Collusion claim surfaces in Vick case

It took 12 days, but it finally has happened.

The “C” word officially has made an appearance regarding the ongoing unemployment of quarterback Mike Vick.

The accusation comes from William C. Rhoden of the New York Times, who with the aid of the Reverend Jesse Jackson attempts to conjure a case for a claim of collusion.

I want to make it an issue,” Jackson told Rhoden, leaving us to wonder whether Rhoden raised the issue with Jackson or vice-versa.  “I want teams to explain why they have a quarterback who has
less skills but is playing or at least is on the taxi squad, and a guy
with more skills can’t get into training camp.”

Jackson supports his position by explaining, “Democracy does not guarantee success.  Democracy
guarantees an opportunity.  It’s not fair to de facto try to lock him
out of his right to compete.  If he can’t make the team, don’t let him
play.  If he can, let him work.”

But, you see, Vick had an opportunity.  And he squandered it by getting involved in a lifestyle of fighting dogs against each other and betting on dog fights and killing dogs in all sorts of barbaric ways.  So if NFL teams are a little reluctant to embrace him immediately after his release from federal custody, we’re not going to assume that it’s the result of an express or implied agreement among the owners to freeze him out.

And if there were such a deal, the man who works for all of the owners — Commissioner Roger Goodell — didn’t get the memo before reinstating Vick only a week after his electronic ankle bracelet was removed.  Goodell easily could have suspended Vick for a year or longer based on his deeds and his lies about them, notwithstanding the possibility of a revolt led by players like Terrell Owens.

The problem here is that neither Rhoden nor Jackson are considering the business realities that the 32 businesses that make up the NFL are facing.  As we’ve previously explained, the timing of Vick’s release from federal custody and the unexpectedly speedy reinstatement by the league office makes it difficult for any of these 32 businesses to engage in a proper cost-benefit analysis regarding whether Vick should be given a job, given that these businesses otherwise have been trying to sign rookie draft picks and otherwise prepare for training camp.

In a bad economy, the costs of giving a second chance to a guy who refused to do the same for multiple dogs deemed unfit to fight other dogs could be significant.  It’s simply too hard to predict on the fly whether ticket sales and merchandise sales and television ratings for the team that signs Vick will drop and, if so, by how much.   

Then there’s the question of gauging Vick’s abilities after more than 30 months away from the game.  Though we think he can still play at a high level, we’d never sign him to a contract without confirming it with our own eyes.  But with training camps going on, there’s only one way to kick his tires — by flying him in.  And as the Patriots and Steelers learned eight days ago, even a whiff of a Vick sighting in an NFL city will create a firestorm of rumor and speculation.

The problem is that no one wants to be linked to Vick before, and thus suffer the potential consequences, without knowing that Vick can actually help the team.

Rhoden also compares Vick to Jackie Robinson, undeterred by Rhoden’s own acknowledgment that to do so borders on blasphemy.  In Robinson’s case, baseball owners showed courage because the inherently discriminatory approach to staffing major league baseball teams was wrong.  In Vick’s case, is it wrong for the owners of these 32 businesses to be cautious about giving a job to someone who might cause the business that does so to lose money because of it, without knowing what will be gained?

So we think it’s way too early to suggest that NFL owners are colluding to keep Vick out.  And we wonder whether Vick or his agent think it’s helpful for anyone to pressure the NFL’s franchises into giving Vick a job before one of these businesses is ready to do so. 

We’re not so sure that it is.

That said, there’s a reason that the Patriots signed Andrew Walter instead of Mike Vick.  But given the realities of modern business and the inherent fact that these specific businesses rely heavily on their image and relationship with the public, we don’t fault any team for not pouncing on Vick only 12 days after he was given the green light to return to the NFL.

Maybe, at some point, it will be fair to suggest that collusion is occurring.  For now, however, we think the owners merely are being prudent.

93 responses to “Collusion claim surfaces in Vick case

  1. Here he comes, Jesse Jackson. Look out, because you know he’s about to pull out his race card.

  2. Jesse Jackson once again says something insane because his publicity-o-meter is pegged at ZERO. The NFL is an absolute employment-at-will organization on the field and to claim collusion is just more fodder from the leftist M.O. that when you can’t get what you think you somehow deserve, you claim you have been willfully held back by society for imaginary reasons. Character is the issue here and the NFL teams who have turned up their nose have every right to do so. Mike Vick is a CONVICTED FELON, not to mention morally (and financially) bankrupt.

  3. Matt Jones has ability too. He’s not in training camp either. You campaigning for him Jackson?
    Teams are tired of these high risk headaches.

  4. It may actually be that they don’t want the face of their team to be a man who’s been in federal prison for 2 years and hasn’t played football for nearly 3 years and think they’re fine without him.
    Jesse Jackson needs to keep his dumb mouth out of other people’s business. This guy has been annoying for 20 years.

  5. I agree with Jessie.
    When a 30 year old QB who couldn’t read a defense or throw an accurate pass before a two-year prison stint can’t get a job playing Football at it’s highest level, something is wrong with the world!

  6. Collusion? Just because a guy applies for a job doesn’t mean that an employer has to give it to him. I’m sure the high end businesses of the world would “freeze” a guy like him out too. Who in their right mind wants to take the risk of losing fans, sponsorships, and credibility by signing this guy.
    Collusion, give me a break. Jesse Jackson (like Al Sharpton) is always trying to just stick his neck out and put his nose where it doesn’t belong so he can get more face time. If I was an owner, I wouldn’t want Vick on my team. He is a PR nightmare, hasn’t played football in two years so who knows what he looks like on the field at this point, and wasn’t even that great of a quarterback when he was in the league in my opinion (good weapon/rusher yes…good QB no).

