Dungy says Vick could be signed "this week"

In a Tuesday morning appearance on ESPN Radio’s Mike & Mike In The Morning, former NFL coach Tony Dungy talked about the interest in quarterback Mike Vick.

Said Dungy:  “I think something’s gonna happen this week.”

Dungy also explained that his comments from Sunday night’s Hall of Fame game broadcast on NBC regarding the level of interest in Vick arises from the fact that a dozen NFL coaches have called Dungy for input on Vick.

Dungy said that Vick needs to “get with a football family,” and that the sooner it happens, the better off Vick will be.

We agree.  If Vick had been with a team as of last week, we might not have seen his “interview” last weekend with Young Jeezy, which doesn’t project the kind of change that people are looking for from Vick.

As we explained yesterday, some of the teams that have said they aren’t interested in Vick are actually pursuing him.  We heard five teams are currently after him; Mark Maske of the Washington Post reports that “at least five teams” are interested.

And this reality could prompt even more teams to get involved — and it could get someone to pull the trigger soon.

68 responses to “Dungy says Vick could be signed "this week"

  1. Mike Vick still living off the Hype. Hurry up and sign so you can prove once again that the results don’t match the hype.

  2. I am NOT a Steelers fan but my best guess is that the Steelers will sign him.
    The team that he signs with will pay a very heavy PR price for signing him, and they may wind up regretting that decision.

  3. Fan_Of_Four…
    You just watched your last NFL game. College Football is FANTASTIC!
    And High School football is really good on Friday nights!
    But Vick is gonna sign with someone really soon. These preseason games are proving that Vick’s skills will be coveted by coaches across the league. And there will be one coach that will convince some owner that he will be worth the protests and folks like you saying that they will never watch an NFL football game again.
    See, it’s simple economics. There are more people who will pay to watch him play than those who will simply not watch an NFL game or turn the TV to those infomercials that runs on Sunday afternoons. And that equates to dollars. And the NFL is a business first.

  4. Ahhh – a “football family” … that evokes a nice image doesn’t it… Michael Vick in a smoking jacket, wife washing the dishes, kids playing, pet dog curled up at his feet…
    well maybe not the pet dog

  5. Glad to see you go Fan_of_Four! We don’t need bigots. I’m sure the NFL will miss you. Now be a man and follow through on your promise. (yeah, right)

  6. Fan_Of_Four, you would only be hurting yourself. But hey, there IS always college football.
    The fact is, the reward is much greater than the risk, Sure, whatever team signs him is going to deal with a ton of press issues but for how long? By the middle of the season no one is going to care who Vick is playing for. Plus, Vick coming back to the NFL means big money from high ratings. And all of you people talking about you won’t anymore NFL football if Vick plays should REALLY stop lying to yourself. You can get enough of this stuff and you know it.

  7. If and when any team signs this douche, they will immediately become my most hated. If the Packers sign him, I’ll be doing an awful lot of Sunday bowhunting this fall.

  8. you and your staff need to get on the same page….i feel like im seeing the same stories posted twice over & over again

  9. Fan-of-four: i call b.s.
    tian hits the nail on the head—Vick is going to give relevance (albeit the value of notoriety could be debated) to the team that signs him.
    the return of Vick is a national news story, will certainly be a nationally televised game, and people will be watching his debut—out of hate, interest, curiousity, whatever. Even all you haters, (especially people who are such weak NFL fans that they’d quit watching because of Vick, but big enough fans to be perusing PFT during the offseason) will watch the game out of spite, hoping to see Vick fail, and generate some serious Ad $$$.
    (and watch for, if he is a tremendous success, all this to fade into the woodwork).

  10. ookie needs to sign with the Georgia Bulldogs.
    Go back to school and learn the basics of living in society.
    he also needs to do every charitable event imaginable for the ethical treatment of animals.

