Palmer has cautionary tale for Brady

The training camp tours roll into Foxborough with a desire to look at Tom Brady’s knee, and they all they come out saying the same thing:  Brady looks good as new.

Brady’s passing has looked sharp, and his knee hasn’t prevented him from participating in any aspects of practice.

As Brady joked, the only difference may be that his running has gone from “slow” to “slower.”

Carson Palmer, who is now three seasons removed from very similar injuries, has a warning. 

He’s still not completely over the tears to his ACL and MCL.

“The biggest part was the mental block of the confidence of following though on your throws. . . . Still to this day I’m trying to get over this mental block,” Palmer told Sam Farmer of the Los Angeles Times.

Brady has looked excellent in practice, but his toughest test is yet to come.  Perhaps that’s why he expects to play in the preseason.  He wants to get experience playing in a game situation out of the way.

Palmer indicates that the sooner Brady can play live football again, the better.

“The only way you get through that mental block is repetitions, and
repetitions in live games when guys can hit you low and hit you high,” Palmer said.

Perhaps Brady’s defining trait is his ability to slightly shift inside the pocket, allowing him an extra beat to deliver a pass without blinking in the face of a pass rush.  Palmer admits that has been harder to do since his injury.

“It’s just something where you’ve got to go out on a limb and just say,
‘I’m going to step through every throw.’  Because what happens is the ball
starts sailing on you, balls start dying, interceptions happen, tipped
balls happen, and your completion percentage drastically goes down.”

Brady has conquered the physical aspect of returning from the injury, but the mental aspect of returning from any major injury “is a hurdle no one can talk you through,” according to Bill Belichick.

Brady, for one, doesn’t sound worried about opponents flying at his knees.

“I think that’s just part of the process. We’ll see when that comes up,” Brady said.  “There will be plenty of guys to test it.  Out here in practice, there are guys flying around.  I’m going to get
hit plenty this year, so I’m sure it will hold up and I’ll be just

Palmer hasn’t quite been the same since his injury, with his accuracy and decision making sometimes suspect.  A weak offensive line in Cincinnati hasn’t helped, but Palmer looked especially off-kilter in the first games after returning from injury early in 2006.

The Patriots open their preseason schedule Thursday at Philadelphia, and it’s uncertain if Brady will play.

If he does, watching Brady’s follow through in the face of the pass rush will be of greater importance than his stats in the box score.

39 responses to “Palmer has cautionary tale for Brady

  1. If anyone can do it, it’s Brady. I’m a die-hard Colt’s fan, but I have tremendous respect for Brady, in part because of his pocket presence. The guy is ABSOLUTELY FEARLESS in the pocket and if anyone can get over something like this, it’s him.
    Go Colt’s.

  2. I wish the Chiefs would loan Bernard Pollard to one of the Patriots opponents this season.

  3. Brady will play. He’ll face Philly’s pass rush Thursday, Haynesworth in the 3rd pre-season game and the Giants’ pass rush in the final pre-season game and by then he’ll be over any jitters. After that, he won’t really face anything quite like those threats again until Week 10 @ Indy with Freeney et al.

  4. Carson on becoming a Bengal:
    “…what happens is the ball starts sailing on you, balls start dying, interceptions happen, tipped balls happen, and your completion percentage drastically goes down.”

  5. While I would fully expect the Patriots to come out throwing all day even with the injury concerns, I can’t help but look at the depth at RB and TE and wonder if we’ll see a slight shift towards more handoffs and “max protect” blocking on passes. Obviously you want to get the ball in the hands of Moss and Welker as much as possible, but at the same time I’m not sure if they want Brady alone on an island with 5 blockers and 5 receivers as often as they used to. Something to watch for I guess…

  6. What the hell? First he says he’s STILL trying to work through the mental block, then he says:
    “The only way you get through that mental block is repetitions, and repetitions in live games when guys can hit you low and hit you high,”
    If he hasn’t gotten over the block, how can he give advice on getting over it? Maybe banging a world famous supermodel whenever you feel like it is a better way of getting over the block….Maybe Carson should try that.

