PFTV looks at the Crabtree impasse

Receiver Michael Crabtree continues to be not a 49er.

The 49ers continue to get ready for the 2009 season.

And PFTV looks at whether Crabtree might be crazy enough to sit out the whole season.

12 responses to “PFTV looks at the Crabtree impasse

  1. The one thing Mangini does right in his ‘career’ is tell the truth about Crabtree being a diva.
    I hope the 49ers give up on that piece of sh*t WR and let Morgan, Hill, and Bruce do all the work.
    With Davis at TE and Gore as your RB, this offense can be effective without baby T.O. crying for more $.
    F*ck Crabtree. Hope his career is over.

  2. I think sitting out the entire season would fall under more stupid than crazy wouldn’t you say. And to all the niner fans that were so happy to get this guy saying thanks Oakland for not picking him up. Well just let me say it was a pleasure and have fun with T.O part 2. Ha ha ha ha.

  3. I would rather have TO part 2 than Mike williams part 2
    Wow Mullester way to try and justify the 9ers horrible draft pick this year. I have a feeling the niners are going to be a little more into this pile of crap than the Raiders were into Mike Williams. They had him for what half a season and the league min. And nice screen name you should be very proud.

  4. Most of these young men borrow large sums of money prior to the draft when tell are sure fire number 1 picks. Crabtree had a nice Escalade and was looking at a multi-million dollar condo in Dallas. Who’s going pay those bills for the next year? The banks are reining in credit these days. He owes, he owes, so off to work he goes!! By holding out, all he is doing is losing is jersey sales and local sponsorships, which could prove to be far more lucrative in the long run vs. a rookie contract dispute. The Browns were right, he is a head case, ego driven, sissy. I for one hope he sits out. Good riddance. TO might be a head case, but he performs.

  5. I am sure there are a lot of teams that would be willing to send SF a 1st rd. pick, additional compensation and be willing to pay Crabtree higher than a 10th round pick. We all know most NFL people had Crabtree rated higher than 10th and given the opportunity to workout he likely would have been a top 5 pick. The problem is teams are stuck on principal by paying for the slot drafted unless its a QB or the rare exception of a team overpaying like the Jets and Vernon Gholston.
    A team that would trade for Crabtree obviously would not be stuck paying him as a 10.
    One of the problems facing Crabtree is that a team cannot trade an unsigned draft pick after the season begins. At least that was the rule before the new labor agreement. I am unaware if that changed.
    The upside to Crabtree sitting out a year is without a labor agreement the players can argue that draft violates anti-trust law and its possible Crabtree will become a FA along with all undrafted players. Setting up a bidding war and allowing him to work out for whomever he chooses. I believe the agreement ends in February meaning the 49ers rights to Crabtree would end in February. If he becomes a FA and its a bidding war its possible he could cash in with the likes of Daniel Snyder and Jerry Jones bidding to the moon.

  6. With the NFL not having an anti-trust exemption I do not see how the draft can be legal next year. Meaning that if Crabtree sits out he is betting all his cards on there being no labor agreement, the players winning their court case and he automatically becomes a FA in February, and that there will be teams willing to bid up his salary as a FA. Maybe not the most realistic set of circumstances but athletes in general often believe everything will always continue to go their way.

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