Vince Young takes a step back

Vince Young’s numbers from his preseason debut Sunday night were poor: 5-of-10 passes for 39 yards, one touchdown, and an interception.

But as anyone who read Mr. Florio’s liveblog, looked at Twitter, or actually watched the Hall of Fame game could attest, the numbers don’t tell the whole story.

Young looked tentative and confused on the interception throw, and had three drives that ended in a three-and-out. 

Yes, it was only the first of five preseason games.  But the preseason is as vital to Young as any player in the league. 

He needs to show his team and the rest of the league he still has the skills and confidence he displayed as a rookie.  That didn’t happen, although Young did have a nice touch pass for a score.

Patrick Ramsey, Young’s competition for the backup job, looked composed while completing 8-of-10 passes for 72 yards.  (Disclaimer: I graduated the same year as Ramsey from Tulane, so those numbers may be totally inflated.  The same thing will happen with Matt Forte and Mewelde Moore.)

Tennessee plays again Saturday against Tampa.  Young has plenty of time to improve his play, but he risks sliding further down the depth chart if he doesn’t.

72 responses to “Vince Young takes a step back

  1. His throws were pretty bad, but he also looked slow. The way he was moving, he didn’t look like the running QB that took the Titans to the playoffs.
    He looked like a tentative pocket passer.

  2. His career is stepping backwards and so is he – for a guy who publicly proclaimed “quarterbacking is all in the legs” this month in Esquire, his footwork looked horrible, even on the spot pass to Paul Williams.

  3. I strongly disagree. I think that’s because I want him to fullfill his potential!!! It would be good for him first and foremost. Secondly with his potential he could be the game changing archetype that may finally expand the NFL’s and Americas image of what a QB and a leader can be and looks like…..For Good. Despite what the writer says here. The young man succeeded in doing did what his critics said he cant do: LEAD and throw nice spirals with touch for touchdown. What game were you watching?????

  4. The INT was the WR’s fault, not VY’s. Lavelle Hawkins quoted in the Tennessean took responsibility.

  5. It appeared that the Titans ran on 1st down, ran on 2d down, and forced Young to pass on 3rd and long. If his first pass is caught, if the screen pass is caught, his numbers look a lot better. Ramsey made plenty of throws on 1st down — although I didn’t watch the entire Ramsey experience.
    And who runs a QB fake around end in that situation. That is a poorly designed play. Put him in the shot gun, spread the field, and let him run against 5 or 6 DBs who are turning and running — not against linebackers.

  6. @ique or VY’s mom
    i was watching the game where VY played mediocre at best. look, the whole “run first, throw second mike vick prototype” isn’t going to work in the NFL, vick proved this, VY is proving this, NFL D-coords have picked up on it. Do people really think the wildcat is going to stick around or is it just the soup de jour?

  7. ique,
    are you kidding me? are you his mother, cuz you sound just like her from last season. he looked like a deer caught in the headlights of a Hummer. I am 5’6″, 200 lbs and I think I could have done a better job than him… Give Ramsey the job of second QB, he knows the offense soo much better and did soo much better than VY and he had all the scrubs.

  8. @roofles
    Of all things the guy things VY is the person who’s going to be the next “Quarterback of the Future”?
    C’mon man. If McNabb hasn’t done that (And he has multiple abilities VY doesn’t) then no one else is going to either.

  9. “If his first pass is caught, if the screen pass is caught, his numbers look a lot better.”
    if i was 8 feet tall i’d be playing in the nba. facts are facts, VY needs to step it up or else face the “bust” tag.
    “Put him in the shot gun, spread the field, and let him run against 5 or 6 DBs who are turning and running”
    so, make him a running back?

  10. Im sorry i cant let yall sit here and bash VY like that. All yall are crazy. The Titans are settin him up to fail. I guarantee you if he had the time Collins had in the pocket and the recievers to throw to he would be fine. Watch the game over. His 2nd team Oline left him out to dry. He was flushed out on almost every play. Now he dont got no confidence becuz he threw a pick under “high” pressure. The Titans Are Horrible. The Eagles need to go get this guy and mold him into a wilcat/starter for the future. I would give a 2nd or 3rd for him.