  7. Rhoden and Jackson should be ashamed of themselves. This is embarrassment to African Americans and disgusting manipulation of the media. To use collusion and insinuate that Vick is not being treated fairly, assuredly with an underlying tone of race, is spitting in the faces of those who truly are not giving a chance based on their race or economic background. Vick is damaged goods, and any team who wants to sign him will have to endure and unbalanced amount of negative press, possibly even to a point where the teams sponsors are boycotted. JJ and Rhoden owe the American public and all the NFL teams an apology simply for bringing the subject up. Vick methodically totured puppies, made them chew each other apart for sport, he is not a innocent black man who cant get a tryout.

  8. Race pimps.
    I had to quit watching “Sports Reporters” back in the mid nineties when Rhoden and others of his ilk turned it into the “racism reporters”.

  9. Jackson supports his position by explaining, “Democracy does not guarantee success. Democracy guarantees an opportunity. ”
    What does our structure for choosing government officials (actually a republic, not a democracy) have to do with economic opportunity? Perhaps he meant capitalism. Not quite the same. I guess it’d be a bit much to expect a Democrat to suggest capitalism has benefits at times. And it might be a bit much to expect a former Presidential candidate to understand the difference between political structure and economic structure. After all, there are virtually the same any more.

  10. I know it’s a “touchy” subject that few people want to address but I think Florio did a pretty good job here. Unfortunately, people like Al Sharpton, Jesse Jackson etc. remain in the spotlight becuz while they’re busy kissin’ ass with whites, they stay in the media cuz they are always stoking the fire with their own race. They have one mission in life and that is to keep tellin’ blacks that racial discrimination is the cause of ALL their problems. The race card is their ONLY card. I highly doubt that ANYONE released from prison (CEO’s, CFO’s, etc.) would be welcomed back to the same position they once held and for the exact reasons that Florio stated. Is it collusion or race becuz some low life gets released from prison and can’t get a job at McDonalds? I don’t think so, it is becuz of the fact that the person is a FELON and that carries severe consequences with it for a future employer. It is like Jesse jackson etc. expect Vicks crimes to be expounged from his record just cuz he “did his time”. Blacks would be so much better served if they realized people like Sharpton, Jackson etc. are really Uncle Tom’s and only sound otherwise in the media. Florio hit the nail right on the head when he stated that if this was about collusion etc. it would’ve been a whole lot easier for the NFL owners to tell their Commissioner to ban Vick for a year or so. People like Jesse Jackson piss me off becuz of how they treat blacks, just wish blacks would realize that.

  11. Seriously? There are a combination of factors why Vick doesn’t have a job – it comes down to no team wanting to put up with a PR nightmare for a guy who is going to be second string, at best. And this jackass wants to call it collusion? If schools wouldn’t hire a sexual predator who had won teacher of the year, would that also be collusion?

  12. OH GAWD. If the Joker Jesse Jackson is involved it will only be a matter of minutes before it’s turned into a racist issue. I wish he’d fall off the face of the planet. This loser sticks his nose in anything that will get his face on TV. He’s the worst of all the opportunists: one that acts under the guise of trying to make things right.
    Here’s a question for you…is Vick employed right now? Is he still working construction or was that just a convenient tool to help him get reinstated? If he’s not employed, he shouldn’t even get a chance in the NFL because he has a TON OF DEBT that isn’t getting paid, and it isn’t because of collusion. I’ve always been for Vick’s reinstatement, but that’s it. You can’t force teams to give him a shot, regardless of talent. Today’s NFL, because of Goodell, is about more than talent…it’s about character. Maybe Vick doesn’t have enough character to be granted an opportunity.
    Mark my words, it will be a very short time before that other joker Sharpton gets involved (they’re like separated siamese twins) and they start throwing the race card around.

  13. Funny I just posted this comment to the earlier Vick article, and then this one pops up. Here it is again.
    Here’s my take.
    1. There are still questions about Vick’s attitude.
    2. There are still questions about Vick’s ability and conditioning 2 years out of football.
    3. Maybe up to half the league would be interested in having Vick line up wildcat, but nobody thinks of him as a fulltime QB anywhere. Can you blame them?
    4. Vick will bring much more scrutiny to the head coach.
    5. The head coach will have to deal with the Vick circus and this is a huge distraction.
    6. Due to the timing of the reinstatement no coach, except for maybe Parcells, who’s different that way, will have included Vick in their pre-season planning. So now it’s too late to make a radical change.
    7. Taking Vick will look like an act of desperation by the coach/GM if you’re not one of the elite teams. Should you take him and you fail, and the rest of the football world doesn’t have evidence to support this as a wise decision, you will have done irreparable harm to your reputation. The (spineless, follow-the-herd) critics will say you haven’t done your required diligence and use it as after the fact evidence of your incompetence.
    The UFL is really his only option if he wants to be a fulltime QB again. He needs to provide optics to the sheep types that he’s still got skill or they won’t touch him. All the non-sheep lead by example coaches/GMs already have their QB, Parcells excepted.
    Also, Jesse Jackson should shut the hell up. I’m not sure why he can’t see his grandstanding theatrics as being harmful to blacks everywhere.

