Dungy believes Vick will find a team "pretty shortly"

In his role as a mentor, former Colts coach Tony Dungy communicates with Michael Vick regularly.

Based on those conversations, and others in which Dungy has engaged with NFL teams, Dungy believes Vick is not far from re-joining the league.

“I think something may happen here pretty shortly,”  Dungy said.

Dungy joined Al Michaels and Cris Collinsworth in the NBC booth Sunday night, and the subject of Vick came up immediately.

Dungy revealed that Vick has talked to “several” teams over the last two weeks.  He’s also essentially served as a reference.

“I’ve talked to quite a few coaches, who wanted to get my take on where
he is and what his thought process is, and get my read on it,” Dungy
said.   “And then it’s a matter of the coach talking to ownership and
everyone is going to have to be on the same page.”

Dungy has gone over different scenarios with Vick about possible destinations.  Throughout the interview, he repeated his optimism that Vick will find an NFL home, possibly in the next 1-2 weeks. 

“I just feel it’s going to come pretty quick now,” Dungy said. 

Dungy also shed light on how he came to be Vick’s mentor.  Vick’s attorney is from Dungy’s wife’s hometown and suggested to Dungy that the two meet during Vick’s incarceration.

“I’ve been in a lot prisons.  I’ve talked to hundreds and hundreds of young guys like Mike Vick who made mistakes as young people,” Dungy said.  “And that’s where he was.  He said ‘I’ve made mistakes.  I want to get myself back together and get going.  Some of the things that I took for granted, I realize now.”

After a very long conversation with Vick, Dungy was convinced Vick was ready to turn his life around

“He wants to be a role model now and accept that responsibility.  I think he’s going to do a great job,” Dungy said. 

With Dungy so strongly in his corner, Vick just may get a shot sooner than later.

67 responses to “Dungy believes Vick will find a team "pretty shortly"

  1. I’d want him as a Bronco…….I’m sure he’ll do just fine. NO WAIT! HE CANT PLAY EVERY POSITION AT ONCE…….(I’m saying this team is screwed this year.)

  2. Vick will land with the Patriots. He will fit right in with the dopeheads, snitches,and cheaters.

  3. I’d like to see Vick in Tampa but it’ll never happen with all the questionable moves that they’ve already made this off-season!

  4. Michael Vick did not make a mistake. He CHOSE for seven years to run a dogfighting ring. That is not a mistake. It is a lifestyle.

  5. I really don’t care what anyone else thinks about Vick, I think he should be banned from the NFL for life for what he did to all of those dogs. No prison term could be long enough.
    I almost got ill when I had to listen to those dill-weeds in the booth tonight singing Vicks praises like he was the sweetest man in the world….saying he has done his time and is sorry for what he did……YOU KNOW, the FELONYS he was convicted of…..dog abuse you might as well call it dog murder. And then they start talking their stupid opinions of Terrell Owens like he is the worst man in the NFL. T.O. is 100 times the man that Vick will ever be. Yeah, T.O. has an attitude but at least he has never done the evil crap that Vick has done.
    Whatever team takes Vick you can bet they won’t get any ratings from my home because I refuse to watch any game he plays in. I don’t care if I am the only one that has this opinion, I hope you read this Vick because if you were in my home I would allow my dog to bite your A$$

  6. Dungy is trying to shop him around everywhere. He was on local Twin Cities radio trying to get Vikings fans to come around to the idea.
    Not sure why Dungy is such a advicate. Vick must be like the son he never had……or still has…..

  7. He wants to be a role model. WTF!!!
    And whoever signs him will have the added cost of installing netting around the field so his passes don’t go into the crowd.

  8. I watched 3 hours of horrible football tonight. I sat through the Madden tribute-cheesy but deserved-the Dungy hour, where he tried to sell Mike Vick like he was Tony’s personal property, and even suffered through the Mortensen connection, which was painful but still more interesting than anything Ralph Wilson tried to say, all the while wondering when Florio was going to get his hometown discount. When the mention finally came in the waning minutes of the broadcast, the only thing I could think of was OUCH. What did Collinsworth say? “I check it every day.” To be fair, Florio may have been mentioned previous to that, but if so, I missed it. Al brought it up like he was reading a promo for one of NBC’s reality shows that he never watches. You have work to do, Florio.