  11. “The way he was moving, he didn’t look like the running QB that took the Titans to the playoffs.”
    DarthPirate, there was no running QB that took the Titans to the playoffs. There was a pretty solid running game and a great defense that took the Titans to the playoffs despite the poor play of an overhyped and overdrafted QB, however.

  12. hmm… Matt Cassel sux it up mucho mucho last preseason, then improved and now he’s $63 million richer than I am…but then again I guess that doesn’t guarantee he won’t return to suxing it up. I love football, but I don’t know if I love preseason

  13. Wow! Florio will throw anybody under the bus. Vince Young sucked in one preseason game. Lets see him play in some meaningful regular season games before proclaiming him a bust. I bet a lot of guys are gonna suck in their first preseason game. Another weak post by Florio.

    V Young has always been a terrible NFL qb, when he won rookie of the year, THAT is really questionable to date!
    the season he took the team to the play offs, here are his stats
    12 TD’s vs 13 INT’s only averaging 146.6 passing yards a game!! with only a 51.5 completion percentage!!
    Anyone who even ever thought this guy was half decent is a victim of the media! The media has guys they wanna hype up he was one of them, and you are foolish victims for falling for it!
    his second season he threw only 9 TD’s vs 17 INT’s!!!!
    SERIOUSLY??? Is everyone so blind as to what sports centre edits asnd plays! Honestly if you do not have the NFL network and can watch various games in FULL, you have no right to judge anything…..! Any player can be hyped no matter how bad if it is what the media wants to do if the stupid fans are willing to buy into any crap the major networks tell them……
    Grow up, watch tape, watch a game, then form an opinion, don’t talk about stuff you saw on a highlight show…..

  15. VY just needs to step out of the closet and come to terms with is homosexual tendencies.
    If Fischer had a QB of McNairs caliber this season I would put my money on them.
    They mocked Al Davis when he passed on VY and Matt Leinart. They talked crap when he took DHB over Crabtree.
    Maybe the old man has few marbles left?

  16. where is my comment?? and if my comment does appear showing how bad vince always has been as a pro, not to those stats he was sacked 25 times each season

  17. Young could be done? Hope he pulls it together soon, or he could be looking for work next year.

  18. I keep hearing about his potential.
    He’s inaccurate as hell.
    If you’re inaccurate, you have no potential.

  19. Looked like the WR was at fault on the pick. Other than that he threw a nice TD pass and there wasn’t much else to go on (10 passes total). Some people love to just keep beating the drum that such-and-such high pick or former star now sucks. Why is that?

  20. To Roofles…
    That’s the same stereotyping that has kept athletic QB’s, and lets be frank, Black Quarterbacks from historically competing in similar percentages as every other position. Since the 60’s every position on NFL roster dept charts have reflected diversity except one: QB! In the last 10-12 years these percentages have slowly been changing and only recently have begun to reflect a critical mass of Black QB’s. But it is still not uncommon that the entire dept chart of QB’s on a roster look like something from the 1950’s.
    When Black quarterbacks are allowed the same opportunity to merely compete at their position(as they have successfully at every other position) and then they fail then you can make the statement that the new archetype was a failure. But that has not occurred. Not even close in fact.
    Furthermore don’t you find it a statistical oddity that since Art Shell every single Black head coach to grace an NFL sideline except one, Dennis Green, is from the the defensive side of the ball; Herm Edwards, Tony Dungy, Raheem Morris, Ray Rhodes, Lovie Smith, Mike Tomlin, Mike Singletary, Marvin Lewis. The point is there is very little diversity on the offensive side of the ball when it comes to coaches in general and coordinators in particular. I believe this is a major barrier in the evolution of the game because if given our druthers most people will work with those that they are more comfortable with and the QB/off coord/QB coach relationship is known to reach far beyond the football field.