  14. I predict 10 pgs. of responses to this one. Way to go, Mr. Florio.
    Vick is a thug. Jackson is a meddling moron. The market has spoken.
    Let the hits commence.

  15. Comparing Vick’s situation to Jackie Robinson’s is ludicrous. Was Jackie Robinson convicted and imprisoned for committing a felony? Did Jackie Robinson engage in grotesque and sub human behavior?
    To make this about race is complete and total nonsense. It has nothing to do with race and everything to do with Vick’s actions.

  16. Oh, my bad, there is one guy who could take Vick now. McDaniels. If he’s the QB grooming machine he’s supposed to be he should be able to turn Vick into a system guy. It’s not like the Broncos have anyone else who’s proven.

  17. Jesse Jackson is, and always has been, nothing more than a race-baiting ambulance chaser. As much as I believe Vick has paid his debt and should get an opportunity at some point, it doesn’t “gauruntee” him a shot with an NFL team. The world would be a better place without guys like Sharpton and Jackson sticking their noses into everybody else’s business and pouring gasoline on the fire.

  18. what a joke. last I checked, Vick was a convicted felon who hasn’t played football in like 3 years and was pretty average at his peak. Not to mention he’s the world’s most hated player. Yes, more hated than O.J. and T.O. Collusion isn’t necessary for Vick to be unemployed, he’s just not worth bothering with.

  19. “Jackson [isn’t] considering the business realities that the 32 businesses that make up the NFL are facing.”
    Yeah, that’s not really Jesse Jackson’s specialty. He’s more of a race hustling bully, pressuring people into making huge money donations to his Rainbow Coalition foundation, not paying taxes on said donations, and condemning anyone who questions his holiness about the scam as a racist.
    I guess his point is that it’s about time a black man gets the chance to play in the NFL…?!

  20. The problem is that Vick doesn’t fit into anyone’s offense. He needs something tailored to his abilities and right now nobody has that.

  21. Vick was, is and always will be a piece of sh*t. I hope he has played his last down in the NFL.
    I’m always amazed at how everyone is all over this guy like he is something special. Before all this happened he was a subpar QB, and I seriously doubt being a few years older and spending the last two years in PRISON has made him any better.
    A very small part of me kinda wishes that someone would bring him into camp so everyone could see just how much is “skills” have eroded, that and the hope that someone who doesn’t think he belongs there could lay him out

  22. This could have been predicted. Jackson once stood for something, but he turned his politics of grievance into the politics of extortion. Look at his track record in recent years. He’s either looking for a payday for one of his organizations or to reassert himself as a community leader, or both.

  23. I know you have to fill space, Florio, but you don’t really think Jesse Jackson knows (or cares) about the economic rights of private businesses, do you?
    Despite what the ailing NYT may think, Jackson is no longer relevant. He’s just a bitter old relic, grasping at old grievances and snarling at anyone (like the president) who tries to move past them.

  24. Why would you even suggest that there is collusion? It simply they don’t want a tied on the team. It is a PR nightmare to begin with, then the question of whether he is still any good, and what he would act like in the locker room. It could divide a team and you know he doesn’t want to be a backup to anybody. For as many are supporting him, like the well-balanced T.O., I am sure there are dozens who don’t want around.

  25. The mind of Jesse Jackson:
    “I was in the spotlight for a while when Michael Jackson died, but then Bill Clinton had to go and save those journalists in North Korea. What will get me back in the news? Michael Vick hasn’t been signed, yet? Forget the fact that he hasn’t played football in two years and has been in Federal ‘pound me in the the ass’ prison for almost two years. He’s black, popular, I want to be on the news networks.”
    Even as one of the people who thought that Mike Vick should have been let back in the league, I’m reasonable. The guy has been out of the league for two years, and teams are not obligated to sign the guy. Edgerrin James isn’t even on a team yet and I know some teams could use his services (depending on how much he is asking for). While I would love to be under the impression that Mike Vick was in a time vacuum for the past two years and his skills are exactly what they were (athletically, and the guy was a game changer no matter how poor his passing numbers were, he was effective at what he did and won games), I live on earth.
    Jesse Jackson is just proving again that while he may do some good on occasion, he’s an ambulance/headline chaser. By attaching his name to Mike Vick, he’s only hurting Vick’s chances of signing with a team. But he may also deflect some of the hatred for Mike Vick because a lot of people (me being one of them) are just annoyed by the mere sight of the guy.
    That being said, if Drew Henson and Chad Hutchinson could get contracts, I’m sure that Mike Vick will eventually gain employment with some team. Wait, they both signed with the Cowboys? Uhhhh, what was Jerry Jones thinking? Well, I guess there’s some hope for Vick because he was substantially better than those guys, but the sure thing, the Cowboys, are out of the picture for now. Until Tony Romo pulls his usual antics.

  26. Don’t private businesses — such as NFL teams — have the right to NOT hire convicted ex-felons?
    And did he really compare Vick to Jackie Robinson??? That doesn’t border on blasphemy. That guy should be ashamed, and I hope every other media outlet rips him to pieces for that…

  27. Aren’t businesses allowed to deny employment to a federally convicted felon? Last I checked, that was their right. That’s what it comes down to here. Why should they be forced to employ a felon? Especially one that would create a PR nightmare, when PR is a huge part of professional sports entertainment business.

