Vick not in Chicago to meet with Bears

In response to a sighting of quarterback Mike Vick at O’Hare Airport, Brad Biggs of the Chicago Sun-Times reports that Vick’s trip to the Windy City doesn’t involve a meeting with the local NFL team.

Per Biggs, Vick is believed to be in Chicago to engage in charity work of some type.

Meanwhile, Joe Buck’s favorite web site has updated its “Vick’s in Chicago” story to report that Vick isn’t meeting with the Bears.  Per TMZ, Bears media services manager Jim Christman said that Vick is “definitely not joining the team.”

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  1. Any correlation between the fact that Vick is in the midwest and this:
    Vikings | No Wednesday afternoon practice
    Wed, 12 Aug 2009 10:29:50 -0700
    The Minnesota Vikings announced they will not be holding an afternoon practice Wednesday, Aug. 12.
    Oh,let’s also not rule out the Colts. They only have Jim Sorgi behind Peyton. Vick has been good on turf and they could use him as a “slash” type.

  2. why not run this tagline for every team that he has been sighted in YOU AIRPORT HERE and then getr each team to deny the meetings? It would end our suffering.

  3. I have an Idea..How about you tell us when Vick, Does sign with a team…and stop reporting on all the teams that haven’t signed him…It will save you a lot of keystrokes and us readers a lot of time!! Thanks~!

  4. Enuff already Florio, you inbred WVA hillbilly!
    One day (insert team here) is gonna sign the torturing/murdering felon, then the Next day they aren’t…it goes on & on…you puke F*CK!

  5. Florio –
    Honestly – your articles are getting a bit ridiculous. It took me all of 3.2 seconds to find out that Vick was in Chicago to attend a Humane Society event, and yet your last post speculated that he was there to meet with the Bears, or maybe to spark interest from other teams.
    Do us all a favor – find something with SUBSTANCE to write about, as opposed to just putting stories out there that you either have to edit, tweak, or retract 15 minutes later.
    Just because you want to be on the forefront of news, doesn’t mean you spit mindless garbage out just to hit quota’s.
    You’ve heard of the old addage “quality over quantity” – haven’t you?

  6. It would make sense if Kyle Orton and Rex Grossman still occupied roster spots, but they don’t. Vick deserves a second shot but I think the Bears are smart enough to know that that shot is not in line with their fan base. This is one instance where the fans know best.

  7. Florio I’m trying to give you some inside info…
    Michael Vick will be a Carolina Panther in 2009!

  8. Report: Vick not in bathroom to urinate, only to wash hands. Although there are rumors to suggest otherwise.
    Come the hell on.

  9. No, why would he?
    The Bears as a noble and classy franchise don’t seek out conscience-less scumbag thugs to sign–on the contrary, they look for character and smarts. Community guys. Hard workers.
    Sure, they get a wrecked Lamborghini now and then, or a bastard child, but, hell–what team doesn’t?
    Instead, when a punk thug criminal DOES make his way onto the roster, it’s usually only a matter of time before he’s unceremoniously released
    (where he usually ends up as a Bengal, to join Tank & Cedric).
    Now, compare this to some “other” North teams who will sign (or attempt to sign) any criminal pothead punk loveboater ticket-scalper wizzinator Starcaps-abusing multiple-DUI cheapshot artist primadonna media-whore wife-beater street fighter dipsh1t cheater that comes down the line, as long as they think it *might* help them win.
    The funny thing, though–it HASN’T.
    Seeing as how they’ve never won JACK.

  10. All this site does is post rumors and then another post 5 hours later that the rumor isn’t true. God damn Mike it gets old.

  11. The talking heads all say Vick will sign with a team soon.
    I don’t believe it. I think the Vick NFL tour is over for this year.

  12. This is getting to be just like “Where’s Waldo?”
    Except in this case, Waldo isn’t some loveable nerd, but a sick, sadistic, pyschotic, heartless, brainless, overrated, unrepentant criminal scumbag thug loser.
    Oh, and instead of being happy when you see him, you get this nasty feeeling of dread in your gut, followed by a fear for the lives of your children and pets.
    Other than that, though, it’s JUST like “Where’s Waldo?”….

  13. LOL! Just heard Tony Dungy on The 2 Live Stews…..get ready to drank that pepto bismol haters!!!!

  14. Damn, wrong again PFT. Oh well, maybe tomorrow’s wild guess will be right. There are a finite number of NFL teams after all.

  15. C’mon Mike!
    You just wasted my time and countless others with this useless “update”. I fully expect you to do better, report facts with substance, write meaningful articles, and generally have something INTERESTING to OFFER your READERS, not his BS. If you want us to keep coming back, do a better job man!

  16. Pantherpride74, You are an idiot and obviously know nothing about your organization or their owner. Rae Carruth has a better chance of being re signed by them.
    I’m sure MV is in Chi town just to let a few more people know that it was ” The Man” aka “Whitey”
    that was to blame for his downfall. ” Remember kids, if you follow your dreams and don’t let anyone get in your way, uh, including the law, you can be just like me.”
    What a clueless Fu** stick.

