Eagles lose Ingram to ACL tear

The Eagles’ worst fears about rookie tight end Cornelius Ingram’s knee injury have been realized: The team announced Saturday that he has torn the ACL in his left knee.  Again.

Ingram is the second key Eagle to tear his ACL in camp; middle linebacker Stewart Bradley was the other. 

Philly took a calculated gamble by drafting Ingram in the fifth round of April’s draft.  He was coming off a torn ACL and there was some concern he would need need it operated on again eventually.

The Eagles appeared to be winning the bet all offseason, as Ingram impressed onlookers with outstanding athleticism.

Now they will have to wait until 2010 to see if Ingram can make a contribution to the team and stay healthy enough to play football.  Ingram also missed his entire senior season at Florida. 

Matt Schobel appears likely to backup starter Brent Celek now, but Schobel has missed all of camp with a calf injury. 

The Eagles worked out three free agents at tight end Saturday, and look likely to sign one.

UPDATE: The Eagles signed undrafted freeaagent TE Rob Myers out of Utah State.

26 responses to “Eagles lose Ingram to ACL tear

  1. Before the gloaters come to trash talk and make themselves feel better about not having a team that can compete for a SB even at full health?
    5th round pick, and a backup. It’s sad because Ingram was flashing big in TC, but it’s not the loss a few NFCE fans are going to act like it is below this post.

  2. I like Eugene Bright (the undrafted free agent TE they’ve had at camp), I think he could step in and contribute this year.
    Losing Ingram sucks, and it’s gotta be discouraging for him. Maybe if it was going to need surgery eventually anyway, it’s better for the longterm to get this out of the way early in his career.
    Either way, at least we only used a 5th round pick on him.

  3. That’s too bad. 2nd ACL tear in the same knee in 2 years is not good. This kid’s career may be over before it started.

  4. Dang this has been a pretty tough season for the Eagles.. WAIT!.. the season hasn’t even started yet?!?!? wow!….hopefully D.Jackson is alright atleast!…God please protect the G-men!..and take care of Jimmy Johnson up there.


  6. Buckhalter recovered from repeated knee injuries well. I’m just sayin, there is still hope for his career.
    Maybe they should just cancel the rest of training camp before someone else goes down. It sucks, but it’s all part of the game I suppose.

  7. I think Bill In DC is correct. His career might be over before it even starts, damn shame….Shredding the same knee within a year might take two years of rehab, and i know they had to hold him out of camp a few times because of swelling in the knee, so obviously one year wasn’t enough……You know as a rookie he wanted to play, but it makes you wonder if his knee was ready to begin with.

  8. Ingram is a freak of nature type of athlete…I have confidence in him to at least get back to where he was this offseason but there will always be questions about his knee….if Correll Buckhalter can come back from what he did Ingram can come back from this….

  9. Dang this sucks !!! It seems like every day someone else is hurt!! I still have high hopes for us this year but it has been a really rough training camp so far. Please let everybody else make it through the tough grind of the season. Go birds!!!!!!

  10. I am a Cowboy fan, but injuries suck to any team that gets them. I would rather have all teams at full strength when they play. It sucks for the Birds, but this was a high risk, high reward player. The injury which could really suck is D. Jackson getting carted off.
    The Boys had two players carted off today themselves (both starting CBS). I hope Jerry is NOT thinking Pacman…

  11. “Before the gloaters come to trash talk and make themselves feel better about not having a team that can compete for a SB even at full health?”
    What teams are at full health in November, let alone January?

  12. I remember liking him a lot going into the draft. When the Ravens didn’t draft him after many opportunities I really wondered why. I found out when Eric Decosta (The Ravens director of personel and former head of college scouting) said during a radio show on 1570 here in Baltimore. A fan brought him up during a question and answer session and Decosta basically said that they liked him, but he flunked his physical.
    I remember there being rumors before the draft that his ACL surgery wasn’t done correctly and was taken off the board on a lot of teams.

  13. Hey Jackal138, remember when the Eagirls won Super Bowl 30 minus a starting cornerback with a torn achilles tendon and reeling from a couple years of other teams signing starting players like Alvin Harper, James Washington, Mark Stepnoski, Jim Jeffcoat, Ken Norton, Tony Casillas, John Gesek, and Kevin Gogan away via free agency? No wait, that was the Cowboys.

  14. I dunno RedskinPete…….Seems the 1.87 million bonus he received as a 5th round draft pick, will be a better investment than the 100 million you’re jackass owner gave Albert HOGSworth……How did that randel el free agent signing work out, or deion sanders, or denagelo hall, or shawn springs, or bruce smith, or marcus washington, or jerimiah trotter, or adam archuleta, or dana stibblefield, or jason taylor…Hell, i can make an endless list if you’d like…….

  15. This Happens every year! AR has one of the Toughest Camps in the NFL and every year we lose one or two players. Losing Bradley sucks but we will manage. Ingram isnt a big loss right now, Because Celek was still the starter and Bright, Ingram and Shobel were all looking for that 2nd spot. I am not worried about Either Bradley or Ingram at this point. The Eagles take care of their players when they are hurt and they usually come back and play better then ever. I am hoping for the best.

  16. It is getting discouraging though, I was hoping or big fom Ingram. But right now I am more worried about D-Jax, any news about his injury can you guys post and let me know?

  17. Hey Vox,
    Remember when the Cowboys were being fellated as the next SB-winners all season, and then let the whole season collapse because Romo broke his pinky finger?
    There was this last game of the season, and the Boys could have made it into the playoffs just by winning it.
    Instead, they got completely manhandled to the tune of 44-6, and Romo collapsed crying in the shower afterwards.
    Remember that? You must’ve been doing something else at the time, since you disappeared from PFT for a month afterwards.
    You must have been busy, it wouldn’t of been that you were being a coward and hiding from all the people you were trash-talking the entire season?

  18. D Jax has a hyperextended knee. It’s a pretty quick recovery timetable, although it can vary depending on the severity of it.
    He’s gonna miss a few practices. No official word yet, but unless the trainers had an epic fail of a diagnosis (and the fact that he’s walking around pretty normally by all accounts) he should be ready to go soon.

  19. @egs
    you are right, can’t argue that
    haynseworth to early to tell but it will work out fine, randel el and sanders you are right, springs was good even thou he couldn’t stay on the field & hall is working out just fine, the rest of the bunch you got me, but we get a “a+” for trying hail

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