Ravens are not expected to sign Vick

Despite mounting speculation linking the Ravens to quarterback Mike Vick, a league source tells us that the Ravens to date haven’t had any discussions regarding a potential acquisition of the free-agent who, per Tony Dungy, is expected to sign a contract this week.

And while it’s hard to know what the truth is in this regard, it makes sense for the Ravens not to be chasing Vick.  They’re still trying to bring along a young quarterback who might have been a little rattled with Vick on the roster, and if they want to develop a jack-of-some-trades, they can do it with Troy Smith.

So while the Ravens are not yet candidates for the Anti-Vick parade, we’d be shocked based on information we’ve gathered tonight if Vick were to become a Raven.

43 responses to “Ravens are not expected to sign Vick

  1. Dungy and company are playing the league for a bunch of suckers. Why doesn’t his fraud ass just name the team?
    because there isn’t one!

  2. Florio, lets just end all this speculation because Mike Vick is going to sign with the Carolina Panthers. John Fox is and offensive coordinator Jeff Davidson are drawing up plays right now to get the ball in his hands. Can you imagine a wildcat offense with Vick, DeAngelo Williams, Jonathan Stewart and Steve Smith all on the field at the same time? Unstoppable! Oh and by the way the Panthers were using DeAngelo to run the wildcat all the way back in 2006 but nobody watched us then so they think the Dolphins were the first team to run it. Trust me Florio, Mike Vick will be a Carolina Panther this season!

  3. I cannot wait to hear the steeler fans proclaim…Mike Vick is going to be awesome in black and gold…..this was a great pickup…..we will use Mike to run all over the Ravens……
    When Vick signs with the Steelers…….Ben will have to give up the number 7!

  4. Ravenmaniac thank god your stupid that way we dont have to take you seriously .
    Go molest your sister and leave the real football talk to someone who understands it ok ? Go now lil johnny be with suzie . Grown folk here are talking .

  5. I wondered what number Ben will wear when Vick becomes a Steelers. Do they allow QBs to wear #69?

  6. Okay, I just threw a dart at an NFL board, TWICE.
    Both times it hit “Jacksonville Jaguars”

  7. Tell us something we don’t know, Florio. No one is going to touch this POS. The PR risk is too great for an overrated QB more than two years removed from the league. If he was going to get signed, it would have happened already.

  8. Deangelo was doing that at memphis and brought it to carolina, but your right pantherpride, nobody was watching the panthers in 06.

  9. Can you imagine a wildcat offense with Vick, DeAngelo Williams, Jonathan Stewart and Steve Smith all on the field at the same time? Unstoppable!
    Are you on crack?

  10. You are right steeltown, I am stewpid…I wll not post anything else so I can sit back pick my toes and read the “real football talk” that you understand so well……
    molest my sister??? really??
    So you dont think Vick will go to the steelers???

  11. I don’t think the Ravens are the team. But I do know where he should go. THE WASHINGTON REDSKINS! I would love to see these Vick Haters ride into Redskin Park with any B.S. It will be on and popping……The Fans there will give you something to talk about for sure….They will pull in on their short buses and look around and think…”Well Guys We Really Should Not Go In There Because They Look Pretty Mean! Let us go to The Cracker Barrel, Have Lunch And Rethink This!”

  12. Go molest your sister and leave the real football talk to someone who understands it ok ? Go now lil johnny be with suzie . Grown folk here are talking .
    That was one of the weirdest things I’ve heard since Beowulf had sex with Robert Fulton at the first Battle of Antietam.

  13. se18a29, no i’m not on crack but you must be if you can’t see the possibilities of a wildcat offense that includes Vick, Williams, Stewart and Smith. Vick could handoff ot Williams or Stewart, throw to Smith or take off and run it himself. He and Pat White are just about the only 2 QB’s capable of running a great wildcat offense. I think you’re a little scared about how good the Panthers could be if they really do sign Vick.

  14. Most mentors, I think, choose to work behind the scenes, offering advice and guidance, broadening a person’s experience, stimulating their initiative, etc. Others just go about their own activities mostly and make it a point to bring that person along, so they can share in those activities, leading by example.
    Tony Dungy has been acting more like an agent, a broker, a publicist, or a lobbyist. Doesn’t seem there’d be much time left to spend with Michael or with the other men he’s mentoring.
    Apppears the rehab is complete, and the only task remaining is getting the man a job in the League. There’s nothing wrong with that, I guess, but it does strike a kind of false note that up to now, I would never have associated with TDungy.