  17. pantherdan89, I’m going to be laughing at you when he signs with us in the next few days. I have been a fan for 13 years and I know how our organization is run but I think Jerry would be willing to get a 1st round talent for nothing. If we keep signing these “good guys” like Landon Johnson who end up sucking we will never win a Super Bowl. Sometimes you just have to take a risk and I think we’re getting ready to take that risk by signing Vick.

  18. @killerfin

  19. romo,you beat me to it.but, i’ve got inside info that says vick will be on the oprah show and vick will unveil his new cook book that he wrote in prison.the working title at the moment is “1001 ways to cook man’s best friend”.the barbeque edition to follow.

  20. Damn, while I wish Vick had been banned for life, I would have LMFAO if the Bears had signed him. Imagine the meltdown crybaby Cutler would have had over that !

  21. “Michael Vick was seen entering a pay-for-use public restroom in San Francisco this morning. At this time, sources don’t believe Vick was meeting with officials of the 49ers. We’ll keep you posted.”

  22. Here’s the latest scoop Florio. A certain ex-NFL player who’s name rhymes with Frenston Luckner, who has a radio show in Charlotte with Frank Garcia and also did some Chap-stick commercials while he was playing, but I can’t tell you his name, said on his show today that he guarantees it will not be the Panthers, and that Vick would sign by the end of the week. He cited sources “close” to the situation. He just happens to have the same agent as Vick.
    He also said a week and half or more ago that it would be Baltimore, but he didn’t mention them today.

    I think the backlash of vick is totally overrated. He killed a few dogs….Gambled a little…I can think of 100,000 athletes…that have done alot worse with little to No publicity…The guy was not a Brady or Manning , Bree’s but he is fun to watch….
    Take the risk, he is better than alot of QB’s on Rosters, especially My Vikings…..Stallworth killed a human and served 30 days…..2.5 years for dogs…..we really have our priorities fkd up here in the US….He has paid his debt…if he can still play at that level….sign him immediately…hell come pretty cheap!!!!

  24. vikingswhore,
    While I agree with you that the Vick backlash is bordering on absurd, I’m curious if you could please list for us the 100,000 athletes you can think of that have done a lot worse.

  25. Florio,
    Seriously, you morons that feel the need to report every time someone like Farve, T.O., or Vick take a cr@p needs to understand what it’s like to work for a living and that those of us that do don’t give a cr@p about this stuff.
    Stop wasting space.

    How do you like them apples, mister.

  26. “Bears media services manager Jim Christman said that Vick is “definitely not joining the team.”
    Bears cut pro bowl d-lineman Tank Johnson for dui issues. They won’t look at Vick. Thank goodness. They avoid troublesome characters.

  27. “While I agree with you that the Vick backlash is bordering on absurd”
    His actions were beyond absurd…Take a closer look at the guy you are defending please.
    In one case, a dog Vick tried to hang “by placing a nylon cord over a 2 x 4 that was nailed to two trees located next to the big shed” refused to die. Wearing a pair of overalls he donned so he would not get blood from the dogs on his expensive tailored suits, did Vick give that dog a second chance? No. According to the Special Investigator, the dog “was taken down and drowned in a 5 gallon bucket of water.”
    Vick had another opportunity to give a dog a second chance when that dog “would not die from hanging.” Did he? No. According to the Investigator, “Vick took down one of the dogs that would not die from hanging and tossed the dog to the side. He later hung the same dog until it died.”
    Vick had yet another opportunity to give dogs a second chance when they were “rolled” or “tested” to see if they would fight. Did he? No. Even when some of his co-conspirators wanted to give away dogs who would not fight rather than kill them, the Special Investigator says “Vick stated ‘they got to go,’ meaning they needed to be killed.”

  28. Dewey,
    Get off your F*ckin’ soapbox & stop preaching you whinny little CUNT(ler)…you know nothing about me FOOL…I’ve been a Steeler diehard since the early 70’s, born & raised, LOUD & PROUD…so save it with the bandwagon bullshit, if you had half the brains you try to make people believe you have, with your “witty” little posts (btw, they might actually be funny if they could be heard in your assinine midwestern accent), you’d know that the MAIN reason for the enormity of SteelerNation, is moreso because of the mass relocation by so many S.W. Pa. natives in the late 70’s thru most of the 80’s, while the city was undergoing a transformation from blue-collar to white-collar, than for bandwagon jumping like the Cheatriots, who had no fan base to speak of, prior to this millenium…don’t believe me PUNK? Check out footage of the 70’s Super Bowls the Steelers played in, particularly SBXIV which was played in the back-yard of their opponent the Rams (that’s
    right son, the Rams played in L.A. once upon a time & in Cle. before that) yet the stadium was blatantly partisan Steeler…I always respected the Bears, but until your team proves to be more than a ONE-HIT wonder, since they haven’t been able to do so in about 60 years, don’t come on here spewing your bile about every other team that makes the news (most of which is GOSSIP) & acting like your team is a bunch of choirboys…TANK JOHNSON had a F*CKIN’ arsenal in his house asswipe!!!

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