Tebucky Jones sues Pats doctors

It happens once every few years.  An NFL player sues the doctors hired by the team to provide medical care.

Typically, the player claims that the doctors committed some type of malpractice in operating on an injury, or that the doctors manipulated a guy’s care to get him back on the field.

In the latest case of a lawsuit being filed by a player against a team, the claim is that doctors failed to notice that the player had a torn ACL, thereby preventing the player from getting the condition repaired and continuing his career.

The plaintiff in the present case is former Patriots safety Tebucky Jones.  A first-round pick of the team in 1998, the Pats applied the franchise tag to Jones in 2003 and traded him to the Saints for multiple draft picks.  After spending two years with the Saints and one with the Dolphins, Jones later returned to the Patriots, signing a two-year contract in 2006.

Jones claims that a leg injury suffered during the 2006 preseason was diagnosed only as a hamstring problem, even though two MRIs allegedly showed that he also had torn the ligament that holds together his knee.

“The biggest pain is I played for three teams and I respected New
England the most because I’m from New England,” Jones told the Boston Herald.  “I got drafted from New
England.  I won a Super Bowl with New England.  I always respected New
England.  That probably hurts the most.”

The suit doesn’t name the Patriots as a defendant, presumably because the labor agreement and/or workers’ compensation laws supersede any independent rights that Jones would have against the team. 

Jones was placed on injured reserve for 2006, and he received his full salary from the team.  When he was released the following year, he received $275,000, as required by the labor agreement.

So his primary measure of damages against the doctors will be the difference between his expected salary for 2007 and $275,000, plus anything he would have earned in 2008 or beyond.

Of course, it’s unknown whether Jones, 34, otherwise would have been able to play in 2007 or 2008. 

Then again, he was still able to swing fists last August

22 responses to “Tebucky Jones sues Pats doctors

  1. The Rams, Panthers, and Eagles should sue the Patriots for cheating. And the fans of the 31 other teams should sue the NFL and Patriots for FRAUD.
    New England Patriots were, are, and always will be considered frauds.

  2. “New England Patriots were, are, and always will be considered frauds.”
    Only by testosterone-addled 13-year-olds like “gameday.”

  3. ” I played for three teams and I respected New England the most because I’m from New England,” Jones told the Boston Herald.
    LMAO! Not surprising……. the only people that do respect New England is the chowderheads from New England. Nobody else respects cheaters.

  4. Too bad about Tebucky. He couldn’t play corner to save his life and took bad angles to the ball as a safety. His career faded badly and now he’s doing what he has to do to make some money.

  5. Hey TBuck
    Could have been worse – didn’t you see how they treated me?
    Ted Johnson

  6. gameday and jackal = Dumb and Dumber. Pathetic and tired old B.S.
    Ladies, this year is going to be nothing but fantastic! I love ruining your football season.

  7. You guys are all mocking “gameday” but I’m sure it’s just a matter of time before it’s proven in a court of law that the doctors’ malpractice is directly tied to the Patriot’s refusal to tape side line calls from thes stands rather than the sidelines.
    Gameday gets it – the rest of you THINK you know football but just can’t hold his (extra small) jockstrap.

  8. Wow. Every time a post about NE these people come out of the closet. It is amazing how many “fans” have so little understanding of the game and it’s history. If you think the Patriots should be sued and villified for cheating, you show an incredible lack of knowledge. How about the Broncos? The Dolphins? The Jets? The Raiders and Mr. Davis? Get a clue people, and get over it already. Stop being so hung up on this just because the Patriots dominated the league. Recognize your jealousy and hatred, or at least get a clue about the NFL.

