Maybin quits Twitter, ties holdout to Crabtree

If your idea of a productive afternoon is learning fun facts about Bills holdout defensive end Aaron Maybin, then Tuesday was an outstanding day.

1. Maybin has a publicist, which is somewhat surprising on its own for a player so young.  The fact that Maybin’s publicist is former Redskins linebacker Lavar Arrington blows my mind.

2. Arrington, also a Penn State product, essentially blames Maybin’s holdout on Michael Crabtree.

“This Crabtree kid is putting people in this predicament,” Arrington said. “I just think people’s hands are tied until this guy gets around to doing what he’s going to do.”

It’s hard to argue with Arrington there. It would be shocking for Maybin to sign before Crabtree’s deal comes in at this stage. 

3.  Maybin quit Twitter Tuesday afternoon until his holdout is over, apparently tired of all the negative messages people are sending “@” him.

“Unfortunately, because of the ignorance and stupidity of some people on twitter, I have decided not to sign on again until my contract is signed,” Maybin wrote.

“I’m tired of having to defend myself and my love for this game and the Bills franchise every day, to those who know nothing about the business. Thank u 2 all of my real Bills fans. U are the reason I work as hard as i do & u will see A.M. very soon!

Maybin’s decision to turn off Twitter sounds like a healthy decision. (It might be a good idea for all of us.)  Arrington watched the Hall of Fame game with Maybin and said it wasn’t easy.

“He was in tears not being able to be out there Sunday,” said Arrington.

With Crabtree’s holdout showing no signs of letting up, Maybin may have to get used to watching his teammates play without him.

38 responses to “Maybin quits Twitter, ties holdout to Crabtree

  1. Who would’ve thunk that an NFL rookie would have something in common with Trent Reznor?

  2. i can see his point to some extent, but the pick after is signed so the bottom number is set. Don’t most of these contracts follow a yearly percentage increase? for example (i’m at work and can’t run the real numbers) if this years number 12 got an 8% increase from last years wouldn’t that give maybin and his agent a number they could work off of? Crabtree is a douche who is trying to get paid like a top 5 pick which is why he is holding out, so unless maybin is planning on doing the same then i think his people could and should be working off the numbers from last year to try and get him signed before he loses anymore time this year.

  3. Waiting…. on the Crab-Diva deal….. Maybin might have cobwebs growing in his helmet by then.

  4. why is everything tied to crabtree??????
    can’t he man up and accept a deal that is higher than the 11th pick from the previous year and higher than moreno’s and orakpo’s (same position) deal this year.
    He is being selfish and greedy and to pin all the blame for HIS holdout on another player…
    well that is a prime example of low character and ill confidence in your own abilities, and a lack of team first attitude.
    he should sign a reasonable contract, get into camp and earn more money in his second contract by contributing during his rookie year and developing as a reliable veteran.
    btw …i am neither a 49ers or bills fan.

  5. BS……..if the players around Crabtree sign then he can either take his slots value or sit out a year.
    That’s just a convenient excuse to be greedy.

  6. I’m surprised Arrington hasn’t blamed Dan Snyder or Joe Gibbs for the holdout yet.

  7. It’s a little disingenuous to blame Crabtree for Maybin’s holdout. If Maybin wants to play that badly, Maybin should simply take the slotted deal and show up. There’s no reason to wait for Crabtree.

  8. “The fact that Maybin’s publicist is former Redskins LB Lavar Arrington blows my mind.”
    I bet it did, Panama Red.

  9. Crapgreed’s name is mud here in the Bay Area. While Darius Heyward-Bay works hard in practice each day to overcome the post-draft media lynching he and his team received, Crapgreed is now known for his holdout, his greed, his entourage, his Prima Donna attitude and his selfishness.
    Poetic justice would be Crapgreed getting run over by a bus tomorrow, before ever pocketing a dime.

  10. I understand it’s a business but there comes a point to where you just sign the damn contract. Stop waiting for the guys drafted before and after you to sign a contract, and try to get that extra few million your getting paid enough already. Be the guy that sets an example and gets your ass in camp on time. I’m tired of these overpaid rookies and drama queens that haven’t proved a damn thing in the NFL and get paid millions of dollars just because they were drafted high. There’s so many underpaid players in the NFL and many more that actually earn what there paid. I respect each and every individual that wants to be in camp and be signed. As for the other guys your proof that there needs to be a rookie salary cap.