  21. VINCE YOUNG has only one PROBLEM… Wait, look at it this way… his college coach was the only coach (so far) smart enough to admit… I DON’T KNOW HOW TO COACH THIS TYPE of TALENT. He was given some advice that WON HIM A CHAMPIONSHIP. What’s his problem- OLD WORLD THINKING from coaches, media and anyone one else born between 1929-1969. Just you wait and see… once all the old Ways & Means of thinking have died off- all of the sudden a mobile QB will seem to be an asset; not something to scorn by those who simply can’t wrap their small minds around SUCH TALENT! Hint. I bet you if some coach was smart enough to come up with a GET THEM TIRED and OUT of position ‘ROLLING’ pocket play— you would see what I’m talking about.
    This is OU1. Can you get to THAT?

  22. Rock n Roll was hated until certain folks were able to join in and duplicated if… Jazz & Rap was disrespected until certain folks joined in and were able to duplicate it and make it their own. See the trend. _________ OU1 is on deck. _______ I see through the some of this stuff. Hey, it’s all good. GET TO THIS: Change the COACHING staff and watch him thrive! Hold on, I’m repeating My Self from an earlier post. Ok, try this— A coach without WIDE OPEN VISION and worst still— one that had outstanding past talent can’t possible coach the type of talent VY has. Still, VY, you will have to DUMB down your talent until the 1929-1969 thinking is no-longer around you. Vince, climb back into the OLD WORLD BOX just enough to shut up the ‘BLIND’ Brahh. Coaches have not caught up with ‘STREET TALENT’ that’s been transferred into Pro-Organized ball yet. This is OU1… need I say more?

  23. roofle… So your point is, let’s stay with Dropping Back and Throwing the ball, Kick the ball, pick up our check and go home? Let me PLUCK this Chicken for you: The wild cat or some other version of it will always work when used properly and with the right MANPOWER tools. It works to bring defenders up from deep coverage. If you have a team with a Fast WR and a RB able to BLAST for 3-5 yards a pop— you can dictate to a defense all game long. Oh yeah, and if one or more DB’s are weak the WILD CAT will set them up and drop them off over the bridge. If a team gives VY or any mobile QB the weapons around him then a Mobile QB could simply maneuver around behind the line of scrimmage which will destroy even the best of coverage. Sometimes, you can’t blame the student, you need to look at the TEACHER(S)

  24. southernboi727 says:
    August 10, 2009 1:37 AM
    Wow! Florio will throw anybody under the bus. Vince Young sucked in one preseason game. Lets see him play in some meaningful regular season games before proclaiming him a bust.

    Haven’t you seen enough already? He has a career passer rating of 68.8. That’s Ryan Fitzpatrick bad.

  25. talk about a step back? how about stepping back 25 or whatever yards for a safety that makes the final score a 3 point victory when the team was a 3 point betting favorite? as al michaels correctly commented on? even if anyone has that much of a gambling problem that they bet on 90 man scrimmages.
    that is just the kind of play that gets people to claim the nfl already is controlled by gambling.

  26. so what some of you guys are saying is its whitey and jeff fisher’s fault that vince young can’t suceed in the nfl.

  27. Yeah he looked bad. When he lost communication in his helmet he should have just stepped up and called a play on his own showing the coaching staff he could handle the adversity. But he he looked at the sidelines and appeared to be scared, the coach had to come out on the field and give him a play. A real QB would have just called a generic play.

  28. OK, so lets assume some of you are right, that Young’s struggles are because he’s not had a decent coach. I disagree, but for the sake of argument, we’ll go with it.
    Why does that matter?
    At the end of the day, whether because he’s been misutilized by coaches, because he hasn’t got the talent, because of an injury we don’t know of, or that he simply can’t handle the pressure he’s under… he isn’t playing as well as the Titans need him to perform. Whatever the reason is, that makes him a bust at this point- and unless things drastically turn around this year, thats how its going to stay.
    Yes, this was just a preseason game. It also was his big chance to bounce back and show everyone that he really belongs in this league, that last year was a quirk. He has three more preseason games to do that with- but he didn’t do much to silence critics with that show last night.
    As far as who’s fault this is… his little tantrum last season, his mom stepping in to defend him, all of that, remember? Blame that on bad coaching. Because all I saw from that was a mental child throwing a fit.