  15. You guys sure change your minds quickly. Earlier today it’s “Vick probably signing with Ravens”; now it’s “Would be very surprised.”

  16. Why would the Panthers want Vick?
    1. They run the ball well enough as it is, if you haven’t noticed. They don’t need a cute fad of a formation to put defenses off guard when they can overpower teams in the trenches and use their 2 good young backs all game long.
    2. They lost in the playoffs because they’re passing game played like trash and their D just wasn’t as good as it had been in the past. Last time I checked, Vick is a career 53% passer who can’t read a defense to save his life.

  17. HEY FELLAS, Does this sound familiar?
    “Signs continue to point to Vick and the Ravens”
    Shucks you guys were so certain…Hey its alright close is good enough.
    Irritating to say the least. I wonder if I can post stories/rumors/science fiction/creative literature that turn a out to be wrong constantly and claim to have credibility at the same time like you guys do…..I think Ill call my site profootballtalkfromregularguypretendingtohavecredibleinsidesourceswhoareconstantlywrong.com Hopefully Chris Mortensen hasnt already registered that domain name.

  18. Vick would be banned, by default, from any team with any kind of animal name — Panthers, Lions, etc, unless the league wants trouble with PETA. Of course, the Dawg Pound in Cleveland won’t have him, either.
    Most of the non-animal-named teams have already said no, right?
    I see the letters UFL in his future.

  19. Here’s my question…………If Vick was Hispanic or Chinese American or Caucasian would Dungy be parading him around the league?!

  20. Pantherpride-Seneca Wallace? Dennis Dixon?
    Also, you’d assume that a) Vick could throw an accurate ball to Steve Smith and that b) Vick could throw a catchable ball to Steve Smith.

  21. Let’s see, who’s the team dumb enough to underestimate the loss of revenue by signing Vick? Because sure enough whoever signs this piece of shit Vick is going to lose sponsers. And let’s not underestimate fan repercussions, that will be very, very serious to say the least. I love Dungy, he reminds me of my childhood best friend. Dungy as the wonderful person you are, help those who really need your help, not some immature sadistic asshole who if he was white-no one would give a rats ass about! By the way here’s a thought-if Marty Shottenheimer was black, can you imagine the reprecussions of getting fired after going 14-2. Where the hell were all those bleeding hearts then?

  22. From NFL.com
    On Tuesday, Vick told players at a Hampton University basketball camp to use his story as an example as they work to follow their dreams
    According to a release from the university, Vick told the campers that he accomplished his goals and then “allowed someone who didn’t have my best interests at heart to take all that away from me.”
    I suppose there is no way to know for sure that he said this….is there?
    I hope he is dumb enough to repeat it on the 60 minutes interview.
    The guy whose fault this is: “Mike – buy a property to house and train pit bulls for an interstate gambling enterprise”
    Mike Vick: ” I don’t know, it doesn’t sound like you have my best intersest on this – I’m skeptical…”
    GWFTI: “Just do it Mike”.
    Mike Vick: “Ok, I’m in…but I sure hope this doesn’t come back to bite me”.
    GWFTI: “Mike, I want you to slam THIS dog into the ground, elctrocute THIS one, drown THIS one…”

  23. I take it that “media reporting” in this country has devolved to – make up whatever we think sounds good, then see if it actually happens.
    Nice “reporting”!

  24. all the “redneck” insults aside, gibbon, most folks intuitively understand that the ghetto is where were most deviant sexual activity happens. always has been.

  25. I think he’ll go to Carolina. For some of you he will never do anything right. Forgive and forget.

  26. ravensos says:
    August 12, 2009 7:45 AM
    how did you know Ravenmaniac’s sister works at Harrahs?
    He figured it out when she wasn’t on her corner.

  27. Enuff already Florio, you inbred WVA hillbilly!
    One day (insert team here) is gonna sign the torturing/murdering felon, then the Next day they aren’t…it goes on & on…you puke F*CK!

  28. I looooove people from Pitt crackin on other people about molesting their sisters.
    Kettle, Black.. Black this is Kettle.

  29. Didnt Ben take his sister to the prom?????
    Steeltown….still think vick wont be a steeler???

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