Will Raji, Maybin box in Crabtree?

As the holdout of receiver Michael Crabtree approaches the midpoint of August, Tim Kawakami of the San Jose Mercury News reports (as mentioned earlier this afternoon by Gregg Rosenthal) that the impasse will last into September.

And we’re now hearing that the ongoing discrepancy between Crabtree and the 49ers might soon prompt the guys picked before and after Crabtree to go ahead and do their deals.

It has been believed that Packers defensive lineman B.J. Raji, the ninth overall pick, and Bills defensive end Aaron Maybin, the eleventh selection, were waiting for Crabtree’s deal to be finalized.  Then, if Crabtree had successfully blown the curve on the slotting system, Raji and Maybin will argue that the slotting system should be respected — and that the extra money should be applied to them, too.

But now that it appears that Crabtree will continue to sit indefinitely (and at least into September), Raji and Maybin might box Crabtree in by doing their deals and giving the 49ers even more ammunition in connection with their efforts to force Crabtree and agent Eugene Parker to respect the slotting system.

That said, Raji’s recent departure from Green Bay might be viewed as evidence that a deal isn’t coming.  Still, as one league insider explained it, Raji shouldn’t have been so close to camp in the first place.  Now that he’s gone, Raji’s agents might be in much better position to force this thing toward an agreement.

39 responses to “Will Raji, Maybin box in Crabtree?

  1. “Raji shouldn’t have been so close to camp in the first place”
    What a crock of shit. We need a rookie cap now.

  2. If there has ever been a need for a rookie pay scale – this is it.
    It is absurd that other people are waiting to see what this clown does before striking a deal.
    Just go ahead and sign a deal and be done with it regardless of what a self inflated egomaniac diva WR does.

  3. I mean, really, wtf is the difference between making $13 million guaranteed or $14 million, or whatever they’re arguing over. It’s the really talented guys who slipped to the 2nd, 3rd, or 4th rounds that have more cause to be pissed about their “slotting price” — where they have to play a few years under a rookie contract that will NOT financially secure them for life.
    Crabtree, Maybin, Raji = douchebags
    Crabtree is taking all the heat, and he is indeed the biggest dumb ass I’ve seen enter this league in some time, but Maybin and Raji can’t use him as an excuse anymore. Get a deal done based on LAST YEAR’S slotting numbers. It’s still a great deal.

  4. Raji will only box Crabby in if he has a cheeseburger on him.
    The Vick-Skins shirt? Someone else pointed that out a day or two ago.
    I guess people can wear that on the days they don’t wear their faggy purple & yellow #4 Favre jersey.

  5. You guys in the media are retarded and people sadly soak it up. Maybin not signing “due” to Crabtree in that vein of thinking isn’t it Raji’s fault that Crabtree hasn’t signed?

  6. The funny thing about Crabtree’s situation is that there basically is a rookie pay scale, it just adjusts for “inflation” every year. Pick 6 gets what pick 5 got plus a certain percentage that seems more or less fixed in the minds of agents and front offices.
    The problem is when players and their agents discard reality based on what they feel -should- have happened, and how he -should- have been picked in the top three, therefore he has to be paid that way, regardless of what happened in real life. It’s so absurd it’s hard to even think about with a straight face.

  7. Hopefully Crabtree will sit out the season and get hurt during workouts and get drafted in the 5th round next year.

  8. Mullester – perhaps, but when you consider that one of Crabtree’s adivsors spoke out and specifically said he is prepared to wait tell the next draft….don’t see how it could look any other way

  9. What does it matter if Raji is in Green Bay or not? It’s a 3 hour plane ride! It’s not like he’s got to drive back to Green Bay!

  10. Raji reminds me of Mamula ,Raybin reminds me of Arrington, and Crabtree reminds me of Mitchell………All overpaid underachievers…….

  11. I completely agree that there needs to be a rookie cap immediately. These players know it’s coming in the next couple years, they should be thanking their lucky stars that they were born at just the right time to get paid while they can. I cannot wait for the rookie cap to be put in place.

  12. These hold outs are fools if they think their agents are looking out for them. The agents just want to save face so they can brag to future clients how much they got their “guy”. Forget about how they screwed up their first year of football. But, nobody is forcing these guys to not sign.

  13. Hey Crappanties if you are going to play in San Francisco you might want to get familiar with being boxed in between two men.