  29. Didn’t Vince Young say he was going to be in the Super Bowl and the Hall of Fame someday? I guess he just combined them into the Hall of Fame Bowl

  30. I am quite interested to see the offense created for a mold-breaking quarterback in which throwing skills don’t matter, awful footwork is fine, self-awareness is optional, and mental fortitude is not necessary.
    There are plenty of black athletes to celebrate, it is ok and statistically within the norm for some to fail. It isn’t a race issue.
    Consider this chicken plucked.

  31. To the idiots saying wildcat is replacing drop back passing remember that the Dolphins, who you probably think ONLY run wildcat, ran it about 90 times in 16 games. There’s no revolution coming where QB’s will be celebrated for poor throwing. Running backs can throw poorly, you don’t need VY to do it he’s a waste of his roster space. And he’s even worse than he was as a rookie.

  32. ique (what a name)
    You have to be kidding. NFL teams want to win. PERIOD. Look around, there have been plenty of black QB’s. It’s you who have the racist attitude, which, by the way, is so 20th century. Get over it.

  33. Jeff Fishers need to call Vince Young into his office and tell him,”Vince, we had a spot for you…on the practice squad. It’ll give you a lot of reps running the scout team.”

  34. A NFL team can’t consistently win with a QB that’s only strength is his legs. A QB has to have accuracy and good decision making skills. Being able to run is a nice wrinkle, but without the threat of being able to get the ball downfield on a consistent basis, the team becomes one dimensional and will fail more than win. Regardless of the QB’s race. Quit using race as a crutch and acting like ” The Man” is trying to keep a black QB down. Owners are mostly concerned about revenue and winning and if a QB
    can win more than he loses then, he will start and if he sucks, he won’t.
    Quit being so damn sensitive and start seeing things the way they are instead of making up excuses.

  35. so vince has never had a coach who knows what to do with his talent? nice try. steve mcnair was far superior in talent to young. guess what! same coach. also mcnair was black. yet fisher continued to let hiim play qb.
    ique, and ou1, you are simply wrong on this matter. and as far as the wildcat goes. did you watch new england shut down miami completely last year in their second match up. the wildcat will never replace conventional football. it simply is not consistent. if you disagree, its because you only watch football on sportscenter. how did that mighty dolphin wildcat do against baltimore in the playoffs?

  36. OU1 (that’s a cute name also)
    The NBA has long played up their ‘STREET TALENT’. What has that led to? A game I can hardly stand to watch and a national team that struggles to beat other countries even though American players are clearly the most athletic. There are plenty of coaches now in the NFL born after 1969 so we should start seeing your prediction come to fruition soon. I don’t why it would take that though. Tony Dungy was one of those college QB’s you speak of who are so physically gifted, old whitey (Chuck Noll), didn’t know what to do with him and made him a DB. I guess Dungy must have been too stupid to figure that out. Otherwise, how do you explain him sticking with the slow footed Peyton Manning and his inferior athletic ability. I think if you coached an NFL team, they would get crushed but there might have been a place for it in a league such XFL had it lasted more than a season or two

  37. Isn’t this the same coach who took McNair and did well with him? Look, VY was a great college QB, and he parleyed that into a top 3 pick, but I think it is pretty obvious that he is becoming a bust. He has no accuracy, his footwork sucks, he has no presence, he has no leadership of an NFL huddle, his decision making is horrible, he doesn’t seem to know the playbook, and he is dumb as a bag of rocks. He made the pro bowl because almost a dozen other QBs pulled out with injuries. His team went to the playoff despite him.
    NFL teams want to win, so to say they are holding back the best and most talented players and coaches because they are black, especially in this era, is just plain stupid. Everyone wants the hot, new coach, so his skin color is not an obstacle. Maybe there are no offensive minded black coaches that are any good right now, did you think of that? And exceedingly athletic black players don’t typically play QB, they play WR or RB and thrive there.

  38. Doug williams was a tremendous pocket passer who won a superbowl. He could not run at all and guess what, he was black!
    This is not pee wee football where you just let the qb run left, right or middle on 95% of the plays , this is the nfl people!

