High praise for Peter King

One of the items hovering on our ever-shifting topic list during Hall of Fame weekend in Canton was the fact that, on Friday night, Peter King of SI.com and NBC and Sirius NFL Radio and probably a few others we’re forgetting received the 2009 Dick McCann Memorial Award from the Professional Football Writers of America.

So we take this opportunity to congratulate Peter King for receiving this award. 

Peter has been a great friend of the site for several years, helping us shift from outsider outpost that no one admitted to reading to our currently fuzzy mainstream insider-outsider status.

Adam Schefter, who’ll debut at ESPN in one week (and simultaneously enter Twitter rehab), has penned for SI.com a tribute to King that reads far better than anything we could produce, so we’ll merely link to it and cherry pick some of the stuff that we liked about it the best.  (Which is basically what we do with pretty much every article we ever mention.)

“He has been a serious contributor to the NFL for more than 20 years,
because he has reached out to our fans and helped make our game the
most popular sport in America,” Cowboys owner Jerry Jones said of King.  “He has moved through all of the avenues
of reaching out to football fans — newspaper, magazine, television,
radio and the Internet — and our league has been the beneficiary of
his dedicated body of work.

“Passion is an overused term in athletics
today, but Peter has it. He brings it to work with him every day.”

Added Commissioner Roger Goodell:  “I always look forward to Monday mornings to read the ultimate quarterback of NFL journalism.  Nobody does it better than Peter.”

But here’s the best quote that could have been uttered about King (and we say that only partially because the guy who said it is sort of our boss now):  “He may be the single most unselfish and caring human being I’ve ever encountered in the world of sports,” NBC Sports & Olympics Charmain Dick Ebersol told Schefter.


There’s a lot more good stuff from Schefter on King.  Click it, read it, and then (as always) get your ass back here.

48 responses to “High praise for Peter King

  1. Congrats on getting the national pub for the site on the preseason game. You have grown the site by leaps and bounds since i first visited.
    But an entire article devoted to Peter King? (especially not one bashing him) I like him as much as the next guy.. but Jeeeezzz….
    Whether you like it or not, NBC has changed the content of the site.
    But I continue to visit like the mindless let loyal drone that I am…
    Football has a hold on me as much as alcohol and scantily clad women have on Josh Hamilton… Cheap shot, but amazingly fitting.

  2. “Having Peter’s mouth attached firmly to my buttocks for the past ten years has been a true honor. Even when it got crowded back there over the past 2 off-seasons, with Mort and Al Jones and Ed Werder, he did not complain once. A true professional,” added Brett Favre.

  3. Peter King, Ed Werder, and John Madden are neck and neck for the “Most BJ’s Given to Brett Favre” award.

  4. this Peter King worship has gone on long enough.
    Peter is almost as useful as the tits on a male hog.
    other than that
    hes been just a great asset to anything that serves Peter and/or his minions or buttkissers.
    Everyone wonders why this guy or that guy hasnt gotten in the Hall of Fame.
    Peter King and his ilk are the reason(s)
    they are the voters.
    Peter, congrats on fooling some of your media brethren

  5. Dick Ebersol obviously hasn’t read the foul ball story. Peter King is the fattest, smarmiest piece of trash in all of sports journalism. His inane ramblings are mind numbing and we are all stupider for having read them.

  6. Several days ago Schefeter tweeted that he would be able to continue using Twitter and that Twitter rehab would not be necessary. In fact Schefter’s tweets are fast becoming the #1 first source for NFL quick hit info.

  7. Adam_SchefterNow I can enjoy last 12 days before I start at ESPN on Aug. 17. Have the free time I expected. No longer have to go to Twitter Rehab. Sweet!
    5:57 PM Aug 5th from web
    Adam_SchefterJust got memo from ESPN. There was some confusion over last night’s Twitter policy. Bottom line: I can continue Tweeting! Brace yourself.
    5:56 PM Aug 5th from web

  8. Peter King may be a great friend of the site, but the nationally televised shoutout to PFT from Collinsworth, toward the end of the game, was great!
    “I check that site every single day.” Kudos to Chris.

  9. It has been stated before me quite elegantly, but I must restate that Peter King is a tool.
    Useless, inane, straight from the bias drivel that makes your heart stop. The biggest wart of them all.
    I AM saying. Not just saying.

  10. This is just like the same incestuous self-congratulatory narcissistic nonsense that goes on at Hollywood award shows.
    In other words, utter garbage.

