Knee injury for Casey Hampton

The list of training-camp knee injuries continues to grow.

But the latest one also falls into the category (at least initially) of “not serious.”

Steelers nose tackle Casey Hampton, who spent the early stages of last year’s preseason practices not practicing because he hadn’t spent enough time before that not eating, left Sunday’s session with a knee injury.

Coach Mike Tomlin said the injury isn’t serious.

Wideout Limas Sweed exited with a hamstring injury, and running back Willie Parker sat out a second straight practice with back spasms.

The good news for the Steelers was that linebacker LaMarr Woodley returned to action after missing three days with swelling in his knee.

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  1. August 1, 2009
    Highlights from a day at Steelers Training Camp
    This is clearly Ben’s team. He is the undisputed leader. Not to take away from Santonio, Hines, Harrison, or Polamalu, but it is Ben’s team and that is a little bit hard for a defensive guy like myself to accept and or admit. Len
    To the fans it is Ben’s team too. He came out to a standing ovation high fived everyone on the offense like he had just scored a touchdown and was very loose the whole practice. He cartwheeled towards the line of scrimmage when simulating defensive confusion…something I had never seen on a football field before.
    Some other entertaining moments at camp this year were the “Hoke Chant” before warm ups where Chris Hoke proceeded to pose, dance and high step while the whole team chanted his name. I never really enjoyed the ballet, but I enjoyed this number, and the work of number 76. Hoke is a clear veteran that keeps training camp bearable. Anyone who has been through any kind of football training camp can probably think on a few teammates that kept the mood light, and made making it through camp a little easier.
    Tomlin of course had on his head to toe black sweats, black hat, with only little bit of gold to break it up. As opposed to the picture I saw of Mangini at Clowns Camp where he looked like he spend the last year at the buffet line fattening up, Tomlin looked like he could play and that he meant business. In the division if it came down to a true coaches fight only Marvin Lewis could contend and Tomlin is younger so that would probably give him an edge. As we all know winning the division is the key to success in the NFL, so I doubt the rest of the AFC or even the NFC would give him a a problem. Maybe if he matched up against Singletary things could get rough.
    Santonio is smooth as silk. When other players catch the ball you hear some noise off their hands pads, etc, with Santonio there is no noise, no disruption, just the continuation of movements that look meant to be. Like Fedder with a racket, Lance on a bike or Tiger swinging a golf club Santonio makes something very challenging look all too easy. He should have his best year ever, and be our top receiver in all categories.
    One of the rookie dbacks dropped an interception so he dropped down on the field and did a set of pushups. Limus continues to drop his fair share in addition to a few others fair share of footballs. I hope something clicks and kicks in this year because we could us him. Mendenhall and Parker both looked good. Our special teams is back in tact with Spolvida and Warren back with matching (literally) knee braces. Reed is still goofy (and accurate) as ever, even with his hair all cut off. The tires of the golf cart that takes the lineman back to their dorms must be reinforced along with the suspension…probably not meant to hold that load. Harrison is a beast, jacked as ever, and poised to repeat as Defensive MVP. Hines smilled, joked, forced the returned out of bounds on an interception even though he wasn’t playing, and continues to make the game fun for all…except those that he hits on game day.
    I am excited as ever for the season. We appear to be in a great position to repeat, with a loose team that is almost all in tact from last year, and Steeler Nation behind them every step of the way. Camp in an experience every Steelers fan should attend. It doesn’t cost anything to go to. You will never get a chance to be this close to the players at any other time of the year. It is where this defense and the defense of all 6 of the Super Bowls begins…and twice they repeated….could this be the third time!

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