  9. Stanjam( Brady’sToeJam);
    Please save us all from your dribble drabble crapola.
    Continue to keep your head stuck in the sand, and spout off the typical company line of EVERYBODY ELSE WAS DOING IT!!!
    Child please!!!!!!!!!
    Sorry, but Goodell did NOT strip the Dolphins, Broncos, Jets, or Raiders of ANY draft picks. Goodell DID strip your pathetic, cheating Patriots of a draft pick for CHEATING. Also docking the “misinterpetor” of the rules book , Bill Belicheat $500,000 and fining your greedy owner Bobby Boy, another hefty amoount.
    See you idiot bandwagon fans always seem to “forget” is that EVERY team received a memo detailing what can and cant be filmed, where and when filming can be done. But ONLY, and I repeat ONLY the Patriots cheated by clearly and intentionally violated the rules to gain an unfair advantage.
    So pull your acne laced neck out of the sand, wipe your blind a$$ eyes, blow your runny sniveling nose, let Brady pull out of your fudge packed rearend, pull your lipstick covered lips off Belicheats pole, and take a long…….slow………big…..gulp……….of STFU juice! TURD!

  10. You guys keep mocking Gameday, but he again makes a valid point about recinding the Denver Broncos titles given the fact that they were fined MUCH more than the Patriots for cheating on the Salary Cap in their Championship years.
    Gameday also puts forth some slam dunk logic for taking away the Dolphins’ “Perfect Season” since they were docked a FIRST ROUND PICK by the commissioner for tampering prior to that season.
    And his assertion that given the admitted cheating of Jimmy Johnson during his time with the Cowboys and thier titles -not to mention his implication of the coach for the assistant coach who I guess later did his misdeeds for the Colts too
    He’s really making a great case about all the teams that “cheated” with tampering (which NEVER goes on in the NFL) and stealing signals or spying… even those going back 50 years like the Chiefs and Bears
    I mean unless Gameday is a complete hypocrit you guys won’t be able to hold his jock strap when his testicles eventually drop.

  11. Gameday your words of wisdom must make you feel like the toast of your trailer park. Now finish up your beer and get a good nights rest,,,you”ll want to make a good impression for your interview at Walmart on Monday.
    P.S. A couple of hints for your big day. One dont smile,,wouldn’t want them to see your shit covered tooth, two leave the hunting hat at home and loose the mullet, and finally dont wear your clubbing pants to the interview,,, you know the ones with the zipper on the rear of the pants.

  12. “But everyone else was doing it” is an excuse that you all should have stopped using when you were five. You all know it, too. Doesn’t make what your team did any less wrong.

  13. gameday says:
    Sorry, but Goodell did NOT strip the Dolphins, Broncos, Jets, or Raiders of ANY draft picks. Goodell DID strip your pathetic, cheating Patriots of a draft pick for CHEATING.
    gameday, that’s probably more to do with Tagliabue being the Commish and not Goodell, but just sayin’.
    Time to grow up.

  14. @ footballnut-
    Time to man up!
    Admit it, they’re CHEATS…at least you Massholes would get a little respect if you’d all just own up to it!!!

  15. SBD…go back and read my posts over the last couple of years. I have as well as many other Pats fans. Since you’re new to this site you wouldn’t know I guess.
    Of course there are Pats fans who will not admit it and just spew venom, but I don’t hate the Steelers fan base because of a few turds like you.
    You need to grow up as well.
    We were pissed with BB playing a game with the other head coaches, which is what this was all about. He has film from the stands as well which even today is still allowed…
    Keep talking, keep the insults up whatever. If it is what makes you happy then bitch away like always…

  16. footballnut,
    The Steelers won SBXLIII to become 6x Champs…hence the name SixBurghDude, however that does not imply that I’m new here…please accept my sincerest apologies for missing your moment of contrition regarding your Cheats, you are to be commended for calling your team the Cheats that they were found to be!

  17. Never called them cheats, but anyway…I love them for it either way as it has been a good ride and it is not over yet.
    Don’t worry, you’ll more than likely get your chance to see your Steelers come visit Foxboro in the playoffs this year…

  18. Tell you what, since you Patsy fans are so fond of your predictions, I’ll go one further to see how much of a fan you really are…if they meet in Foxboro I know I’ll be there & I’ll buy you a beer, works out for you since you know this to be the case…however, if they meet in Pittsburgh will you be there to buy me a beer? Either way, we can have a little face to face debate over an ice cold frosty barley pop!

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