Injured Browns wide receiver's agent raising questions

In the wake of Cleveland Browns wide receiver Syndric Steptoe’s season-ending shoulder injury, which was first reported by PFT Saturday night, Steptoe’s agent has questioned the wisdom of coach Eric Mangini’s decision to conduct a full-speed practice in a rainstorm.

Jerome Stanley, who represents Steptoe, told Mary Kay Cabot of the Cleveland Plain Dealer that Mangini made a “last-minute decision” to change the practice from the walk-through that players had supposedly anticipated.  Steptoe reportedly has a torn labrum.

However, the agent said that he has no plans to file a complaint with the NFL Players Association.

“The coaches should more carefully weigh the risk of injury in practice decisions,” Stanley said. “My understanding is that the team was on the field for a walk-through the day before the scrimmage. The walk-through turned into a full practice in a driving rain.

“Obviously, hindsight gives one a different perspective, but if the practice had stayed a walk-through, Syndric wouldn’t be preparing for season-ending surgery right now. The decision produced a bad result for the kid and the team.”

Per the report, there were no contact drills during the workout.  And the practice was abbreviated due to the weather conditions.

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  1. Sorry, but players get injured. They get injured in practice, in games, on motorcycles, etc. Should we cancel games because of rain? Steptoe’s injury is unfortunate, but these things happen. Blaming Mangini for holding a rain practice is like blaming Steptoe’s shoulder for not being stronger.

  2. The more I hear about Mangini the more convinced I am he has Narcissistic Personality Disorder. This is going to be his last stop in the NFL.

  3. This is just a pretence to how badly Mangini will be as a head coach for another franchise.

  4. “Per the report, there were no contact drills during the workout. ”
    So he slipped and fell or was pushed and fell? Same thing could have happened when he was walking to his car after practice. Sh*t happens, go roll around in your mattress made of money Mr. agent.

  5. Typically on issues I agree with the players more so than management/coaching, however, concerning this case, I strongly disagree with the agent/player. In fact, the agent needs to keep his mouth shut. Having a practice in inclement weather is solely up to the coach. As long as there isn’t lightning – you play football! Why wouldn’t a coach want to take advantage of inclement weather? Not that the coach should have to justify his decision, but last time I checked football is played in any type of weather.

  6. Agents are experts on proper practicing techniques now? Where was he last year when Crennel was running his country club and ice cream social practices? Guys still got hurt then as well. It’s football!

  7. Are we going to micro-analyze everything Eric Mangini does this year?
    Mangini made the playoffs his first year and almost did it last year until Favre blew up in the last half of the season.
    He correctly bounced the Soldier and correctly identified Crabtree as a diva.
    Give him a chance.

  8. The dude’s probably petrified that he’s next in line for a staph infection, so he’s a little defensive. We should probably cut him some slack.

  9. You tough guys are missing the point. A walk through is just that. It’s not much more physical than taking a number 2 pencil to a scantron sheet. Guys aren’t warmed up and stretched out as they would be for a full practice, especially one in bad weather. His agent alludes to the fact that it was a last minute change, leaving the players essentially ill-prepared. That creates a much higher risk of injury, as even a simple slip can cause a tear when you’re not warmed up. It’s a stupid thing to do. Kinda like denying guys water on a hot day used to be seen as a way to ensure toughness. Really it’s just stupid.

  10. Following an event like the Packers’ Family Night (for the scrimmage) via computer updates is pretty pale compared to attending the event, but it’s better than nothing and I was looking forward to it last nite. When the event was cancelled because of the rain/lightning, etc., I was disappointed. But when the reason was given as concern for player safety, I understood.
    Reading this, I’m glad they cancelled. I’d hate to be reading about more injuries today than camp has already produced.

  11. Since when did anyone question the wisdom of one of the moves of Mangenius?
    What’s that? Oh really? That long huh?
    Sorry… please continue.

  12. Guy gets hurt in a non-contact practice? Yeah, totally Mangini’s fault.
    You Jets fans and Magini-haters are priceless.

  13. For a percentage of DA’s contract I would go outside in a lightning storm wearing only aluminum foil. Give me a break. Since when has football become played by a bunch of pansies.

  14. Breaking news……An agent for an un-named player has requested that all soap be removed from the team showers because a player could fall and get hurt.

  15. Yeah, cause rainstorms are hazardous. C’mon, Mr. Agent, rainy practice is actually a gift from God when a team is getting ready to play a season of football. It gives the players and coaching staff a chance to experience what it’s REALLY going to be like out there. And the fact that the agent begins his backtrack mid-complaint is priceless.
    “Obviously, hindsight gives one a different perspective…”
    So, in other words, the coach did nothing wrong, but I’m gunna bitch anyway. Go back to your office, leech.

  16. Was it raining when LeCharles Bentley blew out his knee? Stuff happens. Last time I looked there’s no dome in Cleveland and there’s a good chance that during the season you’re going to have to play in a game that is going to feature adverse weather conditions. You almost have to practice in these types of conditions in order to be ready for that.

  17. I was at training camp when it happened. The “driving rain” was about 10 minutes, after which the sun came out. No, the players weren’t “ill-prepared” for it either. By last minute, I think the agent means it was changed from the night before. The guys came out in full pads, did a full warm up and stretch, and got at it. Steptoe is no big loss. Two 2nd round picks on wide receivers this draft should be a hint to that. So we lost a backup punt returner. The big deal is what?
    Oh yeah, question for the board…will I look like a smarter football analyst if I say Mangini is fat a lot, or if I say staph infection a lot?

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