  28. You make it sound as if this were all about Vick when it’s really all about Jackson’s need for attention. Jackson has been Mr. Irrelevant ever since the Democratic Party nominated Obama for the Presidency. He’d dying for attention and will do anything to get it. He got is face on TV when Michael Jackson died demanding an autopsy. I guess that didn’t go to well for him. He wasn’t on stage at the memorial service. Now he’s trying to insert himself into the Vick situation. Anything for attention. As for the reasons Vick isn’t getting much interest, Jackson could care less. He’s never been one to let the facts get in the way.

  29. Maybe when Mr. Rhoden and Rev. Jackson get done with this they can get to the bottom of why Marty Booker can get a contract and Matt Jones can’t.

  30. Mike Vick = Jackie Robinson is blasphemy in itself! Jackie Robinson will never roast in hell for killing animals like Mike Vick will. Mike Vick broke no racial barriers in football. He is just another asshole athlete who thought thought he was bigger than the system who found out he wasn’t. Even though I support his “right” work in his trade there is no rule that says he is entitled too.
    Total bullshit.

  31. I really hope “Reverend” Al gets involved to. “I AM OUTRAGED!!!”
    These racist pigs make me laugh.

  32. i hope they play the race card next. because if there’s one thing the nfl needs to start doing, it’s giving minorities (is that the proper pc word this month) a chance to play

  33. Jesse Jackson is Mr No Credibility these days, he should mind his own business.
    How come this site keeps making me log in to post when I’m already logged in?

  34. If it looks like, feels like & smells like collusion then guess what……………
    Let’s all act like grown-ups and give the kid a break !

  35. Collusion? How many other felons would have a hard time finding a high-paying, high-profile job? How many business owners want to risk having their business picketed by animal rights groups? Any business owner taking a look at a guy like Michael Vick would calculate the risk of bad publicity, public backlash and revenue lost versus what Vick may be able to bring to the company, and it’s not hard to imagine ownership of a company that relies heavily on public support and opinion taking a pass on someone in Vick’s position.
    Florio hit the nail on the head with this one; Vick HAD an opportunity that almost all of us never get, and he blew it away in grand fashion. Any one of us who managed to land themselves in prison could count on our current employer giving us the heave-ho and never looking back. The fact that Vick even has a chance to reenter the organization he was with when he was convicted gives him a chance most of us would never get.
    Nobody is saying Michael Vick shouldn’t have the opportunity to earn a living, but some folks need to understand that convicted felons often see fewer windows of opportunity for a reason. If Jesse Jackson is bent on making sure Michael Vick has an opportunity to work, he should put his money and reputation where his mouth is and give Vick a high-profile job in his organization. After all, I’m sure Jackson can see the upside in giving millions of dollars to a man who is likely to bring a wave of public backlash to Jackson’s front door.

  36. Shouldn’t Action Jackson be more concerned about the women he got pregnant by cheating on his wife and them poping out two new kids. This guy is a complete moron loser.

  37. Maybe Vick owes Jesse Jackson money too…..Damn right he wants him to get a freaking job!

  38. Jackson supports his position by explaining, “Democracy does not guarantee success. Democracy guarantees an opportunity.”
    I agree, he deserves opportunity. He could be:
    1. asking “Do you want to supersize that for 59 cents more?”
    2. fetching the rivet gun
    3. scrubbing toilets and kennels at the ASPCA.

  39. Yeah thats it the owners do not want to hire blacks to play in the NFL
    Would you give me a GD break

  40. I’m sure Jesses Jacsksons has used the race card at least 52 times in his life.
    Isn’t this ignorant POS out of them yet.
    If Vick was worth a damn, he’s be under contract and sweating his psychopathic ass off in training camp somewhere.
    The fact is at this point no team has judged his worthless self worth it to sign him.
    Hopefully that remains the case.

  41. Oh and when Vick heard of collusion, he said he wasn’t driving the car, it had to be Marcus.

  42. The GM response…
    Mr. Vick is a drug abusing, dog killing, gambling convict felon. If Mr. Jackson thinks so highly of him, perhaps he should higher Mr. Vick and pay him as though he were a starting quarterback in the NFL.
    Next question…

  43. Jackson’s time has come and gone. Once upon a time he was a mediocre political force, still fresh off of hanging onto Dr. King’s shirt tails… but after the civil suits that proved his infidelity (and showed what a liar and piece of garbage he is) coupled with his affiliation with Al Sharpton chasing civil rights non-stories the way some lawyers chase ambulances, he needs to give it up.
    These are 32 private businesses. If Vick were looking for work in the real world and he did 2 years in a federal pen would Jackson be slamming AT&T, the federal government, the credit card companies, etc for not hiring a convicted felon? Not a chance!
    Jesse Jackson is doing his best to remain relevant and although he bangs the drum of equality and such, he does more to promote racism these days than members of the KKK every time he rushes to a black person’s aid against this supposedly racist nation (except when that black person is a woman and the crime committed against her was by a black man). The truth is: Jackson doesn’t want racism to die, because if it did…he’d be completely out of job along with Al Sharpton and every other idotic black political figure whose main purpose is to stir the pot of racism.

  44. Wasn’t it just last week when we were hearing that multiple teams were interested in Vick and now collusion?
    Why doesn’t Jesse get him a job in his organization?

  45. Is Jackson and Rhoden saying that the only job this african american can get is as a football player? Didn’t he go to college? Look at the lawyers who had to change professions because they couldnt get hired as lawyers. They had to adapt and now Vick will have to use his brain, god forbid, and not his physical abilities to earn a living.
    It is a sad day when the a self proclaimed civil rights leader enhances the stereotype that african americans can’t use their brains to earn a living.