  7. IIRC, Palmer worked so hard, in the 2005 off-season to get ready, so he didn’t have time to think. He started 2006 off well, but the mental thing crept in quickly and he got worse as it went on. His mental decisions haven’t been the same. Of course, repetitive and predictible play calling by Offensive co-ordinator Bob Bratkowski didn’t help anything, either.
    I look at 2009 as make or break for him. In TC he has still been throwing ints to DBs regularly. Now this may be due to the quality of the Bengals defense, but I am not quite so sure. Everyone in Cincinnati is wearing blinders, but if his ints continue, Cincinnati has to start looking for a new QB for next year, if they want to be competitive.
    Of course, the Bengals have so many $$$ invested in Carson they won’t make a change until his contract is up…. after 2014.
    But they can’t put pressure on the D (lopsided time of possession) like they have the last three years. If the Offense could have stayed on the field the expected 30 minutes a game, their D would have been top 10 last year.

  8. He does need to play in the preseason. What better place to shake off the rust and become more secure?
    What Palmer didn’t mention was that he had his best season the year after he was (intentionally?) run into in the playoffs.
    I don’t expect Brady to throw for 50 TD’s this season, but the running game is better than it was in 2007. Get ready NFL, our March to Miami is about to begin.

  9. I can’t help but think that the quality of talent and coaching around him is also part of the burden that Carson Palmer has to deal with. Tom Brady has confidence that his line will protect him, that his receivers will go after the ball, adn that the coaches will gameplan according to the proper protection needs. I don’t think that Palmer has had that pleasure.

  10. I hope the best for Brady, he’s one of the most exciting players in the game… but the optimism surrounding his injury sounds a lot like wishful thinking by fans of the game who want to see a great entertained back on the field ASAP.
    I hope they miss the SB, because I’m tired of seeing the Pats in the postseason – but if he’s not in top form, what’s the media going to say? Because they won’t be able to bring themselves to say that he’s l-, he’s l- l- l-…. he’s lost a strep.

  11. @ gameday You’re the typical 30 something puke still living in mommys basement playing fantasy football all day, get some fresh air and a life while your at it.

  12. @ TLyons4 —
    I’m sure we (and opposing defenses) will be given that “max protect” look, but everybody’s gotta remember that the things that have made Brady so good and seemingly well-protected have been (in order):
    1) his own quick and accurate reads
    2) his own quick and accurate release
    3) pass protection from the O-line, TE’s and backs
    Playing a lot in the pre-season is about the only way he’ll get #s 1 and 2 back. NOT playing in the 2008 pre-season maybe left him a bit slower than “normal” and left him more vulnerable (and idea he’s offered himself).
    Another thing to remember is that, in pretty much every offensive formation (“max protect” or not), Brady will have five legitimate pass-catchers to throw to (that defenses will have to cover), almost no matter who’s at TE or in the backfield.
    Anyway, the Pats’ defense is going to surprise people this season, so 50 TD passes probably won’t be necessary. Possible, but not required.

  13. “Perhaps Brady’s defining trait is his ability to slightly shift inside the pocket, allowing him an extra beat to deliver a pass without blinking in the face of a pass rush”.
    Hmm, and how well did that “trait” help Cindy Brady last year when Pollard laid the hammer down on her?
    Bernard Pollard is a hero!

  14. gameday–im guessing your a doplhins fan or jets fan, either way you have to get over it it, the only thing ya have on us is you keep bring up “cheating”, thats so old.
    get something new

  15. SixBurghDude,
    you commented by showing a video of Brady standing in the pocket throwing the ball and taking the hits. Not one hit does he shy away from. Good argument on your part trying to say he isn’t fearless. Tool.

  16. Carson Palmer will never be confused with Tom Brady. This comparison is ridiculous. Gregg, does fall under “news”, “rumor”, or filling your quota for Florio?

  17. @ whethersusa/ManeMan-
    TLyons4 says:
    “I’m not sure if they want Brady alone on an island with 5 blockers and 5 receivers as often as they used to”
    No worries Massholes, your Cheatriot o-line is the NFL’s best at holding & getting away with it, afterall they’re taught their techniques by BeliCHEAT, the MASTER CHEAT!!!

  18. Kimo von Oelhoffen stinks. At least Bo Jackson played a passive role when he cursed the Bengals and sent careers in a tailspin.