  39. Anyone who hasn’t awakened to the fact that everything in this country is driven by the mighty dollar is still living a very sheltered life or with their head up their ass.
    Sports and entertainment are driven by revenues and money. Race is not an issue when it comes to making money or winning football games by any owner or advertiser I can assure you.
    If you believe an NFL owner would sabotage his own team because of racial values then your paranoid or into conspiracy theories.
    Every owner has two things on their mind, making money and winning, neither of those are racially motivated.
    VY sucks ass weather he is white, black, brown , or yellow the guy is a BUST.

  40. I’ll wait to see something more than a glorified scrimage. It was what it was, but Florio is nitpicking.
    Young always had “it”. Check his career. He was starting to do some of it in the NFL and here we are. He needs to reclaim what he was already doing. How many 2nd year QB’s lead their team, in any manner, to the playoffs?

  41. Lets see if this finally goes through…
    I hate, with a great passion, to be the one to play the race card, but I do think it needs to be played here.
    I think there is less patience with black qbs as people are willing to admit. QBs like Jason Campbell, T-Jack, and VY havent even been given 3 full seasons. While I believe VY doesn’t need 3 seasons to realize he is an ok qb at best, more of a game manager, and an obvious mental midget, the other too are constantly being bashed on this site.
    One of the best qbs in the last 10 years, D McNabb, was almost kicked to the curb last year, and would’ve if everyone had their way, but he was given the chance he deserved and didn’t disappoint.
    Jason Campbell will surprise everyone this season, and again I hate the skins
    Just my thoughts

  42. Florio didn’t even right this a Tulane Grad did wow at how many dumb users in this thread.

  43. Jspicoli
    1st or 2nd year QB’s to go to the playoffs
    Ben Rapensberger
    Joe Flaco
    Matt Ryan
    Dan Mariono
    To name a few

  44. 4 points to make.
    1. VY scored on his drives, Ramsey did not.
    2. INT was ugly but receiver ran wrong route
    3. If Chris Henry could catch a screen pass and quit running into people those drives look much better.
    4. VY was with the second team line and Chris Henry who should be 5th string RB. Dude got lucky with one run, but cannot hit a hole and pick up the 3-5 yard runs for crap.
    I don’t think VY is a great QB, but he is IMO the best backup in the NFL and with some seasoning and time in the pocket could be a very good QB. Maybe no Canton worthy, but …….
    I think some of this is piling on.

  45. How in the effin hell did this become a race issue??? What about this article or situation has to do with race. VY HAPPENS to be black. I get so sick of everytime a black athlete screws up it is some how a white mans fault. Racism is racism, there is no reverse racism. So if you want racism to stop, then stop being racist. This means YOU ique and OU1. Why do you feel the need to perpetuate the ongoing racist crap that continues to divide the country. I am a young white male and I have never “held anyone down”. So SHUT UP!! with this over used crutch! VY might not be playing well because he is just not that good in the Pros. It happens to a lot of college QB’s, hell for that matter college football players. Rick Mirer was a bust because he was Catholic and his coaches in the pros were Protestant, see how stupid that sounds?? VY is struggling because he can’t “out athelete” everyone any more. End of story.

  46. BTW, I also think this article is a bit unfair to VY. It’s preseason, the first preseason game to be exact, so give him a break will ya?Let’s see how he shapes up before we decide that he’s done in the NFL.

  47. Before the pick was even in the hands of the defender, my wife said, “Receiver ran the wrong route.” If you had to wait for Hawkins’ confession, you’re not really paying close enough attention to the football game. Although, of course, the game DID distract a bit from what was obviously the “main show” in the broadcast booth.
    OTOH, with the play clock ticking down, helmet communications screwy and a 2nd/3rd-string O-line giving him little time, and the receivers in the area well-covered, Young probably should have thrown the ball away. That would at least have demonstrated good awareness and decision-making.
    Young is a very talented athlete, but his particular strengths are of little usefulness as an NFL QB. It’s been a mismatch from the get-go. No slam on Young, but I still have no idea why he was drafted before the 4th or 5th round or why he was taken as a QB in the first place. As a person, he was put in a horrible position by a truly boneheaded decision on the part of the Titans’ “brain” trust.
    If there’s no practical way for him to transition to an NFL WR at this point, transferring him to the UFL ASAP so he can begin his “recovery” would be the humane thing to do.

