Some cry foul over Eagles 81-man roster

The news that the Eagles signed 31-year-old quarterback Matt Nagy on Monday after backup Kevin Kolb suffered a knee injury has caused grumbling in some league circles.

The fact that Nagy has been working with the team as a coaching intern means that he’s far more prepared to make a contribution than any other potential quarterback candidate would be.

“Talk about roster stashing,” one league source said.  “They have a guy who has been attending meetings and who knows what else?”

Here’s an example of “what else.”  Les Bowen of the Philadelphia Daily News points out that Nagy had been throwing passes to running back Brian Westbrook as Westbrook worked out on his own while recovering from ankle surgery. 

“I bet you he was throwing balls in drills,” the source opined.  “They’d better hope the league doesn’t ask for tapes.”

Meanwhile, Nagy is on a no-lose situation.  Once Kolb is healthy and Nagy is released, he’ll go back to being a “coaching intern.”  And he’ll continue to be available in the event another quarterback gets hurt.

And he’ll continue to attend meetings and periodically throw passes and otherwise be available to step in and help out if/when he’s ever needed.

Meanwhile, Vikings coach Brad Childress might suddenly be considering the possibility of adding a certain 39-year-old former quarterback as a “coaching intern.”

59 responses to “Some cry foul over Eagles 81-man roster

  1. Belichick is probably pissed that he didn’t think of doing something similar. He could have a stash of old linemen and linebackers ready to go.

  2. I don’t even see why they need him to suit up. QBs aren’t supposed to be hit at camp anyway. Let him stand back there with the bright red shirt and toss away, if that’s his only job now. An who cares if he played catch with Westbrook? A lot of junior coaches work with the injured players. As for the pre-season games, just let Feely play 3 quarters until Kolb gets better.

  3. Are they kidding? I don’t care if Matt Nagy has taken every snap from center since the beginning of camp – he’ll never make the final roster. Give me a break.

  4. wow. now thats some b.s. right there. the league better step in and make an example out of them before other teams start copy-catting.

  5. Raiders are doing the same thing with Southwick… never thought about why he would stay to be an intern… interesting….

  6. The Vikings actually use a former St. Joes Prep QB as their QB’s coach. He starred at Penn as well. Whats the difference if your coach can throw a football. Foosball is for the devil……Florio Armani is da man!!!!!!!!!!

  7. There was just another story about some other team that did the same thing. It was just posted a few days ago. This will be the new trend I guess.

  8. Well, the Raiders have been employing a similar tactic with QB, Danny Southwick. Therefore, I wonder if this practice is more widespread than they’re letting on.

  9. The Raiders are doing the same thing with a guy named Danny Southwicke. Is it really a big deal? Can’t teams bring in anyone they want as interns?

  10. They aren’t the only team doing it – here’s a link to Jerry McDonald’s blog on the Raiders, who since the beginning of camp have had Danny Southwick on the team throwing to people also classified as an intern.
    Here’s what Jerry had to say, “–Recently-waived quarterback Danny Southwick is still around, but not in uniform. He holds a clipboard much of the time, but for a short period of time he was throwing passes to Chaz Schilens and Heyward-Bey. He classified himself as an “intern.’’

  11. That’s a whole lot of whining right there.
    The guy was brought in as an intern, just like Todd Pinkston and Doug Pederson. Yeah, he did 1 on 1 work with Westy, separate from the other drills. No pads and not full speed. Reid, Culley, Pederson, and the other coaches could’ve done the same thing, but they were working with full groups.
    It’s not like the guy was lining up behind center as a stand-in for the other QB’s.
    It’s just preseason anyway. Chances are that the guy won’t even dress for a game. There’s no point, just give more reps to Feeley.
    He’s just going to be used to run practice with the 3rd team, that’s all.
    Who is this whiny league source? Sounds like someone from the Cowboys.

  12. I’m not sure why this would be a “foul.” The guy has no chance of making the team, he’s just filling in as a camp-arm.
    He’s basically doing the exact same things as he was doing as a coach, except now he actually on the roster.
    Besides, maybe this in Nagy’s only shot at the NFL. The team brings him in as an intern. They like what they see. Back up QB goes down. Intern gets his shot. Who knows where the story goes next? If McNabb gets hurt, this guy might actually get a shot on Sundays.
    Invincible II

  13. yea and todd pinkston, also an intern, will be back shortly catching and shortarming passes from mcnabb

  14. Slackers! Didn’t you see that I posted that like a whole 5 minutes ago? Seriously! 😉

  15. The only people that care are Cowboys, Redskins and Giants fans, and thats because no matter what any other team in the division does, if its not their team, its bullshit and cheating.