  19. They don’t have to wait until 2014 to get rid of Palmer, contracts aren’t guaranteed in that league. He needs to force their hand and get out of there, he is extermely talented and needs to go somewhere where he has a chance to win!!! As far as saying Pollard is a hero, I’m not a Patriots fan, but I don’t like to see anyone get hurt!!!

  20. God damn I hope my team never sucks even half as bad as gameday’s team. I’d hate to have nothing better to do that be a one trick pony (or is that a one trick troll?) who does nothing but monitor Patriots related news so I can make the same comments over and over.
    Too bad he will only be around posting until the first week or so of Feb ’10 because after the Patriots win the superbowl this year I’m sure suicide can’t be far off.
    The beauty of being a Pats fan isn’t just winning lots…although that is certainly a benefit. It’s also not just knowing that every season you will be a contender… It’s knowing that eventually the weak willed, bandwagon jumping haters will eventually have their hearts broken by my Patriots.
    Of course, guys like Gameday are only Patriots haters now because the Cowboys (the team they despised in the 90s) can’t make the playoffs. Don’t worry gameday, you’ll be able to hate the Patriots for a long time to come.
    And we’ll have TONS of video on it so we can all relieve the experience…forever. See you in the playoffs 😀

  21. mskrs, love it, right on. Pasta belly and stiller, take your noses out fo the air, nobody likes a stuck up little bitch. You stuck up little bitches

  22. @ of a revolution-
    Funny cause to me he looks like a whiny little bitch, pointing at his o-line & wincing in defeat…his numbers would be pedestrian if he faced the pressure that Ben Roethlisberger does behind that sieve o-line of his…face it, dude WILTS when he’s faced with the same pressure Ben’s endured through most of his career…dumps the girl who spawns his BASTARD, while she’s still pregnant, no less…role model indeed!
    Afterall I would expect no less from a fanbase that defends proven CHEATS with their dying breath, for the purpose of self-satisfaction, which gives you the unenviable task of swallowing the TAINTED load that goes with it!!!

  23. The mental aspect is probably the biggest part of the process, and the toughest to get through. Some people are able to do it without much of an issue, and some are never the same again. I hope Brady is one of those who can get through it fairly easy and return to his previous form.
    Oh, and certain people, calling a player a “hero” for causing a devastating injury to another player? That is about as classless as it gets. I am sure Pollard doesn’t consider himself a “hero.” I don’t think he tried to hurt Brady, and I would bet he wishes the injury didn’t happen. True players and true sports fans never wish for someone to be hurt like that. There are players I dislike as well, some because they are that good, and I don’t like having them on opposite teams. Watching the Pats lose the Superbowl was devastating, but in no way would I ever wish that instead of winning the game, some player from the Giants would instead get a devastating injury.
    So Gameday, and anyone else that celebrates that kind of thing, you will just have to go back to hoping Brady has a permanent mental block, because otherwise, you are gonna go back to crying in your beer when your team faces the Pats. They should be an excellent team again this year, improved on both sides of the ball.

  24. @SixBurghDude – In your first post you claim Brady is something other than fearless in the pocket, and link to a poorly edited super bowl highlight reel that shows him stepping confidently into his throws while being pummeled.
    – In your second post you complain about New England’s O line holding, and say that they learn from BeliCHEAT(very creative). If you knew anything about football, you’d know that a hold occurs on virtually every play, and every football coach from pop-warner on up teaches his o-line how to properly hold and get away with it.
    Go watch a couple of the local high school practices, maybe you’ll learn a thing or two….And ease up on hatin your rivals, without them, steelers games wouldn’t be worth watching. You need a worthy opponent to play an exciting game, duh…

  25. Carson is wasting his time. Brady has superpowers! Brady turns water into wine. Brady is perfect. Brady is god. All hail Tom Brady!

