Nick Mangold suffers knee injury

Though coach Rex Ryan says it’s no big deal, Jets center Nick Mangold suffered a knee injury during practice on Sunday.

“It is a knee, but it’s not a serious thing,” Ryan said.  “I don’t know the timetable, he may miss a practice or two, I’m not real sure.  But it’s not serious.

“I’m not exactly sure [what the injury is], but it’s nothing serious.  There was no ligament damage or anything else.  It’s probably more of an inconvenience than anything else.  Anytime you deal with a knee though, it’s pretty scary.  He should be fine.”

One thing we’ve learned over the past few days is that the initial diagnosis of a knee injury can change, dramatically — whether it’s initially believed to be an ACL tear but isn’t, or whether it’s not believed to be an ACL tear but is.