  16. Oh FFS, everything he’s been doing is part of a coaching intern’s job. Roster stashing? Please. Nagy has no chance of making the team and was only signed as warm body for one pre-season game. Who would “stash” Nagy anyway?
    You really want to compare Favre and Nagy, Florio? In the words of Howard Stern’s father…Don’t be stupid, you moron.
    What about all the teams that have full contact practices when contact isn’t allowed? That’s actually a rule and no one cares. The Nagy signing isn’t even a rule violation. Coaches always throw balls to individual players, it wasn’t like the guy was lined up with any of the structured offenses.
    Gee, he went to meetings? Really? That’s his JOB…bunch of numbnuts.

  17. In addition to the names everybody else has already mentioned, Harold Charmichael has been catching passes from eagles QB’s for YEARS at camp. Should coaches not be able to touch the football?

  18. 1. I’m pretty darn sure that coaches are allowed to throw passes to players.
    2. If another team wanted to sign Nagy as a player, they could have done so. He’s an intern!
    3. If other teams are worried about the stashing of a 31 year old QB who has never played a down in the NFL, then they have bigger problems to worry about.

  19. yea, and todd pinkston, also an intern, will be back soon short arming catches from mcnabb

  20. This is more than fishy…every coach complained when the rosters were limited to 80, because there are always diamonds in the rough. If they don’t close this loophole (signing interns to the roster) you’ll soon see 32 NFL teams each with 15 rookie interns.

  21. “He could have a stash of old linemen and linebackers ready to go. ”
    But all the old lineman and linebackers are already on his 80 man roster.

  22. This is a joke, right? This isn’t Michael Vick as a coaching intern… its a former AFL QB who hasn’t played in 2 years who will toss passes in practice with a jersey on for a couple of days. What a scandal….

  23. This is just as wide spread a practice as filming signals…villifying the Eagles for this just reeks of insecurity.
    Some of these league insiders just don’t get it…I wonder if it Mangini whining again.
    Brian Daboll and Nick Caserio use to throw passes in Pats training camps all of the time…Nagy is no different, it’s not like he’ll be suited up as a QB.

  24. of course there are a handfull of douchebag eagle fans that are turning this around and saying we are whiners. if this were a giants, redskins or cowboys issue, you guys would be all over it. thats what you people do best. talk shit and win no superbowls.

  25. Every team stashes and hides players. Look at the PUP lists. When you see 20 verterans on a PUP list to start training camp it’s just coaches looking at young guys.

  26. do you guys know what kind bit__es you sound like
    are you really concerned that we are hiding a 31yr old qb thats never played in the league, get a life
    coaches throw to players in practice earth shattering news Florio
    stop your bloodclot cryin’

  27. Ya, so the Eagles have found a way to ‘game the system’. The only outcome will be if teams start following suit, inevitably there will be some team that ends up with 20 or so ‘coaching interns’ and the league will make a rule that says ‘coaching interns’ can’t participate in running plays or practice reps and, if you want to sign a ‘coaching intern’ on your team to the active roster, they’ll have to go through ‘waivers’ to give every other team a shot at them.
    I’m a Cowboys fan and don’t have an issue with the Eagles doing this as long as they don’t have like 20 of them. Very clever of them.

  28. BigBlue, if all 32 teams start signing 22 year olds as “coaching interns”, then yeah, you’re right. That would be a problem. That’s not what is happening here. You have a 31 year old QB (typical age to start coaching), who is no longer playing professionally, as a coaching intern.
    Here’s a question for everyone to answer, when the Eagles hired Nagy to be an intern, did anybody think something was “fishy” when it happened? Did ANYONE associated with the NFL, either with a team, media, or fandom, raise an eyebrow at it? My guess would be no.
    Think about it, why should the Eagles bother to go through the process of bringing another body in training camp for a week? You have this guy, who knows your system, to fill in immediately. You are not circumventing the cap. His time spent on the active roster will still count on your cap and when he is done, he goes back to coaching. This is really not a big deal.
    Oh, and this guy is a University of Delaware graduate and played in the AFL with the Columbus Destroyers. So fans of those teams have someone to root for, if he should play.