  26. SixBurghDude,
    Your so sad, you can’t eat the pats when it counts. I live in Pittsburgh, many have told me it means nothing until the Steelers beat them in the post season. Also, your simple post with the video link showed Brady being fearless, moron !
    Six, LOL. How many this decade, oops only 2 !!
    The Steelers look up to Brady and Pats, they realize their owned by the Pats in the post season and the only times they made it to the SB was because they didn’t playthe Pats.
    Poor baby 😉 Maybe after Belichick and Brady retire LOL

  27. Please save us all from your dribble drabble crapola.
    Continue to keep your head stuck in the sand, and spout off the typical company line of EVERYBODY ELSE WAS DOING IT!!!
    Child please!!!!!!!!!
    Sorry, but Goodell did NOT strip the Dolphins, Broncos, Jets, or Raiders of ANY draft picks. Goodell DID strip your pathetic, cheating Patriots of a draft pick for CHEATING. Also docking the “misinterpetor” of the rules book , Bill Belicheat $500,000 and fining your greedy owner Bobby Boy, another hefty amoount.
    StanJam( actually Brady’stoeJam)
    See you idiot bandwagon fans always seem to “forget” is that EVERY team received a memo detailing what can and cant be filmed, where and when filming can be done. But ONLY, and I repeat ONLY the Patriots cheated by clearly and intentionally violated the rules to gain an unfair advantage.
    So pull your acne laced neck out of the sand, wipe your blind a$$ eyes, blow your runny sniveling nose, let Brady pull out of your fudge packed rearend, pull your lipstick covered lips off Belicheats pole, and take a long…….slow………big…..gulp……….of STFU juice! TURD!

  28. Brady, listen to Palmer. Don’t act like it’s no big deal. He’s still not the same quarterback from when he tore his ACL and MCL. It’s not that easy. Sure, he’s a great QB, but it won’t be that easy.

  29. Yeah…. Tom Brady should listen to advice from Carson Palmer, sure. They’re cut from the same cloth, right?
    Carson Palmer, on your best day you can’t carry Brady’s towel on his worst day. You and he have zero in common, which is why you let that injury hand in your head where Brady is already over it.
    gameday says:
    August 9, 2009 1:40 PM
    “Hmm, and how well did that “trait” help Cindy Brady last year when Pollard laid the hammer down on her?
    Bernard Pollard is a hero!”
    Right. Pollard really “laid the hammer down”.
    That was an illegal hit at Brady’s knees, douchebag, and Pollard ought to be embarassed that he sank that low to injure one of the greatest QB’s in the game. Unlike Palmer, however, Brady isn’t the weak-minded type who will let that take his career into the sewer.
    Pollard is a loser, just like you.

  30. # Creepin Death says:
    “TB is the Greatest QB Ever! Bitches”
    Thx. for your opinion Terry Bradshaw was a great QB as he’s accomplished something that ShadyBrady the CHEAT never will, 4 Super Bowl wins against ZERO defeats. But I must disagree, the only other QB to match Bradshaw’s feat, Joe Montana is the greatest ever, take your pick, one led my Pittsburgh Steelers to an unprecedented 4 Super Bowl titles in 6 yrs., the other developed in the WPIAL in my native S.W. Pa., as did the following NFL QB’s that are either in the H-O-F or are Super Bowl winning starting QB’s or both:
    1. George Blanda
    2. Johnny Unitas
    3. Joe Namath
    4. Joe Montana
    5. Jim Kelly
    6. Dan Marino
    7. Jeff Hostetler
    No other region of the USA has produced more talent & it’s not limited to only QB’s as Mike Ditka, Jack Ham & Tony Dorsett to name just a few other immortals also all hail from the same football hotbed!

  31. I think Brady will come out and do good but he’s going to have to sit out some of the preseason untill he is at full tilt again.

  32. BrianPat,
    1st of all the decade ain’t over yet, additionally I ask you; how many LEGIT this decade for your CHEATS? Afterall, the PatsyFagg bandwagon never existed prior to this millenium…LMMFAO!

  33. gameday, there is a reason why Goodell didn’t strip the Dolphins, Broncos, Niners, Raiders as you mentioned…
    Because he wasn’t the commish yet you moron…
    Do you and that other troll really think we care that you feel the Pats are cheaters and are tainted? What grown man acts like you and the other tard from Pittsburgh?
    None…Not to mention you two seem to be the only ones that laugh at your own posts. Grow up.

  34. LOL @ gameday. The Fins lost a draft pick because they CHEATED to get Shula away from Baltimore.
    Yeah that’s right, Shula, the Brett Favre of HCs. Overrated as hell, won only 1 SB and coasted on it the rest of his career. Has the win record because of his longevity. Yep, that’s the guy.

  35. @ CKL-
    Shula became the 2nd H.C. to win back to back Bowls, he’s won 2 (VII & VIII) & lost 3 (III, VI & XVII).

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