Mangini denies that practicing in rain injured Steptoe

Agent Jerome Stanley recently claimed that a Saturday walk-through that became a full-blown Browns practice in the rain resulted in a season-ending injury to receiver Syndric Steptoe.

After a Sunday scrimmage, coach Eric Mangini disputed the notion that Steptoe’s injury can be pinned on the head coach.

“Seventy-nine other guys were able to practice effectively,” Mangini said in remarks circulated by the team.  “Really, the play that he was injured on, laying out for the ball, I don’t think it had anything to do with the elements.”

And Mangini applauded Steptoe for the effort that resulted in the shoulder injury.  “It was a great effort play,” Mangini said.  “He just wasn’t able to bring the ball in.  It was in typical Syndric style.  He always gives that type of effort.  He was trying to go up and get the ball.”

17 responses to “Mangini denies that practicing in rain injured Steptoe

  1. A teacher bringing a class of 80 students to play in traffic, only one kid gets hurt. Mustve been a safe activity. Good point sir.

  2. “It was in typical Steptoe style. He always gives that type of effort. He was trying to go up and get the ball.”
    This really is a stupid non-issue!

  3. i dont think people get more injured in rainy games than clear games, do they?
    this isnt baseball. games dont get called for rain. suck it up.

  4. I am torn. I want to root for the Browns to do well but I also realize the NFL will be a better place when a man like Mangini cannot get a job. I guess sometimes a team has to take a step back to get better. It will be a tough to be a Browns fan the next 3 years just like it was tough to be a Jets fan the last 3 years.

  5. EdReed4prez – so do you want them to not play if it rains? might as well practice in it if you may have to play in it.

  6. Steptoe was injured because he dove for a ball, not because of the rain. He obviously didn’t slip and fall in the rain, nor did lose his footing as he was able to dive. The agent is just pissed he might lose out on some money.

  7. EdReed4prez, that is the worst analogy I’ve ever heard. Kids don’t regularly play in traffic. Football regularly happens in the rain.

  8. Mangini the weenie,
    he’s really a meanie
    makin’ them boys play in the rain
    but the coach would sick
    if he took Michael Vick
    and the dog pound gave him some pain

  9. the fact of the matter is that football players have to prepare their bodies for certain conditions and practice types. this particular practice was supposed to be non contact. this is your typical “lets go play in the rain”. its like your mother warning you somebody is gonna get hurt, then someone actually does. mangini is playing the part of the oldest kid, that denies the fact that she is right and they are wrong. worst coach ever.

  10. Zinn, you are torn because you’re an idiot. Another hater taking a shot in the middle of a non story!

  11. Yeah, it’s a shame those ballerinas have to practice in the rain. I bet they had a hard time getting the grass stains out of their tutus. The NFL has turned into an organization of pussies!!!

  12. Zinn, if it’s going to be so hard for you to be a Browns fan, then go cheer for someone else.
    No one wants to hear your negativity towards a guy who HASN’T EVEN COACHED A GAME FOR THE BROWNS YET.

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