  9. Michael Vick didn’t just “make a mistake.” A mistake is something you do once or twice and then feel remorse. He led a psychopathic way of life for years and would still be torturing dogs if he hadn’t been caught.

  10. Tony Dungy is Mike Vicks pimp, no other way to put it. Vick chose his lifestyle, and now we’re all supposed to feel sorry for him because he threw away $130 million dollars. I say, tough sh!t. I sincerely hope no one signs him.
    T.O. may be a prima donna, but the guy has never been in trouble off the field, and he can actually play football. Mike Vick, not so much.
    And will you guys *please* fix the friggin login? I show as logged in, but I have to log out and back in again to post a comment. This is getting old.

  11. I never thought that Tony Dungy was as smart as he got credit for (thank you for my career, Peyton), but I never thought he was stupid enough to pimp to Mike Mexico, er, Ron Vick, er… A.J. Waterbottle.
    Mike Vick is sincere about one thing: getting another fat paycheck. His actions show little about a new attitude or being a “role model”. Let him get back on the gravy train for a few weeks, and the real Mike Vick will resurface. No, not the dogkiller; the “no talent” me-first primadonna.
    Dungy is going to look like a fool for backing this piece of crap no-talent thug.
    Bet on it (oops, excuse the pun).

  12. I agree with majority of posts here, Vick did NOT simply make a mistake and do the time. Just like a pedophile, Vick lived this sickness for 7+ years and I know from my work experience, that prison doesn’t have legitimate programs to rehabilitate felons. They simply don’t have the money, the interest, the necessary professionals etc. I always thought Dungy was 100% class but to be fooled by Vick into becoming his own personal pimp is disgusting. The only thing Vick has learned or is remorseful is, the lifestlye that he once had and he will say or do whatever he must in order to regain that lifestyle, even if it means selling Dungy down the river. Vick may be a better athlete than 95% of the current NFL QB’s but that doesn’t make him a better Qb……Vick, Young, TJoke…gimme a break, they are athletes at best, Qb’s….not in the least.

  13. “You People”…”You People”…”You People”….
    Give it a rest…..”You People” lost….. Vick will be making millions again……so sorry 🙂
    Ben “rapist” Roethlerberger
    Tom “Who’s my babies mama” Brady
    Matt “snort snort” Jones
    Give me a break…..those are the real thugs.

  14. Stallworth lived a certain “lifestyle” driving drunk and stoned. Until he got “caught’ after KILLING a human being. Just sayin’…….

  15. “I’ve been in a lot prisons. I’ve talked to hundreds and hundreds of young guys like Mike Vick who made mistakes as young people,” Dungy said.
    ugggg dungy , a mistake is when your 16 and smoke pot with your friends before first period class. A mistake is not when you murder animals because they did not kill each other to mickey vicks liking.
    Jeeez , cant dungy find better ways to spend his time then lobbying for a murderer to line his pockets with millions of dollars?

  16. Everyone hating on mike vick … lol. I dont remember seeing anyone of you in the forums when stallworth killed a guy because of alcohol. Sad how human life is less important than animal life. Honestly he is back in the NFL waiting for a team to sign him and if they do awesome. He was one of a kind years ago when he played. He sold tickets and people loved to watch him play. Its time to let this go and move on. To throw out a true situation….. At least the dogs had a fighting chance to live but the guy crossing the street that got hit by a car did not. Sad but true.

  17. GAMBLING….Dosent anyone get this? The entire purpose of dog fighting is gambling on the dog that wins. Vick was an active participant in an organized gambling operation….Hell we banned Pete Rose for betting on his own team, yet we let Vick back in. Vick committed the ultimate sport “SIN”….GAMBLING! Wake up world!

  18. Nitecrewser, you’re right except for one thing: gambling is only considered a sports sin when the gambler is in position to influence the outcome. Pete Rose’s gambling was considered worthy of a lifetime ban because he bet on his own team and therefore was in a position to influence the outcome of his wager. Tim Donaghy’s gambling was a problem because he bet on games where he was refereeing, thus he could influence the outcome. These instances of gambling were problematic because people who were in positions to significantly influence the outcome of games were doing so with motivation of not winning the game or being impartial, but doing the best to achieve a predetermined outcome. When this happens, the integrity of the entire sport comes under question.
    Vick gambled, but he gambled on dogfighting, not on the Atlanta Falcons. Though if he had placed big money on the Falcons losing, it would explain his career.