  46. and it is just a matter of time before the real joker (jokerbama) shows up to discuss this one!
    ookie can always go work construction or go into the ufl. they offered him a deal.
    if any of us went to the can, we would be lucky to a. survive, theb b. fall back from a high paying job INTO construction afterwards.
    gambling lying interstate racketeering dogkilling dogfighting birdflipping dopesmoking illiterate defense-reading lazy-wont-prep-for-games and cant hit what he aims at loser.
    yer free a-hole. now go get a real job and disappear.
    folks this is all about the media and establishment ramming their template down our throats and oh yes the creditors must be paid. so they will play any and every card they have to in order to try and get their way.

  47. Convicted felons usually don’t have many high paying job opportunities…but he could run for mayor of Washington D.C.

  48. Jesse Jackson is an old pissed off brother who was never able to be elected president and who’s views are now somewhat dated. All is not golden in the US with Obama as the leader but there is a sense, around my neighborhood at least, that there is a clearer hope for the future. This guy is nothing but an attention getter. Vick is more talented than Walter but Walter spent the last 2 years playing football and Vick was doing time. Sorry, throwing a ball around to other inmates doesn’t keep your football skills from getting rusty, he was passing the time away and trying to stay alive hanging out and being cool. Vick was brutal with the dogs and that has a lasting impression with the general public. Killing animals is a sign of a serial killer not a QB zone blitz killer. Vick needs to go to Canada or the UFL and forget about the NFL. I for one can’t respect this guy. Vick is false and has a darkside that’s not needed in the NFL. Jesse Jackson needs to go back and look at his snaps shots of MLK Jr. and relive the good ol’ days with his friends and but out of the NFL.

  49. Does this sound like a guy that’s repentant? Does this whole “me me me , waah everyone hates Mike” song & dance sound like a guy that is rehabbed & understands the magnitude of the violence & cruelty of his crimes?? He has Jessie Jackson (lol) stand up and say he’s intentionally being frozen out from an NFL job by collusion? The sadistically, tortuous animal serial killer is being discriminated against. Can they possibly be serious?? I wonder what Tony Dungy thought of Vick getting Jessie to scream collusion against the NFL. For how he tortured and killed those animals for FUN with his own hands, he not only doesn’t ever deserve a shot in the NFL again, he deserves to die as they did & burn in hell.

  50. The problem lies with Goodell. I think most teams would have preferred that Goodell be consistent with something, ANYTHING at this point. He has refused to reinstate other players for lengthy periods, and these were players who were never found guilty of their crimes, or did far less, ethically speaking. Yet Goodell has basically given Vick a free ride back into the NFL.
    More teams might have been willing to take a look at Vick had Goodell done the smart thing and made Vick stay away from the NFL for a season or so. That way, teams could have a little time to evaluate Vick and see if he really is changed, as he claims. They could get at least a read on him and see if he is being a model citizen, or if he is still a thug. Right now there simply hasn’t been any kind of time to evaluate that. Teams know that if they take a chance on this guy, and he turns out to still be a thug, the fans will not be as forgiving towards their team as Goodell was with the puppy killer Vick.

  51. Human trash has no color…it’s just trash.
    I for one hope Vick never steps on an NFL field again. His second chance is freedom, not the right to play in the NFL. Enjoy your new found freedom, Vick. Now move on.

  52. next thing you know the aclu will be in fron of nfl headquarters ready to burn it down. The brothers love causing trouble every way they see fit.

  53. Most people might not recall this, but years ago the Packers hired Ray Rhodes as their head coach. The team went 8-8 that one season and Ray Rhodes was fired at the end because the GM felt that Rhodes had lost respect of the players His firing of course, is the GM’s pejorative.
    Enter Jesse Jackson, screaming discrimination and playing the race card, how come the only coach who go 8-8 that get fired is black? The point is Jesse Jackson is a fraud, he is a one trick pony that that is to play the race card, suggest discrimination (with no proof whatsoever) and all for his own publicity.
    I hope Vick never plays another down in the NFL. He’s a scum bag and a broke one at that.

  54. The best comment so far is the one that said “Right, NFL teams don’t want black players.”
    The league is now, what, 70% black? I have yet to see an all-white team and I shudder to think of the resulting product.
    Even the “black quarterback” issue — which reigned supreme when I was a teen — is 100% dead. NFL teams want the best players, period — black, white or every shade of gray.

  55. might i suggest another type of TURD WATCH.
    how bout we put Jesse Jackson and Bill Rhoden
    at the top of the list.
    blown chances are missed opportunities.
    if Mike was white, they couldnt care less.
    can the race card be any more blatant and in your face???
    Bill Rhoden is a nothing writer. I’ll go so far as to say hes nothing more than another Florio, no offense intended Mike

  56. All you Vick haters need to get a life and form your OWN opinions. Stop riding on PETA’s prick!!! Stallworth killed a HUMAN being driving drunk and he MIGHT get a 1 year suspension from the NFL. It’s a sad day in the world when a dog’s life is worth more than a humans… Wherever you end up Vick…Give ’em Hell!!!!!

  57. I, think is is the owners prerogative to sign or not to sigh any player of their choice. However, it is a bit ironic that some people will blast the likes of Jesse Jackson and refer to him as being dumb plus other things. On the other hand they systemically go along with a person like Rush Limbaugh who on a daily basis say some to the most ridiculous and insidious things. Why does Rush get a free pass? Is it because his thoughts and feelings are consistent with those who embrace what he espouses? Reminder, free speech is for all……including Jesse.

