Down goes Cushing

In this summer of knee injuries, a first-round rookie has joined the MRI parade.

Linebacker Brian Cushing, the fifteenth overall pick in the 2009 draft, emerged with a knee problem on Tuesday, and he won’t be playing in the team’s preseason opener on Saturday.

The duration of Cushing’s absence isn’t known.

“We’re kind of in an evaluation period,” coach Gary Kubiak said.  “He’s been fine,
he practiced all day [Tuesday], actually even got in his weight workout
after practice.  Then, last night his knee got sore on him, and so we’re
kind of evaluating where he’s at right now.  He’s going to miss some
time.  How much?  I won’t know for a couple days.”

Cushing had an MRI on Tuesday, but specific information regarding the contents of the test have not yet been revealed.

By all appearances, the injury didn’t happen on one specific fall-down-and-grab-a-knee play.

7 responses to “Down goes Cushing

  1. Florio – this article leaves out a lot of basic info.
    Like “Cushing the 15th pick of the Houston Texans out of USC” (If that is correct – I’m not sure because it wasn’t in the article)
    Sorry I don’t know by name every draft pick and where they went. The Kubiak comment steered me toward Houston and I have a vague recollection of him playing for Southern Cal.
    We’ll still read the article if it is about the Texans – you don’t have to hide it

  2. DAMN Florio, you guys can’t even print the word “Texans” once in an article about the Texans?!?! Quit hatin’ – my boys are gonna win the AFC South and finally get some respect from doofuses like you!
    P.S. Love the site, I keep it up all day at work aned check it at least twice an hour!

  3. Yeah, I was thinking the same thing a couple other posters have pointed out here, and it’s something I’ve noticed in several other reports.
    You’re really bad sometimes about leaving out important information. Not everyone memorizes where every first round pick went. The only reason I deduced that Cushing is probably a Texan was the inclusion of the name “Gary Kubiak”, who I was pretty sure was with the Texans.
    How hard is it to include the name of his pro team and where he played college ball?
    Very frustrating habit of yours. Just a tip from a frequent reader.

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