  19. I didn’t appreciate Dungy pimping out Vick either.
    Dungy said that Vick has paid his time to society (which is correct, he served his jail time) and to the NFL (which I don’t think he has).
    Vick lied to the commissioner about the activities…that fact that he was lying to the commissioner of the league about illegal activities seems worthy enough of several games worth of suspensions.
    For some reason, that fact seems to be lost on Dungy…

  20. Too many haters on Vick out there. It was only his dogs. I really don’t see why people should hate on the ways he sees to use dogs. Its only animals anyway. And so what about gambling. All it is is a sport. Don’t people hunt animals for sport? I just want to be entertained by Vick. I’ve been watching Vick since his freshman year at Virginia Tech when he put up 322YDS total offense in the Sugar Bowl losing to Peter Warricks 3 TD’s. That was an entertaining game. Who gives a damn what players do off the field as long as players have talent and don’t take steroids and don’t kill people(who really cares if players endanger themselves:Plax) I just wanna see the best talent on the field. Thats what really makes the games so good.

  21. Whew there are so many people who just hate just for the sake of hate…Everybody deserves a 2nd chance(including Vick,jezz). In a perfect world I’d love to see Vick sign with Pittsburg,and they go 19-0!!!

  22. The NFL is truly making a mistake in lobbying for Vick. They have tainted this year’s HOF class with endless discussion of how Vick deserves a second chance.
    The difference in Vick and Lewis, Little and Stallworth is that Vick was convicted for not just one incident, but many felonies continuing for years. He didn’t have a momentary brain fart or suddenly lose his temper ala Haynesworthless or Lewis. He made a premeditated decision to lead a life of crime. He lied repeatedly when confronted about his actions.
    Let’s just get over Mike Vick and move on with the murdering athletes we pay to see now.

  23. BlueEyeDevils wrote:
    Ben “rapist” Roethlerberger
    Tom “Who’s my babies mama” Brady
    Matt “snort snort” Jones
    Give me a break…..those are the real thugs.
    Keepin’ it real in the ghetto, I see. Posts like this from Vick apologists simply prove that water does in fact find its own level.
    Nice name, BTW. Why not just change it to “IHateWhitey” as it is obvious you are just another racist lowlife (who apparently thinks that torturing animals to death is cool and something kids should look up to).

  24. Tom “Who’s my babies mama” Brady

    The National Vital Statistics Report created by the CDC indicates that nearly 7 out of every 10 babies born to black women are illegitimate. The U.S. average is less than 4 out of 10. How about going down the list of black athletes who have fostered “who’s my” babies. Can you count that high?

  25. i know dungy’s a “great guy” and all that, but….
    and i know dungy lost his wayward son and so seeing Vick succeed will help him on some level i’ll never understand unless i endure the same tragedy.
    but does anyone else here get a sick, skeevy feeling when he talks about Mike Vick…like his judgement is completely out of whack??
    this whole seems like an opportunity for him to satisfy his savior complex.
    i wish them both luck, but something’s not right about any of this.

  26. i know dungy’s a “great guy” and all that, but….
    and i know dungy lost his wayward son and so seeing Vick succeed will help him on some level i’ll never understand unless i endure the same tragedy.
    but does anyone else here get a sick, skeevy feeling when he talks about Mike Vick…like his judgement is completely out of whack??
    this whole seems like an opportunity for him to satisfy his savior complex.
    i wish them both luck, but something’s not right about any of this.

  27. Tony Dungy belongs on a couch, not out ‘helping’ people who aren’t even as screwed up in the head as he is. Seriously, the guy’s a loon and everyone treats him as if he has some superior insights.

  28. I am not quite that confident that Vick will end up in Green Bay. I do think he is a good player and has the potential to add to any football team, and if GB decides to sign him he will either do good and the high packer authority will look like geniuses or he will do horrible and Ted T. well be run out of town along with Vick.
    However I am still trying to figure out how some of the fans are so morally messed up. Yes what Vick did was terrible, but organizations like peta seem to have made the rights of animals even more important than people. There are alot of criminals in the NFL that have done worse things and have been readmitted and moved on with their careers. Donte Stallworth would be the most recent on my mind and he only got 30 days jail time(did he even finish the full thirty).