  11. It is posturing if he won’t name names. Tryin to keep the hype up to convince an owner someone else might get him before said owner does. Longer preseason goes on the lower his chances get.
    Favre had a simplified Jets playbook starting the season last year, I wouldn’t hold Vicks competence level close to Favre so Vick would need more help.

  12. Even all you haters, (especially people who are such weak NFL fans that they’d quit watching because of Vick, but big enough fans to be perusing PFT during the offseason) will watch the game out of spite, hoping to see Vick fail, and generate some serious Ad $$$.
    Actually, I’d just watch the highlights of him being crippled on YouTube. No ad revenue beig generated there!

  13. Football family? Does that mean he has to sign with the Mannings?
    Lets face it, those (Mysterious) five teams are a smoke screen. Ive got 6 teams interested in my skills, but I’m not going to tell you who they are. Vick is an amazing athlete and football player but not a good QB.

  14. dawk20db: Do you know what a Bigot is? I wouldn’t throw that term around lightly. You just sounded like a complete fool (except to other fools, I am sure they were impressed.)
    Tian: Didn’t realize you are psychic. Since you magically know so well how much money teams are going to make off signing Vick, maybe you should be recruited to help fix the economy. I mean for you everything in the economy is predictable right? Team signs Vick = Team makes money! Why not go all the way? It is simple, Vick was a great athlete who couldn’t win in his prime. Now that he is over 30 (where no one has ever lost a step) and out of condition lets just predict that any team who signs him will win the superbowl. It’s a simple fact. I mean, I said it is a simple fact so how could it not be? Here is a simple fact, Vick killed 80 dogs for fun and was the backbone of an even larger interstate dog fighting ring.
    Frankly I hope a team does sign him, so when his slow ass gets injured (not that he was ever injured during his first stint in the NFL) we can finally put him down. Should we electrocute his genitalia until he is dies or just smash his head on the ground until it splits like a cantaloupe?

  15. Fantastic, this season’s gonna suck. No BF and now this pos is back.
    Btw, someone doesn’t know the meaning of the word bigot…..

  16. NaGaSwan-
    It’s not being psychic. It’s being logical and sensible.
    See, these owners and coaches are businesspeople. They have weighed the options and everything and are making a decision that the benefits of having Mike Vick on their team far outweighs the potential fallout from people like you who wishes that Mike Vick was killed because he killed dogs. (Think about that for a moment… you want to kill a human being because he killed some animals. And you call Mike Vick sick.)
    See, owners and coaches witnesses what happened in Atlanta. They saw how much money the Atlanta Falcons made from having Vick on the field. The NFL knows how much money they made from those Vick jerseys (which will still be worn more at a Falcons game than Ryan’s jersey this Friday Night.) And they also saw that when Vick went to other cities to play, those stadiums were sold out too.
    They saw how much money the city of Atlanta made having Vick on the roster (so much that the mayor of the city of Atlanta made comments on behalf of Vick for a more lenient sentence.)
    And that’s why they want him back on a team. It’s guaranteed that wherever Vick plays, it’s going to sell out. And not because he’s this great humanitarian. Not that he’s a role model. Not that he’s a model citizen. But it’s because no one else have the tools to create a big play on every down- with both his legs and his arm.
    And that ability to create a big play on every down virtually by himself is the reason why the NFL and the individual owners are deciding and have decided to bring him back and discount the fallout.

  17. I like Nagaswan!
    People, please realize all he will be this year is a “wildcat guy” A couple plays each game. I doubt we will see him play a full series. So yes he will have a trimmed down playbook like the Jets did with Farve. But its not really a comparison, Farve was brought in to start.
    You really going to watch football when you otherwise wouldn’t be to maybe see two/three plays out of this guy?
    A Sunday game we are all watching anyway, and most of the games are regionalized. A primetime game, sure there will be a spike when his team plays. But if he aint in prime time, he’s not going to drastically increase ratings. He’ll just have Sunday ticket people flip to his team more often. But again, they are watching the NFL already.

