Still no final deal between Eli Manning and the Giants

As the i-dotting and t-crossing between the Giants and quarterback Eli Manning continues, there’s a rumor making the rounds that the delay in finalizing the six-year, $97.5 million deal arises from tensions between CAA and IMG.

CAA handles Eli’s football contract; IMG retained his marketing rights when Tom Condon left IMG for CAA a couple of years ago.  As the rumor goes, IMG has thrown a wrench into the finalization of the deal.

A source with knowledge of the situation says that the CAA-IMG dynamic has no impact on the ongoing negotiations between the player and the team, but that it’s a “language issue” between the Giants and Manning.

That incredibly broad description, which would be a lot more interesting if the “language” at “issue” entailed one or more of the seven words that can’t be uttered on television, could be virtually anything.

On Monday, Manning said that the delay arises from “very, very little stuff,” per Ralph Vacchiano of the New York Daily News.  But if it really were “very, very little stuff,” we doubt that the two sides would be so tight lipped about the specific nature of the dispute.

And so the standoff continues.

Maybe the Giants ultimately will decide that the smarter play is to see whether Eli can still be Eli without Plaxico there to command constant double coverage.

20 responses to “Still no final deal between Eli Manning and the Giants

  1. Of course 97 million, for one player, and those that make a living off of him are bitching about it, makes perfect sense…….

  2. “Maybe the Giants ultimately will decide that the smarter play is to see whether Eli can still be Eli without Plaxico there to command constant double coverage.”
    EXACTLY! considering the way he tanked the second half of last season and the playoff game, I am sure they could get eli at a much better price after the season. you dont just hand a qb 97 million dollars when that qb has a career passer rating of 76 and a feable 55% completion pct.
    Mark Rypian and Trent Dilfer also had one decent run ending with a ring, that does not mean you break the make on these third tier qb’s.
    phil simms ranked him somewhere between 10 to 15 out of the current qb crop on the final inside the nfl show last season. If a former giant like phil simms who happens to know qb position as well as anyone ranks you that low , then there are some red flags!

  3. He’s a chump w/o Plax. I would love to see the Giants tie up a ton of money in him tho!!!!!

  4. Eli does have the 5 yards per carry running attack to fall back on.
    Bizarre Contract. Eli is the weak point in the team. Name me one Quarterback who had a career Yards per attempt average of 6.4 and was any good?

  5. Lets see Big Ben won the superbowl last year, and had a worse year statically then Eli.
    The Giants receivers have also lead the league at times with dropped balls.
    Eli has also gotten better with each year.

  6. I agree with Phil Simms. I think that there at least ten to fifteen QBs in the league right now that are better than Eli. The media made him something that he is not. If you look at what the Giants gave up in order to obtain him he is a BUST! I don’t understand what the organizations’ logic is concerning Eli but they should wake up and pull their offer from the table before it’s too late.

  7. notice how the only people who think eli is a franchise qb is the new york giants fans
    anyone else who has common sense realizes that he is {expletive deleted}. his throws are lame ducks that rarely have a spiral or any sort of considerable velocity. the only reason hes considered good is burress just goes up and over the coverage to catch the ball by a pinky…and now hes gone. at least if he goes on a terrible streak of ints and bad passes, he has that running game/defense to fall back on…

  8. Elisha’s a winner. No doubt too much money for him, but he has never missed the playoffs as a starter, has a lot of 4th Quarter comebacks (17 or so in four years), has improved quickly and is cool under pressure. It’s always hard to judge how important a single player is in football, as they are only as good as the team around them (Eli plays behind a great O-Line) and the system they are in (Every QB that played for Bill Walsh looked great in the West Coast offense). Eli gets the job done.
    Those griping about his bad spiral, et cetera, just sour grapes. Yes, he’s inconsistent, but has improved his number of picks. Not Eli’s fault Gilbride didn’t adjust last year after Plax suspended by team. Eagles flat out beat the Giants and they missed a great opportunity to repeat. It’s all academic, let’s play ball and see what happens!

  9. Krow, I don’t understand ?? What does it say??
    except that you are dillusional. so you are saying that Eli won the superbowl all by himself.
    it had nothing to do with the rest of the players on the team like his O line , Receivers, Defense. Wow that is some responsibility I guess he should be paid more than anyone else in the NFL.
    for carrying that team on his back.

  10. Green… it really gets old hearing you over-compensating Eagle fans go on about Eli. He’s a solid NFL QB, and that’s the kind of money they make. He’s also got a ring and a SB MVP trophy. And yeah, in that 4th quarter he carried the team on his back.
    Also… his contract only holds about $35 mil guaranteed. I’m sure he has to do quite a lot to earn the rest. And if he does then he deserves it. Incentives.
    In a couple months he won’t be “the highest paid” player. That’s how it goes.

  11. Krow , I didn’t see anywhere where I was overcompensating or even “Going on about” Eli I was just questioning your previous post where you wrote
    Eli Manning – 1 Superbowl Win
    Eagles – ZERO Superbowl Wins
    You didn’t mention the Giants only Eli.

  12. New York always thinks their atheletes are better than they really are, just because they play in a huge media market and get way too much hype. It’s good to see that phenomenon bite them in the ass. The giants have to pay him the big bucks of a SB winner, even though his skill level doesn’t warrant it. We’re seeing that down here with Jamie Moyer now.

  13. I’m a diehard Eagles fan, and I love that ELI is getting all this money for 2 reasons:
    #1: Its going to make him play with so much pressure on him now that he’ll be one of the top paid NFL players in the game. He has to deal with this feeling of guilt every time he throws a pick or makes any mistake at all, and I know that NYC already has issues with this dude.
    #2: Who cares? Nothing made me happier than seeing the *Perfect Pats* go down. Long live The 2007 Giants. A superbowl victory over the FILTHY patriots; I will be forever greatful for. To see Brady walking off the field in Disgust was something worth millions, at least to me.

  14. If you people insist that it’s just us Giants fans who keep defending Eli, fine. We don’t mind a guy who over the course of a month in early 2008 posted a 95.7 QB rating, threw 6 TDs, one INT, and beat the greatest team to touch an NFL field in the last twenty years.

  15. “Still no final deal between Eli Manning and the Giants”
    Archdaddy’s on his hands & knees lookin’ for a few pennies the Giants might have dropped before Eli is ALLOWED to sign anything!
    @ Zaggs-
    don’t get carried away bro, dude ain’t in Ben’s zip code

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