  29. I guess Vick will go to some NFL team. While I personally do not think it’s a good move for Vick, Vick will be back in the league soon.
    As for the venom from those whose motivations are truly questionable by saying that he should NEVER get back into the league- that is ridiculous. As long as a team wants him, he should play, period. All that stuff does indeed sound racist because people are playing in the league right now that have done much worse.
    People have recklessly killed other people and they weren’t banned for life. Folks were convicted of selling drugs and didn’t get banned for life.
    So since it doesn’t make logical sense, due to the fact that there’s precedent that other people have done much worse and has gotten less punishment- this venom comes only an emotional center.
    And either you care more about the life of dogs than people, you must have some other motive. Can it be that you care for the life of dogs than “Some People?”

  30. I suppose that doing “Thug Motivation” videos is “turning his life around”?
    Interesting perspective.

  31. Mistake? I think Dungy would be a little more honest if he said Vick wasn’t raised right which caused him to live a certain lifestyle. A mistake is a one time bad decision. I don’t think Vick made just one bad decision.

  32. He paid a high price for a heinous crime.
    We should all get over it.
    I doubt very much Mr. Vick will be involved in dog fights while there is still a chance of an NFL paycheck.
    Afterward who knows? but being forced to repudiate his behavior publicly ad nauseum may help with that.
    So in the sense of the punishment fitting the crime and the object being rehabilitation I think it is cruel and stupid to demand the NFL ban him.
    At least think of the dogs, that he will be less likely to harm if he has something to lose, instead of wallowing in selfish emotion.

  33. ugh. I’m sure everyone hooting and hollering that he should be banned for life because of what he did to those dogs is planning on going on out and volunteering at the local shelter or rescuing an abandoned pit bull today. No doubt you are the same ones who dress your dogs in sweaters and rain boots in inclement weather.
    Give it a rest. These weren’t cuddly little labradoodles or beagles…these were animals bred to be violent and fight…not house pets. They were seen as objects to him because that is the lifestyle he was brought up in. He’s not alone out there. If anything, at least he is one dog fighter that has been busted, gotten time behind bars, and is out of business. If this had not been Michael Vick, there probably would not have been any time served. Put your anger to good use and go out and urge stricter laws and enforcement of those laws against the ones that have not yet been caught or get off with no punishment but a fine.

  34. I use to respect Tony Dungy but not anymore. How he can go to bat for someone who is nothing more than a thug leaves me bewildered. Vick was a thug before the NFL and he will always be. If by chance he ends up in Green Bay, PETA will have a new member.

  35. I wonder if it would be better for Vick to return to the NFL and stink it up, then not be signed?
    I’m sure he will be back…Dungy will not be allowed to fail…But at the first sign of an off the field issue, one of the first things we will hear will be when Dungy’s involvement with Vick ceased. And all will say he was clean with Dungy to guide him. All hail Dungy.
    On the field, he’ll be worse then he was. So, we will see one year of Vick as a back-up/Wildcat guy, then no one will want him as a starter next year and this crap will be over.

  36. that’s because u werent here jeter, or werent paying attention. lots of us ragged on stallworth. but it is far from clear that he “lived a lifestyle” like vick has.
    and all those with the unnatural manlove for vick KNOW that no one is happy that stevens, little, lewis, stallworth still walk the streets or merely sit under house arrest. but giving vick a freebie isnt right either. so stop saying that because those reprobates arent getting ragged on, that everyone else must surrender freedom of speech and thought so ookie can go get a fat paycheck and btw, make the media happy and pay off his creditors.
    just cause yer stupid doesnt mean we all also have to be.
    and dogs on chains and fought half to death or more dont exactly have what it takes to outrun what he and his fellow dogkillers had waiting for them.
    you are just one of them, who loves another one of your own and hates dogs and everyone else, who isnt one of them.
    and hate? critic of vick use words. vick killed dogs with his hands and tools. and blacks commit virtually all crime betewen blacks and whites. who hates who? you hate the whole world.
    it is hateful to tell the truth about jackass ookie? but it isnt hateful for him to do what he did?
    you hate the rest of us. admit it. and yall hate everyone else by trying to inflict vick upon the rest of us all over again. his 2nd chance can be construction, garbage pickup, food prep, like anyonse else who gets out of the pokey. he isnt owed a return to the nfl.
    i am sure vick has approached teams. he has a lot of teams on his list. 32, in fact. what isnt so clear is just how many teams really want him.
    the league had caught up to ookie’s slowing speed and bad passing and abysmal defense reading. 2 years ago. anyone else see how badly the vick-led falcons closed in 2005 and 2006…
    caveat emptor.
    and bigtime… bait dogs arent necessarily pits. quit trying to blame the victims. that’s what joker obama does.