  11. He should take this opportunity to push for Reggie Bush to wear #5 or to print word-for-word what Manning’s agent fed him to argue for another MVP award.
    Great journalists like this are hard to find.

  12. And another thing, Dick Ebersol hasn’t been relevant, interesting, innovative or even noteworthy for 30 years. He is the perfect argument for mandatory retirement.

  13. Peter King may be nice to the bigwigs and peers, but he’s a certified dirt bag to underlings and regular people he comes in contact with.

  14. I like Peter King most of the time on Sirius Radio, but when he starts singing to the intro songs, I turn off the radio for a minute. Worst singer in the world! Steve Cohen at Sirius needs to organize an intervention and stop the torturing of small rodents that Peter calls singing.

  15. All this praise for Peter King, doesn’t have to do that PFT is now in the back pocket of NBC does it?

  16. Peter King doesn’t deserve an award for anything other than being a biased moron. I don’t hate the guy, but he takes an unprofessional approach to his coverage of the Raiders and several other teams. Being biased is not good journalism. He is overrated and his opinions can’t be taken very seriously

  17. You guys need to chill out a little. King is a good writer, and has certainly provided unique insight and information to NFL fans for years.
    Yes, he does provide a lot of useless info, but it’s nice that he headlines it so we know what sections to skip over.

  18. Peter King is an inaccurate overblown three toed sloth. The guy is wrong almost every time I read his rubbish it amazes me how he even has a job.
    One poster had it right when he said that people actually become dumber when reading his articles.
    Watching his bumbling, pompous ass on TV has made me even sicker than reading his barely adequate articles.
    And you honor this slop?

  19. It’s great that King Peter is held in such high esteem by his colleagues, because most of the little people, including myself, think of him more as a self-serving gasbag.

  20. One time on this radio show a guy called in and started mocking peter king – King freaked out and yelled at the host of the show for not screening the calls.
    Pete is a tool.

  21. Peter King is a joke. He is perpetually annoying, and he has apparently learned nothing about football in 20 years of covering the game. He is not even remotely qualified to offer opinions on football players/teams, and the fact that he does so is ludicrous. He is a hack’s hack. And he laughs like a schoolgirl, as those of us with Sirius can attest. His greatest contribution to the sports journalism world will ultimately be his retirement from it.

  22. Peter King is an excellent and enjoyable read. He’s usually not the one to break a story, but he is the one the writes about it in an entertaining and easy-to-understand way.
    All of you douchebags bashing him probably:
    1. Don’t have a tenth of the writing talent in your whole body that he has in his pinky.
    2. Are still upset because he wrote unfavorably about your team in some MMQB column in 1998 and you still haven’t forgiven him.
    3. Don’t have the IQ required to discern when he’s reporting and when he is guessing/prognosticating. He always makes it clear. But then, I DO have the requisite IQ.
    So, in conclusion, go f–k yourselves.

  23. WHile King is quite self indulgent at times, he still has a good handle on the NFL. He is no Florio, but really who is?

  24. @ superfan99
    Chill?! Are you kidding me. King is a biased idiot. He loves to take shots at my favorite team all of the time, yet has nothing to back it up with. He’s just as bad as ESPN and the rest of the biased morons who speculate more than they report the known facts. What makes it so irresponsible, is that people like you buy into like it’s gospel. (…and it’s just not my team, he does it with several others. He’s biased as all get all)
    Peter King has potential, but he ruins it with tabloid style reporting and opinions. If the National Enquirer had a sports section, he would be one of their lead writers.

  25. @ Slow Joe
    We can tell by your name what kind of IQ you posses. LOL!!
    Anyone who would defend King like you just did, is a slow learning tool. There’s a reason the majority do not favor him, so get a grip slow poke. Now go get back in line with your “special” class mates. I hear the teacher calling you for cookies and milk before nap time. The short bus will be waiting for you when you wake up.

  26. I can only sit here and shake my head after reading some of these comments.
    Slow Joe has hit the nail, firmly, on the head. On all three points! Number three is the winner in my opinion.
    Most of you mental giants who’ve posted here probably don’t FULLY read his articles. I’d imagine that the majority scan until you see your team and then hit the roof when something bad is there; while skipping the previous four, and preceeding two, paragraphs. Read the articles fully and try to discern the difference between what he writes and opinion on and what he reports as hard information.
    Another thing here.. try to remember that people are passing “inside” information most of the time. Things that might cost jobs. When “inside sources” report something there is always an off-chance that it’s overstated. Then again, sometimes not. And that “sometimes not” is what all writers are looking for.. the “scoop.”
    Give people credit where credit is due and stop being asshats.