  11. As pissed as I am about Crabtree holding out for more money than he deserves, the comment by Maybin and his ‘publicist’ is ridiculous.
    Crabtree is greedy, I think we can all agree on that. But like ‘Big Stretch’ said, Maybin can sign his contract based on a % increase. To say that he CANNOT sign because of Crabtree is him saying, “If Crabtree gets #7 money, then I should get #8 money.” He’s doing this to be greedy, the fact that he’s calling someone else out is laughable.
    One other thing, Crabtree cried, Malcolm Jenkins cried, and now Maybin cried…what the hell is going on with football players these days? Was getting in touch with your ‘feminine side’ a part of the NFL orientation? Grow a pair and let em’ drop people!

  12. I hope the NFL actually gets a rookie pay scale because this is ridiculous. This Maybin guy will probably be another wash-out that a team cant dump because of his salary.
    I pretty sure the Titans would have let Vince Young go if not for his contract.

  13. TOTAL FREAKIN COPOUT! It is somebody else’s fault I ain’t playin. TOTAL BS. So Crabtree’s cousin has him sit out the year and all of these diva a-holes are going to sit out too? What ever happened to be your own man?

  14. This is another example of why there should be a rookie salary cap. In the NBA there is none of this nonsense. Rookies either take the money offered or go home period. Why should unproven rookies (in some cases) make more money than proven veterans? It’s totally absurd! I don’t blame the rookies for going after all that they can get, not at all. The Players Union, along with the league, needs to straighten out this mess. That would leave more money available for teams to resign their veterans or sign a free agent.

  15. You get what you deserve San Fran.
    Didn’t you hear the reports about how Michael Crabdiva dissed the Browns and the Raiders before being drafted?
    Couldn’t you read the tea leaves…., or in this case, the palm leaves (they were so fricking big)?

  16. Why does a rookie contract signing have to depend on what someone else gets and the slotting?
    Why can’t a player sign a reasonable contract based on say, 5 to 10% raise over the slot from last year or an otherwise reasonable amount offered by the team which most people will never earn in a lifetime?
    F this greedy tear shedding gimp and all others like him.

  17. “He was in tears not being able to be out there Sunday.”
    1. He’s never made a dime for playing football in his life.
    2. He’s most assuredly received an offer, more than fair for his slotting in the draft.
    3. Because the guy ahead of him might get more money, he wants to wait and cash in, too.
    4. The combination of these factors makes him cry because he’s not on the football field.
    The ball is in his court. He’s got the decision to sign and get more money than he’s ever seen in his life, or to sit out and wait, thus hurting the start of his career (which will, no doubt, affect future negotiations).
    If these bozos around Crabtree would start signing contracts, then it would put him under pressure to sign. There’s no benefit to holding out for a whole year like Crabtree has threatened through his posse. I read about a baseball player who held out like 5 years in a row, and they said last they knew, he was still making $11.50 per hour changing people’s tires for Costco (as opposed to signing a contract approaching $5 million), which tells you how silly this is.

  18. Fishfan39-
    There *is* a rookie salary cap in the NFL. It dictates how much you can pay rookies in their first year. The reason rookie contracts are complicated and have big numbers attached to them is that no rookie signs a one year contract.
    Maybin attributing his holdout to Crabtree is ridiculous. The Bills and Maybin’s people should be able to figure out some number that’s higher than Moreno’s that Maybin would be happy with, his agent wouldn’t even lose face.
    The guy who’s really stuck in a predicament here is B.J. Raji and his agent. Eugene Monroe, picked immediately before Raji, is holding out hoping to extend the traditional “crazy money” that the top 7 picks get to the #8 spot, and Jacksonville shows no signs of budging (look what happened when they picked at #8 last year), and immediately behind Raji is Crabtree’s infamous “year-long” holdout. So if Raji signs a deal that doesn’t have a ridiculous increase over the same slot from last year (+~20% like Heyward-Bey got), and either Eugene Monroe or Michael Crabtree gets the crazy money they’re after… Raji’s agent is going to look bad from some angle. Of course, he’ll look worse if he ends up with an overly long holdout or gets fired by his client for inability to deliver a contract…