  37. Michael Vick killed dogs, no doubt ones that would have been killed in the ring regardless. He used the living animals to give fuel his empty soul of some sort of rush that was gained from the “Dog Fighting Circle”. He is devilish and probably should receive the death penalty. Right??
    I think hunting big game is inhumane to animals. But in reality, I know what goes on in our countries slaughter houses. Animals are tortured every day, it just REALLY ticks me off that you people get so defensive about Dogs and could care less about other Mammals. (I’m not even gonna go to all animals) I mean, where do you Vick HATERS draw the line? Are you a vegetarian? Do you fight against horrible underground Whale sales that go on in our country? Or are you so shallow that the only animal that stands close to humans are Dogs? I understand Michael Vick is a polarizing figure because of this, and I love dogs. But I’m also willing to give someone a second chance. Vick is a product of his friends and environment. There is a big portion of Va that fights dogs, so don’t act like Vick was alone in this conspiracy and he should shoulder the weight of all dog fighting. He did wrong, paid two years in prison, along with 50+million dollars. A lot of money to peta as well. As someone else stated, if you run a animal orphanage, fight for all animals, or never did anything morally wrong, then you are not the people for whom this post is targeting. And I would guarantee that no one on here fights for animal rights. I know people who fight for animal rights.. They don’t blog on profootball.com. That’s for damn sure.

  38. @ southernboi727:
    It wasn’t “only his dogs.” His crew abducted family pets to use as bait for his dogs’ training. People being outraged by that is not “hating” on how he chooses to use dogs, it’s actually a normal reaction. What he did is not a sport, it’s sadistic sociopathic behavior. He deserves everything (and more than) he has gotten as punishment.

  39. A DUI is a mistake, torturing and electrocuting dogs is sadism.
    That was a disgusting farce watching Dungy last night being asked no hard-hitting questions.
    Suggesting that being disgusted by dog-fighting is racist is an insult to millions of African-Americans who love dogs and hate what Vick did. The only thing racial about this situation is how his defenders keep playing that card as though this is an acceptable “sport” in the black community which it is not.
    People like Mark Chimura and Lance Rentzel vanished from the NFL after their crimes and if Ben Roethlisberger is convicted, I bet he will too. Tom Brady having a baby out of wedlock? If that was grounds for expulsion, half the NFL would be gone.
    Vick apologists just cannot accept that there are diehard NFL fans who would rather see their teams lose every game then put Vick on the field. He should have been kept out for a year and spent the time proving he knows what he did is wrong. He didn’t serve a day for cruelty to animals, only for racketeering.
    If and when a team signs him, which they can choose to do thanks to Goodell, NFL sponsors will face boycotts of their products by those who have the choice to make their anger known.
    And yes, I do support the shelters trying to save the dogs Vick didn’t kill and while I wouldn’t say I like dogs better than people, in Vick’s case, I’ll make an exception.

  40. mike vick did his time to society?
    I m not sure I see the difference between adolf hitler and mike vick, both used and tortured living creatures
    for their entertainment, then murdered the ones they considered useless.
    mike vick did not lose it one day and shoot 1 dog, he premeditated torturing living breathing things that did not perform to his liking.
    mike vick did go out drinking one night and hit a stray dog or jogger on the road, that would be bad enuff. Mike designed a sick way to torture a a living breathing creature, this is a sick sadistic human being that belongs behind bars the rest of his life, but do to the pathetic laws in this country, this criminal is allowed to walk the streets a free man.

