  But Davis signed his contract just in time to make his first NFL practice.  So he’s walked the walk.

Davis’ propensity to also talk the talk is one reason why we agree with Singletary’s stance on the kid.  He always keeps it interesting.

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  1. HOFer Vernon Davis offering advice to HOFer Crabtree, so HOFer Alex Smith (uh, we’ve seen this movie for 3 straight years) can over and underthrow both of them. Man, that’s rich.
    The Bust-fest in SF continues. It’s what happens when a team’s management sucks beyond sucking.
    York I, York II, Marathe, McCloughan, Singletary, Raye = Absolutely Nobody Qualified To Be Doing What They’re Doing.

  2. @DeVoodo, that’s better than waiting until next year to fall out of the first round because nobody wants to deal with his prima donna BS. Then (by your theory) he can become a 2nd round bust, esp. after not having caught a pass in a real game in 2 years. Nice.
    Vernon Davis is completely right.
    If Crabtree is smart enough, he’ll get the money he can, bust his ass for a few years, then get the ridiculous contract he really wants. Because honestly, the few million dollars he’s crying about now will pale in comparison to the many more millions of dollars which big-time players will be getting in a few years. If he holds out, all that means to me is he doesn’t think he can make it to another big payday.

  3. A bust? How can the guy a writer at SI dubbed, ” a sure-handed, slow-footed J.J. Stokes impersonator” be a bust?
    Wait, I think I just answered my own question.

  4. Whatever the public opinion of Davis is, he is right. It is not just an issue of organization vs. player, it is also an issue of team. Davis knows that Crabbypants in camp makes the 9ers a better squad. As a football team, how can they not take it personal that their collective futures for this season are tied into this increasingly evident POS? Davis may be on the cusp of becoming a bust, but his stance is certainly understandable. I don’t see any code being broken when it comes to an unproven rookie that can’t wrap his mind around the fact that college didn’t prove sh!t at the NFL level.

  5. I wouldn’t call Vernon a bust yet. He needs a little more time and some more “well rounded” talent around him. Call him what you want after this year…. Just my .02

  6. Why do reporters even talk to vernon davis?
    I mean seriously, even if crabtree re-enters the draft, he’s helped the 49ers more than davis’ bum arse

  7. Vernon is right. Let’s just say it like it is, there are plenty of people in that lockeroom that are busting their a.. in training camp and preparing for a season. Crabtree’s cousin stated that Crabtree is prepared to sit out the season and re-enter the draft next season. Regardless of if the rumors are true or not, if I was a player on the 49ers, I would say whatever it took to get that guy in the game. Crabtree could be good and I am sure Vernon wants him for the betterment of the team.
    In all honesty, it’s very hard to feel bad for someone who will make millions of dollars before playing a second in the league. In fact, hopefully the NFL wakes up, realizes this problem, and puts a cap on rookie wages. My example: 2 year contracts. Once those are up, the player can A. Re-Sign, B. Get Traded, or C. Become a free agent. Yes that could cause some rookies to leave their team after those two years, but it would also stop all these people from abusing the system. Plus if a player earns their salary, they can get paid what they deserve.

  8. “Thou shalt not stick one’s nose into thy neighbor’s contract situation.”
    Crabtree is not Davis’ “neighbor”. Crabtree not only has never played a down in the NFL, he is not under contract with an NFL team……..and that makes him open season. Vernon Davis is 100% dead-on in saying this and anybody that would slag him for it is a complete idiot.

  9. “Get your butt to camp now” And when you do give a half ass effort running your routes like me. sincerely, Vernon(BUST)Davis

  10. I’ve always considered the NFL to be an extraordinarily well-run league, so how in the hell did the NBA end up with a rookie wage scale while the NFL slogs around throwing $30 million signing bonuses at untested rookies every year?
    Weird beyond belief that veteran NFL players aided and abetted this system of massive rookie bonuses at their OWN EXPENSE (the rest of that money would no doubt go to veterans). Gene Upshaw must have been getting money under the table from agents or sumpthin’.

  11. Whereas, touchdowntrabo, you’re a flipping rocket scientist. What a scintillating and thought-provoking comment. Absolute scrubsville. LOL.
    Since your vocabulary consists of the grand total of three words, I can only infer that you’re referring to my slam on Niners management. Well, seven straight losing seasons coming off a meticulously constructed Bill Walsh/John McVay/Carmen Policy dynasty pretty much says it all about the current regime.
    Take one of the best franchises in all of sport, sprinkle in a dose of John York, run completely into ground.
    There’s your idiot.

  12. He is from a system of great college receivers that all, well some, ….ok ONE, is a great NFL receiver. WWelker.
    The Yorks are the best thing to happen to NFL football in Los Angeles in 15 years. If I’m a niner fan I hear “tic tic tic tic” in the background, counting down to the day the proposal from LA comes forward.

  13. Vernon Davis is a great person to take advice from.
    Why Not take advice from Patrick Willis…

  14. Of course Davis signed quickly, he knew he was a workout warrior and couldn’t believe he got drafted that high.

  15. If Crabtree sits out this year the Raiders ( also know as the Patriots little bitch farm team) will be first in line to draft him, where he will do the same thing as Randy Moss so he can then move on to a real NFL team.

  16. All you one liners are talking out of your asses and the screws are loose up there.
    As for Crabtree, great if he signs and whatever if he doesn’t, we save primadonna cash and we can sign a big name in the offseason and hopefully next draft there’s gonna be a rookie cap. So all you guys probably raiders fans cause your hating that we got Crabtree and eagerly waiting crabtree headlines. Focus on your teams, if your not the patriots, your team has issues too!
    And Davis can at anytime breakout into a top 7 TE cause he can block with the best of them and his abilities are off the chart. You tell me another nonblocking TE that can block aswell as Davis top 3 in that category. It’s just was the wrong system except for Turner’s, which the offense did something.
    Watch for the Niners to at least win or contend for the Wild Card.

  17. LOL Nice 2 c every1 labeling Davis as a bust, but bust or not he’s got a point. Crabtree is just proving that he shouldnt be paid like a top 5 pick and is making Al Davis look like a genius by not passing him up 4 old whats his face instead of supposedly the best receiver in the draft. Willis is playing wit a crappy contract and he’s the best linebacker in the NFL. Just sign and get in camp b4 u completely turn yoself into a douche

  18. @John- Oakland drafted before you. Between them and you, they had first shot at Crabtree and opted to skip him. So far it looks like it was the smarter move.
    Just sayin.

  19. Notciably F.A.T. says:
    August 7, 2009 9:04 PM
    LOL Nice 2 c every1 labeling Davis as a bust, but bust or not he’s got a point. Crabtree is just proving that he shouldnt be paid like a top 5 pick and is making Al Davis look like a genius by not passing him up 4 old whats his face instead of supposedly the best receiver in the draft. Willis is playing wit a crappy contract and he’s the best linebacker in the NFL. Just sign and get in camp b4 u completely turn yoself into a douche
    You should re-think the way you type before you start calling people a douche. Using “text chat” to type your blog messages makes you look like an idiot. And a douche.

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