  48. The NFL is not ready for a true Superstar at the quarterback position that
    can both run, pass, and think. The NFL is not ready for an athlete that can run, pass,
    and lead his team. An athlete that can raise the level of play for the
    entire league. That’s why I find many of the games boring to watch.

  49. The game of football has been moving great
    black quarterbacks from the quarterback
    position to split end or running back
    from grade school to the NFL.
    Yes it is a race issue!!!

  50. Never more, take it easy,
    While those 2 were excessive in their thoughts, a lot of people on here do subconsciously make it a race thing. Not that they do it on purpose or even know that they do it, but they do none the less. No one is saying you’re like that, well at least I’m not.
    I admit that I tend to defend the black qb more often, minus Vick, but that is I feel like the media gives up on them to easily.
    I think they aren’t given an equal chance sometimes by their head coaches. Compare 2 qbs for example, Manning and McNabb. Yes Mannings passing stats dwarf McNabbs, and he has one SB ring, but you can’t deny the success McNabb has had throughout his career. I’m not saying McNabb is better, but when it comes to winning, McNabb has shown more of an ability to win over the years. Would Mannings coach ever consider benching him?
    God no, he would be called the dumbest coach ever, but people thought Andy Reid was justified in benching McNabb…
    Just something to think about
    PS. VY does suck, sorry guys

  51. He sure looked like a Hall of Fame QB, that is if Hall of Fame QBs were brainless twits with no clue how to read defenses… or English, for that matter.

  52. Good job edRice keep it going. We love to piss and moan about how unfair it all is. If the quarterbacks you speak of were so great, then why did they get moved?? You’re telling me that a coach that has a family to feed and a job to keep is going to put his reputation and job on the line if he has a superior quaterback and moves him to another spot?? It may have been true in the old days, in pop warner ball or even as high up as high school, but when real money is involved there is NO WAY that will happen. In the NFL the only color that matters is GREEN!!! When VY can actually produce as a player he will play. Until then he will not play, even if he gets a Michael Jackson skin treatment. So how about this question, would VY be veiwed any different if he were white? What about Eric Crouch?? He could run as fast as anyone and led Nebraska to a National Championship and he never panned out in the NFL. Even as a receiver or DB, he was white. What is your reasoning on this??? Stop making excuses for bad play.

  53. WOW you people are so stupid!!
    how can you call this a race issue.
    Clearly if this is a race issue the only reason I am not an NFL running back is because I am white!!
    no questions asked, the nfl is not ready fora dominant white running back!
    white man can’t succeed at running back because the owners/coaches/managers are all racists!!
    honestly that is exactly what you idiots are typing calling this a race issue, replace the words white running back with black qb and it is exactly what you uneducated idiots are typing……maybe it is this style of thinking and lack of education that is actually holding people like terrible vince young back
    stupid stupid people…….

  54. I hear you meezle I will agree that the media is quick to give upon a black QB but only because they know it will generate more interest. This country loves to get into this argument. I do agree McNabb is a GREAT QB. And I think he was unfairly benched and he showed true professionalism by responding the way he did.
    It is my opionion that often collge QB’s that are great athletes are so used to out running or creating on the fly that when they are against others that are equals as athletes they can’t compete because they are not used to it. They often don’t know how to respond.
    The difference at the pro level between busts and HOF’ers is the ability to read defenses and make smart throws. Every QB in the NFL can throw the ball 60 yards, they are all big strong guys (with a couple of exceptions) the difference is they study the game. Look at Tom Brady, he was decent at Uof M and he is a world beater now because he is a football junkie.
    IF Vick would have spent time reading playbooks instead of killing puppies he would have been the best EVER!! But he was too interested in being a cruel thug. Is it because he’s black that he killed dogs and got in the trouble he’s in ?? No it’s because he’s an idiot! Just stop making excuses for poor decisions and play that’s all I’m saying.