  19. You know, I made a Twitter account recently. Honestly, though, I really don’t see what the fuss is about.
    You can do one thing on Twitter: tell people what’s on your mind. I use Facebook, and Facebook users can do the exact same thing plus so much more!
    Twitter is over-hyped and overrated. MySpace is for children.
    Facebook is where it’s at.
    Get with it, people.

  20. The Bills need to explain to Maybin that he will be paid based on two factors, which are the pay for being drafted #11 and how much of the year he plays. The Bills should tell him he can sign for perhaps $ 24 M and $ 14 M guaranteed today, but that is the maximum. Each day that passes, the total should be reduced by $ 500,000 and the guaranteed amount by $ 250,000. If he does not like it, then he can wait until next year, when he will not be permitted to attend the combine and he will be prohibited from meeting with other teams prior to the draft. Then after not playing for one year, he will probably be a second round draft pick, at best (considering it is to be a deep draft class). It will not help the Bills to have him come in late and start playing part time mid-year.

  21. Hey Rosenthal – all the Tweeting must be rotting your brain. You really think it’s hard to argue Arrington’s point about Crabtree being an issue in his signing? If you believe that, then Crabtree isn’t singing because Raji hasn’t, and so on, and so on. I used to think you knew something about how the NFL worked.

  22. This kid is full of a reeking pile of sh*t. He could sign right now and get paid very well, probably a small bump up from what last year’s pick at his slot got.
    But no, he and more importantly his agent, don’t want to sign in case Crabasshole gets his way and gets a much bigger contract than his slot would normally give. Its primarily the greed of the agents and their fear of not getting enough to make them look good to next year’s draft class that is driving this.

  23. Motorbreath2000-I wouldn’t be so quick to state that Maybin hasn’t made a dime playing football. Maybe not, but how do you know?
    Florio-“Maybin’s decision to turn off Twitter sounds like a healthy decision. (It might be a good idea for all of us.)”
    Step up, Mike. Tell your twitty little Eiseny friends you’ve decided to take the high road and reclaim your manhood.

  24. You know what I don’t understand? The big fuss about Crabtree saying he’s prepared to sit out the whole season. Isn’t that implied by any player holding out? That they’re willing to sit out as long as it takes, whether it be a season, until they get what they want?

  25. that jerk blocked me on twitter cuz i told him to sign a deal – what an ass – Im glad he quit. This shows he is thin skinned and a little baby.

  26. Marty said:
    “that jerk blocked me on twitter cuz i told him to sign a deal – what an ass – Im glad he quit. This shows he is thin skinned and a little baby.”
    Yeah, he’s a jerk because he doesn’t want some queer he doesn’t even know sending him messages about how he should handle his career/personal life.
    Get a life, dude.

  27. The NFL was fine without these guys last year and it will be fine without them this year. Hold the f out all year for all I care.
    Gee, I only get $15 Million guaranteed and he got $17 Million, man that’s disrespectful.

  28. I’m a huge Bills fan and I hate that Aaron Maybin is taking so long to sign. But I’m OK with it from the sense that you have to make your money while you can…I will be doing some negotiating with my next contract for my job as well.
    But saying it’s Crabtree’s fault? What if Crabtree says he’s just waiting for Maybin to sign and set the floor? Then who’s right? Plus, there’s a reason picks generally are signed lowest to highest and right now, he’s the lowest pick left to sign.
    Whether his publicist likes it or not, in the court of public (common sense?) opinion it’s his turn.

  29. People before and after you in the draft have signed. At this point it’s bs. I’m a Penn State guy and love Maybin but blaming anyone but yourself at this point just isn’t true.

  30. No, it’s on Maybin at this point. He can instruct his agent to get a deal by a certain date and just go with it. If he’s allowing his agent to take as long as it takes to get the best money… Then it’s on Maybin. It’s greed.

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