  18. Fkn idiots….sure it’s a black thing, it has nothing to due with this POS drug use, it has nothing to do with his spitting on fans, it has nothing to do with his spreading STD’s and surely it couldnt have anything to do with his brutalizing innocent animals for seven fkn years. Bigot my A$$. Dick Heads come in all kinds of colors and Vick is the biggest Dick Head of all.

  19. This is my first post and I find all this to be crazy. I have seen articles saying Vick should still be in prison or even dead. I have a feeling that these people are animal lovers. I will admit that I too love animal and do not at all agree with what Vick has done. I would love to see Vick back in the NFL and do not believe it is up to the fans to make that decision. Everyone deserves a second chance and if he screws up his second chance send him packing. My team is the Lions and I would love to see him come to us. In my closing statement I would like to say that Vick himself did not kill any dogs he was just linked to the dogfighting ring. He may have been convicted but in the federal court system pleading to a charge is a very common. The conviction rate is well over 90% and if Vick did not take the plea he would have received several more years. Most people do not know how the Federal Court System works and I can assure you it is much different than that of you local courts. I have worked in the local, state, and federal levels of our court systems and would suggest that you look into how the federal court system works before you act as if you know what is going on. Good luck to Vick and I hope he finds a team soon.

  20. First let me say that I respect Tony Dungy.
    That being typed, why is he doing this? I understand that he wants to help people because of his nature, so I guess I can see why he’s doing this, but I simply don’t think Vick should be signed by an NFL team this year. Even before he got the jail time, Vick was very non-appreciative for what he had and I don’t think 2-3 years changes any of that. Maybe it has and I am completely wrong, but there are people out there who did the right thing, worked hard, and are not going to play on a team because there name is not Michael Vick.

  21. You are not going to know what teams were interested until after he signs. That way, you don’t enter into a bidding war. It’s a classic bidding tactic for not letting your interest become public information.

  22. First let me say that I’m a Mike Vick fan. I think it will another generation before you see another football player like him. That being said, I think he used extremely poor judgment getting involved in dog fighting but, I can almost assure you that he felt he was doing nothing wrong. I live in Philadelphia but I’m from the south. I grew up around people that fought dogs their entire lives. I never understood it but, It was a part of life living in the south. White, black or any color you can think of. Everyone from the average blue collar worker to city officials knows someone or something about dog fighting in the south. Look at your favorite teams roster, If you have someone on the roster from below the mason dixon line the same goes for them. Sometimes you need to formulate a thought process before making statements about things you dont understand. Was he right? hell no, but there are people on nfl rosters accused of homicide, rape, DUI, Tax evasion and a litany of crazy things white and black. If they deserve another shot so should vick. If he does something this dumb again. I’ll be the first to volunteer to drive him to prison. Until then, let’s hold off on the holier then thou and racial comments.

  23. Fan_Of_ Four says:
    August 11, 2009 11:05 AM
    Fkn idiots….sure it’s a black thing, it has nothing to due with this POS drug use, it has nothing to do with his spitting on fans, it has nothing to do with his spreading STD’s and surely it couldnt have anything to do with his brutalizing innocent animals for seven fkn years. Bigot my A$$. Dick Heads come in all kinds of colors and Vick is the biggest Dick Head of all.
    Totally agree. Vick is a psychopath and has no right to earn a living in the NFL.
    He’s getting his second chance to become a valued member of society. He can wash dishes at Applebees for a couple of years. If he can do that without any incidents, he then, maybe, should get another chance to play. I still doubt any sane owner would sign him.

  24. Yeah…Mike was at his dog pound every day of the year. Forget the 7 months of the year that he had a day job……what is that? The NFL.
    Has it ever occurred to you morons that his buddies sold him out to save their butts..and then went on to make allegations as to what he did……..no. Have any of you bothered to read the allegations, and what he claimed to have done in pleaing…and what he was accused of doing by his buddies who all got lesser time than him, and were running the day to day operations. This is stupid….get a life and stop worrying about something that you have no control over. Find Jesus, and find forgiveness..

