Shaun Alexander still wants to play

Though he’s not quite as persistent as former UNC linebacker Durell Mapp (who continues to periodically send tweets urging us to get him into an NFL training camp), former NFL MVP Shaun Alexander really wants to play again.

I’m not retired,” Alexander tells Matt Crossman of Sporting News.  “I feel like I’ve got a handful of good years left.  I’m going to train like that.”

But with veteran tailbacks like Edgerrin James and Warrick Dunn still available and anxious to play and to date no one biting, Alexander likely will have to wait for both of them to get jobs before he lands with a new NFL team.

“There have been some teams we’ve had talks with,” Alexander told Crossman, declining to name any of them.  “This is the business
nature of football. You always feel like it’s a young man’s game. . . .  I’m really excited, because I think some team is going to get a really
good football player.”

We don’t know what Alexander has left, but he had a chance a year ago with the Redskins, and it simply didn’t work.

And the problem at running back continues to be that, every year, the college ranks churn out a slew of guys who can move the chains if blocking is provided. 

Young guys have more tread on the tires — and they’re cheaper.

20 responses to “Shaun Alexander still wants to play

  1. Alexander Sucks and Dunn is WAAAAYYYYYY past his prime.
    The fact that nobody is taking a flyer on James is beyond incredible, but……..I guess thats what you get when you have an inflated self image like he does(even if statistically hes a HOF’er.)

  2. Maybe we will see Alexander, Jeff George, and Andre Rison playing this year….. Oh wait, that means that someone other than them, thinks that they can still play………

  3. I want to play! Hell I can take a hand off and fall down as soon as someone gets within 6 feet of me…

  4. Deion Sanders had it right when he called Alexander “The Tiptoe Bandit” describing his running style with the Redskins. Running very cautiously and right to the bank with Dan Snyder’s money. If he really wants to play the UFL is waiting for him.

  5. You hope so Dewey. That’s the only way the Bears stop him, if he doesn’t play.
    90 carries 554 yds 6.1 ypc 8 tds.
    Keep hoping for doom and gloom in Minnesota.
    It’s typical of fans like you, to not want to play teams at thier best. That’s ok, we don’t expect any less out of you anyway.

  6. Someone might sign James before the season starts- or one week after, since he’s vested-but it’s hard too picture a market for Alexander. Denver could have picked him up last November when they were putting their 13th stringer on IR, and he didn’t get a sniff then.

  7. Is there any way the NFL can get that MVP trophy back from Shaun Alexander. That was the biggest joke of an award since Gino Torretta got a Heisman. Any RB in the league would have piled up numbers that year running behind Walter Jones, Hutch, etc. with a great passing game and Holmgren’s system in place. Go away, Shaun. The whole league finally figured you out.

  8. Alexander, i know you want to play, but i think it is time to call it quits, your best hope was with the Redskins as a backup to Portis and that didnt work out well for you.

  9. hell..I want to play in the NFL too but that doesnt mean teams are going to sign me! LOL..

  10. maybe Shaun and Mike Vick could get together and start their own team…
    and Dewey, just cause your Bears have the wrong AP isn’t my fault…deal with it. At least your Bears get to see the real AP twice a year…granted they’re usually only seeing his backside as he trots into the endzone but still…

  11. The problem as it exists with Alexander is that he needs to find some help in getting past the psychological aspects of getting injured. Any of the big stars out there who get injured, don’t make comebacks on their own without the aid of a lot of people behind the scenes. Yes, as a ‘Hawks fan is was hard to watch him not get back to his MVP form, and more so to watch him fall down if the wind blew to hard. Shaun, if you read these, get some help brother, get back to where you need to be between the ears to compete as well as physically.

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