Russell leads Garcia on initial Raiders depth chart

A reader has pointed out to us the fact that the Raiders have released their initial 2009 depth chart.

At the most important position on the field, JaMarcus Russell is leading newcomer Jeff Garcia.

Garcia has been anything but a subservient understudy.  On several occasions, the veteran has said that it’s his goal to topple Russell and to become the starter.

Elsewhere, Justin Fargas is the first-team tailback, followed by Darren McFadden and Michael Bush.

Receiver Javon Walker, who hasn’t been practicing due to injury, appears nowhere on the depth chart.  Rookie Darrius Heyward-Bey, on the other hand, is listed as a starter.

On defense, Jon Alston and Ricky Brown are listed as co-starters at one of the outside linebacker positions.

29 responses to “Russell leads Garcia on initial Raiders depth chart

  1. Justin Fargas? The Raiders would have the best 1-2 running back in the NFL with McFadden and Bush, forget Justin Fargas.

  2. Well it should be. He’s a very intelligent young man who understands the intricasies of the offense and has had the perspicacity to hone his body into a lean,mean quarterbacking machine.
    Sky’s the limit,bro!!

  3. No shit. Garcia is in danger of being CUT. He’s been out the ENTIRE TRAINING CAMP.
    There’s no QB competition without the other guy being healthy. Hell Charlie Frye has been better than Garcia.
    Russell has been pretty good this training camp.
    Also, Bey is lighting it up so far. Suck on that Chris Carter.

  4. Russell will be the starter all season.! For all you Jamarcus haters(including you Florio) Not only is old man Garcia not beating out Russell for the starter roll but he hasn’t even looked better Charlie Frye for the backup spot. Not to mention he hasn’t practiced in over a week because of a mysterious calf injury. But as usual Florio did no research before he posted this story.

  5. Dude…garcia hasnt even practiced ONCE during all of traning camp. sheesh, do some real reporting?

  6. But who out there is “eager to topple” Al Davis and become the owner?
    Until then, nothing else will really matter with this sh1tcan franchise.

  7. You mean the Raiders named their first pick and first overall pick of the 2007 draft on the depth chart AHEAD of an injury prone, weak armed, washed up hack journeyman? Weird …. but EDGY! Al Davis is quite the rebel.

  8. Come on give Russell a break. The guy can throw a football 70 yrds sitting in a lawn chair! That’s what it takes to win a SB.

  9. Fork in Toaster says:
    August 11, 2009 4:53 PM
    Calf injury= mangina injury
    A stapler > Russell

  10. If Garcia is healthy and wins the job the Faders could be a playoff team. With 4 games against the Cheifs and Broncos they really could be a surprise team. But then again like every other NFL team they need good QB play.

  11. So you’re telling me the same thing the Raiders have been saying since the signing of Garcia? Holy crap that’s some breaking news!
    And in other groundbreaking news: Javon Walker is not on the depth chart because he is on the PUP list. That means that he’s not technically on the roster. Damn Florio, maybe you should go back to your day job.

  12. Wow….what a head-scratching turn of events! Especially given the fact that Garcia is injured and is not even practicing. I want to learn how to do research like that.

  13. Ya,
    Anyone notice Terdell Sands is not listed on that depth chart. Expected, yet curious that I havn’t heard about him getting cut.

  14. The sky is still blue, the earth still revolves around the sun and people are still hungry in Africa.
    Al Davis is not paying Russell 14-15 Million dollars a year to sit on the bench and let Garcia play dink and dunk offense.
    How many times do I have to explain this to you people (non Raider fans) Al Davis is willing to fall on his sword for this QB.
    Russell will have to be dead, incarcerated, or have broken bones to not be behind center for the reamaining 4 years on his contract with Daddy Al!
    Nobody drinks more JaMarcus Russell kool-aid than Al Davis.
    Saying Garcia has a chance to take the QB job in Oakland is like saying (well pretty much one of the stupidest things I have ever heard any one say really)

  15. They actually got RB right. Fargas is way more dependable and a better runner than McFadden. Just because someone was good in college and was drafted high doesn’t mean they should automatically sit on top of the depth chart. If the raiders could now only apply this to the QB position they might win some games.