  25. The thing I don’t gt about all of this venom for Tony Dungy is that people are asking him questions about MikeVick, and he’s just answering them. Even on the preseason game, they asked him about Mike Vick, and he told them what was going on. Do you want him to lie, or say no comment? I d0n’t understand.
    And WVU fan, Vick did admit to killing 6-8 dogs.
    As for hypocrisy:
    Annuvin won’t watch a dog killer, but will spend his Sundays……..bowhunting? Am I missing something here?
    And people feel all right watching Bryant McKinnie, who bashed in someone’s skull, but won’t watch Michael Vick who killed some dogs (albeit, heinously)? Would you be more afraid of the guy who has no regard for human life, or the guy who has no regard for the life of an animal? And if you want to say Mike Vick has the potential to hurt humans, everyone does. When it comes out that he’s doing what he does to dogs to humans, let me know. But if there’s nothing to back up those claims, someone like Bryant McKinnie should be feared more than Michael Vick.
    And it’s obvious that Mike Vick can function in society because he was running a dog fighting ring for seven years, and a lot of people knew nothing about it. He needs to learn how to function around dogs, if anything.

  26. WVU Fan
    “In my closing statement I would like to say that Vick himself did not kill any dogs he was just linked to the dogfighting ring.”
    R U insane?? OF course he killed dogs himself–by electrocution, stangulation, slamming them to the ground drowning etc. Where you been in living man, Graceda?
    Now, with that off my chest I would bet that Vick will be signed. Someone will be desperate enough to take the risk. It will probably cost them up front from a PR standpoint. It’ll be up to Vick to either make it or break it from there.
    Personally, I think he’s a POS thug! BUT, he’s done his time, he’s reinstated, football is a business & he will be signed. We all hold our own future in our hands to some degree. Vick, much more so than most of us. My prediction (remember I said prediction, not my hope or desire) is that he gets signed and within 2-3 years he’s out of the NFL due to a Theisman type injury. He runs too much and I dont think his arm can carry him as a quarterback.
    If I had him I’d train him to catch rather than throw and put him at WR. Again though, personally, I think he’s a POS thug!

  27. Oh poor students of recent “American History: Was it not less than 50 years ago, that some Newspapers listed Ads for the public lynching of some hapless Negro?
    These imhumane “sporting events” were well attended and often treated as a Family Outting.
    Lunch was brought and/or refreshments were sometimes available!
    After the lynching, “Fans” would scamble to cut off certain body parts like the ears, nose or penis!
    By the way, the A.S.P.C.A. was founded in 1886; so what’s really more inhumane & hypocritcal?
    Basically, and according to American History, you’re full of it!
    Micheal Vick remains a lucrative mealticket in the hands of some wealthy White NFL team-owner…unless that boy has to be stripped & whipped again for something new!

  28. Can someone tell me how long it takes here before your posts are moderated or are they all?

  29. d-rob28–I’ve lived in the South all of my life & I know no one that is involved in dogfighting. Believe me in my 50+ years here I’ve known moonshiners, drug runners, cock fighters, etc. But I honestly know of no one in dog fighting. I’m sure it’s out there somewhere–I’ve just never come across it

  30. Coming from a dog lover/owner.
    Get over it already. He served his time and he should be given every opportunity to play. That doesn’t mean he’ll get to play, but the opportunity should be there. Besides, there are other players who have done much worse.
    Fact – The most important animals on this planet are humans. Yet, we cry the least when they are killed or harmed.