  27. You guys have it wrong:
    PFT = the Enquirier of sports reporting
    (although that’s a bit of a cheap shot against the Enquirer).
    Peter King doesn’t do a single damn thing that probably 60% of the people on here couldn’t do:
    1. opine myopically and with bias on his favorite teams/heart-throb players
    2. make whatever goofy prognostications he wants
    3. blather on about his own inane interests and boring activities (i.e. coffee & travelling).
    The ONLY thing that might set him part in anyway is that–after years of sticking his nose in people’s browns asterisks–he’s well connected with “inside sources”.
    But like I said–devoting an article like this, about what a *great* guy he is, is just pretentious incestuous self-congratulatory slop like the Hollywood award shows–people “taking care of their own”, stroking each other’s egos.
    For the dolts who want to help with the stroking–knock yourselves out.
    For me? No thank you.

  28. Another thing here.. try to remember that people are passing “inside” information most of the time. Things that might cost jobs. When “inside sources” report something there is always an off-chance that it’s overstated. Then again, sometimes not. And that “sometimes not” is what all writers are looking for.. the “scoop.”
    Excellent point, Brohamma.

  29. Something tells me Peter King is posting under the name Brohamma or Slow Joe (or one of his underlings does). You know he reads this site, which also likely he means he scrolls down to read the comments……especially regarding stories about him. Hi Peter! Say hi to Brett for us.

  30. nbc is already joined at the hip with you flo, no need to kiss someone’s rear who does not deserve it…what next a love-in with olbermann?

  31. Peter King is a worker bee. I doubt anyone here could write 7,000 words a night like he does for his column. He worked hard to get where he is and deserves the award.
    He’s not cerebral like Dr. Z., but that’s not his style. I agree with those who skim over his opinions on anything save football. Complete self-indulgent smarm that has no business in SI.com’s flagship football column. It illuminates that he has little grasp over what a sports journalist should be, and even less on topics he opines on, from baseball to politics. He also makes grandiose generalizations from one or two weeks that are usually wrong, but all journalists tend to this.
    I think casual fans of the game interested in the personalities and story lines in any given season have their man in King. He’s also kinda like Bob Woodward in that people who give him access will probably have their positions pushed within his column.

  32. @stiller43 and CaptainFantastik: Okay, both your posts made me LOL, but no, I’m not Peter. As good as I think Peter is, he’s not brilliant enough to tell an entire thread to “f–k themselves”.
    @Aikman Forever: Dr. Z is the best. I hope he makes it back to SI. Unless he already has and I hadn’t noticed since I get all my NFL news from PFT now.

  33. @ Slow Joe
    We can tell by your name what kind of IQ you posses. LOL!!

    And we can tell by your spelling what kind of IQ you “posses”.
    (Okay, admittedly, that was a stupid lowbrow joke, but I saw the Comedy Central Roast last night and am having a hard time not insulting people)

  34. Peter King doesn’t “write 7000 words a night”. He does it once a week. And, yes, anybody with a lick of writing talent and an interest in NFL football could do that……..especially when 3000 of those words have nothing to do with football.

  35. Realistically all the football night in america broadcasters suck, olberman & peter king are tied for the suckiest!!! nfl primetime just got better by dumping their useless talent maybe NBC should do the same so people will watch their show!!!

  36. Attention Clueless Morons:
    This was a blog post about Peter King winning an award for writing. His TV and Sirius dalliances are irrelevant here. Besides, I don’t have Sirius nor do I ever watch NBC’s pregame show, so I couldn’t comment on it anyway.
    But since you all brought it up: 90’s-era NFL Primetime on ESPN was the greatest show ever. It was an hour and a half and thoroughly analyzed each and every game. After watching it, you’d feel like you actually watched every game that day.

  37. # Romad says: August 10, 2009 1:59 PM
    Great award. Lofty award.
    Best post in this thread. Florio, send him a book.

  38. @ Slow Joe
    While I can’t agree with you on your points about Peter King, I HAVE to absolutely agree about your thoughts on NFL Primetime in the 90’s. That show was simply amazing. I can’t believe how far they have slipped. Of course if they would just lose Berman…..

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