  58. The entire world knows that Jessie Jackson is all about race. His entire “career” revolves around race. Is he actually going to try and turn this into a case of racial discrimination? I can think of no other reason for Jessie to have interjected himself into this. Race is all Jessie does…’s the only thing Jessie does.
    This will be very very interesting.

  59. Jackson & Sharpton do not deserve the air that they breath. I wouldn;t walk across the street & piss in their ear if their brain was on fire.
    Totally & typically absurd!!!!!

  60. Rush doesn’t get a free pass because the left leaning media is so blinded by their hatred for all things conservative, especially Limbaugh, that they will say and do anything to paint him in a bad light. On the side of Jackson, they lick his ass and give him a national stage over and over again.

  61. Democracy should offer you opportunity says Jackson. Well Jesse, Mikey had his chance already and he blew it. It’s not a race issue, it’s a being a scumbag issue and Vick is a Scumbag to the enth degree.

  62. # steindogg88 says: August 8, 2009 1:32 PM
    All you Vick haters need to get a life and form your OWN opinions. Stop riding on PETA’s prick!!! Stallworth killed a HUMAN being driving drunk and he MIGHT get a 1 year suspension from the NFL. It’s a sad day in the world when a dog’s life is worth more than a humans… Wherever you end up Vick…Give ’em Hell!!!!!
    Dante Stallworth called 911 immediately; he was remorseful at the scene. Dante Stallworth who was driving his car after drinking heavily & smoking marijuana which of course is a crime, had someone run in front of his car as he was going 50 miles an hr. It’s on tape. Dante Stallworth chose to drive while impaired & that’s a fact but after reviewing the tape, the poor guy RAN OUT IN FRONT OF HIM! After seeing the clips of the accident, Dante would have killed the guy straight too. The families of the victim had no doubt Dante’s remorse & grief for what he had done was 100% real. They asked the judge for forgiveness for Dante, they asked the judge to be lenient on him due to his true remorse.
    NOW HERE’S THE DIFFERENCE steindogg88, pay attention: Dante didn’t chase the guy around with his car & for sh*ts & giggles, attach electrodes to his balls, then start slamming him too the ground over & over, then drown his buddies and didn’t repeatedly do this over & over. No one said a dog’s life is worth more than a human, most do agree a punishment should fit a crime though.
    PETA has nothing to do with it, the Vick defenders want this to be about dog fighting. The real crime & what should be the biggest cause for concern was the brutal, by the most vile means possible infliction of pain until death by Vick himself to the docile animals. Mike Vicks crimes are inherently very bad guys, anyone that will violently, sadistically & without cause, torture & kill defenseless animals WITH HIS OWN HANDS FOR ENTERTAINMENT is extremely sick.

  63. Of course this is all nonsense….Michael Vick 3 yrs ago wasn’t even a top rated QB in the NFL let alone today. Just for argument lets see what team needs a QB…okay???
    Dallas Cowboys: Tony Romo & John Kitna
    NY Giants: Eli Manning & David Carr
    Philadelphia Eagles: Donavan McNabb & Kevin Kolb
    Washington Redskins: Jason Campbell & Todd Collins
    ** I might give a shot in Washington…the other 3 teams…forget about it
    Chicago Bears: Jay Cutler & 2 scrubs
    Green Bay Packers: Aaron Rodgers & Brian Brohm
    Detroit Lions: Matthew Stafford & Dante Culpepper
    Minnesota Vikings: Sage Rosenfelds & Tavaris Jackson
    ** Maybe as a backup in Chicago or Minnesota…he maybe better than Jackson but thats pushing it
    New Orleans Saints: Drew Brees & Mark Brunell
    Atlanta Falcons: Been there done that!!!
    Tampa Bay Bucs: Byron Leftwich & Josh Freeman
    Carolina Panthers: Jake Delhomme & Josh McCown
    ** Even though I think Delhomme is terrible, he is better than Vick!!
    San Francisco 49’ers: Alex Smith & Shaun Hill
    Arizona Cardinals: Kurt Warner & Matt Leinart
    Seattle Seahawks: Matt Hassleback & Seneca Wallace
    St. Louis Rams: Marc Bulger & Kyle Boller
    ** SF/St.Louis both have opportunities for QB changes
    Miami Dolphins: Chad Pennington & Chad Henne
    New England Patriots: Tom Brady & Andrew Walter
    Buffalo Bills: Trent Edwards & Ryan Fitzpatrick
    NY Jets : Mark Sanchez & Kellen Clemens
    **Patriots was a shot….but that opportunity flew out the window!!
    Baltimore Ravens: Joe Flacco & Troy Smith
    Pittsburgh Steelers: Ben Rothleisburger & Charlie Batch
    Cinncinati Bengals: Carson Palmer & JT O’Sullivan
    Cleveland Browns: Brady Quinn & Derek Anderson
    ** Pittsburgh is the best fit for him here
    Indianapolis Colts: Peyton Manning & Jim Sorgi
    Tennessee Titans: Kerry Collins & Vince Young
    Houston Texans: Matt Schaub & Rex Grossman
    Jacksonville Jags: David Garrard & Todd Bouman
    **Jacksonville is the best fit here…even Sexxy Rexxy in Houston is better than Vick
    San Diego Chargers: Phillip Rivers & Billy Volek
    Oakland Raiders: Jeff Garcia & JaMarcus Russell
    Kansas City Chiefs: Matt Cassel & Brody Croyle
    Denver Broncos: Kyle Orton & Chris Simms
    ** KC is the only option here as a backup only….
    So lets forecast the top 5 teams he could go to in my opinion:
    1.) Pittsburgh Steelers as a RB/Slasher type only
    2.) Jacksonville….David Garrard is on his last chance there and they don’t have a decent backup
    3.) San Francisco….they have the best coach for him in Singletary…he will keep him in line or he will get his ass kicked by the coach
    4.) Chicago…no backup there…and lets face it…its Chicago….I’m still not sold on Cutler without any receivers
    5.)Washington….were trying too get rid on Campbell all offseason…and Vick 2 yrs ago was better than him…plus you know Snyder loves the fantasy picks!!
    So this is my prediction…whats yours??????