  31. Sorry, I should have said how long is before your posts stopped being moderated? Or are they always moderated?

  32. footballrulz,
    Unfortunately, I have. I’ve never been to a dog fight myself, but I knew personally people who made their living dogfighting. And I knew them before Mike Vick was even known to be in dogfighting.
    Wanna know where I got to meet these people? Well, my sons played youth football in Georgia. And I met some dogfighters during football practice. Their kids were also playing football. It was part of the culture in youth football that a few of those parents would talk about their dogs and how tough they were.
    I knew one fairly well. Dogfighting was his job. And he went EVERYWHERE fighting his dogs. It was a whole network and big money, too. He stopped as soon as the heat came on Vick, but when all of the stuff started coming out against Vick he told me that Vick was a big-time wheel in dogfighting.
    But he wasn’t the only one from the NFL that was big into dogfighting. He told me that there were quite a few NFL players that were dogfighters… and not all of them black and into the hip hop lifestyle. There were white NFL players that were big in dogfighting…
    Vick got caught. And because of it those puppy mills and dog fighting rings backed by prominent NFL and NBA players, rappers and country singers are no longer in operation. But believe me, Mike Vick wasn’t the only one from the NFL that killed dogs. There are other players that fought and killed dogs and you root for them on Sundays, as well.

  33. Hire him?
    I wouldn’t hire him to clean the crap out of my chicken yard………

  34. I don’t think Vick should ever be allowed to play football again but since he will be I hope he does not sign with the best team going the Miami Dolphins. We don’t need scum like him.

  35. Give me a break! You guys show no grace at all to others. He paid for what he did and is trying to move on just like you guys do when you make a mistake. First one without sin cast the first stone!! This should not even be asn issue as long as he paid his debt, WHO CARES!!

  36. WOW – are you kidding me. “We won’t see another athlete like this in this generation”
    You frk’n idiots act like this guy was the best thing since sliced bread.
    READ: He sucked as quaterback. Look at the stats. Guess what, watching a guy throw 30 incomplete passes but make one 50 yard run IS NOT EXCITING. Who the fk cares if he makes 3 20 yard runs when his team is getting hammered because they don’t have a quarteback.
    The guy is scum. Comparing him to other guys that are “worse scum” does not make him any less scum.
    Second chances do not involve going back to work for the same company or organization. You ever been fired and rehired back??
    What a concept, if a drunk driver kills your kid, or your dog, it’s all ok after he “serves his time”??? Is that the theory?
    The guy has a sickness in his head, just loke anyone else- white or black- that would torture animals, people etc.
    So guess what-if someone wants to hate the sick mfkr- so be it.
    Count me in!

  37. I’d be willing to put any amount of money on the table that one of the teams looking to pick him up is Buffalo. Why? Because they like washed up refugees like Doug Flutie, Drew Bledsoe, and T.O., it only makes sense to add him to their repertoire.

  38. To date, Vick has thrown 71 TDs, 52 INTs and fumbled 19 times. Not exactly numbers that support the hype. He has some nice highlight reel runs, but if you force him to beat you with his arm, he can’t.
    Good luck to the P.R. Department of whoever signs him, they’ll need it.

  39. All politics aside, it seems Buffalo would be a likely place for Vick. It’s a bit of an outpost, and with Owens already on the roster Vick won’t get all the attention.

  40. Tian–Obviously Vick is not the only person ever to fight dogs. It takes a lot of people to make a world & some of those people, black, white, red, blue or green are going to be bad. Some will murder, rape, steal or abuse animals for sport. I’m no saint myself, not by any means. Fortunately, my demons do not put me on the wrong side of the law. (At least not any more).
    If I see a man trying to hurt or rape a wopman I am going to step in. If I see someone breaking into my neigbors house I will call the police and then do what I can to assure he does not get away before they get there. (That actually happened). Understand, I am not a meddling “buttinski” & I am not going to come over if I hear someone yelling at his wife in their own home but if I see some guy beating the crap out of his girlfriend in the parking lot at the grocery store I am going to intervene.
    I am an animal lover. I can’t even watch the Nat Geo because I can’t stand to see the animals eating each other even though I know that’s the way God planned it.. I am not against hunting for food–I am against hunting for sport (unless you give the meat to somebody to eat). I shot my last animal when I was 16. My father is an avid hunter as are many of my close friendfs. I can assure of this however–if I ever got wind of any type of dog fighting, even if it was my best friend involved, I would not rest until it was stopped. I am glad it was not me standing on the sidelines of that little league field talking to a known dog fighter & finding out that NFL & NBA players as well as rappers & country stars were involved. I would probably be dead now because I would be standing on soap boxes & beating bushes to get it stopped. That’s just me.
    Now back to football….