  41. Okay, never fear, the voice of reason is here…It’s hard to clear through all the hate i see for VIck on this website. Hypothetically speaking, If Roethlisburger indeed raped this young lady, is that a worst offense then perpetuating and participating in dogfighting? I think it’s far worst, but, yet it I don’t hear the out cry and the dehumanizing of Big Ben. Okay, now that that’s off my chest, Vick will be playing in the NFl this year and he will be a millionaire once again, so what will all the blogger bitching do? Nothing, I’m so sick of hearing you guys about Vick. If your going to scrutinize, than do it to all players who have ran afoul of the law and not just Vick. Geez, Vick actually paid his debt to society and you guys still won’t get off his case. He is a playmaker who will give defensive coordinator’s a fit. As long as he has that ability, someone will pay him to play. And to all who say they will never watch NFl or his future team again, 1. who cares..2. your lying. You will still view in whether it’s to see him get killed or if your a fan. Bottom line, please get over it people.

  42. i think vick deserves another chance. isn’t that a big part of what this country has been all about since the beginning? he has paid his debt to society and the nfl and will probably be paying that price for the rest of his life. this entire situation will likely haunt him for the rest of his life. rightfully so.
    as for his life style, do you honestly think that this was the first and only time stallworth got behind a wheel after a night of drinking? give me a break that was and is a life style as well.
    i find it funny that many posters on here seem to know mike vick better than dungy. all of you seem to know exactly what will happen long before it is taking place. go buy some power ball tickets fast!

  43. @Caseymax
    How do you figure a DUI is a mistake? Did he not know that he drove to a bar and was going to drink? Don’t minimize it dude. Stallworth knew outright that he was going to drink and drive and I’ll bet that he’s done it multiple times.

  44. JeterLeto says:
    August 10, 2009 12:11 AM
    Everyone hating on mike vick … lol. I dont remember seeing anyone of you in the forums when stallworth killed a guy because of alcohol. Sad how human life is less important than animal life. Honestly he is back in the NFL waiting for a team to sign him and if they do awesome. He was one of a kind years ago when he played. He sold tickets and people loved to watch him play. Its time to let this go and move on. To throw out a true situation….. At least the dogs had a fighting chance to live but the guy crossing the street that got hit by a car did not. Sad but true.
    The dogs had a fighting chance? Really? The helpless animals who were already chained up or in cages had a chance?
    The guy crossing the street did not? HE chose to jaywalk. Sure, Stallworth may or may not have hit him if he was sober – we will never know. But, Stallworth DID NOT INTENTIONALLY run down Mr. Reyes. Vick and his “posse” INTENTIONALLY killed those dogs.
    Go get your G.E.D., if they are available down there in Alabama.

  45. Ahhhh….they’ve turned on Dungy now. LOL! I knew it would happen! The hate is so deeply embedded that any hint of support from ANYONE means instant tobyfication.

  46. To southernboi727 ,
    Your an idiot! They were only his dogs? He can do what he wants? Geez, I’m sure that bodes well for “there his kids” too.
    Second of all you moron…they were not only his dogs….they steal and use other peoples pets, to let their dogs rip apart as training.
    Third, your ignorance and lack of coomon sense would make you less valuable than a dog in my book. What a jagof……..

  47. I agree VBeach31.
    You people are ridiculous! I hope your kids never do something dumb and end with some of these guys in their jury box. Try walking a mile in someone elses shoes before you be so judgemental. Unfortunately everyone cant grow up in Mr. Roger’s neighborhood. Yes, he was wrong. He has acknowledged his wrong doings and is taking the proper steps to get his life in order. He deserves another chance. That is what this country is all about.
    Regarding Dungy, he is a great coach as well as a great humanitarian. Ask Peyton how many rings he’s gotten without Dungy. Ask Peyton who’s the best coach he’s ever a had I’m pretty sure he’d say Dungy. The guy has done great work in our commnunities and continues to. You dont build a legacy like his by sitting on the sideline pointing your finger. Get involved! Try reaching out to some of these young people who may not have the same positive roll models or mentors some of us had growing up.

  48. @ Tha Suz ,
    Dude How could you say that about Michael Vick &&
    some damn dawgs? When reality White People messed up too, they put dog leashes on there damn kids && prowl around in malls with them on. Matt Jones did crack && That’s ok… Plaxico Burress shot his damn self in the leg. But some dogs.. For seven years when have you known Vick to even miss a game because of a dog ring? Do you know Vick personally? for you to sit there && say that Vick is not one thee elite quarterback, you have to be on drugs. Because I put this on your life that Michael is better than your favorite Quarterback, because It’s not even 15 good starting quarterbacks in the league right now playing.. && if it is tell me who they are? People kill me criticizing like in life you can’t get a second chance.. && you just the type of man/ or women that make world suffer because of your words.. It’s only one God, && only one should be heard.. You want to hear my opinion, you need to just go jump off your nearest bridge && kill yourself.