  14. # DeVoodoo says: August 12, 2009 5:21 PM
    I mean, really, wtf is the difference between making $13 million guaranteed or $14 million, or whatever they’re arguing over. It’s the really talented guys who slipped to the 2nd, 3rd, or 4th rounds that have more cause to be pissed about their “slotting price” — where they have to play a few years under a rookie contract that will NOT financially secure them for life.
    Crabtree, Maybin, Raji = douchebags
    Crabtree is taking all the heat, and he is indeed the biggest dumb ass I’ve seen enter this league in some time, but Maybin and Raji can’t use him as an excuse anymore. Get a deal done based on LAST YEAR’S slotting numbers. It’s still a great deal.
    You sir are an idiot who obviously doesn’t follow the NFL close enough. The problem along with Crabtree’s foolishness is that the Raiders gave Heyward-Bey a ridiculous increase over last year’s pick of something like 30-40%. That changes things pretty dramatically, especially when you have an idiot like Crabtree trying to think he deserves at least that amount or the amount equivalent to the 5th pick.
    Good to see your just as big of an idiot on PFT as the Strib.com. At least your consistent! Have the Vikings lured any crippled QB’s out of retirement yet? If not, the Vikes will suck worse than the Packers. They at least have a good player at the most important position. The Vikes…….well, they might have the 31st best starting QB’s in the league.

  15. Crabtree would look great in our home team’s uniform, the Las Vegas Locomotives.

  16. I fail to see what importance there is to an unsigned draftee being in town or not. Florio keeps bringing it up, but really, are front-office people really that stupid and insecure? “Did you see this, Lloyd? B.J. is back in Boston, inhaling chowder and quaffing down Sam Adams by the case. We better give him what he wants!” I don’t get it.

  17. @ whatthehellisgoingonoutthere
    That’s the second time you’ve mentioned the strib, I get it already. The genius you are, you managed to piece together Tomb = Tomb.
    You’re brilliance and skills of observation are unparalleled. You are a man amongst boys in every cerebral sense.
    Is that what you are looking for?
    …and as far as the Vikes and QB play, do you remember they won the division last year without a decent QB?
    So go ahead, keep talking about how much they suck, but bear in mind that the Pack ended up 6-10 WITH a decent QB.
    So, if the Vikings do in fact suck, where does that put the Pukers? Sub-suck? Suck squared?
    You tell me, and I’ll run with it, idiot.

  18. When the Bills drafted Maybin i was hoping he wasn’t gonna be an idiot, then he goes and hires LaVarr Arrington to be his…..publisist…advisor…whatever. Hey Maybin just because you went to the same school as the guy doesn’t mean you have to listen to him or let him talk for you. The Bills need help on the pass rush, but Schoebel is healthy again and you probably weren’t gonna start anyway so congratulations on securing you’re spot on the bench for the year. Maybe if you’re lucky Dick will let you play on 3rd down a few times this year.
    I know you quit your twitter account ( even typing twitter makes me feel like a chick), but if you read this site then……

  19. Tomb you have no idea what the hell you are talking about. You Viqueen fans crack me up. Your franchise is $hit and always has been, will always be losers.
    As far as last year the Packers gave away division…between the many key injuries the Packers suffered (no excuse as it is part of the game) and the handful of close loses.
    Viqueens have a great run defense, but a horrible pass defense. And their entire offense success is AP. Thats it. No pass offense what-so-ever and a depth chart of WR’s that are pathetic. If AP stays healthy they will be an average team….if he goes down they don’t even crack .500.
    The Packers are young and deep in talent at every single position. The key to their success is how well the defense can make the transition to 3-4. Against popular opinion I strongly believe they are going to transition very smoothly…far too talented not too. As long as Rodgers stays healthy the offense will be in the top ten of the league.
    Maybe this is my bias speaking but i closely follow the Packers along with the rest of the league. You Viqueens fans are pathetic, it’s sad that you know your team is horrible and must settle for talking smack to the fans of the greatest franchise in NFL history. Watch closely as the Packers take back division and make a deep playoff push while the viqueens game plan on what packer left-overs they can go after in the offseason. Say what you want but you know your team is pathetic. I hate the Bears and the Viqueens but I can at least respect the bears because they have a fairly successful history…same can not be said about the Queens…. Go Pack!

