Reid hints at Runyan return

As former Eagles right tackle Jon Runyan continues to recover from microfracture knee surgery and as new Eagles right tackle Shawn Andrews continues to miss time due to a back injury that knocked out most of his 2008 season, coach Andy Reid has hinted that Runyan could be back.

“I know where he’s at,” Reid told the media on Sunday.  “I saw him at the funeral service for [former defensive coordinator] Jim [Johnson] and talked to him there.  We have a pretty good idea of where he’s at and we’ll just see how things go.  He’s working hard at getting back and that’s really what his primary focus should be, whether it’s here or somewhere else.”

Reid also said that he doesn’t know when Andrews will be back; however, Reid said Andrews is making progress.

As to Runyan, we’re told that he’s expected to be cleared medically within the next week. 

It remains to be seen whether Runyan will be back for yet another season with the Eagles.  Given some fairly significant changes that the team is facing on the defensive side of the ball, it makes sense to keep as many familiar faces as possible on offense.

13 responses to “Reid hints at Runyan return

  1. you know the eagles have injury problems when theyre thinking about bringing in an injured lineman to replace an injured lineman

  2. It’s Stacey Andrews, and until this day, I have wondered about the comments by whoever write them, claiming that FLORIO IS BUSH LEAGUE. This is one case, one mistakee I have seen, but all the same is kind of a glaring one don’t you think? Yikes

  3. Actually, Stacey Andrews has been practicing and is slated to play at right guard, not tackle. Shawn is moving to right tackle, so Florio actually has this right. For once.

  4. @CurseofBoJackson . . .
    ignorance truly is bliss.
    shawn andrews has been moved from guard to tackle. stacy andrews will be playing guard.
    since runyan plays tackle, shawn andrews’ ability to play is more relevant at this point than stacy andrews’ ability to play.

  5. Shawn Andrews doesn’t want to play…..That’s the problem…….Not where he plays, he just wants to get paid….If it’s not one thing it’s another….

  6. Is Shawn Andrews the one with the mental problems or his brother? Anyway, I have read many articles saying the Eagles are Super Bowl bound based on their off season activity, but counting on a lineman with mental issues is pretty is questionable.
    Eagles will be lucky to not finish last in their division.

  7. @ p ditty
    That’s Shawn Andrews with the “depression.”
    Runyan is old and all, but it surely can’t hurt anything to get him on the roster.
    Shawn should stay at guard, though.

  8. Big John still has a locker in the Eagles locker room — along with shirts, shoes and other personal items in it….I find that interesting

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