  29. With the way things are going at “Camp Catastrophe”, they won’t even have to cut another player, just let nature take its course, we’ll be down to the 53 man roster in no time at all.
    Seriously though, these injuries are starting to bother me.

  30. “don’t hate because the eagles are smarter than all of your teams….”
    You can tell because their trophy case is so full.

  31. are u kidding me on this? Nagy was not part of any drills before being signed. No jersey, no helmet, no equipment. NFL teams don’t waste time with guys not on their roster. He is/was a coaching intern. Get over it, other teams are pissed that Arena League MVP quarterback is under the fold for the Birds. Next Kurt Warner? doubt it, but i’ve met Nagy, good guy, best of luck in the 4th Q against NE

  32. @ Florio – Meanwhile, Vikings coach Brad Childress might suddenly be considering the possibility of adding a certain 39-year-old former quarterback as a “coaching intern.”
    Not sure what the point of this statement is. It was Favre’s decision to stay retired, not Childresses.
    Are you just trying to get Devil’s Advocate to repeat his tired old post?

  33. “# ninjaneer says: August 11, 2009 9:35 AM
    wow. now thats some b.s. right there. the league better step in and make an example out of them before other teams start copy-catting.”
    ok, let’s hope the league makes an example of them for doing something that isn’t illegal? smart.
    someone please tell me why this matters. kolb’s injured, they have an intern step in and take some reps for the 3rd string instead of signing someone who isn’t familiar with the offense who’d just get cut once kolb comes back, and once kolb is back, he can go back to being an intern. not only is it not illegal, it makes a hell of a lot of sense, and i can guarantee you that many other teams (other than tampa i guess) do it too (and if they don’t, they should).
    please stop whining.

  34. If people don’t like it, make a rule against it. They did this in the NBA several years back…Orlando had some injuries at center and signed Tree Rollins from assistant coach to player. If there’s no rule against it in the NFL, then make one.

  35. it’s not like this is “Invincible” all over again or something. the guy played 6 seasons in the AFL. they can’t go into a preseason game with only 2 QBs, so why bring in a guy for the game who doesn’t know the offense when they have an intern who can play and has some experience with the system?

  36. For everyone that thinks it’s cheating, tell you what…
    You can have him, take Mr.Nagy if ur that interested

  37. Yeah really, the way ninjaneer and some of the other Boys/Giants/Skins fans are acting, it’s like we picked up Vince Papale and have been stashing him, knowing he was THE BEST QB IN THE PAST 20 YEARS, and biding our time to slip him in… and when the time was right, we struck!
    Superbowl for sure because of this move.

  38. “You hear Andy Reid going online and say, Donovan McNabb is my starting quarterback.”

  39. “Childress might suddenly be considering the possibility of adding a certain 39-year-old former quarterback as a “coaching intern.””
    I don’t see Brad Childress as a “fool me twice” kind of guy –

  40. For god’s sake let the “Favre to the Vikings” speculations end!
    The last paragraph had nothing to do with the eagles or their “suspect” 81-man roster
    Favre is RETIRED and will stay retired…until november at least

  41. at the eagles morons-
    im not whining and im not even concerned about what position or how old or how good he is. the league states you can take 80 men to camp. this is a way around that rule. i am only saying the league needs to make an example of them by putting an end to it now. by putting it in a clear language so it cant be bent again. if this is let go it will lead to other rules being skated around. hard to understand? yeah i know, you guys are from philthy, so nevermind.

  42. What would lead the conspiracy theorists here and the inevitable “source” (an NFL East competitor no doubt) to think that Andy Reid would/could identify, obtain and stash a previously unheard of secret backup quarterback on his staff when he used the 36th pick of the ’07 draft to accomplish that by picking kevin kolb?
    This guy will be a training camp arm. At least now he will be somewhat compensated for the wear and tear on his arm. I suspect the “league source” would suggest taking a high draft pick away from the Eagles for such an egregious violation. In fact, the source maybe ought to worry about someone also reviewing his team’s ota and practice tapes for technical violations.

  43. It’s called “concern trolling” ninjaneer, when you ACT like you’re concerned about the rules, or about something barely related, when in reality you’re using that “concern” to conceal the fact that you’re a partisan and this is a good excuse to bash the Eagles.
    If this had been a Lions thread, would you still care about the sanctiity of thus rule? No. Go home.

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