Chiefs bench Dwayne Bowe

One of the few bright spots on the 2008 Chiefs roster was receiver Dwayne Bowe.

Adam Teicher of the Kansas City Star reports that Bowe has been benched.

At least for now.

Teicher explains in a video entry that coach Todd Haley demoted Bowe on Monday.  Haley thereafter indicated that he’s not happy with Bowe’s overall integration into the “program.”

It shows, as Teicher points out, that Haley is willing to call guys out in order to ensure that players realize that they need to do things the way Haley wants them to do things.

Teicher says he’s confident that Bowe will figure out what Haley wants and give it to him before Week One.

Bowe, a first-round pick in 2007, caught 86 passes for 1,022 yards and seven touchdowns last season.

22 responses to “Chiefs bench Dwayne Bowe

  1. that’s about the same #’s as Roddy White, I wonder why he didn’t hold out demanding to be payed top 10 reciever money

  2. He also dropped 16 balls out of 155 thrown towards him and never made a play over 36 yards (despite breaking 18 tackles on 86 touches, max of 1 break every 4 touches). Just sayin.

  3. Yeah, because this approach always works. Still stand by my assessment that Haley will be an epic disaster as an HC.
    You can’t be rough with players, calling them out, when you need them to keep your job. Warm and fuzzy doesn’t work, but cold and rigid doesn’t either. These are grown men.
    Also, before you say Parcells or Bellichick, their guys generally love playing for them.

  4. I had this guy on my fantasy squad in ’07. It was like playing cat and mouse…I’d bench him – he’d blow up. I’d stick him in the roster – he’d disappear.

  5. TheDPR says:
    August 11, 2009 9:48 AM
    First Brandon Marshall.
    Now Dwayne Bowe.
    Who’s the next overrated WR to be benched?

    190 receptions between the two of them last year, and Marshall missed a game.

  6. Haley’s tough talk sounds great. Until opening day when Matt Cassel drops back to pass and sees Mark Bradley, Amani Toomer and Brad Cottam out in the pass patterns. With none of them getting open. That team needs Bowe as much as any team needs their #1 receiver in the lineup. They’ve got nothing other than him.

  7. Todd Haley must have taken coaching lessons from that tool in Denver.
    What chapter in the coaching textbook is “Alienate your best player?”

  8. Who cares if the players hate Todd Haley! I hate watching them lose. They loved Herm Edwards and gave him 2 wins.
    Most of them don’t act like grown men thats why they brought in veterans to show them what it takes to be a pro. At some point some of these players will understand it is a team sport!
    I hope Haley cleans house!

  9. haha tdheadhunter. i was thinking the same thing. any idiot who says, x player will hate x coach by the end of the season for trying to do it ‘his’ way doesn’t understand football. morons.

  10. WoW! I never seen a person insane enough to go to a team just to destroy it from the inside out.
    Todd Haley and that coach now of the Broncos so far seem to only be out to ruin these teams. They are both likely in over their heads.

  11. good idea–call out the only player on the offense who actually produced last year!! guy has one good year calling plays in AZ and now hes the new man-genius??
    i dont buy it…lets see how brilliant he is without Warner, Larry Fitz & Boldin

  12. I though DBowe led the league in drops last year. Seems to me all you fantasy football guys are worried!if 2-14 is producing you have issues

  13. I’d say Shanny or Cowher have this job within a year, but they also stymied themselves with butt-head Pioli in the front office. Shanny might accept him, but Cowher won’t. Either way, I have said from day one, Show Me, show me without Fitz and Warner.
    The mediots are so quick to annoint anybody who is HC or OC or Dc of a winning team the next coaching genius.

  14. to theDPR: youre an idiot, if anything hes underrated…he had 995 yards in his rookie year and then 1000+. keep in mind hes on the chiefs, thats pretty impressive
    to blackandblue: hes not holding out because hes not a typical prima donna wr. hes a team player, doesnt give a damn how much money he gets
    and if todd haley has any idea wtf hes doing hell put bowe back in the first spot. if he keeps him off the first spot, i hope bowe demands a trade and gets shippped of to a legit team that can actually give him the 1500 yard season that hes bound to have

  15. Hey, hey, hey, Dwayne. And on another related ‘What’s Happening’ note: what’s up with the mobile edition for this site? Hampsters may have run the servers, but at least the Tech’s were capable of making fixes quickly. With all of GE/NBC’s power and microwaves, they have had six weeks and still need more time? Let’s bench NBC’s IT geeks for a six grader with a laptop and a modem.

  16. Those 1000 receiving yards aren’t the whole story. Stats like receiving yards or rushing yards only show opportunity, not ability.

  17. “hes a team player, doesnt give a damn how much money he gets”
    Didn’t he hold out of camp for like two weeks after getting drafted?….I guess it wasn’t the money huh…….

  18. He’s been benched because he’s been outplayed in camp by the likes of such superstars as Terrance Copper and Devard Darling. It’s simply motivation tactics. You have to be pretty stupid to think he won’t be the starting WR by the time the season starts. Making players accountable for their level of play isn’t something new.

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