  49. Thats funny, a bro criticizing Brady for “who’s your daddy” … if that was a chargable offense, there would only be enough players for 16 NFL teams and maybe a 5 team NBA…and they would be shooting foul shots underhand.
    Isn’t that calling the kettle bla….. never mid.

  50. He commited no crime.Dogs were meant to fight!Bunch of yankee liberals decided a true sport like dog fighting is cruel which is B-S.What is truly cruel is having to listen to a bunch of left wingers reporting the news every night.

  51. For the love of god please stop with these arguments trying to compare players to what Vick has done.
    You’re fishing and sound dumb. I can assure you Tom
    “Whatever dumb thing you called him” Brady is taking care of his kids but can you say the same about Travis Henry?
    I can’t do it anymore, I can’t defend dumb black athletes because they are black. And yes I am black as well. Vick is an idiot, no way around it, and I don’t know if he should play again, frankly I don’t care. This mfer is making the rest of us look bad and you have the nerve to defend him?
    I’m sure your one of those brilliant ppl that called my boy McNabb, a true class act, an uncle tom…
    The only recent athlete that deserves to be defended is Stallworth, because I’m not sure if he would of missed hitting that guy if he was sober. And, with all due respect, I know how to cross a street under any and every circumstance, not saying the guy deserved it, but he damn sure didn’t help.
    Lets be realistic, Vick was an ok qb, not great, not the worst, he had a cannon arm, and was one of the faster game speed players I’ve ever seen, but was he holding back roddy white who is now all of a sudden one of the better wideouts in the league?
    Is it worth taking a risk, probably not, he still has 2 – 3 years to repair his image before he returns. And at that point he will probably be over the hill.
    Please fellow black men, stop blaming “whitey” because you can’t get out of your own way.
    And by the way, I am a dog lover, and to willingly kill and torture multiple innocent animals, that ultimately can’t defend themselves is worse than accidentally hitting a man who doesn’t know how to cross a street if I were the judging type. Yeah I said it, so what

  52. Yea, and rebels like jebb were meant to inbreed …but thats still illegal too….. damn left wingers. By the way, I’m a right winger and am embarressed if you are also. How many people have to show up at your family reunion before you can add up a full set of teeth anyway.

  53. This website has some of the smartest idiots I’ve ever spoken too. You guys hate Michael Vick so much that you turn against Tony Dungy, who is one of the most influential figures associated with the NFl. It’s a lose lose situation with you. The man does so much for charity and to help out young men who need guidance, yet when he sets out to help Vick, he know becomes an overated coach, a racist, and full of sh*t. You guys are unbelievable. This guy was a great coach and a even greater person. He is partly responsible for the development of one of the games best quarterbacks and he also was the first African American Coach to win a Super Bowl. You guess throw a lot of stones, I hope ya’ll don’t have glass houses..

  54. Lol.. one comment i leave i come back and its all about racism. Some of you are sad sad people. And to zygi milf im from Ohio not Alabama. 🙂

  55. If my Vikes sign Mike “I can’t throw a football for sh!t” Vick I will sell my season tics..at a discount. I know we’re hurting for QB’s up here in purple land but Vick is not the answer…he’s a horrible QB and we already have the best RB in the NFL. I’m not against Vick for his dog fighting “mistakes” (although that certainly doesn’t help matters), I’m against him cause he simply sucks as a QB. If poop could sh!t, it would like like his passes.
    GO VIKES!!!!

  56. Glad some of you are pointing out the stupidity of calling a lifelong love of dogfighting and a many year active participation in such on his part a “mistake” Again, I must say that Vick stated that he never knew it was wrong since he had been watching it since he was a kid. So WHY LIE TO THE COMMISH IF YOU “DIDN’T KNOW IT WAS WRONG”? He knew it was wrong. He’s a sociopath.
    Pats fans already knew Dungy was a sanctimonious hypocrite so none of this stance surprises us.
    Hey “he’s paid his debt to society” people, answer me this. If you “paid your debt to the bank” should they be forced to give you another loan since they already know you have bad credit?
    I think it’s funnier that he is available to be signed and no one has touched him yet. I think that’s the best way, no excuses for Ronnie Mex about how everyone is holding him back. I will laugh my ass off if no team signs him. THAT will be what he deserves.