  55. edRice, you are obviously black. That is OK. You are also a racist. That is OK, too. What bothers me is that you are an idiot. When all else fails a black racist will always play the race card. It is your security blanket against failure. Are you helping OJ find the real killers? After all, Nicole Brown was a white woman with a colorblind heart and fell in love with a “man.” She cared not a bit about his color. Grow up and let go of the past. Racism still happens, but it will never be eradicated by that chip you hold on your shoulder.

  56. “The NFL isn’t ready…”? Shove it. Remember Steve Young? What a great PASSER rating he had? How well he could run? Vince isn’t a dual threat. He sucks at being the guy that throws the ball.

  57. “That’s the same stereotyping that has kept athletic QB’s, and lets be frank, Black Quarterbacks from historically competing in similar percentages as every other position.”
    d. mcnabb, steve young (mobile, not black but in your book the two must be mutually exclusive), steve mcnair, and randall cunningham all just had a good chuckle at your post.
    keep trying though, nothing sadder than seeing someone blame their shortcomings on the color of their skin.

  58. jersey73 says:
    August 10, 2009 7:24 AM
    Didn’t Vince Young say he was going to be in the Super Bowl and the Hall of Fame someday? I guess he just combined them into the Hall of Fame Bowl

  59. Race schmace. When you get a chance you take it. When the opportunity arise you maximize it. This is the same for every QB regardless if they’re white, brown, purple or plaid. There are more than enough biases out there to torpedo a career that you can’t take anything for granted. You have to prove yourself over and over and over again.
    VY didn’t put the effort necessary into being a pro level QB. End of story. He had a honeymoon for a couple of years like any first rounder gets. It wasn’t like people weren’t unaware of his deficiencies his first 2 years. They were just being nice and giving him the benefit of the doubt. Well he didn’t do what he needed to do and the honeymoon is over. Now he has to earn it.

  60. Some players will never be good Quarterbacks. You can tell just by looking at them.
    And their Wonderlic score.

  61. Super Bowl?…. Hall of Fame?…..C’mon man, the game in Canton is the closest he will ever come to the Hall of Fame!

  62. HAHAHAHAHA!!!!!!
    the wonderlic score of 6!!!!
    this guy is a pure idiot, !
    6? seriously!! and on a retest he only got 15!!!!
    Obviously the idiot owner who preferred this idiot from texas was an idiot himself…..
    I just mean this guy had a very expensive education at TEXAS and he only got a 6!!
    I am not laughing at anyone who would get a 6 without an education, but a 100 grand education,? what an idiot!

  63. Some in the NFL would have you believe that the reason only one Black quarteback has won the Superbowl is because they’re either to dumb (wonderlic score) or too lazy to read defenses.
    I think that’s a bunch of crap!!!

  64. It is a bunch of crap, Ed.
    Just so your ignorant self understands this, Byron Leftwich won the Superbowl last year as well as Dennis Dixon…….
    So that is another 2 black qb’s to have a ring, they just were not the starters! The reason they did not start is that Berger is better and prooved it by winning the bowl……..
    Black qb’s could of won the bowl various times, they just happened to get outplayed,
    McNabb outgunned by Brady, McNair outgunned by Warner, and every other black qb qho lost in the play offs………….
    But your ignorant and behind the times and continue to play the race card, unbelievable…….
    Honestly racism is disgusting, but there are two ends of the stick… And you are on a racist side…. A side that obviously can not handle the fact that not as many black won as a starting qb…..
    You racist scum, you are nothing more than a black nazi……….Get a brain, it is because of ignorance like yours people who are not racist wonder why they get treated the way you treat people………A black pride tattoo is fine? but a white pride isn’t double freaking standards man…. If you went up to Canada would you be as ignorant, Because as I recalled Canada freed the black slaves and have lots of black qb’s in their league………………….Racism can’t end until both sides end it!

  65. Wow, alot of experts here. Clearly any good QB has some things that they do very well. But being a good QB is not only doing well at the things you are good at, its about being able to to improvise, to change the game, make something out of nothing. Vince was clearly put in a situation by his coaches, and the coaches got exactly what they wwere looking for. Thats why young could sit out the rest of the game and let the other guys have a chance. I think its a step forward, and VY starts the 4th game of the season. We need a leader at QB not a manager.

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