Bills "sniffing around" on backup quarterbacks

When examining possible destinations for Michael Vick, it makes sense to look at franchises with weak backup quarterback situations.

That’s why Baltimore, Philadelphia, and San Francisco don’t pass the sniff test.

The Bills, on the other hand, are showing signs they could be looking for an upgrade.

According to NFL Network’s Jason LaCanfora, the Bills have been “sniffing around” on backup quarterbacks.  Their current option is Ryan Fitzpatrick, who adds to Buffalo’s group of Ivy league graduates, but didn’t exactly cover himself in glory in 12 starts last year for the Bengals.

LaCanfora also points out that owner Ralph Wilson added Terrell Owens partly to raise the team’s profile.  T.O. and Vick on the same team would certainly accomplish that.

The Bills have practiced almost exclusively in the no huddle during camp, and I’ll let the readers and league insiders out there decide if Vick would be a good fit for that offense.  He couldn’t be much more different in profile from Edwards and Fitzpatrick.

Still, with the Bears rumors dampened, where are the interested teams that have made Vick’s camp so confident a deal is near?

Considering the ownership and depth chart, Buffalo makes as much sense as any team, along with the Packers.  And the situation may be attractive to Vick because of the smaller media market, not to mention Edwards’ long injury history.

After slipping the Owens contract under the radar until it was signed, perhaps the Bills could pull it off again with Vick.

27 responses to “Bills "sniffing around" on backup quarterbacks

  1. Yeah it would be a great move for the Bills to run the no-huddle through a guy who couldn’t make a good decision or pass when he played from the huddle.
    And i would love to hear what play he would call from the line —-
    ” TO go deep then turn left, Lee run across the field and wave your arms, Marshawn pretend you have the ball and run away from me, I’ll just chuck it”
    please Ralph don’t do it at least T.O. is a probowler.
    Aaron Maybin stop being a D-Bag and get into camp.

  2. “…and I’ll let the readers and league insiders out there decide if Vick would be a good fit for that offense.”
    Vick is only fit for ONE offense–an “offense” to our humanity, our sense of decency, justice, good sense, and morality.
    Not to mention he was a sucky and over-rated QB TWO YEARS AGO.
    Now, after having his bunghole pried openly repeatly by Bubba’s man-meat while in the “slammer” (yes, there’s a reason they call it that), I’m sure all that soreness and sphincter-ripping hasn’t improved that thug’s 40 time at all.
    (Unless by “40 time” you mean the amount of time it takes to consume a 40 of O.E.)
    Unless all that helped him learn to run FASTER…
    (They call that “thug motivation”…)

  3. Wow. That would re-enact that terrible under Under Armour commercial from a few years back.

  4. sniff test? ummmmm…my sniff test is a bit different than that. that has been a major part of my girlfriend prerequisites for years, hahahahahahhaha. i am actually serious though. i cant believe you put “sniff test” into an article….

  5. Did you guys have a meeting this week and discuss your goal of including as many puns as possible in your stories? For real guys, it’s getting old with the “U Goh” and the “sniffing around” and the “Pats on Holliday” shit. Puns are so 1950.

  6. can’t wait for 2 hrs from now when florio posts yet another article about another team and the logic of the bills signing vick (ie, small market in need of publicity and revenue $$$, TO, small city out of the spotlight for vick to ease his way back into the legue, etc) I can already see it now.

  7. Well, they’ve got TO already, why not go for Vick? They can ruin the team together.

  8. The Bills might want to sniff the Patterson-Gimlin film. They might find Bigfoot and Mick Vick just chillin’.

  9. Good GOD another “potential team that Vick might sign with” post!!!! Borderline insanity here! Move on or MOVE OUT for the love of GOD!

  10. Come on Bills! Sign him for the love of god! I want to see my Bills back in the playoffs. Edwards is a band-aid. Vick can sit until Edwards starts playing shitty (always) or until he gets injured (always).

  11. The Bills have practiced almost exclusively in the no huddle during camp, and I’ll let the readers and league insiders out there decide if Vick would be a good fit for that offense. He couldn’t be much more different in profile from Edwards and Fitzpatrick.
    Gregg, how is someone as unintelligent about the game as yourself allowed to write about it? Edwards ran the no huddle almost perfectly throughout camp with no problems. Comparing Mike Vick to him is LOLworthy.
    Go write for a knitting website or something I’m sure you’re more knowledgeable about. Maybe a site about how to please your man?

  12. Thats the best idea ive heard today after he flops in Buffalo he can back up JP in Las Vegas

  13. Steve Czaban of Fox Sports radio made the best point I’ve heard recently, regarding the Michael Vick potential signing.
    He said there is “no way” a team will sign Vick “before” that 60 Minutes piece airs Sunday. That teams will want to see how Vick comes off in the piece.
    Excellent point. Don’t know if anyone else has said that, but that was the first time I heard that take.

  14. I believe that Fitzpatrick is the only Ivy League grad amongst the Bills’ QBs. Actually he’s probably the only Ivy League grad on their entire roster. Stanford isn’t an Ivy League. (Neither is North Carolina or Indiana–Baker and Hamdan).
    So I don’t know what you mean when you say that Fitzpatrick adds to their Ivy League grads. You might want to fix that.

  15. After going to camp a few times and watching him vs the Titans, Ryan Fitzpatrick is TERRIBLE. He looks lost running the no-huddle and seems to be scared to throw the ball more than 10 yards. The Bills definetly need to bring in a solid veteran back up due to Trent’s injury history. That said, I dont think ANY team is going to sign Vick as a backup QB. He will be used as a wildcat/receiver. Alos, just b/c they signed TO doesnt mean they would sign Vick. Being Arrogant and egotistical is a big difference than being a convicted dog killer.

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