  57. What Stallworth did would qualify as a mistake. I don’t think anybody believes he ran that guy over on purpose and he seems truly appalled at what he did. Vick on the other hand seems more angry than anything else about the inconvenience of getting busted on the dogfighting charges. For years he was personally involved in the abuse, torture and killing of dogs. Sure, he served his time and deserves a second chance, but only as a regular Joe. He should not be allowed into pro football or any occupation where he’s considered a role model. I don’t think we’d be having this conversation if he had been molesting kids, but what he did was very similar to that, and is related to the same personality disorder that causes people to abuse animals.
    The league, teams and sponsors will the rue the day if they let him play again.

  58. Vikes=2009_NFC_Champs
    I gotta stop you there,
    You do not, I repeat do not have the best running back in the league.
    When will people realize that AP is incredibly overrated.
    He is a great straight ahead runner, but he has no lateral movement, can only run through completely blown open holes, can’t pass block, catch out the back field, and is one of the leagues premier fumbling machines
    Madden was right, he is a good runner, no where near a complete running back. I’d take 5 other rbs before him. Have you ever considered his inability in pass, blocking and receiving isn’t helping you qb situation any?

  59. America cares more for their animals than the life of an innocent baby???? I see why all other countries laugh at Americans. People can strap their innocent babies in cars seats and dump them in the river or plot & excute the brutual murder of loved ones and Americans forgive them by allowing them to live out their lives (at the expense of taxpayers) in prison. This young man is human. He made his mistake and accepted the consequences for his actions. He deserves a second chance and forgiveness. Hell he didn’t murder any innocent babies and then ask us tax payers to pay for the rest of his life behind bars… LEAVE HIM ALONE!!!!

  60. realityonetwo:
    “The National Vital Statistics Report created by the CDC indicates that nearly 7 out of every 10 babies born to black women are illegitimate.”
    Internet Racists. *sigh*
    The person you responded to was racist.
    By responding with your google-found ‘statistics’ you prove you’re no better.

  61. Seeing such venom for Vick has lead me to my society’s heirarchy of life value.
    1. White man
    2. White woman
    3. Dog
    4. Black man.
    I know this is a tired debate. But Stallworth and leonard little are the monsters here. You mean to say that these 2 bastards should earn a living after killing PEOPLE. Vick made “Spot” and “Fido” fight each other, so he should never be forgiven. I got 4 words. YOU PEOPLE ARE STUPID

  62. arrogantbastard
    Intentions are something you need to look at here.
    Little and Stallworth made terrible awful mistakes and took peoples lives, but that wasn’t their intention.
    It is bad no matter what way you look at it, but they didn’t get in their cars with the intention to hurt people.
    Vick on the other hand intended on hurting defenseless animals, through fighting them against each other, and sick torture tactics. Through methods that no creature that can feel the sensation of pain, let alone the most adored animal to man, should have to go through.
    I don’t condone what Little and Stallworth did, but Vick has some serious issues to do what he did, and his intentions were 1 million times worse then the others, even though the outcome might not have been.
    And btw, I am a 27 year old black male so you can’t call me racist

  63. famucancer-you are absolutely right. The Vick haters quickly turned into Dungy haters when he spoke up for the guy, even though he was ASKED to do so by none other than Vicks own attorney. Tony didn’t just horn in uninvited, he was ASKED to do so, first by Mikes attorney and then by Roger Goodell himself. Your right though, the Vick haters will lambast ANYONE who DARES speak up for him, regardless of the circumstances. Its pathetic.

  64. CKL said-Pats fans already knew Dungy was a santimonious hypocrite so none of this comes as a surprise to us. HAHAHA thats the funniest damn thing I’ve ever heard. The only reason pats fans hate Tony is because he was the ONLY major media figure to call out your HERO Belichick for the cheating scumbag he is. Its truly laughable that you roaches show up now to roast him, because its obvious that what he said about the sociopathic cheater Belichick is the only reason why. You maggots are just pissed because he was the only one who had the BALLS to call a spade a spade. What a freaking joke you cheatriot fans are. Ha ha ha….

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