  41. Football Forever says:
    August 11, 2009 2:18 PM
    To date, Vick has thrown 71 TDs, 52 INTs and fumbled 19 times. Not exactly numbers that support the hype. He has some nice highlight reel runs, but if you force him to beat you with his arm, he can’t.
    Good luck to the P.R. Department of whoever signs him, they’ll need it.
    The funny thing about that is his numbers are similar to Eli Manning’s. Eli Manning has had more passing attempts, which is why his passing numbers are better. But, if you just want to look at numbers, they’re pretty much the same, except Eli Manning has thrown for more TDs, while Vick has run for more yards. That being said, Manning’s Passer Rating is only .4 better than Vick’s.

  42. Alls I can say is that Vick shouldn’t have been forced to shouldn’t have had to serve a prison sentence and been forced from the league in the first place. The toughest sport in the world letting themselves be judged for what the actions of 1 damn player does. I can understand him losing his endorsement deals but I’m finally glad their done punishing him by keeping him away from the field. What he did was wrong but ain’t got ish to do with football.
    If Vick went to Buffalo, I’m sure they would gain at least a million more fans just from curiosity (me amongst them) not to mention people that don’t even watch football tuning in to watch Vick play for the first time. So feel sorry for all you “last time I watch” crybabies.

  43. To Fan of Four
    I hope you have watched your last game because he will return to the NFL and he will play well. There’s this little thing called ‘paying your dues’ and that is what he has done. If you will keep trying to punish a man for what society has already punished him for you my friend must search your soul to forgive yourself.

  44. Wow PTDX. let me acks you a question…if he raped a girl I gues it would be ok by you since it had nuttin to do wit football?
    That million will have some fun watchin your boy sit on the bench. Oh yea, he gonna do that “NEW” creative thing that no one can figure out called the WILDCAT!
    Oh man, they snapped the ball to a guy in the backfield who isn’t a QB, what do we do now??
    Play the run because the idiot can’t read a coverage or hit the side of a barn.

  45. And another dayum thing! I dont give a f*&k about you animal lovers. I’m allergic to dogs and cats and the rest of the animals I eat so dont cry to me about killing animals. They are meant to be killed and eaten. The man did what was natural as a human being. You sadists who hate because he is more successful than you will ever be are the ones calling for his head. Same ones that will call for a great big steak (which comes from a cow that happens to be an animal) the first restaurant you get to. Get real ppl! Get a girlfriend/boyfriend/wife/husband or get a life and quit f*&king these animals! About time someone stood up to these PETA MFs

  46. Your right shortdawg, I guess I am just jealous that I’m not a black, animal torturing felon.
    By the way, you may want to look up the word sadist, pretty sure torturing animals for fun would fall under that….not jealousy.
    You guys that want to lick Vicks #ss really do not help his cause with your “well thought out” posts.
    Good luck standing up to those Peta people after you actually mentioned a kitten can kick your ass with allergies you little #ussy.

  47. Frankly I’m appalled? this loser is going to be allower to play professional sports again and represent a city. Yes, everyone deserves a second chance but only for those who make mistakes or have lapses in judgement. What he participated in was cruel and inhumane. I believe it reflects upon his character. Anyone who could take the life of an animal who, did not perform up to expectation, especially in the manner in which he did so sickens me. No forgiveness for someone whose soul is that dark. I’m not a member of PETA and any inbred hillbilly who thinks dogs were meant to be killed probably does eat them as well. Bon appetit Billy Bob………..

  48. Shortdawg–If you think that it’s natural human instinct to slam an animal to the ground, electrocute it by the balls, or drown it because it won’t fight so you can ear money then there’s nothing human about you.
    Killed & eaten, fine–no problem. You like dog meat? He didn’t eat the damn dogs you fk’n idiot.
    How about thinking a little before you spout off that short dawg brain of yours.