  64. Just got back and I read this crap about collusion…unfrickinbelievable. Makes me so f’n pissed off and sick I can’t stand these f’n people. More to the point, how do people get so dumb?
    There’s a lot of stupid out there!! Collusion my ass. He should never have been reinstated and if people can’t see why then they are idiots. Kills animals, was probably a bedwetter and if he likes to start fires he’s our next serial killer..ala..OJ Simpson. Scumbag.
    For those that don’t know or choose to ignore it …Vick INTENTIONALLY SLAMMED DOGS TO THE GROUND UNTIL THEY DIED. HE INTENTIONALLY DROWNED THEM. There is something seriously, seriously wrong with him.

  65. After reading the pathetic cries from the Vick apologists, all I can say is that water certainly does find it’s own level. Little wonder why they have no problem with that he did. Birds of a feather, after all….

  66. Damn – so Jackie Robinson killed dogs in cold blood too? Jackson deserves credit for shining light on this. I actually used to look at him as a true civil rights pioneer – but no more.

  67. Here in Atlanta there still Vick apologists who would not have a problem if the Falcons re-signed Vick and released Matt Ryan.

  68. jrski66
    DO NOT put that chump on our team we have 4 QB’s already and dont need or want him here.
    Hey maybe vick should hire that lawyer off seinfeld,the one that says everything is a conspiracy.

  69. Yeah if Vick doesn’t get signed sometime soon it’s probably because he’s black and there’s a conspiracy to keep him out.
    It has nothing to do with that dog fighting business or him being the most hated player in sports. It’s because he’s black. Damn racist NFL, they’re always keeping the black man down.
    Kudos to whoever brought up Matt Jones. Why isn’t Jesse rushing to his aid as well? Racist douche.

  70. Obviously this subject has caused some people to get so upset they have commenced to show their true colors. People maintain your cool, its year 2009 and time for us to have a civil discourse with-out all of the mean spirited rhetoric. Get rid of your frontier mentality. Furthermore,who gives a damn if you are angry, as you are not going to always have things the way you want them. This is a new day, you have no choice but to face this reality.

  71. Jesse Jackson?!!!
    Vick will never get a job now.
    If there is anyone America hates more than Criminal Vick it is Jesse Jackson.
    Way too early. Vick hasn’t even done the Larry King show or Oprah yet.

  72. anything to shut down freedom of speech of those u disagree with, eh, celmo?
    but it sure is a crying shame that vick hasnt gotten his way yet, isnt it… he may well have no choice but to face a new reality. especially since he repeatedly shows his true colors. i dont think anyone with a lick of common sense gives a damn if he is angry, as he is supposed to be contrite and reformed anyway, and unfortunately for him, he will not always get things the way he wants them.
    the way it looks to me, he did stupid things in large part because he was black. and he grew up where he grew up.
    people arent bagging on him just because he is black. vick is what one calls a target rich environment.
    but he is asking for special treatment because he is black and a whole lot of america thinks we have to tie ourselves in knots just to give this jackass what he wants.
    i bet jester jackson is on the obama/rathke gravy train, which obama is having usg fund. so we all get to pay for it thru taxes. been happening for years, one way or another.
    it is high time a frontier approach was taken where that bullshit is concerned.
    i dont agree with rush on everything, but he doesnt appear to be on the public dole. all the obama-ites aure appear to be on the public dole.