  16. Fargas is listed as the starter only because some one had to be, and he is still the best at picking up the blitz. All 3 will contribute depending on situations. This is the last position Raider fans are concerned with. I too noticed Sands absence. It will be official soon enough. They’ll hold on to him until they have to make cuts to cover for injury possiblities. Next year they will have to bring in more DT’s!

  17. Get a clue Florio!!
    There is no QB competition. Healthy Garcia or not. JaMarcus is the starter. End of story.
    You and the rest of the national football media keep trying to create this story that Garcia might actually emerge as the starting QB in Week 1 or shortly thereafter. Not happening.
    FACT: Garcia has a much better chance of getting cut or traded than he does of beating JaMarcus out for the starting QB spot (although I’d also be surprised if he gets cut/traded too).

  18. # Moe Lester says: August 11, 2009 7:01 PM
    They actually got RB right. Fargas is way more dependable and a better runner than McFadden. Just because someone was good in college and was drafted high doesn’t mean they should automatically sit on top of the depth chart. If the raiders could now only apply this to the QB position they might win some games.
    Really? Did you even watch 1 Raider game last year? Fargas averaged 3.9 YPC and only scored 1 TD all season. McFadden was hampered with turf toe on both feet from Week 2 on but still managed a 4.5 YPC average and 4 TDs despite having 1/2 as many carries as Fargas.
    Every beat writer covering the Raiders’ camp is blown away watching McFadden’s ability up close.

  19. Bush is the most complete HB on that roster. Fargas is fearless, but he can’t catch and is spotty as a blocker. McFadden had injury woes last season and is better suited to making plays than picking up blitzes, although he loves the game and did do some headhunting last year when he was able. Bush doesn’t have McFadden’s athletic ability, but once he gets going he’s a punishing runner, and he catches and blocks really well. Fargas is well-respected by his teammates, but barring injury he should end the season with the fewest touches of the three.

  20. News flash………..JaMonkey Russell and his six grade education will never be a good NFL QB. LSU could have won the National Cham. if JaMonkey wouldn’t have screwed it up for them. They were in every game that year, until Russell would make some dumb mistake that would cost them the game. Have you ever heard JaMonkey speak????? There is a reason why you never see Russell or Vick do allot of interviews. Both, dumb as piece of wood.

  21. @nollia –
    In case you haven’t noticed – its almost 2010 (meaning 3 years since Russell lined up for the Tigers) – how is his college play relevant?
    He has yet to do anything productive/worthwhile in the NFL. Unless he performs, and performs incredibly well this year, he should be traded away.
    That being said, Silver&Black got it spot on when he said Al Davis would fall on a sword for this dude. But, that’s big Al. He is a complete moron stuck in the 1970’s – throw it over the defenses heads (Russell throwing 70 yards to the 4.3 Heyward-Bey) and we’ll win. Sorry Al – you need to go. Until then, we are destined for mediocrity at best.
    Oh, and Nollia – I have heard Russell talk – I think a 110 year old senial alzheimers patient suffering from dimentia could put together a more coherant sentance than Russell, which is why I don’t feel he’s capable of running an NFL offense, but I remain hopeful and optimistic he can and will be worth all the hype.

  22. Jamarcus Russell can throw the ball 70 yards, but couldn’t hit a barnyard wall if he fell on it… Anyone watching him last season saw that.
    Heyward-Bey is also the worst #7 pick I have seen in my life. Picking a guy who can run that fast, but can’t catch that ball as a WR makes no sense. Al Davis has said repeatedly that “you can’t teach speed.” That’s true, but you also can’t teach a guy to catch that ball if he hasn’t learned by now. An article came out two days ago from Camp where Cable said he was dropping passes because he was pressing. Newsflash Cable, he couldn’t catch at Maryland either, so this should not be a surprise.
    Now, the Raiders have millions locked up with a guy who can’t throw accurately to guy who can’t catch.

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