  49. cbs1000 small letters 4-a small punk. Read the paper wussy. You just had pink boys fighting and killing over 400 dogs and PETA along with the rest of you thin lipped monkeys have done nothing to these Southern Missouri, and Illinois klansmen.. You went after Vick because he’s African-American, he has money, and you think you can make an example out of him. Now you’re pissed off because he might play again? The owners are the same color of you confront them you punk. Or is it like this…. You can only talk tough when you’re on-line that’s the nature of your people……..behind the back, cross burning punks… And besides your girl and kids how many animals have you molested…. Quit posting and continue to hang out by the daycares you dog loving piece of nothing……….

  50. Wow, with a username of “Death”, I think YOU are the one with the issues.
    And your speech is full of hatred and malice. Wow, you have some serious issues. I wish you luck in getting some kind of therapy, because you sound as nutty as Vick.

  51. Any team that signs Vick will be looking for nothing but bad PR, it would be a huge distraction,
    he will be booed off the field to the parking lot and out of state, he was not that good forget him he is history.

  52. Hey Death, I guess they give you guys internet access in lockdown now? Great my hardworking tax dollars gotta pay for you three squares, internet and your dozen babies for 10 different women. But hey, it will always be that way, not because the color, because the attitude. It’s just your excuse to be what you iz bro….. a sheep defending the worst you have to offer.

  53. My goodness “Death”. I was subjected to some very harsh treatment growing up because of my ethinicity (Mother from Kenya Father from Brooklyn – white) back in the 60’s but I don’t have that kind of hate in my heart. Not even for Michael Vick. But let’s face it…those were truly horrendous things he either actually performed or condoned and that always represents a dark heart. Not the kind of person I want on my gities football team or representing people of color……Peace

  54. JuicyMelon said-First let me say that I respect Tony Dungy.
    That being typed, why is he doing this?
    Tony was asked, by Vick’s agent, if he would go and visit Vick in prison. After that metting, Vick and his agent asked Tony to mentor Mike while he seeks employment. Roger Goodell also asked Tony to mentor Vick.
    So, thats why he’s doing this….because he was asked to.

  55. Vick has been mentioned as an NFL player, and if he doesn’t hook up there, then as a UFL candidate!
    Never as a CFL player, he would be great as a CFL player, but Canada doesn’t let convicted felons play there!
    Every time I see Dungy’s name and Vick linked in a headline, the word “SHILL” comes to mind!

  56. Hey Death–Just so you’ll know (seems to me had you actually read the paper you would know) those guys were arrested and may face up to 5 years in prison. (What’d Vivk get — 2?)
    You might also find this interesting. Seems godfighting’s getting real popular amoung gang members in the ‘burbs. The even wear gold pit bull medallions.
    Those dudes don’t sound like they’re thin lipped monkeys to me. How bout you?
    Quit with the race card dude. Reminds me of Jackson & Sharpton. Hell, if those two guys went away racism would probably disappear. Can you say Obama?

  57. For god sakes it was DOGS yea i’m a dog lover but this guy fought dogs and killed dogs woopy friggin do there people that have killed people in drunk driving accidents and get away for less then what he has gone through i couldn’t care less if he signs or not but listening to people say how POS he is dumb

  58. Look at the Stallworth case this guy did a lot worse and he’s getting off with a slap on the wrist practically so Vick has served his time and then some

  59. Eagledan – this quotes for you: It is better to remain silent and be thought a fool than to open one’s mouth and remove all doubt. Abraham Lincoln
    Talking about Dungy like that, you are a disgrace! This man is a HERO!!!
    And footballrulz: good thing we know the Lord – LOL!! :o)

  60. What Vic did to those dogs is sick!! The same behavior exhibited by Jeffrey Dahmer. He lost his priviledge to play pro sports after the first dog he electricuted to death for fun.

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