  73. Two points –
    (1) I’m tired of the implication that MV is somehow deserving of credit or customized opportunities because he has “served his time”, “paid the price”, or “lost a lot”.
    My disgruntlement stems mostly from the fact that Michael did not CHOOSE to serve his time, pay the price, and the loss of “everything”, i.e., down to only a few millions now, and only one or two homes, is the fallout from his choosing to commit both multifacted crimes (gambling & dog-related offenses), again and again, over a protracted period of time, and only served his time and “paid the price” WHEN HE WAS CAUGHT AND DRAGGED OFF TO JAIL TO DO SO.
    His having completed the sentence should be acknowledged, but it’s hardly praiseworthy.
    (2) Mick Vick’s employment or unemployment is NONE of Jesse Jackson’s business. If Mike Vick allows him to insert his nose into this issue, he will probably NEVER become re-employed in the NFL, as there would be a special, long-lasting, stink attached to the hiring that no team in their right mind would want to bring to their operation.
    In an analogous situation, in some high profile criminal cases when the defense attorney’s name is really big and his/her comments make banner headlines, just having that attorney attached to the case can influence people to think that that defendant is guilty – before any evidence is heard – because that big-name attorney has been seen in the past to defend only the biggest criminals, charged with the most horrendous crimes.
    Whether the idea of JJ coming into this originated with MV or with JJ himself, it won’t matter. It will hurt Michael more; it’s another kind of guilt by association.
    Michael needs to have patience, and he might even want to consider compromising, in terms of going elsewhere for a while, to play, to be seen, to ALLOW people to see him as better today than he was yesterday, instead of trying to FORCE them into doing that (let along backing them into a corner by charging conspiracy).
    I agree he should have the chance to be heard by teams, IF THE TEAMS WANT TO HEAR HIM. MV is no longer just a football player, good, bad or indifferent. He is now a whole slew of stuff that many or all of the teams in the league may just not want to have to deal with. Owners, GMs, coaches and even fans have very legitimate concerns in such a situation. In the sense of just being an available player, Michael isn’t “clean” anymore, i.e., he comes, not with just talent, ambition, and a toothbrush, but with a LOT of baggage.
    You cannot force any corporate operation, any financial enterprise, to take someone on because he “deserves a chance”. He HAS a chance, he’s living the chance, the chance is NOW. His name is out there, his resume is out there, for better or worse. All he can do now is keep on keeping on, work on himself, hope, have patience. Having a chance does NOT mean it’s mandatory that you be given a job, nor even that you have “the right to” an interview. What it means is, YOU HAVE THE RIGHT TO BE CONSIDERED FOR AN INTERVIEW.
    That’s how it works in the business world, and there is nobody more IN the business world than the NFL.
    The definition of chance includes the possibility that yes, it may work out, and NO, IT MAY NOT. Just because someone doesn’t hire you, does not make that company somehow blameworthy, and even if every team in the League chose NOT to pursue this prickly option, it does not necessarily follow that there is any kind of conspiracy there.
    That said, it may still emerge that there actually IS a conspiracy, I suppose, but I believe that’s highly unlikely, because of the kajillions of pieces that would have to fall into place to implement it.
    Bottom line: Mike needs to be patient & be open to compromise, & Jesse, if he wants to help Michael, needs to back off.
    I totally believe someone will hire him at some point, to play, in the NFL or elsewhere. Could be in some completely unlikely place – who knows? If Brett could play up North all these years, who’s to say Michael couldn’t?
    A Packer fan

  74. This is the easiest complaint to answer yet:
    Teams- “We get penalized by the league if players get on the wrong side of the law, and Vick has such a history. We are interesting in reducing such risks, not adding them.”
    That said… being a Dolphins fan i SOOOOOO hope the Jets sign Vick.

  75. Why didnt the almighty Jessie Jackson get Vick a better job when he was working for $10 an hour doing construction work? Jessie is assuming that after 30 monthes away for the game Vick still is a stud well isnt it safe to assume then that after about 8 years out of college still retains some of that knowledge? Virginia Tech is not a bum school either. If he is so worried about Vicks future why didnt he help him get better job when he was on house arrest.
    Ill tell you why b/c then he would have had to put his reputation on the line which in essence is his way to make money. Its all good for Jackson to tell other people to stick there neck out but when its time for him to do it he turns into a turtle.

  76. Aren’t any companies in my industry that are obliged to hire me to see if I’m better than one of their own engineers. And aren’t any that owe me the opportunity to interview.
    “Not considering the business realities”, indeed. Why the caveat? Not connected to reality, period. Nothing new or surprising there. You dignify an absurdity with your lengthy rebuttal.

  77. Bill Rhoden is nothing more than an angry black man. I can no longer watch the Sports Reporters when he appears because he sees racism in a glass of water. He is a racist who hates white people. Defending Micharl Vick?……….at least he has moved on from OJ.

  78. Why can guys like Jackson and Sharpton and Rhoden die? Seriously, just die.
    Especially Sharpton. Don’t worry, he’ll be in on this soon as well. And the dumb media will hang on his every word because if they don’t, they are racists too.

  79. Maybe Jesse Jackson and Rhoden can ask themselves they types of Employment Questions:
    1. Do I want a guy who give the middle finger to our fans?
    2. Do I want a jailbird who just left the state pen?
    3. Do I want a guy who has always exhibited poor decision-making and leadership?
    4. Do I want a guy who was one of the most inaccurate QB’s in the league (look it up)?
    5. Do I want a guy who tortured and killed animals?
    6. Do I want a habitual Liar, someone who looks right in your eyes and lies repeatedly (ask Roger Goodell).
    7. Do I want a guy who seemed to get caught with illegal drugs at the airport but got out of it?
    8. Do I want a guy who has again and again kept company with bums, thugs, etc?
    If this topic was not Michael Vick, would you hire someone like this to work for a company that you own?
    He is fast. Yea, he went to one NFC Championship game? What about all of the bad seasons? What about the frustrated receivers throwing their hands up over and over? Truth is, he is just not all that good outside of being real fast. So, since he is not real good outside of being real fast, why sign him as he has repeatedly shown bad behavior. Seems more simple than Mr. Jackson would have everyone believe. Why is Mr. Jackson even talking about this any way? Doesn’t he have some running around to do?

  80. Yo’ Jesse, how about having you one big ole’ helping of STFU! And if there’s any leftover, Rhoden, you have some, too! Friggin’ idiots……

  81. Mr. Jackson up to his extortion techniques again. Give (insert person here) a chance he does not deserve or we will (pick one sue, boycott, call you bad names, play the race card).
    Surprised it took him so long.

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