  20. I love Viking fans…they’re the annual Paper Super Bowl champs each year and go on to crash & burn.
    Yeah, great, so my Packers didn’t win the division last year and you guys did….great. When was your last division title prior to that though? About a decade ago if memory serves me correct – heck, you even managed to get to the NFC title game (and have your perfect kicker miss the game winning kick) that year too.
    But yeah, I can understand the need to puff your chest out & talk smack for the first divisional championship in just about a decade….franchises like the Packers & Bears though act like they’ve been there – because we fill out the other 9 years between your divisional championships.

  21. that a boy cheesehead, way to stick it to that Viking boy.
    And you are very correct about the greatest franchise in NFL history.

  22. Mkepackfan – dead on.
    i also love how vikqueen fans act like they are so much more sophisticated the packer fans. Like there drinking tea with there pinki in the air.
    these are people who root for a team in purple and guys who wear hair braids.
    Hey der now, dontcha be pickn on my vikings der dontcha know.

  23. The Packers will not win the NFC North because of their defense. Your offense is good, but not good enough to carry that awful defense. The Vikings had injuries too, but were able to overcome and win 10 games. Thats what good teams do, adapt and overcome. The Vikes are a more balanced team than GB, better Dline, better LB’s, better Oline, better RB’s. When you can stop the run & run the ball you stand a better chance of winning. The Packers do have a better passing game, but thats all I will give you. Look what it got ya, 6, yes that was SIX wins. Keep bringing up the past, but right NOW the Vikings are the best team in the division. And the only team that could win any games in the post season, because we have a very good D, and the best RB in the game. The Pack, Bears or Lions do not. Its that simple.

  24. “Raji shouldn’t have been so close to camp in the first place”
    Correct. He should BE IN CAMP! The vets should turn on future rookies and crush them with a rookie cap. Show you can play in the NFL and then you get paid. It’s a curse to have a top 3 pick if you do not have a solid team to surround that talent. Crazy.

  25. Fumundacheese heads, they think a triangle of yellow covers up their stupidity. You all brag about how you sell out every game and there’s a waiting list to get tickets. No shit. What else are you going to do? Milk cows? Your state sucks. It’s ok to admit it and move on, it happens. It’s not just your fault, but mainly. 80% of all of your family trees are vertical.
    Back to the post
    Let these assholes sit the entire year and see how that works out. Painful for the teams that signed them but the point would be made to next years “class”. Tell other teams not to pick up these morons. Oh wait, that’s collusion. Or is it?

  26. The Bengals (at #6) have to pay. They are boxed by high QB numbers and a guy that got 20% over last years slot.
    The Jaguars (at #8) are cheap and lost their guy last year to a long holdout last season. They will not offer anything close to #7 money that Oakland paid.
    Number 10 Crabtree was the second WR taken but refuses to acknowledge facts. He could hold out half the season or more.
    In the middle of all that is Raji at #9.
    So what is one or two percent of a 35 million contract? What are they really arguing over?
    At least half a million dollars. If they are arguing over 5 or 6 percent it is a lot of money.

  27. Enough players have signed to justify Raji’s slot position. Everyone in the NFL knows the Raiders screwed up and that Crabtree is a dope. It’s time for TT to buckle down and sign the guy. I’m a Vike fan, but who the hell cares where Raji is staying before he signs, although I can understand the time and difficulty in getting to Green Bay, which is about as convenient as climbing Everest.
    Geez, take a frigging valium there cheesehead, and take off your green and gold glasses at the same time. The Vikes are flawed at QB, inexperienced at center, and thin at the DB and LB positions — no doubt about that. The Vikes and Bears had injuries just as significant, if not worse, than the Pack, but they still managed to have winning seasons. that coulda, woulda, shoulda crap is a loser’s lament.
    The Bears and Pack have great QBs, the Bears great LBs and the Pack great WRs. But to say the Pack is young and deep at every position is a joke — a bunch of mid-round picks doesn’t equal success. The O-line is weak and in flux, particularly at OT, no backup QB, injured or lousy on the D-line, old at CB, and LBs who either don’t fit the system (Kampman), injured (Barnett) or playing below expectations (Hawk). It ain’t all roses up there dude, get realistic. I’ll at least admit it’s not only a three team race, but that every NFC North team is flawed.

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